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Brooks Brothers Sells This? Also, New Nautical Accessories


We begin with thanks to all who have offered suggestions in response to yesterday’s post about a fellow blogger’s Bridal Fashion crisis.  It appears things are looking up and we may be able to avert a wedding tragedy! But now is no time to let up — do pop over to yesterday’s post if you missed it and share your thoughts!

Here is a quick sampling of a few suggestions Miss Daisy has received.

The Balvano by Bruno Magli is available at one of TP’s favorite haunts, Arthur Beren. (We are *so* incredibly old we even remember when there was just a catalog we received in the mail. You know, before the internet.)

Bruno Magli at BerenShoes.com

Bruno Magli at ArthurBeren.com

And we can testify to the fact that every pair of Bruno’s we have ever worn have been oh-so-comfy, regardless of heel height.  Another suggestion that came in is the ‘modified D’Orsay pump‘ as seen at BridalShoes.com

Courtesy BridalShoes.com

Courtesy BridalShoes.com


Here at the Prepatorium we are curious about something, and hopeful one of our kind readers can give us some insight on this issue. (That issue comes after the photo.)

We are curious to know how long Brook Brothers been doing this sort of ‘accessory’ item?  The Tiered Lacquerware Box is located online in the Women’s Accessories category, under Lacquerware.  While TP loves her lacquerware along with the rest of society, an investment of $3500 seems a bit steep for something of this nature.

For those unaffected by the rare illness in the preppy blogger family known as LogoPhobia, this may be appealing.

Courtesy Brooks Brothers

Courtesy Brooks Brothers

The Brooks Brothers Crest Mug Set is $98.  But that is for a set. Of two mugs. (On the up side, they *are* dishwasher safe.) Readers know that we *do* have a fundamental understanding of branding and marketing, a basic comprehension of appealing to the “aspirational shopper,” the customer not able to purchase the Brooks Brothers suit but able to buy something like the mugs.  What we aren’t grasping is why anyone who has a spare $3500 would share the wealth with the good folks at Brooks (still one of our favorite brands) for what is essentially a set of boxes with the retailer’s logo on the front?

Now frankly, this next item has a cute factor. Not a purchase we would make for ourselves, but would definitely consider for several friends.

Courtesy Brooks Brothers

Courtesy Brooks Brothers

The Jolly Roadster Ornament by Christopher Radko is now only $31 for anyone interested in the cute little car.


In our never-ending effort to harass Nautical by Nature we share another item she may need to add to her collection. Below, from Williams-Sonoma Home we have the Sailboat & Anchor Outdoor Pillows.

Williams Sonoma Home

Williams Sonoma Home

Actually, Kate probably needs to gaze upon all of the wonderfulness that is the Adirondack Collection from WS Home.  We are fond of the Nantucket Map Canvas Pillow.

Williams Sonoma Home

Williams Sonoma Home

Naturally Third Coast Preppy comes to mind when we gaze upon this delightful Lobster Pillow.

Williams Sonoma Home

Williams Sonoma Home

Since we seem to be chatting about nautical items, it brings to mind the new Sailboat Napkin Rings we just ordered at market:

Coming soon to PreppyPrincess.com

Coming soon to PreppyPrincess.com

We were thinking they will go nicely with the Princess Anchors Aweigh Napkins.








We close with a Pretty in Pink for the little ones in your life, the pink seersucker South Shore shoe for toddlers/infants from Polo Ralph Lauren:

It is time to fly, too much to do, and nowhere near enough time! TP is scrambling!


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Best Kids Sweaters, Sneak Peek at Brooks Brothers Next Perfume, Talbots Sale

Hello-hello on another lovely day in the Great Midwest, perhaps the weather is at least this wonderful wherever you are? But then we have this:

Getty Images
Getty Images

Rather than sit and fidget with glazed eyes watching CNBC or Bloomberg, we will simply move forward and do a Scarlett O’Hara: “….after all, tomorrow is another day…,” knowing that cooler heads on Wall Street and in the FiDi (Financial District) will prevail and the market shall correct today’s correction. Of the earlier correction. That preceded the….oh, never mind. Onward.

The Princess is accepting she must acknowledge that the chill in the morning air is evidence transcending any doubt that the seasons are changing and Fall is here. Fine. We grasp the reality. Truly. See us digging the LL Bean catalog out of the pile and looking at things? Hear us speaking with Cook about the Princess Consort’s delight in slow-cooker entrees?

And just to prove how utterly in sync we are with the Weather Pooh-bahs, we share some of the following, Boys and Girls sweaters from Best & Co., with more than a few styles you may wish were available in Big People sizing!

The first is an argyle, irresistible for TP and also available in a beautiful blue. If this next one is not an all-grown-up-girl’s sweater with a definite ’60s-ish and Jackie look, TP doesn’t know what is!  The double-breasted cardigan would also work as a light jacket and is available in a great lipstick red. (We do hope it’s okay to use your name in this way Miss Lipstick!)

And while we have never been advocates for spoiling children, we don’t take issue with introducing them to cashmere as an integral part of one’s existence at an early age, so long as it is well appreciated and well cared for, that goes without saying. Having bored everyone to tears with that information, we come to the Girl’s Scottie sweater, all sweetness and snuggles and cuddles tied up with a pink bow around its neck.

And you know what the Princess is always saying: Life is better with a bow. It just is, and that is why it’s our mantra here at the Preppy Princess.

There are so many appealing looks for the little girls it is impossible to choose just one as our favorite.

Let’s switch to the Boy’s sweaters, equally fun to look at online IOHO. Best has wisely stocked up on a wonderful array of novelty sweaters for the little guy in your life. And look, each can have a Scottie sweater all their very own, but his is wisely made of wool.

