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Budget Prep Basics

Hello-Hello, happy new week to you!

We all know that no one loves a bargain better than preps, so I thought it might be fun to spend a little time this spring looking at alternatives to our standard haunts and brands, we’ll veer clear of Brooks Brothers, Talbots, J. Crew and the like.

We begin with a cursory look at JC Penney’s new brand for men, “Stafford Prep,” introduced last month. The troubled retailer continues to struggle, the new label is one of many created to upgrade Penney’s image, an extension of Penney’s Stafford line. Our first item from the collection is the Bengal Stripe Poplin Shirt, originally priced at $30 the shirts are now discounted to $22.50. (Yes, Penney’s is now back to a promotion-heavy pricing scheme with frequent discounts, specials and perhaps even coupons.)

Stafford prep Bengal Stripe Shirt

Stafford prep Bengal Stripe Shirt

The shirt is cotton poplin, clearly created to capture some of the “go to hell” styling favored by other prep brands. The Striped Poplin Shirt (originally $28, now $21) incorporates similar styling, it is available in two different colorways. One of the most appealing aspects of the shirts is the discreetly placed logo, small, just above the vent at the side seam.

Stafford Prep Striped Poplin Shirt

Stafford Prep Striped Poplin Shirt

Another basic from Stafford Prep, the Cotton Piqué Polo, comes in a broad selection of colors. Originally selling for $18, the shirts are now $13.50.

Stafford Prep Piqué Polo

Stafford Prep Piqué Polo

For the ladies at your palace, the Short Sleeve Polo shirt on the far left is $16, it offers updated styling with a slimmer fit and extended button placket, some versions are discounted to $11.99, including petite sizes.

JC Penney

JC Penney

Prices for Targét’s basic School Uniform Polo are only $6.48 to 12.99 in junior sizes, shown on the far left. No one is going to know it’s for a school uniform, and it is a durable garment from what friends say. Below center we show the Men’s Mossimo Polo, it also comes in a wonderful array of colors and is priced from $12 to $14.99. If seeking something for your little Master of the House, the Cherokee infant Toddler Boy’s Polo on the far right is $7.



For comparison’s sake we show the Double L Polo from LL Bean. The shirts are $15.99, and you do get the cute little Bean boot logo.

Premium Double L Polo

Premium Double L Polo

However, that is because these are on sale, the original price was $32.95. Other polos are on sale at Bean, and they are great buys. Non-discounted polos at Bean seem to start around $25, at Lands’ End it looks like they start around $24 or $25 as well.

Kohl’s also carries a number of basics, and like other discounters they use promotional pricing much more heavily than Bean or Lands’ End. Most (if not almost all) shirts appear appear to be on sale, we show the Croft & Barrow® Solid Piqué Polo, originally priced at $18, now $9.99.

Croft & Barrow® Solid Pique Polo

Croft & Barrow® Solid Pique Polo

A basic solid shirt can do yeoman duty, we share several more from JC Penney. On the far left we see a top from the retailer’s new Joe Fresh collection, brought on with much ballyhoo, the Voile Shirt comes in a number of colors. In the center, JCP’s Long Sleeve Oxford ($24.99), and on the far right, the Silk Sleeveless Henley Top ($39).

JC Penney

JC Penney

Shoes with a prep aesthetic aren’t always as simple to find, although reasonably priced flats seem to abound at most discounters. Below, Target’s Madge is offered in a range of colors and textures, at $17.99 they may not last forever, but they sure will do the trick in the short term.

Target Madge Ballet Flats

Target Madge Ballet Flats

Target’s Ona Striped Scrunch Ballet Flat is just $19.

Target Ona Flats

Target Ona Flats

There really is a solid selection of preppish basics available, including discount department stores.  It’s a matter of knowing what you want and keeping on eye on quality: is the construction solid? are seams finished well? are plaids matched at the major seams? Another thing to keep in mind, most of us prefer all natural fabrics: cotton, linen, wool. Polyester can make an otherwise wonderful piece feel entirely different, including making it uncomfortable in warm temps. Depending on the garment maintenance could be more involved; as a rule that has been worth the extra effort in the long run.

