Fun Footwear by JP Crickets & Resort Styles from Ralph Lauren & Kate Spade

Hello-Hello, happy Tuesday to everyone. We are brief today, with only a few tidbits to share. The first involves a footwear company we weren’t familiar with, JP Crickets.

The line features Italian-made footwear with a focus on collegiate licensed merchandise, they also offer monogrammed footwear.

JP Crickets

Launched about a year ago, the company has grown a strong following. The shoes are already showing up at functions like Princeton Reunions weekend, below we see one Tiger sporting a pair ten days ago.

Via JP Crickets Style

There are also styles highlighting the US Naval Academy and US Military Academy.

JP Crickets

We love the touch of whimsy on the sole.

Via The Fashion Wire

There are men’s and women’s collections, below we share a pair that we might see one day on a darling blogger we adore.

JP Crickets

The company is on Facebook and also has a fun blog, among other things it shares some of their charitable efforts. Many thanks to Anastasia for the tip on this one.

Our other item is a quick snapshot of two Resort 2013 collections. We have previously noted how “resort” has grown in importance for designers, it is no longer a throwaway collection created merely to goose sales, many companies are doing enormous resort groups.

Ralph Lauren has not done one of those large collections, more from Women’s Wear Daily:

After being absent from the pre-collection schedule for years, Ralph Lauren decided that this season called for a little extra love and excitement. Thus, the impromptu presentation staged Monday at his Seventh Avenue showroom.

Here are a few styles, also via WWD.

John Aquino/Women’s Wear Daily

Showing resort styles in 95° heat doesn’t bother me, it’s showing heavy wools and tweeds that might feel oppressive. Back to the WWD review:

Because of the mood in Europe, I thought it was time to do something happy and strong,” said Lauren, before introducing the lineup based on the house standards of simplicity and elegance, with several major jolts of color.

We like happy colors. Below we show some of the more muted tones shown yesterday.

John Aquino/Women’s Wear Daily

Kate Spade’s Resort collection was revealed in an unusual way, via Brad Goreski’s Tumblr blog.

Kate Spade via Brad Goreski Tumblr

As always with Kate Spade, the collection offers classic cuts with bold pops of color.

Kate Spade via Brad Goreski Tumblr

Your faithful correspondent is a little gaga over some of the designs. (Cough-cough.)

On those fun image we say g’bye until next time!


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6 responses to “Fun Footwear by JP Crickets & Resort Styles from Ralph Lauren & Kate Spade

  1. Think the shoes are great…really fun but classic, very “Wootinish” haha, I know thats not a word but you know what I mean:) The resort collections look great, always love to see whats new and colorful at Kate Spade.
    Have a great afternoon.

  2. landlocked mermaid

    Reading your comments on our special facebook page reminds me how much I love you and your blog!! Hugs to you my friend and thanks for always such great content and lots of sweet comments xo

  3. Hey! Princeton slippahs! The next thing you know we’ll be issued shoes as well as those egregious blazers:). So funny that men’s evening slippers are having their wider fashion moment.

  4. Love the Kay spade yellow and tweed combo! Those slippers are so uber American preppy, just love them! My theory is Americans monogram everything because you threw out the aristocratic system but subconsciously missed having titles and coats of arms, am I right? (wink)

  5. Thanks Preppy Princess! JP Crickets wants to thank you and all of your followers! We made these shoes for you! Tell us what design or school you want to see! Our New shipment is flying in from Italy this week! “chirp your colors” Arrivaderci!

  6. Couldn’t believe those weren’t Stubbs slippers – wonder what they have to say about these newcomers? I find them delightful, of course, and am just debating which one of my favorite gents needs this prep in their step.

    Dying for the Kate Spade resort – I’ve fallen head over colorful heels for their last few collections, after having happily ignored them for years. Someone over there or at their parent company has taken things in such a fun direction lately.

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