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Lilly Pulitzer, 1931-2013 “Anything is possible with sunshine and a little pink.”

The world is a little less bright today. Lilly Pulitzer died this morning at her home in Palm Beach.

More from the Lilly Pulitzer Facebook page:

Early this morning, Lilly Pulitzer Rousseau passed away peacefully in Palm Beach, surrounded by family and loved ones. Lilly has been a true inspiration to us and we will miss her.

In the days and weeks ahead we will celebrate all that Lilly meant to us. Lilly was a true original who has brought together generations through her bright and happy mark on the world.

Courtesy Photo

Courtesy Photo

Most friends here know how Lilly became a fashion entrepreneur, but I always learn something new whenever looking back at the amazing tale of Lilly’s life. More from Women’s Wear Daily:

In search of a hobby after suffering a bout of depression in her late twenties, Pulitzer at first opened an orange juice stand in 1958 and then began developing brightly colored and boldly patterned shifts and blouses to help hide the stains created by her new enterprise.


Robert H. Houston/AP via The NY Times

From the NY Times:

Pulitzer’s dresses hung behind her juice stand and soon outsold her drinks. A boutique featuring the company’s dresses — developed with the help of partner Laura Robbins, a former fashion editor — soon replaced the juice stand.

Below we see Wendy Vanderbilt and a friend wearing their Lilly shift dresses in 1964.

Assouline Palm Beach viaPost

Assouline via Palm Beach Post

This offers a better view of a vintage Lilly dress.

nelsonbridge etsy

nelsonbridge etsy

The dresses became a big hit in Florida and other resort communities.

Lilly Pulitzer Pinterest

Slim Aarons via People Magazine

From WWD’s story:

….the accidental designer began selling the dresses for $22.50 apiece and couldn’t keep up with demand, aided by a designing couple at Key West Fabrics who helped conceive the lively colors, tropical print themes and other bits of whimsy that would become the brand’s signature.

The fabric was made in Florida at Key West Hand Print Fabrics, TQM was fortunate enough to visit and watch textiles actually being created.

Florida Memory

Charles Barron/Florida Memory

Below we see a 1962 photo of a woman in a bespoke Lilly silk dress, in the background, Lake Worth.

Via Life Magazine

Via Life Magazine

Lilly in a seashell dress.

Henry Grossman/Timepix via Women's Wear Daily

Henry Grossman/Timepix via Women’s Wear Daily

But the famous frocks weren’t really a national phenomenon until Jackie Kennedy was photographed wearing one on the Cape.

LIFE Magazine

LIFE Magazine

Back top the Times story:

Pulitzer’s tropical print dresses became a sensation in the 1960s when then-first lady Jacqueline Kennedy, who attended boarding school with Pulitzer, wore one of the sleeveless shifts in a Life magazine photo spread.

And things really took off. Below, some early ads shared by on the Lilly Pulitzer Pinterest page. At the bottom of the photo lower left you might just be able to see that fabric was available for $5 a yard.

Via Pink Pelican Pinterest

Via Pink Pelican Pinterest

Many early pieces were embellished with lace.

/Posh Girl Vintage/

NelsonBridge etsy/Posh Girl Vintage/

This offers a more detailed view.

Flashbax etsy Shop

Another example.

SweetLittle etsy Shop

I like this part of a 2008 W Magazine story describing how Lilly stuck to her guns:

Though Rousseau credits a confluence of timing and luck for her success—with the Kennedy clan vacationing in Palm Beach those days, “the light was shining in this spot”—an unflinching stubbornness clearly served her label well. Told by one retailer that she had to start making fall clothes, Rousseau replied, “Oh, but you don’t understand, it’s always summer somewhere.”

Thus she introduced what just may have been one of the first resort collections, a year-round summery lineup that grew to include men’s, children’s and swimwear…

Two vintage menswear pieces.
First Dibs

First Dibs

A 1968 ad for the men’s line of clothing via Lilly Pulitzer’s Pinterest.
1968 Advertisement via Lilly Pulitzer Pinterest

1968 Advertisement via Lilly Pulitzer Pinterest

From a 2003 piece in Vanity Fair titled Palm Beach’s Barefoot Princess:
The Lilly Pulitzer product grew like a family. A Lillyputian version of the shift called “the Minnie,” named for Lilly’s elder daughter, was made for little girls—a great marketing move. Clothes for men took off, too: pants, swim trunks, ties, and a line of batiste nightshirts….”