We leave you with some madras pieces we discovered at Target: the Women’s Merona® Lari Boat Shoes for $15, Men’s Shorts that are 50% off (now $12.48), Men’s Tie in Navy Madras Plaid at $19.99, and Womens Zulima Plaid Rain Boots, $29.99.



Until next time, may the sun be shining wherever you may find yourself today.

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Spring Surfing, A New Style of “Mommy & Me”

Hello-Hello, and welcome to a Friday, where once again we are seeing gray, gloomy skies. It is after all, February in The Great Midwest.

The abundance of dreary days spurred a spot of online window shopping this week, as we sought out some bright and vibrant hues. Fortunately, the springtime fashions are arriving in stores and online, so we were able to indulge in dreams of sunny skies and warmer temps. While looking at the styles we noted the preponderance of patterned sweaters that are made of printed fabric, as opposed to the pattern being woven into the material.

We have several examples of the technique, starting with Bean’s Lightweight Printed cardigan ($59.95). The material is described as “premium pima cotton for silky softness, nylon for extra durability and a bit of Lycra® elastane for a consistent fit”.

LL Bean Printed Cardigans

LL Bean Printed Cardigans

Many of us grew up wearing sweaters with the pattern woven into the garment, like these, also from Bean. The handknit Fair Isle ($199) is seen on the left, the iconic Norwegian sweater ($139) is on the right.

LL Bean

LL Bean

More examples of the printed sweaters, a springy style from J. McLaughlin. This is the Durango Sweater ($155), also printed (and in a lovely selection of color palettes!). It is a cotton/modal blend with a touch of spandex.

J. McLaughlin

J. McLaughlin

Talbots’ cardigans are often a blend of 60% cotton/40% rayon. It is a comfortable mix of fibers, I have one and it has worn well. Below left, the Tapestry Paisley Cardigan.



Lilly Pulitzer also offers printed cardigans.

Lilly Pulitzer

Lilly Pulitzer

Someone here at the Prepatorium has several has seen these in person (cough-cough), the newer technique allows patterns that are more intricate and detailed, and colors that are rich and bold.  Initially I wasn’t crazy about the method, but gradually have come to like it, deciding there is room in the closet for both styles. Does anyone else have strong feelings about the fabric…good, bad, never noticed?


Another style we have noticed more this spring, the knit blazer. Below we show it as interpreted by Brooks Brothers.

Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers

Talbots also offers a knit jacket, this is the Ponté knit Colorblocked Jacket (149).

Talbots Ponte Knit Blazer

Talbots Ponte Knit Blazer

And here we see LL Bean’s version, the Comfort Knit Blazer ($49.95).

LL Bean

LL Bean

It brings to mind an old theory of mine: as a rule, if the word ‘comfort’ is in the name of a garment, it’s unlikely to be terribly chic or elegant. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but when viewing the gray version, in particular, the look goes a bit downhill.

Knits can be a beautiful thing, especially when traveling. Talbots has multiple pieces in the Ponté knit fabric shown above, arguably several would work on a business trip. The freedom from wrinkles alone make the textile meritorious of inclusion in many a wardrobe. But the knit blazer….? Below, Old Navy’s version ($34.94).

Old Navy

Old Navy

Observations? The jackets with patterns and/or tipping (the contrasting color edges seen on the Brooks Brothers & Talbots pieces) seem less offensive than the solid colors. Also, gray looks rather ghastly, reminiscent of sweatshirts and yoga pants. Again, nothing bad about those items in one’s closet, they have a place. It’s just similar material turned into a blazer looks very odd to yours truly.


The final trend we noticed when surfing through some of our favorite sites, color blocking.

Via LilyWhiteClothing.com

Via LilyWhiteClothing.com

We see it in Lilly’s Heidi Cardigan ($148).

Lilly Pulitzer 'Heidi' Cardigan

Lilly Pulitzer ‘Heidi’ Cardigan

As well as J. Crew’s Colorblock Cardigan ($89.50).

J. Crew

J. Crew

And Kate Spade’s Colorblock Tees ($68).

Kate Spade

Kate Spade

As Lilly notes in describing its Irene Dress (below left), “We’re on a colorblock kick!” The frock on the right is the Colorblock Tiff Dress from Kate Spade ($358), on the far right, Kate Spade’s Colorblock Blanche Dress ($498).