We are also fond of the Crewneck with Terrier style, accented by nicely understated argyle trim.

What young man doesn’t enjoy all manner of vehicles? The Truck Crewneck is cotton, frequently a welcome change from all that winter wool.

There is also a superb rugby sweater for Boys, in a chunky knit, available in three colors.

As with the young ladies, there is also a plethora of attractive looks for the young Master at Best:

Well, after fifty years without introducing a women’s perfume, come mid-November Brooks Brothers New York for Ladies will hit stores. By its side, look for (oh, you already guessed!) Brooks Brothers New York for Gentlemen. Below, an early look at the packaging for both scents.

It’s doubtful readers will remember the mid-fifties womens’ perfume Brooks sold, taken off the market by the end of that same decade. Women really weren’t a priority for the company unless they were buying things for the men in their lives.

Some readers may recall the days when there was very little women’s apparel at B2. As in, “Oh really, if we must have something for the girls, fine, but we are a gentleman’s shop and truthfully, can’t be bothered waiting on them hand and foot…” etc., etc., etc.  There was almost no clothing or accessories or much of anything else in the store worth taking time to look at for females. And one must remember there were only ten stores in existence into the late sixties. TP remembers going into stores in the 1970s and 1980s, some into the 90s, where it was very much a struggle to be taken care of if you were “a girl” unless, as previously noted, you were purchasing something for the man of the house.

This does not take away from the fact that girls at Miss Porter’s wore Brooks Brothers Polo Coats for decades, first introduced to the US in 1910.  (The name for the coat is just too fun when considering one of the company’s largest competitors!)

The three existing Brooks Brothers men’s fragrances will stay on the market through the new scent’s launch; this includes the Signature, 1818, and Country Club colognes.

The bottles are quite nice, cut crystal with the company’s Golden Ox logo. The fragrances are being done by the same firm that does the Gap and Banana Republic “personal care products.”  BTW, if you do happen to pop in and visit the good folks at Brooks Brothers, there are some remarkable bargains available! The scented soap set as well as the boxed set of the Brooks Brothers scented candles in silverplated holders, are now $16, a substantial markdown from their original prices of $68 and $78 as we recall. Don’t let it be said The Princess isn’t looking out for your pocketbook in these stressful times.

If you haven’t yet received your “One Sweet  Sale” catalog from Talbots, look for it in your mailbox any day now, or head for your local store, or even shop the sale online. With pieces like this Stretch Wool/Silk/Jacket at price points 40% off the original selling price you are sure to find something you need, or didn’t yet know you needed, as sometimes happens.  Not everything is discounted at that level; the French terry zip-front hooded jacket is only 23% less than its retail price.

If some new clothing is on the agenda for the little ones or the man in your life, the Talbots Online Outlet is worth a visit, as they are closing out everything in the Men’s and Children’s lines. For example, the Quilted critter jacket in Sizes 2-7 looks darling (50% off), as does the Hooded dot-print raincoat in an oh-so-preppy pink is also (0% off; this looks similar to what we used to call a slicker.

Who can resist such stylish Argyle overalls for the newborn, or the Beary-Good Raincoat? It’s also for newborns and available in two colors.

Such cute clothing for the precious treasures in your life, with many more pieces available for your perusal online.


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Another Brilliant Ralph Lauren Move + Something Special for the Guys

Hello and aren’t we happy-happy-happy it is Friday? Anyone headed toward water this weekend? Finally off to the cottage for the rest of the summer? We hope so! And fie on those retailers touting Back to School and End of Summer Sales, not to mention the Sale to End All Sales plus the Our Sale is Better than Your Sale Sale!

Although… The Princess does recognize her role in perpetuating those very promotions somewhat with her continual harping about said sales. Please consider this our formal apology for past actions and a foreshadowing of future behavior. Because we *so* heart your pocketbook (that is how one says it, yes?) we will continue sharing that sale information.

We do have a thought from Polo Ralph Lauren for those desperate-for-an-activity-days Nanny often encounters whilst at the cottage with the children; we’ll get there in a minute. But first an update on the Polo Ralph Lauren Olympic Games Collection. If you’ll recall from our earlier post on this group, there was a tone of disappointment at the lack of merchandise for Girls. As expected, that situation has been rectified with several more items in the Girls Olympic Games Collection.

New to the line are the Olympic Games Fleece Pullover in white in Sizes 7-16;

along with the Olympic Games Ringer Tee in Sizes 2-6x;

and the Olympic Games Hoodie available in Sizes 2-6x and 7-14. Frankly, TP expects even more Girls merchandise before the end of the Games, but we could be wrong.

Now on to what The Princess referred to as a ‘brilliant move’ in the title to this post: the Ralph Lauren Paint Your Own Polo Kit. It’s best to go with the PLR description on this one:

Let your child express her individuality and style with our new Paint Your Own Polo. With a variety of paints, brushes and stamps, the mesh polo shirt inside our signature Ralph Lauren paint can truly become your child’s own.

Now, how smart is this? These are non-toxic paints, the shirt is going to be machine-washable, ultimately Mom and Dad are going to have a lovely memento of Bitsy and Drake’s budding artistic skills, and best of all, this one is for charity! All of the proceeds go to the Pink Pony Fund for Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center’s Pediatric Art Therapy Program. Of course there is also a kit for the young man in the family.

And since we seem to be covering all things Ralph Lauren today, a reminder that the Black Watch polo team Ralph Lauren sponsors plays this weekend at the opening of the Mercedes-Benz Polo Challenge Cup in Bridgehampton.

One more find before we dash – Espadrilles, etc.

One reason we love these folks is their broad selection for men. We think you will like their style.

Do have a splendid weekend.


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