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Preppy Pack Rat Update & A 31-foot-tall Tiffany Gift Box

Hello-Hello, and welcome to a new week.

We are brief today, beginning with a note that this month’s T&C has another story about the ‘Preppy Pack Rat’.  From the Town & Country article:

Thomas Cary’s Upper East Side apartment is a preppy paradise, meaning it’s timeless, if not eternal. John Perona’s El Morocco Family Album lies just steps from a Chipp madras blazer out of the 1960s.

This photo accompanies the piece.

Town & Country March 2013

Tina Barney/Town & Country March 2013

Many will note the Lilly ‘go to hell’ blazer Mr. Cary is sporting, as well as other treasures, like the needlepoint pillows. We have previously written about Mr. Cary, most recently in June of 2011. Back to the T&C story:

Cary used to be a buyer for Brooks Brothers but now focuses on the Cary Collection, which he oversees out of his time machine of a one-bedroom apartment. (Companies like Kate Spade and Bergdorf Goodman are steady clients.)

This graphic illustrated the piece.

Town & Country

Photo: Pamela Cook/Studio D/Town & Country March 2013

That is an Asprey watch ($1,800), a Lilly Pulitzer jacket ($750) and a pair of Sulka slippers ($950), all from The Cary Collection.

If visiting Mr. Cary’s website there is no shortage of eye candy.

The Cary Collection

The Cary Collection

Yours truly was drawn to some of the Objets from classic nightclubs, like this piece from the iconic Stork Club.

The Cary Collection

The Cary Collection

I’m guessing The Consort wouldn’t turn down the Secret Agent’s Aston Martin Action Car.

The Cary Collection

The Cary Collection

There are such splendid treasures on Mr. Cary’s site, one can only imagine what seeing the apartment in person must be like.


Our other tidbit is a quick look at last week’s ‘Tiffany Blue Book Ball,’ held at Rockefeller Center last Thursday. More from Women’s Wear Daily:

Tiffany & Co.’s signature blue box got a healthy dose of steroids at Manhattan’s Rockefeller Center on Thursday night for the brand’s Blue Book Ball to toast its new Jazz Age collection tied to Baz Luhrmann’s upcoming film adaptation of “The Great Gatsby.”

Tiffany & Co. Facebook

Tiffany & Co. Facebook

There is something fun about a giant Tiffany box. Below we see Sarah Jessica Parker in a vintage Vicky Tiel dress, Gwyneth is wearing Ralph Lauren and Kate Hudson is in a Reem Acra that is pretty darn close to that robin’s egg blue.

Steve Eichner/Women's Wear Daily

Steve Eichner/Women’s Wear Daily

Michelle Williams (L) and Doutzen Kroes (R) both dripping in diamonds from Tiffany.

Tiffany & Co. Facebook

Tiffany & Co. Facebook

If forced, I could give up my party invite (what invite???) and simply go for the sparklies.

Courtesy Tiffany & Co.

Carlton Davis/Tiffany & Co.

Below, Kate Hudson, Jessica Biel and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Courtesy Tiffany & Co.

Courtesy Tiffany & Co.

Really, just the gems and I’ll be fine. Give those tickets to some more deserving soul.

David /Tiffany & Co.

Carlton Davis/Tiffany & Co.

On that note, g’bye until next time.


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Fun Footwear by JP Crickets & Resort Styles from Ralph Lauren & Kate Spade

Hello-Hello, happy Tuesday to everyone. We are brief today, with only a few tidbits to share. The first involves a footwear company we weren’t familiar with, JP Crickets.

The line features Italian-made footwear with a focus on collegiate licensed merchandise, they also offer monogrammed footwear.

JP Crickets

Launched about a year ago, the company has grown a strong following. The shoes are already showing up at functions like Princeton Reunions weekend, below we see one Tiger sporting a pair ten days ago.

Via JP Crickets Style

There are also styles highlighting the US Naval Academy and US Military Academy.

JP Crickets

We love the touch of whimsy on the sole.

Via The Fashion Wire

There are men’s and women’s collections, below we share a pair that we might see one day on a darling blogger we adore.