Lilly Pulitzer/Kate Spade/Kate Spade

Lilly Pulitzer/Kate Spade/Kate Spade

More examples: the Long Sleeve Sunshirt in Caribbean ($78), Stretch Perfect Shirt in Hydrangea ($88), and Boys’ Pullover in Spearmint ($49.50), all from J. Crew.

J. Crew

J. Crew

I have long been fond of this style (in moderation), it adds zip to garments that usually have clean lines and minimal embellishment.


Our final tidbit today has nothing to do with dressing humans, but rather, feline fashions. Behold, United Bamboo’s 2013 Cat Calendar.

United Bamboo

United Bamboo

Why are we so crazy about it? It is all about the sartorial selections of those starring in the pages of the Calendar.

United Bamboo

United Bamboo

How cute is the little Regatta Blazer?

United Bamboo

United Bamboo

Or the Ruffle Pleat Dress?

United Bamboo

United Bamboo

It kind of takes ‘Mommy & Me’ to an entirely new level.

United Bamboo

United Bamboo

With that we say Happy Weekend!


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Modern Preppies & Their Values + Olympic Manicures

Hello-hello, and welcome to a new week.

Susan Cheever’s Newsweek/Daily Beast piece grabbed our attention, I thought you might be intrigued as well; it looks at ‘old school’ WASPS and values.

Newsweek/The Daily Beast

The column uses summer as a jumping-off point to compare (and contrast, very much so) previous generations with today’s WASPs.

Summering used to go with trust funds and prepping at St. Paul’s and double-barreled names that ended in Roman numerals. These days summer at the beach has become an American right that we hold to be self-evident. We are an intensely WASPirational society. Things that were once associated with the Protestant establishment—vacations; golf and tennis and fly-fishing; boats; schools like Andover, Harvard, and Yale; Lilly Pulitzer shifts and flood pants from L.L.Bean—are now what almost everyone seems to want.

A 1962 Lilly Pulitzer ad.

Lilly Pulitzer via Fashiontent

It was John D. Rockefeller who famously said: “Think of giving not as a duty but as a privilege.” Below, the Rockefeller’s Seal Harbor cottage, one of several places where family members summered.


Back to Ms. Cheever’s column:

…they were also often raised in a tradition of service—noblesse oblige it was called—that led them to give away lots of their money and to behave in ways that helped those who had less. John D. Rockefeller famously spent more time at the end of his life giving away money than earning it.

Below, Andrew Carnegie’s former summer cottage in the Alleghenies.

Patricia Lowry/Post-Gazette

More of the column:

He (Rockefeller) was not alone: the Carnegies, the Vanderbilts, and more recently the Roosevelts all established foundations that made the world an extraordinarily better place. When John Jacob Astor IV gave up his seat on a Titanic lifeboat, he was acting out of a tradition of gallantry and service that was rare then and is even rarer now.

Below, John Jacob Astor IV’s country retreat in Rhinebeck.

Via Luxist

Ms. Cheever does not gloss over the sins of old school WASPs.

The old-line WASP aristocrats were flawed in spite of their Harvard and Yale degrees and ability to set a spinnaker. They had little sexual tolerance, they thought women shouldn’t have careers, they were anti-Semitic, they named their children after themselves with sometimes hilarious results, and they often drank too much.

Nor does she ignore contemporary philanthropists like Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey and others, concluding the essay with a hope for future behavior.

Perhaps the old WASPs we are so slavishly imitating deserved to be overthrown, but they had an attitude about the world that it would be nice to adopt when we put on our pastels and belts dotted with whales to head for the beach.

The notion that certain traits have largely disappeared, like gallantry, generosity, courtesy, responsibility (the list could go on and on) has a ring of truth. To read Ms. Cheever’s entire piece, click here.

Thoughts everyone…. overly harsh or sadly accurate?


Also today, a look at some of the manicures being sported (pun intended) at the Olympics. The Journal did a fun story today on the vivid nails being see at the London games.

Flag-inspired nail designs are showing up on the fingers of swimmers, runners and just about any athlete whose hand appears in a TV close-up. That’s partly because, for the first time, Olympians have a place to get theirs nails done.