Square with Flair

And what men liked their Lilly? People magazine’s story has an answer.

Men, too, got Pulitzer-ed, among them: author George Plimpton, comedian Bob Hope and football star Joe Namath, in wildly flowered pink-and-blue PJs (Pulitzer Jeans).

Vintage Lilly menswear continues to be popular even now, this is a March post by the Necessary & Proper blog.

Necessary & Proper Blog

Necessary & Proper Blog

But it was the womenswear that fueled the company, this is from a 1977 catalog.

Lilly Pulitzer via Pink Pelican

Lilly Pulitzer Pinterest

Lilly surrounded herself with color.  Rich, vivid, vibrant colors.



That remained true for womenswear, be it bell bottoms or a mini-dress.

First Dibs/Chictopia

First Dibs/Chictopia

Despite Lilly’s relatively high profile she preferred life out of the spotlight. From Vanity Fair:

Lilly is private. Even her closest friends complain of how tucked away she keeps her feelings—“a sphinx,” one calls her. “Scorpio” is what she calls herself. “They do everything in excess,” Lilly explains, “but keep things very close to the chest. I’m not into horoscopes and all that, but it is telling. Scorpios hold everything in.” Just like the Lilly. When that whimsical shift is on, you can’t tell what’s happening underneath.

The Pink Pelican has a wonderful Vintage Lilly Pinterest board.

Pink Pelican Pinterest

Pink Pelican Pinterest

The business grew for many years but then things started to slow down, we return to W Magazine’s story:

By the early Eighties, however, the working-girl wardrobe and a neutral palette had taken over fashion; sales were flagging, and Rousseau shut the whole thing down in 1984.

And then in 1993, the year her husband died, Rousseau was visited by Philadelphia businessmen James “Brad” Bradbeer Jr. and Scott Beaumont. There had been a generational shift, says Bradbeer, and the daughters and granddaughters of Lilly lovers were eager for those snappy prints and flatter-every-shape frocks.

The love of Lilly did pass from one generation to the next. This photo from a 2009 Vanity Fair story shows Kathleen Kennedy and Rose Kennedy (L) in their Lilly, on the right we see Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s daughters Kick and Kyra Kennedy in Lilly’s “Not So Crabby” print.

Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair

Lilly remained an active part of the re-launched brand, providing consulting services to the rejuvenated label.

Lilly Pulitzer 2004 via Palm Beach Post

Lilly Pulitzer 2004 via Palm Beach Post

Lilly’s design ethos speaks to her approach to life. Back to the Times story:

“I designed collections around whatever struck my fancy … fruits, vegetables, politics, or peacocks! I entered in with no business sense. It was a total change of life for me, but it made people happy,”

“Style isn’t just about what you wear, it’s about how you live,” Pulitzer said in 2004.



Lilly loved spending time with family and friends. Below, we see the entrepreneur in 2004 with her granddaughters, (l to r) Lilly Leas, Charlotte Pulitzer, and Emma Pulitzer, after presenting the brand’s 2005 spring runway show.

Genaro Molina, Los Angeles Times

Genaro Molina, Los Angeles Times

Today the colors remain rich and spirited as seen in a group of Lilly Murfee scarves.

Lilly Pulitzer

Lilly Pulitzer

From today’s coverage in Women’s Wear Daily :

“Today we celebrate all that Lilly meant to us and come together as Lilly lovers to honor a true original who has brought together generations through her bright and happy mark on the world,” James B. Bradbeer Jr. and Scott A. Beaumont, who bought the Lilly Pulitzer brand in 1992, said in a statement.

James Bradbeer Jr., president of Lilly Pulitzer, noted, “Lilly would always say, ‘It’s all about happy.’ There aren’t many places in our industry where happy is at the core. That has transcended time and generations, and it tells you a lot about the kind of special person that Lilly was.”