JP Crickets

The company is on Facebook and also has a fun blog, among other things it shares some of their charitable efforts. Many thanks to Anastasia for the tip on this one.

Our other item is a quick snapshot of two Resort 2013 collections. We have previously noted how “resort” has grown in importance for designers, it is no longer a throwaway collection created merely to goose sales, many companies are doing enormous resort groups.

Ralph Lauren has not done one of those large collections, more from Women’s Wear Daily:

After being absent from the pre-collection schedule for years, Ralph Lauren decided that this season called for a little extra love and excitement. Thus, the impromptu presentation staged Monday at his Seventh Avenue showroom.

Here are a few styles, also via WWD.

John Aquino/Women’s Wear Daily

Showing resort styles in 95° heat doesn’t bother me, it’s showing heavy wools and tweeds that might feel oppressive. Back to the WWD review:

Because of the mood in Europe, I thought it was time to do something happy and strong,” said Lauren, before introducing the lineup based on the house standards of simplicity and elegance, with several major jolts of color.

We like happy colors. Below we show some of the more muted tones shown yesterday.

John Aquino/Women’s Wear Daily

Kate Spade’s Resort collection was revealed in an unusual way, via Brad Goreski’s Tumblr blog.

Kate Spade via Brad Goreski Tumblr

As always with Kate Spade, the collection offers classic cuts with bold pops of color.

Kate Spade via Brad Goreski Tumblr

Your faithful correspondent is a little gaga over some of the designs. (Cough-cough.)

On those fun image we say g’bye until next time!


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Buy Kate Spade Stock. On Facebook.

Hello-hello, and happy start of the three-day weekend.

Today we offer a touch of Friday Fun, beginning with something unusual (at least to us), an opportunity to buy Kate Spade stock. On Facebook.

For those who don’t “do Facebook,” this is what Kate Spade’s homepage looks like. Look at the far bottom right of the image below, you’ll see an orange box with the words “A Stylish Investment”.

Kate Spade Facebook

Clicking on the link brings one to this graphic.

Kate Spade Facebook

Another click actually takes the user off Facebook to the Fifth & Pacific website, Fifth & Pacific owns Kate Spade and other brands readers may recognize: Jack Spade, Lucky Brand and Juicy Couture. (Fifth & Pacific was previously known as Liz Claiborne, Liz Claiborne is now sold only at JC Penney.)

Fifth and Pacific

It turns out you can buy stock in any of the Fifth & Pacific companies, here are more details from the Journal:

Customers can spend up to $2,500 a month or make as little as a one-time $10 “fractional” investment. They can make a regular monthly commitment or a one-time investment. Fifth & Pacific pays all transaction fees.

It is an intriguing approach. You’ve heard of ESOPs, Employee Stock Ownership Plans? Well, this is being called a CSOP, Customer Stock Ownership Plan, here’s what one executive says about the approach:

“We call it the ultimate like button.”

Apparently we will see more of this, stock offered directly to consumers via a brand’s website or Facebook page.


Next, summer beach styles at a few holiday hotspots via our pals at Guest of a Guest, their look at What to Wear to Your Favorite Summer Destinations. Here are their styles they suggest if heading to Nantucket:

Nothing says “New England” quite like seersucker. Be prepared to fit in amongst the town of grey shingles and cobble stones with preppy stripes and all American classics.

Pieces are included from Old Navy and J. Crew.

Guest of a Guest

Suggestions for Avalon (Seven Mile Island, NJ) are more eclectic:

“A little bit waspy and a little bit Springsteen… You won’t find Snookie in this area of the Jersey Shore. What you will find are private beach houses, golf clubs and miles and miles of sand…”

Guest of a Guest

No story about summer socializing would be complete without a Hamptons mention:

With sprawling fields and equally sprawling homes, the Hamptons go from country casual to uber upscale the moment the city folks start pouring in for the high season. Look the part in sweet styles with a touch of prep.

Guest of a Guest

This montage included items from Michael Kors, Delia’s, and Rebecca Minkoff. You can see the entire feature here.


We hope you enjoy the extended weekend, and also have a moment to remember the reason for the holiday.


The National Moment of Remembrance is Monday, 3pm local time, wherever you are in the USA.