Salons have been built inside Olympic Village for athletes to take a break from their grueling training regimens, and another in Central London also serves athletes, friends and family. All the treatments are free and include manicures, hair styling and facials.

The online version of the story offers quite a few photos, below, a look at Britain’s Laura Robson last week at Wimbledon.

Via Wall Street Journal

And archer Aida Roma of Mexico.

Via Wall Street Journal

French basketball player Emmeline Ndongue shows her colors during a game.

Wall Street Journal

Manicure specialists CND also shared photos from London.

CNN Twitter

Micheen Thornycroft, a rower from Zimbabwe did a patriotic pedicure.

Karen Murray Twitter Feed

Another rower, Australia’s Emma McCarthy added a little glitter to her look.

Via Jeni Smith Twitter

And last week we showed you US swimming sensation Missy Franklin’s red, white and blue manicure.

Via WN.com

Until next time, may your manicure remain unchipped!


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Now, Now, Now… Can’t We all Play Nice? Apparently Not.

Hello-Hello, and Happy Friday!

Spat: a brief, petty quarrel or dispute

War –  noun, often attributive

b : a struggle or competition between opposing forces or for a particular end

We have updates to two previous stories today, beginning with that Martha Stewart and Macy’s spat war. Some may recall that Martha Stewart recently announced the sale of part of her company to Penney’s, despite the fact she sells her products at Macy’s, a Penney’s competitor.


Of course, part of the deal is that Penney’s will sell Martha’s merchandise, the retailer has said it will open hundreds of mini Martha Stewart boutiques inside its stores. As one might expect, Macy’s is not amused. Here’s more from Business Week:

“Macy’s sued in January to stop New York-based Martha Stewart Living from executing an agreement to sell merchandise in J.C. Penney Co. stores.

Ouch.  Then it really gets nasty, with Martha’s lawyers saying that Macy’s is “essentially holding Macy’s hostage,” alleging:

“…the retailer has stocked and priced Martha Stewart products in a manner that favors Macy’s own private-label brands.

Business Week has a good story on the dispute, including predictions this will be settled out of court.


Our other business battle is also a followup, this one is about the new C. Wonder stores.

Via Design Wire

The first store opened in Soho, since our post three more stores have opened, in Westchester, Paramus and Garden City.


The Post reports Ms. Burch isn’t happy about the new stores her husband has opened.

A source close to the situation told us, “She is demanding Chris Burch shut down C. Wonder. The famously calm ice queen has lost her cool. She is furious and claims he has directly copied her business plan.”

While no lawsuit has been filed as yet, the source adds, “They are negotiating through lawyers. While Chris set up Tory Burch, his new stuff is identical and a third of the price. She wants him off the board of her company and for C. Wonder to close.”

Below, jewelry at C. Wonder.

Deidre Schoo for The New York Times

The Critical Shopper column in The Times on the store was titled “At C. Wonder, Something Feels Familiar“:

“Now the Burch brand is facing a puzzling retail riposte from her ex-husband, J. Christopher Burch, a venture capitalist who helped found her company and is still a chairman of its board…. he is opening a series of stores named C. Wonder that mirror Tory’s preppy style: go-to-hell colors, nautical flourishes, trim but conservative cuts. It’s unclear whether this is an amicable homage or a hostile takeover.”

Here is a side-by-side look at the two logos:

Logos from Facebook via The Daily Mail

The couple was married for ten years, 1996-2006.

Wire Image via The Daily Mail

More from the Alexandra Jacobs Critical Shopper column:

Maybe it’s a sign that the former missus has arrived, since Mr. Burch is also cheerfully knocking off Chanel, Goyard and Kate Spade — and those were just the influences I clocked in the foremost right quadrant of his new flagship on Spring.

Even the Daily Mail has written about it:

The venture capitalist has chosen an emblem that some see as being almost identical to his ex-wife’s now famous mirror image T’s.