Via Pink Pelican Pinterest

Via Pink Pelican Pinterest

I like Kathie Orrico’s description of this one of a kind treasure:

“She sprinkled fun and pixie dust everywhere she went and was joyful right until the end,” said Kathie Orrico, a partner at C. Orrico, the specialty retailer that operates three Lilly Pulitzer stores and carries the line in its other four stores as well. “I saw her just last week and, just like always, she had cute phrases and words that inspired us to be bright and happy.

Via Pink Pelican Pinterest

Via Pink Pelican Pinterest

That seems fitting, fun and pixie dust.



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Those Vineyard Vines Hotel Suites

Hello-Hello, welcome to an almost-weekend here in the Corner Condo at the Prepatorium.

Today we are engaging in some much-needed Friday Fun, starting with news that Vineyard Vines is decorating hotel suites. From Women’s Wear Daily:

Talk about living the Vineyard Vines lifestyle.

The nautical-inspired brand has partnered with Lark Hotels, a boutique hotel group with properties throughout coastal New England, to create two guest suites.

Below, a suite at the Captain Fairfield Inn in Kennebunkport.

Captain Fairfield Inn

Captain Fairfield Inn

Back to the story:

The suites mix the brand’s coastal preppy chic touches with the modern influences for which Lark Hotels is known. Pillows and bed bolsters are made from boardshorts material, and the edging on the window shades is from Vineyard Vines belts.

Another part of the suite.

Captain Fairfield Inn

Captain Fairfield Inn

The Captain Fairfield Inn is the first Lark property to have suites with VV decor.

Captain Fairfield Inn

Captain Fairfield Inn

Next to have the Vines treatment: 76 Main on Nantucket. That property’s grand opening is June 9.

This isn’t the first interaction between the two brands, Lark employees are outfitted by Vineyard Vines. More from the Lark blog.

From managers to housekeepers (and even friends and family!), you’ll see the crew at our hotels decked out in stylish vineyard vines dresses, khakis, polo shirts, tunics and capris.

Lark Hotels Blog

Lark Hotels Blog

Lark’s other properties include the Attwater in Newport and the historic Danforth in Portland (Maine).


Our other tidbit involves Friday Fun of the Four-Legged kind, we wanted to share more preppish duds for your pooch.

ParsonsDesignGrad on etsy

ParsonsDesignGrad on etsy

The madras coat is by ParsonsDesignGrad on etsy. The shop owner and design whiz got in touch last week about her creations and I just fell in love with them.  One of the niftiest things about the coat is that it is reversible, the flip side of the oh-so-snappy madras is a lovely repp tie stripe.

ParsonsDesignGrad on etsy

ParsonsDesignGrad on etsy

The coats are made from re-purposed and upcycled vintage linens, there are some wonderful patterns available.

ParsonsDesignGrad on etsy

ParsonsDesignGrad on etsy

If interested in visiting the ParsonsDesignGrad etsy shop, just click here.

We also stumbled across some new styles while endlessly grazing studiously reading some of today’s offerings at

Preppie Pup at

Preppie Pup at

These are by Preppie Pup, available at Fab, there are definitely some ‘fashionable’ looks.

Seeing these dapper styles reminded me of the posts we’ve done showcasing The Rover Boutique. Below, some of the images we have previously shared.

Rover Boutique

Rover Boutique

There are new styles at the Boutique, including the Fieldwork Raincoat.

The Rover Boutique

The Rover Boutique

This one has a bit of the Barbour touch, don’t you think? Just in time for spring, the Boutique also has some cute new bowtie collars, like this seersucker style, definitely today’s Pretty in Pink.

The Rover Boutique on etsy

The Rover Boutique on etsy

On that cheery note, g’bye until next time!


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J. Crew Fall 2013 & Banana Joe

Hello-Hello & welcome to a Wednesday.

Despite being pathetically rabid moderately interested in fashion it has felt increasingly bizarre to chat about styles for winter as we approach spring, and looks for spring as we approach fall. Thus, we’ve not written much about Fashion Week, underway for several days now. Yet today seems like a good time to share a few images, we begin with J. Crew’s collection for next fall.

J. Crew Courtesy Photos

J. Crew Courtesy Photos

Tailored pieces ruled the collection.

J. Crew Courtesy Images

J. Crew Courtesy Images

There were plenty of clean lines and elegant details. (Although yours truly refuses to even consider cold weather dress shorts of that length. Not happening. Ever.)

