Your Help is Needed for a Bridal 911. Now.

Hello-Hello everyone!

Today we have a post that is a bit different from the norm, certainly one likely to be vastly more engaging for readers than most of our day-to-day mental meanderings.

Many readers already are familiar with our ever-so-dear and delightful bloggy friend, Daisy Duke, attorney-at-law.  If not, the link below will pop you right over to her wonderful blog, Legally Blonde Ambition.

Ladies, Miss Daisy is in need of our assistance. Pronto. The situation has not yet reached dire nature proportions, but we promise you it could if we cannot offer prompt action.

The nature of the problem? We are talking about a fashion emergency, of a sort that has potential to reach cataclysmic levels. You see, Miss Daisy is now engaged to her Prince Charming.  (For all the romantic details on how Mr. Wonderful asked the question, including photos of the ring he designed, just click here.)

But we stray from our mission.  Here is the challenge: the bride-to-be has selected her gown, a stunningly simple and elegant design we show below.

PHOTO: Courtesy

PHOTO: Courtesy

This piece of bridal beauty is from Anne Barge, and we adore the clean and classic lines.

But Miss Daisy is in desperate need of shoes, and she is beginning to despair of ever locating the absolutely-perfect pair.  So she asked yours truly if we might solicit your input on the topic; we all know what a fashionable lot Princess readers are, also possessing impeccable fashion taste.

A quick look at the bodice of the gown, adorned with über-elegant pintucks.


PHOTO: Courtesy

Now here are the details on the dress and wedding itself:

  • it is ivory silk taffeta with a chapel length train
  • the wedding is in Savannah, Georgia this October

And here is the scoop on Miss Daisy’s shoe preferences:

  • her taste is classic, no sequins or over the top frou-frou
  • the biggest dilemma is matching the ivory gown, so much of what Daisy has looked at is bright white
  • she prefers delicate flats or a kitten heel, no more than 2″, ideally a scosh less if possible
  • Daisy has already looked into Cole Haan (their adorable ballerina wedding flat only comes in white-white), Stuart Weitzman, Tory Burch, Kate Spade, & Neimans
  • our bride likes bows, and is fine with champagne, gold or silver for shoe color
  • her personal personal shoes are mostly Coach, Cole Haan, Kate Spade & Stuart Weitzman

What do you say Princesses? Can we do this? Can we step into the breach and take one for Team Prep? We bellow shout come back with an appropriately discreet, “Why yes, of course, this is not a problem for us. Not at all. We’re on it.”

We offer our gratitude in advance for what we know will be utterly divine suggestions, be they designers you are fond of, a certain shop you frequent that our Miss Daisy may be unaware of, or a specific pair of shoes you just know will work their magic on Miss Daisy’s twinkling little toes.

Feel free to offer your insight here, or over on Miss Daisy’s blog.  A grateful nation thanks you.


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16 responses to “Your Help is Needed for a Bridal 911. Now.

  1. What about a color that goes with her bouquet? or bridesmaids dresses? I saw one wedding where the bride had emerald green shoes that WERE TO DIE FOR! I just loved the pop of color! Plus it makes the options a little less limited.

    PS. Love Anne Barge, used her for mine…was not disappointed.

  2. I have a shoe dilemma posted on my page as well, ha! I would say to check out Piperlime, Zappos, & J.Crew. And just keep looking – new stuff comes out ALL the time!

  3. while such heel heights are not my speciality…i just took a gander at searching for her specs (you can’t get very specific, but i searched sandals & gold) and found some possibilities. perhaps this will help!
    i also must agree with the first comment in that using shoes of color is a wonderful accessory & compliment to the overall glamour of the day… even with a simple dress & simple tastes. just so happens that i, myself, wore a very classic dress with navy satin heels. gorgeous.

  4. LPC

    What about this pair of pewter Bruno Maglis? The leather is essentially ruched, like the dress? Unless she really wants satin?

  5. Thank you thank you everyone! I’m so impressed with your suggestions thus far! (Although if anyone has any more, please please keep them coming!) My bridesmaids dresses are espresso so I’m going to look at some ballet flats in that color. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good tall heel but I think I have a lot of standing to do that night and don’t want to tire out before I’m done dancing! And I’m not sold on satin- I’m open to any & all suggestions!!

  6. I wore silver YSL d’Orsay pumps for my wedding (I wore platinum jewelry) and I was able to use the shoes over and over again! I say go for a metallic!

  7. Oo! Shoe shopping! My favorite!
    2 options I’ve discovered:

    of course, I’m probably going to be barefoot in my wedding, so I haven’t really put much thought into wedding shoes before, but best of luck, Daisy! enjoy being engaged!

  8. These shoes ( by Nina come in an ivory satin and a golden brown satin.

    I don’t know if these Kate Spades ( would work with your overall color scheme but I think they are precious.

    These Kate Spades ( are also cute but it’s had to tell what the color is. Same with this other pair (

    If the ivory on these Mias ( matched it could be a very sweet look.

    Me Too has a few good options in gold:

    Mia and Me Too shoes are made at the same factory as Naturalizer and Franco Sarto shoes and are generally pretty comfortable. (You never heard that from me.)

  9. I’m with Alex! I love the idea of colored shoes. I think the biggest priority should be comfort. Well, maybe not sneakers…

  10. What a dilemma. Good luck!

    You’re the best. Thanks for everything.

    Have a great day!

  11. This is a bit belated and not quite answering the question as posed…however, I read on another blog of a girl fitting her “something blue” in with a pair of light blue shoes….I know this is of little help with style, etc. yet I thought I’d throw it out there.

  12. Anonymous

    I just went to a wedding this past weekend. I don’t know what shoes the bride had on at the church. But, I’m *assuming* that she changed shoes for the reception. The shoes she had on at the reception were white satin flats with the cutest white bow on them. I saw her shoes during the garter toss, and thought that was such a great idea and comfy for dancing too! Just thought I’d share:)

  13. For some reason, I don’t think my comment posted. I went to a wedding the past weekend. I did not see the bride’s shoes at the church. I did see her shoes during the garter toss. I’m going to assume she changed into these for the reception. They were the cutest white, satin ballet flats with a preppy white bow on them. I just thought that was the cutest idea and probably very comfy for the reception while still being stylish. Just thought I’d share:)

  14. Good luck, anyway Im sure you will look great!

  15. yes, definitely think of the changing shoes option! not a bad idea, of course then that means you’ll be looking for two pairs of shoes! I love the idea of a different color shoe or a delicate metallic w/that gorgeous dress. problem is, it’s hard to find a cute lower heel these days.
    and a dyeable slingback!

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