Others like PR guru Kelly Cutrone, who is working with Mr Burch on a collection, argues that a man who has helped launch nearly 50 brands is fashion savvy enough to take credit for his own look.
Hmmmm. We need your thoughts ladies… is it too close for comfort?
We leave you with a quick Sales & Savings Opportunity, a quick mention of about bargains at Bean, the company is doing a ‘Secret Sale’ this weekend, taking 20% off regular *and* sale prices. That make something on sale like the LL Bean Maine Isle flip flops $15.99, as opposed to $24.95.

LL Bean

The deal is good at both LL Bean and LL bean Signature line, use promo code FEB20 to receive the discount.


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Grand Openings and Wacky Costumes

Hello-Hello, what a glorious Friday it has become, these are the days you dream of if residing in The Great Midwest.  Today we have a few news Bits and Bytes, the majority with a retail overtone, we’ll cap that off with a touch of Friday Fun.

We begin with a glance at Wednesday night’s party at the just-opened Brooks Brothers in Georgetown. This one included a good number of notables, as one might expect in the Capitol. Below left, DJ Benjamin Chang with Fox News anchor Ed Henry, on the right, Self magazine’s DC Editor Marc Adelman with his little one. (Although Brooks does not offer infant sizes, the photo serves as a good reminder that really, it’s never too early.)

Photos: REVAMP.com

Naturally The Consort was impressed by this.


The store is on M Street in space previously occupied by Smith & Hawken as well as part of a Pottery Barn, if the memory cells are at all functional today.

Hillary Leeb/The Georgetown Dish

In addition to our fondness for the apparel and accessories at Brooks, we enjoyed seeing some of the furniture showcased in the new digs.

Photos: REVAMP.com

Nothing like a little custom made madras to make me smile.

The party also served as a fundraiser, the Trust for the National Mall was the beneficiary, almost $5000 was raised for that very good cause.


Also today:

  • LL Bean’s new King of Prussia store opened last weekend, it is the venerable retailer’s 15th shop, located not too far from the Lilly KOP store.

Gene Walsh/Times Herald Staff

  • Marimekko, the Finnish design firm offering amazing textiles (and so much more), has opened its New York flagship.

T Magazine/The New York Times

  • While not a store opening, we have to applaud the folks at Hermès, for the ‘family reunion’ they hosted this week. Women’s Wear Daily reports the upscale firm closed all of its US stores Sunday, Monday & Tuesday so they could fly all 515 employees to a party and recognition ceremony, a very cool (and savvy) thing to do.


We close today with a look at some of the year’s more bizarre Halloween costumes. The initial idea came via a story in Guest of a Guest; it showcased the ‘Roadkill’ costume, noting that “We can all agree that being run over by a car and disemboweled is every kid’s dream.” The only thing we can offer is the thought “Especially because that’s how all mothers want to envision their child.”

Kids "Road Kill" costume from Halloween Costumes

From its description on the Halloween Costumes website:

“Scrape your child off the side of the road and turn him into real road kill with this funny costume!”

This one can be yours for $48.99.

Here’s one we discovered while idly wasting time when doing research for the post, the Baby Billion Dollar Costume. Originally I thought this was a commentary on the high cost of bringing up a child, until I read the description: “Now your toddler can get in on the family gangster action with this Billion Dollar baby costume!”

Via HalloweenCostumes.com

Fully acknowledging our terminally unhip life, is there something we have missed about “family gangster action”?

Finally, there is this: your infant as roast turkey.

Martha Stewart

More than ideal for inclusion in both our Help Me Understand and You Can’t Make This Stuff Up categories, we pondered the possibility this was what we used to call a ‘sight gag,’ perhaps someone having fun with Photoshop.  Wrong.


Very wrong.

Martha Stewart

Of course, if you prefer baking over roasting, there’s always this.

Martha Stewart

May your weekend be sunny and bright!


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Critters on Clothing, Can Eddie Bauer Come Back? And That Big Soap Opera Shocker

Hello-hello, welcome to another crazy day at The Prepatorium.

Business commitments mandate brevity today (it is turning into “one of those weeks”), so we jump right in with a story about something near and dear to many prep hearts, embroidered critters on everything from clothing to key fobs.

“Not all critters are created equal: Dogs and waterfowl are popular, but cats barely make it onto the radar — at least when it comes to creatures featured on the preppy clothes and accessories that seem synonymous with spring.