J. Crew Courtesy Photos

J. Crew Courtesy Photos

More from Women’s Wear Daily’s review:

“the… collection was one of the brand’s most vibrant, ornate and expensive-looking in a while.

J. Crew Courtesy Images

J. Crew Courtesy Images

It’s always nice to see bright pops of color in cold weather clothing.

J. Crew Courtesy Images

J. Crew Courtesy Images

From Fab Sugar’s writeup:

J. Crew turned it up to 11 for Fall 2013, thanks to creative director Jenna Lyons’s deft touch with color and pattern mixing. Neon citron mingled with bubblegum pink, while a clean Winter-white sweater and pants provided a palate cleanser.

The just-mentioned winter whites. (Is it me, or does the image below left look photoshopped on the model?)

J.Crew Courtesy Images

J.Crew Courtesy Images

And Fashionista‘s review:

The retailer’s fall 2013 collection was so rich in saturated jewel tones, so boldly printed, so unabashedly covered in shimmering embellishments, it was truly eye candy.

J. Crew Courtesy Images

J. Crew Courtesy Images

Some of the richer colors actually popped more in pictures shot by the fashion media than in the images released by Crew.

Steve Eichner/Women's Wear Daily

Steve Eichner/Women’s Wear Daily

The navy played nicely against the royal blue and teal tones.

J. Crew Courtesy Images

J. Crew Courtesy Images

Back to Fashionista:

The retailer puts out a quirky, mix-and-match collection of looks that manage to excite the fashion set and the masses.

J. Crew Courtesy Images

J. Crew Courtesy Images

More from Women’s Wear Daily:

After last season’s show, Tom Mora, J. Crew’s head of women’s design, took a big vacation and returned to his fall drawing board. “What to do? What to do?” he wondered. Luckily, he had been in Marrakech, where he observed the city’s colors, textures and stylistic mix of djellaba worn under tailored blazers. This mix-and-match ethos dovetailed seamlessly with what J. Crew is about…”

J. Crew Courtesy Images

J. Crew Courtesy Images

The Moroccan influences are easy to see in these looks.

J. Crew Courtesy Images

J. Crew Courtesy Images

As has become the norm with Crew, there were several pieces that held promise, others were just too fashion forward for someone like your trusty scribe, prone to embracing her inner frump. (Heh-Heh-Heh.) Or perhaps I’m just too fixated on springtime styles from Crew, like the fresh crop of cashmere.

J. Crew

J. Crew


We also have a fast glance at styles from Carolina Herrera.

Caroline Herreras Fall 2013 Robert Mitra WWD

There was very much a forties vibe to the collection.

Carolina Herrera Fall 2013 3 Looks


Also today, a quick update on Monday’s post about the Westminster Dog Show. Last night the show’s big winner was chosen, and well… he’s not so big! Say hello to Banana Joe.

Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show Facebook Page

Banana Joe is an Affenpinscher. The breed has been recognized by the WKC since 1938, but this is the first year an Affenpinscher has won the coveted title. If nothing else, how do you not love a name like “Banana Joe”?


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Preppy Pumpkins à la 2012

Hello-Hello and welcome to a Monday that is a more-than-a-little-scary for a lot of people. We thought it might be a good day to share something cheerful, so we’ll do our annual Preppy Pumpkins post.

We begin with these damask pumpkins by Confessions of a Plate Addict, they just seem to exude elegance.

Confessions of a Plate Addict

Those fond of ikat and chevrons will appreciate these by Alisa Burke.

Alisa Burke

These come via the ‘Whatever’ blog, I love the bright colors.

“Whatever” Blog

These vibrant pumpkins were used to display a house number in addition to a bright bit of decoration.

Tater Tots & Jello

There is actually a wonderful tutorial on how to do these yourself, great step-by-step directions.

Tater Tots & Jello

Of course, if you are thinking about monogramming one of these, there’s no shortage of idea, here’s a stellar example  from our pals at Fashion Meets Food.

Fashion Meets Food

Here is another DIY Tutorial via Personalized from Me to You.

Personalized from Me to You

Here we have a monogram on fabric via A Pumpkin and a A Princess (how perfect is that name?).

This group from Better Homes and Gardens is really pretty.