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Preppy: The Next Big Thing For Spring. (Cough-Cough.)

Hello-Hello, and Happy Friday. (I don’t know about you, but we’re ready for a touch of weekend here in the Corner Condo at Princess InterPlanetary HQ.)

If it’s almost spring, then it follows that retailers are breaking out the preppy style references in their advertising and marketing campaigns, we thought it would be fun to share a few of them with you. The first comes via Nordstorm, with thanks to our friend Cindy for alerting us to the communiqué, showcasing “Prep Cool“.


“Prep Club Accessories, Swimwear & Resortwear” showcases a variety of merchandise one might expect to see, from Tory Burch, Marc Jacobs and Milly….


To Dooney & Bourke, Kate Spade,and Longchamp.


There were a few brands included in the “Prep Club” group (for some reason the promotional groupings were referred to as both Prep Cool and Prep Club, we’ve nary a clue why) I don’t always/usually associate with a prep aesthetic: from left to right, McQ Alexander McQueen, Cara Accessories and AK Anne Klein.


We move on to a Macy’s campaign, “Preppy Handbook” (ahem), with “The Four Fundamentals You Need Now”.

Today’s prep-wear is feminine, expertly tailored and effortlessly chic (think: 1960s socialites vacationing in Palm Beach). And, it’s the next big thing for Spring. Want to incorporate this work to play look into your wardrobe? We’ll show you four essentials you need to look pretty in prep – and exactly how to wear them.


Among those four fundamentals, “Kaleidoscope Florals and Bold Stripes” shown below, there are some darling shirts.


Macy’s reports that another essential is “Femme Madras,” one is admonished to “Rework this classic preppy plaid with a shrunken schoolboy blazer or tailored shorts.”

Another “Preppy Academy Must Have” is the colored trench.


There’s one more “Fundmental,” we’ll let you discover it in your own time, click here to see the rest of the Macy’s post.


One item not mentioned in either of the marketing campaigns that we do consider a basic: seersucker.

American Digs

While that might look like something perfect for this weekend, it’s not, at least not for you. It’s for these fine friends.

American Digs

These are the work of American Digs, proudly Made in the USA, and $34.

When Tilly heard I was putting them in as today’s Friday Fun she reminded me of something that is a bit of a sore point, we promised her a replacement for this.

Silly Tilly

Her Yale sweatshirt has seen better days. (Heh, heh, heh.) Somehow I’m not seeing the seersucker on her, are you? Sadly, the words “seersucker” and “Tilly” in the same sentence bring visions of material stretched tautly, beyond its original design, buttons straining and popping off randomly, and sounds of seams ripping as fabric shreds.

With that we say goodbye until next time, may your weekend be warm and wonderful!


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Now, Now, Now… Can’t We all Play Nice? Apparently Not.

Hello-Hello, and Happy Friday!

Spat: a brief, petty quarrel or dispute

War –  noun, often attributive

b : a struggle or competition between opposing forces or for a particular end

We have updates to two previous stories today, beginning with that Martha Stewart and Macy’s spat war. Some may recall that Martha Stewart recently announced the sale of part of her company to Penney’s, despite the fact she sells her products at Macy’s, a Penney’s competitor.


Of course, part of the deal is that Penney’s will sell Martha’s merchandise, the retailer has said it will open hundreds of mini Martha Stewart boutiques inside its stores. As one might expect, Macy’s is not amused. Here’s more from Business Week:

“Macy’s sued in January to stop New York-based Martha Stewart Living from executing an agreement to sell merchandise in J.C. Penney Co. stores.

Ouch.  Then it really gets nasty, with Martha’s lawyers saying that Macy’s is “essentially holding Macy’s hostage,” alleging:

“…the retailer has stocked and priced Martha Stewart products in a manner that favors Macy’s own private-label brands.

Business Week has a good story on the dispute, including predictions this will be settled out of court.


Our other business battle is also a followup, this one is about the new C. Wonder stores.

Via Design Wire

The first store opened in Soho, since our post three more stores have opened, in Westchester, Paramus and Garden City.


The Post reports Ms. Burch isn’t happy about the new stores her husband has opened.