Below, ties from LL Bean, the blue is decorated with a deer and the moss green is adorned with a trout.

The story is by Samantha Critchell, it has run in a number of papers already; here is a link to the piece in the Fall River Herald News.

“You also can’t go wrong with a whale or crab; girls love their ponies and butterflies; and boys have a thing for sharks.”

LL Bean design director Jim Hauptman shares his expertise in the article:
“Brown and black bears, however, which would seem natural for an outdoorsy brand, are tough because the embroidery can only get down to a certain level of detail. “Bears end up looking like blobs,” Hauptman said. A panda is the exception to the bear rule because of its definitive coloring, he adds.”
Below, our custom Key Fobs showcase some of the themes discussed in the story. (Still one of life’s all-time great bargains at only $6.)


Shep Murray from Vineyard Vines is also quoted in the story:
“Color can’t be underestimated, said Shep Murray. Brights draw in critter fans, while traditional colors, such as navy, khaki and white, suit those less adventurous.“We find if we put a fish — on khaki shorts with the simple outline of a navy fish — most guys will wear it. You can get those people a little less likely to wear a critter to wear it if you don’t color it so brightly,” he said, “but the guy who is a ‘total prep’ wants it pink and green.”
A pair of men’s Embroidered Whales Club shorts offered at VV.
Mr. Murry talks about the company’s new Kentucky Derby collection in the story, explaining customers will be seeing a lot of horses this spring. Below, a belt from that collection.
Brooks Brothers is also offering whales this spring in the Clark pants, the Seersucker Capris are available for the ladies, embroidered with lemons.

Four-legged family members demand equal-opportunity when it comes to personal adornment:

Courtesy Tilly T. Bulldog

Tilly enjoys stepping out in her harness from the Princess; Scooter-the-Wonder-Cat was happy when we read her this next part of the story, sharing Mr. Murray’s opinion :

“He said he’s going to revisit cats at some point since he personally is a cat person, but, again, it’s the issue of shape and color.

We’re proud that our vendor for critter ribbon belts, key fobs and pet collar/leashes does an outstanding job. Below, just a few of the offerings demonstrating the attention to detail in the designs:

Can you tell a book by its critters, so to speak?

“Regionally, New Englanders are partial to golden retrievers, boats and bluefish, while Floridians prefer flamingoes, marlins, sailfish and palm trees, Ian Murray said. Midwesterners like anything that reminds them of a vacation, he added, so the beach motifs do well there.”

The article is very well done, to read it in its entirety, click here. We are curious, do you wear embroidered clothing or accessories? What’s your favorite critter?


Next, a very quick update on what some refer to as a heritage brand, Eddie Bauer.  In today’s Women’s Wear Daily there is an interesting story about the company:

“Eddie Bauer invented the down-filled jacket, outfitted the first American ascent of Mount Everest and even patented the badminton shuttlecock — and the 91-year-old company that bears his name wants consumers to know that.”

An image from the spring catalog.

Eddie Bauer

Eddie Bauer faces a challenging environment, it is recovering from not just one, but two bankruptcies since 2003. Getting those of us once fond of the brand back into a store will be even more daunting.  For both The Consort and yours truly, this is a case of feeling like the brand left us, we didn’t leave the brand.

Below, a look at one of the newly reformatted stores.

Courtesy Eddie Bauer via WWD.com

Reclaiming lost customers while also growing new fans is a key part of the company’s strategy moving forward.

Courtesy Eddie Bauer via WWD.com

It is unlikely we will go out of our way to shop at Bauer, but knowing how hard the company is working at re-invigorating the brand, we may peek inside a store.


We leave you with a bombshell.  In fact, a personal admonishment to TQM: please seat thyself before reading further, lest you tip over from the shock.

Are we ready?

ABC cancels ‘All My Children’ and ‘One Life to Live,’ replaces soaps with lifestyle shows

Or, as our neighbor to the north put it

ABC Cancels Soap Operas, Hates Us All

The headline immediately above is from Macleans, here is more from that story:

“Okay, the news that ABC is canceling One Life To Live and All My Children is not a stunning surprise. It’s been a nearly-confirmed rumour for a few weeks. But look what they’re replacing them with:

ABC will debut two new daytime programs this fall and winter: “The Chew,” a program about food news and trends, and “The Revolution,” about health and lifestyle transformations.