Better Homes & Gardens (

This is also from

We bring back a few favorites, beginning with today’s Pretty in Pink, a group Re-Lilly’s Sue Trader did back in 2010.

Susan Romano Trader

This stylish argyle group comes via A Punch of Color, that is one preppy looking pumpkin patch.

A Punch of Color

Another group with a touch of argyle comes via Magnolia Mommy Made on etsy.

MagnoliaMommyMade etsy Shop

Here is another great argyle from Magnolia Mommy Made.

Magnolia Mommy Made etsy

With apologies, I can’t remember where I found this one, it has such a great spider and spot of argyle.


Back to pumpkins we just discovered this year, two more timeless designs, these are by House of Whimsy.

House of Whimsy

Proof that non-traditional colors can look terrific.

The more-than-talented Hopsy of the Kappa Prep blog had this group featured in Fox News magazine!

Kappa Prep via Fox News Magazine

Here is a Lilly-fied pumpkin, this is also by Susan Trader of Re-Lilly.

Susan Romano Trader / Re-Lilly Blog

Bethany at Maryland Pink & Green did this duo, the perfect pair for a Lilly lover.

Maryland Pink & Green

The Smiths Party of Four created their very own Lilly Pumpkin Patch, how cute is that?

The Smiths – Party of Four

Here is another by Susan Trader, they are all just fabulous.

Susan Romano Trader / Re-Lilly Blog

We leave you with this stylish group by Swell Designer.

Swell Designer Blog


Our other note today involves the obvious. Google has put together another of its crisis maps, an interactive tool that can be very helpful, here is the link to the one for Hurricane Sandy.


And this link takes you to the National Power Grid outage map, although I’m not sure how quickly it updates. As we have noted on Facebook, we send thoughts and prayers to friends and family impacted by the storm.


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Socialites Needed, & That Superior Preppy Mansion Can Be Yours

Hello-Hello, happy middle of the week to everyone, we’re so glad you popped in for a visit. Today we have a tidbit about the need for ‘socialites’. (Ahem.)

We’re talking about a casting call for TV’s Royal Pains, the show is looking for some extras in the Hamptons, Guest of a Guest has more:

Royal Pains is looking for extras for the show’s fourth season, and they’re bringing their search to the Hamptons.

Royal Pains/USA Network

The show follows a doctor in the Hamptons who makes house calls, it is a comedy airing on USA network, entering its fourth season. reports a casting company is going to be in Westhampton and Southampton. If interested, you’ll need to have the appropriate clothing to pull off the chi-chi look producers are going for, the story says they want:

“people with the affluent look and the wardrobe to portray the high-society Hamptons elite.”

More specifically, Grant Wilfley Casting wants:

“Both union and non-union actors…to portray Hamptonites, socialites, model-types, “ladies-who-lunch,” beach-goers, yachtsman, golfers, tennis players, owners of ultra high-end cars, bankers, brokers, doctors, nurses, orderlies, EMTs and attractive party goers.”

Below we see a still from Season 2.

USA via TV Equals

The show stars Mark Feuerstein as Dr.Hank Lawson.

USA Network via FanPop

The Patch story points out the show has shot on location previously; below we see filming last April.

Paul Robinson via Patch

Back to the casting call, here is a little more detail from the casting company, my favorite is the final bullet point, something of a BYOC (bring your own car) request.

  • Hamptons locals for work on Monday, April 30 in Westhampton;
  • Upscale Hamptonites for work in Southhampton on May 10;
  • physically-fit people to run a muddy obstacle course/marathon (must be ok getting muddy and being chased);
  • people to play Zombies (must be OK wearing zombie make-up, getting muddy, and chasing people);
  • expert/professional pool players for photodouble work (5′8 or 5′10 Caucasian men);
  • SAG/AFTRA members with ultra high-end luxury cars (please note make, model, year and color).

Wondering how it works if you’re chosen? Brendan O’Reilly’s story offers this insight:

Extras are typically treated to breakfast and lunch. During filming in Southampton Village in April 2011, the production set up base camp at the Coopers Beach parking lot, with trailers and a heated tent. The call time was 7 a.m., and extras were required to have their schedule free for the entire day — if someone has to run out in the middle of the day it could ruin a scene’s continuity.