A source close to the situation told us, “She is demanding Chris Burch shut down C. Wonder. The famously calm ice queen has lost her cool. She is furious and claims he has directly copied her business plan.”

While no lawsuit has been filed as yet, the source adds, “They are negotiating through lawyers. While Chris set up Tory Burch, his new stuff is identical and a third of the price. She wants him off the board of her company and for C. Wonder to close.”

Below, jewelry at C. Wonder.

Deidre Schoo for The New York Times

The Critical Shopper column in The Times on the store was titled “At C. Wonder, Something Feels Familiar“:

“Now the Burch brand is facing a puzzling retail riposte from her ex-husband, J. Christopher Burch, a venture capitalist who helped found her company and is still a chairman of its board…. he is opening a series of stores named C. Wonder that mirror Tory’s preppy style: go-to-hell colors, nautical flourishes, trim but conservative cuts. It’s unclear whether this is an amicable homage or a hostile takeover.”

Here is a side-by-side look at the two logos:

Logos from Facebook via The Daily Mail

The couple was married for ten years, 1996-2006.

Wire Image via The Daily Mail

More from the Alexandra Jacobs Critical Shopper column:

Maybe it’s a sign that the former missus has arrived, since Mr. Burch is also cheerfully knocking off Chanel, Goyard and Kate Spade — and those were just the influences I clocked in the foremost right quadrant of his new flagship on Spring.

Even the Daily Mail has written about it:

The venture capitalist has chosen an emblem that some see as being almost identical to his ex-wife’s now famous mirror image T’s.

Others like PR guru Kelly Cutrone, who is working with Mr Burch on a collection, argues that a man who has helped launch nearly 50 brands is fashion savvy enough to take credit for his own look.
Hmmmm. We need your thoughts ladies… is it too close for comfort?
We leave you with a quick Sales & Savings Opportunity, a quick mention of about bargains at Bean, the company is doing a ‘Secret Sale’ this weekend, taking 20% off regular *and* sale prices. That make something on sale like the LL Bean Maine Isle flip flops $15.99, as opposed to $24.95.

LL Bean

The deal is good at both LL Bean and LL bean Signature line, use promo code FEB20 to receive the discount.


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Kate Spade’s Springy Styles & “Preppy 70’s Knits”

Hello-Hello, welcome to a Thursday here at the Prepatorium.

Regular readers may remember that we have been loathe to examine next spring’s styles too closely, choosing to hold that topic in abeyance until we had at least seen leaves on trees turning color and the arrival of nippier temps. Those two events have now occurred here in The Great Midwest. (Sniff.) Therefore we can comfortably share some of the styles shown at Kate Spade’s presentation earlier this week.

Kate Spade

In fact, we’ll even make the picture up above today’s Pretty in Pink.  A snippet from the Women’s Wear Daily review:

“Standout accessories included the fluorescent orange patent pieces that popped against the black-and-white graphic prints.”

Thomas Iannaccone

More thoughts on the presentation from The Glitter Guide:

A whimsical spin on preppy classics, Kate Spade’s Spring 2012 collection is a vibrant array of embellished cardigans, brilliant prints and polka dots, killer jewelry, and bows aplenty.

The Glitter Guide

Polka Dots remain a popular theme for the company.

Kate Spade/Inslee by Design/The Glitter Guide

More from the WWD review:

…there was a nautical theme — stripes, sea flag prints, an ocean liner-shaped clutch — and a garden party-friendly group of sundresses ideal, Lloyd said, for the finishing school grad/hostess type who doesn’t take herself too seriously.

Thomas Iannaccone/Women's Wear Daily

As always, there are loads of looks we find appealing, color combinations that pop, pieces with a touch of fun, frivolity.

The Glitter Guide/Thomas Iannaccone-WWD

Hopefully we’ll be able to see some tighter shots of the accessories and jewelry, they do look fun.  One last spring 2012 photo we can’t seem to leave out of the post, two pair of shoes from Brian Atwood, both in that hot pink and orange color combo that has become so popular.

Brian Atwood Courtesy Photos via wwd


Also today, two quick tidbits, the first is a look at varying visions of ‘preppy styles’ as seen by our friends from the far side of the pond. The first styles are from a spread in the Daily Mail suggesting that readers “Take a leaf out of the Seventies with preppy knits, fedoras, and midi-skirts“.