That’s just cold.”

From TMZ:

Via TMZ.com

One Life to Live has been on the air 43 years, All My Children for 41 years.


Good bye Erica. Goodbye Pine Valley.



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Fun Finds with Madras & Nautical Influences

Hello-Hello, and happy Monday.

It has been many moons since we did some virtual window-shopping, the day’s bright sun and warmer temps make us feel downright springy. Perusing spring and summer offerings online seemed a pleasant way to while away the morning while The Consort does all of the day’s work, we thought it might be fun to share just a few of the goodies we discovered. (Fair warning: today’s post carries absolutely no minimal content of substance.)

We begin with nautically-inclined items, below, LL Bean’s Casco Bay Regatta Tote (L), and Casco Bay Sailor Girl Print totes.

The Camden Embroidered Tote is a somewhat more substantial bag, with a zippered closure, available in Blue Anchors or Yellow Sailboats, as well as a whale pattern not shown here.

The nautical theme is also seen on the Camden Embroidered Daypack.

We have long been fond of a classic sailor shirt, Bean’s French Sailor’s Shirt comes in a variety of color combinations.

Our friend AgathaMChristie mentioned the fabulosity of Olive Juice clothing for her young Master & Miss of the house, we found this nautically-inspired tee there, it also comes in a variety of colors.

Summer’s heat and humidity may seem far away, but it won’t be long before the all-cotton Oceanside Sleep Shorts and a pair of Maine Isle flip-flops are just what Mother Nature requires.

The boating theme isn’t limited to our more practical purveyors, as evidenced by Oscar de La Renta’s one-piece at Saks, and Milly’s Charm Bracelet at Neimans.

Saks also has the darling Hartstrings outfit shown below left, while Florence Eiseman’s boy’s Marine Flags shortall is at Best Dressed Child, probably the single best source for infant and childrens’ sailor suits online.

Two more quick examples from BDC, both from Carriage Boutique.

If you are like us and madras makes you a little weak in the knees, we found a few possibilities. Bean offers a variety of madras bags, starting with the Leather Handled Madras tote in different sizes.

LL Bean

Madras may also be found in other styles, including this Patchwork Madras tote, but be advised it is a wee little thing, only 7″ x 7.5″.  The bag comes in two colors, the pink seen on the left and blue with Hibiscus leaves atop the patchwork fabric, not a look we are crazy about, but then, we aren’t exactly known for being fashion forward here at The Prepatorium.

There are charming belts in lovely colors at Bean, both the womens’ Seaport Seersucker Belts (L) and Seaport Plaid Belts (R) come in different colorways.

Staying with a nautical theme, the mens’ State of Maine belt is offered in both sailing and fishing designs.

If seeking additional grosgrain motifs we offer a multitude of choices here at the PP Mother Ship.

Our custom belts are available for kids, men and women, they run just $19 for children and $23 for adults.

Lands’ End carries many nautical items for the younger set, including the kids’ Sailboat Drawing and Sailboats beach towels. (We were curious about what distinguished a “kids” towel from others, these towels measure 30″ x 64″, while adult towels are 39″ x 78″.)

Lands’ End also has some enticing madras possibilities.  We begin with something for the MOTH (Man of the House), perhaps the Mens’ Bermuda Shorts will do.

For your little Princess, Lands’ End offers the Girls’ Washed A-line skirt in many different colors and patterns.

For the young MOTH, the Boys’ Long Sleeve Madras shirt is an option, as are the Boys’ Madras Shorts.

And despite our loathing of the logos at Polo Ralph Lauren, the company does madras well. Below left, the men’s Vaughn Sneaker, on the right, the Boys’ Blake Shirt.

The girl’s Madras Bucket Hat and boy’s Kensington Shortall are also cute.

One of the more intriguing items we saw at PRL is the pink madras Sandal & Bear Set for newborns. (It comes in gift packaging, making it an ideal shower present for those not bothered by someone else’s initials on their child’s footwear.)

Ralph Lauren

On that fun image we say goodbye until next time, may your Monday be marvelous.


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