We have had friends who have been an extra for a show or film, and they enjoyed it. The consensus seems to be if you do it for a day or two it is fun, longer than that and it became a touch tedious.


Our other snippet today is about the “Superior Preppy Mansion” as described by the good folks at

The house was originally built around 1700, more on its the late Ambassador Francis L. Kellogg from Curbed’s story:

Educated at Choate and Princeton, Kellogg established himself as a fixture on the New York social scene, wedding department store heiress Fernanda Wanamaker Munn, before divorcing and marrying Mercedes Tavacoli, now better known as Mercedes Bass…. sailed in seven Newport-to-Bermuda yacht races, claimed ties to the Central Intelligence Agency, and, in his spare time, “raised miniature Dexter cattle, aquatic birds and exotic chickens” at Mill Pond Farm, this 25-acre estate in Westchester County.

Back to the Curbed piece:

The main house, painted a most preppy shade of pink with green shutters, measures 4,500 square feet, with five bedrooms and five baths. Originally built circa 1700, the house was added on to by the venerable architecture firm of McKim, Mead, & White and decorated by none other than Billy Baldwin.

While it’s not necessarily what we would term ‘pretty’ per se, we’ll still make it today’s Pretty in Pink. The house can be yours for $5.9 million, click here for more.


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Targét’s Next Collection, Bubba is Pretty in Pink…and Green

Hello-Hello and welcome to a new week, we are forced to be brief once again, we are a bit swamped with business.

We begin with an early look at the upcoming collection for Le Boutique Targét, the first from its new “Shops at Target” program, showcasing design partnerships with small boutiques. The initial collection, The Webster at Target, is done in tandem with luxury boutique The Webster Miami.

The Webster Miami at Target

The line launches May 6, photos of the collection were released last week. Pieces showcase iconic Webster themes, including the boutique’s banana leaf print wallpaper, as well as motifs reflecting Miami’s art deco architecture. You’ll also note there’s very much a resort, beachside feel to the styles.

Courtesy Photos via MamasARollingStone

Below left to right we see the Colorblock Cardigan ($32.99), Tank in Palm Print ($19.99) and Jacquard Skirt in Coral ($29.99), the Sleeveless Shift Dress in Two-Way Deco Print ($39.99) and Short-Sleeved Drawstring Dress in Melon ($36.99).

Target Courtesy Photos

Good news for those who struggle to find appealing styles in either petites or plus sizes, both will be available online for this collection.  Another appealing possibility from our friends at The Fashion Spot:

Since this collaboration is with a company that is likely to have more of a niche following than say, Missoni, you probably won’t have to fight with eBay vultures to get your hands on it.

Below we show some of the accessories, starting with bracelets in ‘Two-Way Deco Print’ and ‘Green Plaid,’ both $16.99.

Target Courtesy Photo

Other jewelry includes the Sand Dollar Chandelier Earrings in Gold and Silver ($14.99 each) and Coral Strand Necklace with Sand Dollars ($34.99).

Target Courtesy Photos

Two totes, the ‘Wall Paper Floral Print’ will retail at $29.99 and ‘Straw Tote in Palm Print’ will be $39.99.

Courtesy Photo via Target

Scarves in coordinating prints will be offered at $19.99.

Target Courtesy Photo

Shoes will include these styles, the Cap-Toe Wedges in Melon/Gold ($29.99), Flats in Palm Print, $24.99 Tie Wedges in Palm Print, $29.99

Target Courtesy Photo

Striped straw hats in navy and coral are going to be $19.99.

Courtesy Photo

Response to the upcoming collaboration is positive, USA Today said the collection hits an “Ultra Chic Bullseye,” while Esquire‘s story is titled “Target Will Soon Be Selling Clothes You’ll Want”:

And, while the company has dabbled in offering a few of these items for men over the years, they’ve never quite hit the bullseye when it comes to making clothes guys would actually want to purchase.

Target Courtesy Photos via Esquire

These men’s looks feature a short-sleeved Polo ($19.99) and Swim Trunks ($29.99) on the left, on the right we see a Navy/White Striped shirt ($29.99), Shorts in Palm Print ($29.99), Chevron Woven Belt in Green ($19.99) and the Straw Fedora ( $19.99).