The Daily Mail

Two more looks from the pictorial.

If interested in seeing the entire piece, click here.  Another piece from the UK comes via The Telegraph, this one “Too Cool for School: preppy fashion”.

Chad Pickard & Paul McLean/The Telegraph

This is also a photo piece showing “The best preppy college wear, in sturdy fabrics and autumn hues.”

Chad Pickard & Paul McLean/The Telegraph

Autumnal hues? Yes, some very pretty colors, especially the rich aubergine shirt. Too cool for school? No.


We leave you with something ideal for our Help Me Understand category, also perfect for the It’s Just Not Done category as well.  Behold the $3100 party frock for little girls, soon to be sold at Harrods.

I Pinco Pallino via Vogue UK

The dress is from upscale Italian childrenswear label I Pinco Pallino, evidently made even more special because it is covered with Swarovski crystals.  While we do hate to be the bearers of bad news, if you’ve ever pondered the potential answer to that burning question, “Is there anything too good for my little princess?” we have an answer: “As a matter of fact, yes.”

On that silly note, goodbye until next time!


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Le Boutique Targét’s Newest Designer, Plus: Those Lilly Pulitzer Sorority Prints

Hello-Hello and happy Monday!

We’ve loads of little tidbits to share, so we’ll dive right in with news of Target‘s next designer collaboration: the cheap chic retailer is partnering with Jason Wu.  Below we show four of the designer’s RTW (ready to wear) styles for spring/summer 2012, shown at Fashion Week just a few weeks ago.

All photos via Fashionologie

While all of the looks we show above are clearly party frocks of a serious nature, scaled-down versions for spring prom and wedding season could hold some appeal.  Many will remember Mr. Wu’s rise to prominence when Michelle Obama selected one of his designs for the Inaugural balls.

Women’s Wear Daily broke the news about the joint endeavor today, here are some of Mr. Wu’s thoughts:

“The exciting thing about this limited edition collection of affordable women’s wear and accessories is that it allows me to reach a wider audience and bring my designs to people who may not have been able to purchase them before,” said Wu. “My collection for Target is chic and wearable. I think women everywhere will enjoy it.”

Below, more casual styles.

All photos via Fashionologie

It’s no secret yours truly is a fan of the designer’s work, although not to the same degree we go all frothy enjoy Oscar de la Renta or Kate Spade’s creations. One of the primary reasons we are fond of Mr. Wu, his line is manufactured almost entirely in the USA, right in New York City, that is *very* difficult to do indeed.

The collection will include apparel and handbags, arriving in store and online February 5 of next year with prices ranging from $19.99 to $59.99. (A reminder about the styles shown above, these are runway looks, *not* styles from the upcoming collaboration.) To see Mr. Wu’s video announcing the line, click here.


Next, an update on those Lilly Pulitzer sorority prints.  Below we show the original sorority patterns released by the company (left to right), Delta Delta Delta, Delta Zeta, Kappa Kappa Gamma, and Kappa Delta.

Via Lilly Pulitzer

The new prints have been released and items are now available for pre-ordering at LillyPulitzer.com. From left to right we show Alpha Delta Pi, Delta Gamma, Kappa Alpha Theta, Chi Omega, Alpha Phi.


Click here to see all of the pieces in all of the patterns.


One other Lillified update, we are rapidly approaching a very big celebration honoring Lilly with an 80th birthday party!

Courtesy Museum of Lifestyle and Fashion History

The good folks at the Lifestyle of Lifestyle and Fashion History is hosting the gala event, tickets for a “Preppy American Brunch” are now available for purchase online at the Museum’s website, where you can also learn more about the upcoming party.

Courtesy Museum of Lifestyle and Fashion History

For those unfamiliar with the Museum, it is located in Boynton Beach, Florida and open 12 months a year. It has hosted exhibits on everything from Teddy Bears to Handbags, as well as a special retrospective on Lilly Pulitzer. (If the Museum and/or a Lilly exhibit sounds familiar, we previously blogged about both here.)

That’s it for today, we’ll be back again tomorrow!


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