Target Courtesy Photos

This looks like it has lots of potential, as is so frequently the case with these collaborative efforts, a key component will be quality.
Following yesterday’s excitement in Augusta, we have two golf notes to share.

Via LPGA Style Watch

The first involves LPGA golfer Morgan Pressel and Lilly Pulitzer, the pro has signed a deal with the preppy print company, she’ll be wearing their duds on and off the course. (With thanks to the always stylish Bruce, golf guru and style aficionado for the tip on this arrangement.)

Via LPGA Style Watch

Our other golf tidbit is also today’s Pretty in Pink. (You can imagine where this is going.)

Via Bubba Watson Facebook page

On his way to a green jacket at the Masters, Bubba Watson could be seen with his pink Ping Driver.

Hunter Martin/Augusta National

You have to love a guy who uses pink clubs, especially when it is part of a fund-raising effort.

Via Dave Shedloski Twitter Feed

Mr. Watson hopes to raise $1,000,000 for various charities this season, Ping has already donated $10,000 to the cause.


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Collaborations, We Have Collaborations (DVF/Gap Kids, Mad Men/Estee Lauder)

Hello-Hello, happy new week!

Today we share a look at two of the more notable collaborations now on sale or about to launch, starting with the Diane von Furstenberg for Gap Kids collection.

There was quite a bash at GapKids and babyGap in Los Angeles celebrating the line’s upcoming debut.

Donato Sardella for Women's Wear Daily

The new line covers newborns to 14-year-olds.

Gap Courtesy Photos via Pinterest

The babyGap styles have the Cute-o-Meter peaking in the red zone.

Gap Courtesy Photos via Pinterest

In a WWD story the designer reveals why she has shied away from children’s collections:

“I used to say no to doing kids collections because I wanted the little girls to grow up, but this is so fun and happy and I like the optimism of it,” said the designer, who greeted several tots and their celebrity parents at the invite-only event.

Below we see Ms. von Furstenberg with her granddaughter Talitha and friends, on the right she is is with Molly Sims.

Donato Sardella for Women's Wear Daily

At the Los Angeles launch party there was even a petting zoo for the kids with bunnies and puppies.

Donato Sardella for Women's Wear Daily

As one would expect from this designer, the designs are bright and vibrant, one recurring pattern showcases hearts intermingled with the designer’s initials.

Courtesy Photos via The Telegraph

Other signature themes are also evident in the new line, splashy prints and vivid colors.

Courtesy Photo

Prices run $20 to $120; there is even an update to the Ms. von Furstenberg’s most noted silhouette, more in this news release:

“The legendary DVF wrap is re-invented with a child-like higher waist detail, in structured cotton or as a jersey romper shape for babies and toddlers”

Courtesy Photos via Tom & Lorenzo

We like the way Tom and Lorenzo described their reaction:

When we first heard about this, we pshawed the whole thing, joking that she’d wind up making wrap dresses for toddlers. Well, shut our mouths; wrap dresses for toddlers are ADORABLE.

There is a serious cute factor even this grizzled old crone finds hard to resist.

DVF for Gap Courtesy Photos

Just how darling did Tom & Lorenzo think the collection is?

We think children should be kept in boxes and only let out to serve their adult masters drinks, but even we squealed a little at some of these pieces. We’re kinda sad now that all our nieces are tweens and teens. We would have had a blast buying up this stuff for various birthdays, back when they didn’t ask for gift cards and money.

So darn cute we’ll even overlook our usual line in the sand thought on little girls and “heels”.

Courtesy Photos via Tom & Lorenzo

The good news is that a second wave of designs will launch in time for the holidays. Hopefully this will provide Gap with a much-needed boost.


On to our next collaborative tidbit, the Mad Men and Estee Lauder partnership.

Estee Lauder

The two entities have teamed up on a lipstick and creme rouge.

Promoted with the “Shake. Stir. Seduce.” line, the campaign showcases a blond beauty reminiscent of Betty Draper. Lipstick is $25 and the rouge is $40, both are available now. (It seems so long since I have seen the word ‘rouge,’ it was a bit of a surprise.)

With those two items we say ‘bye until next time, yours truly has to run the beasts to the house of pain vet for a little scheduled maintenance.


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