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She Was Our Silly Tilly Girl

Frequent readers know that we generally eschew posts of a personal nature, but today we make an exception, for we said goodbye to our Silly Tilly.  She made so many friends over the years we thought we would share some of our favorite memories.

It all started when The Consort was a wee young man, 7 or 8 years of age, and he saw a bulldog named Helen; apparently he loudly proclaimed “I am going to have a dog just like that.”  It took a few years (ahem), but back in 2006 when we said goodbye to Phred, our giant schnauzer, we decided it was “now or never” if we wanted to bring a bullie into the mix. Because we had been blessed with ‘good pet karma’ over the years we decided to go with a rescued bulldog; after we were interviewed and approved by West Michigan Bulldog Rescue we were able to bring Tilly home. This is the first photo I ever took of Tilly, it was her second day here at the Prepatorium. At this point she looked rather…noble.

September 2006

Unfortunately Scooter-the-Wonder-Cat thought she was finally going to be Queen of the Hop.  But, once she accepted her reduced status the two were willing to give each other some space, here they are on Day Two.

September 2006

Here is Tilly on Day Three. Yes, yours truly insisted on making a snappy bed, only Marimekko and blue flannel would do. (Because she would know about Marimekko.)

September 2006

She liked to sleep. A lot.

September 2006

She appointed herself to the local Neighborhood Watch team.

September 2006

It was evident that Tilly hadn’t had the medical care she needed, the first surgery she had was for an eye condition. She was stoic in donning the satellite dish.

September 2006

On multiple occasions (and in multiple styles) the poor thing was in the Cone Zone.

Unknown Date

Tilly was exceptionally tolerant of our harebrained schemes of the oddities perpetrated by humans, like the notion she needed to sport a Yale sweatshirt.

February 2007

She really wasn’t in favor of supporting the local University’s Veterinary College by personally participating in the annual dog wash.

April 2007

She was overheard saying, “Sure, it’s all fun and games until someone gets wet.”

But she reveled in the occasional spa day.

March 2007

It was evident Tilly had been abused. Severely. She was hand shy, obviously afraid she was going to be struck by any hand or other object coming near her face. But she was sweet and never, ever aggressive, just terrified to the point it made your heart hurt to see her cowering. We think this was why she felt safer under her blue binky.

Unknown Date

As soon as we gave Tilly the old bedspread for extra padding under her bed (or so we thought) she started finding a way to drape herself in it, wrap all around her.

Unknown Date

It was clearly Tilly’s safe place, but sometimes all you could see was the Tilly tongue.

Unknown Date

Like almost all bulldogs Tilly had serious health issues. In addition to the eye surgery (and many other surgeries) she had severe allergies. We spent a great deal of time at the MSU Small Animal Clinic trying to determine what triggered the skin problems.  Ultimately Tilly was put on a diet of fresh ostrich and sweet potatoes. The ostrich was flown in three times a week (don’t even ask how it smelled when being cooked). Tilly loved it when we made her sweet potatoes (mashed into her ostrich, and fries for snacking), licking the beaters was her very. favorite. thing.

January 2009

Tilly’s next most favorite thing was going for a ride, nothing excited her like being asked “Do you want to go for a ride?”

Unknown Date

She loved being in a vehicle.

Unknown Car

Anything with wheels and she was deliriously happy.

Unknown Date

She was forever climbing into open trucks of any and every kind, she just invited herself on board.

Unknown Date

Sometimes she was a bit of a devil dog, once she knew she was in her forever home Tilly could be a scamp. Here is one of her “Hah, hah, hah, I’m too cute to punish” looks.

December 2007

And here is one of her “Tilly is not amused” stares. (This one might offer a glimpse as to why we would occasionally say “oh look, it’s the devil in her blue dress come to visit!”)

Unknown Date

Much to everyone’s surprise Tilly loved to run, we called her the ‘amazing, flying Tilly’.

Unknown Date

No matter the season, she would take off in a dead run.

February 2007

It was like she was the Forrest Gump of bulldogs.

April 2012

And Tilly loved her yoga, she was the queen of downward facing dog.

Unknown Date

But more than anything she was an optimist.

Unknown Date

In Tillyland it was always a sunny day.

Unknown Date

Even as she became older (no one knew how old she was, but her arthritis was so bad portions of her spine were fused together), Tilly was smiling. She always believed there would be more food.

Unknown Date

More friends to make.

March 2007

More fun to have.

And we will miss her so.


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Preppy: The Next Big Thing For Spring. (Cough-Cough.)

Hello-Hello, and Happy Friday. (I don’t know about you, but we’re ready for a touch of weekend here in the Corner Condo at Princess InterPlanetary HQ.)

If it’s almost spring, then it follows that retailers are breaking out the preppy style references in their advertising and marketing campaigns, we thought it would be fun to share a few of them with you. The first comes via Nordstorm, with thanks to our friend Cindy for alerting us to the communiqué, showcasing “Prep Cool“.


“Prep Club Accessories, Swimwear & Resortwear” showcases a variety of merchandise one might expect to see, from Tory Burch, Marc Jacobs and Milly….


To Dooney & Bourke, Kate Spade,and Longchamp.


There were a few brands included in the “Prep Club” group (for some reason the promotional groupings were referred to as both Prep Cool and Prep Club, we’ve nary a clue why) I don’t always/usually associate with a prep aesthetic: from left to right, McQ Alexander McQueen, Cara Accessories and AK Anne Klein.


We move on to a Macy’s campaign, “Preppy Handbook” (ahem), with “The Four Fundamentals You Need Now”.

Today’s prep-wear is feminine, expertly tailored and effortlessly chic (think: 1960s socialites vacationing in Palm Beach). And, it’s the next big thing for Spring. Want to incorporate this work to play look into your wardrobe? We’ll show you four essentials you need to look pretty in prep – and exactly how to wear them.


Among those four fundamentals, “Kaleidoscope Florals and Bold Stripes” shown below, there are some darling shirts.


Macy’s reports that another essential is “Femme Madras,” one is admonished to “Rework this classic preppy plaid with a shrunken schoolboy blazer or tailored shorts.”

Another “Preppy Academy Must Have” is the colored trench.


There’s one more “Fundmental,” we’ll let you discover it in your own time, click here to see the rest of the Macy’s post.


One item not mentioned in either of the marketing campaigns that we do consider a basic: seersucker.

American Digs

While that might look like something perfect for this weekend, it’s not, at least not for you. It’s for these fine friends.

American Digs

These are the work of American Digs, proudly Made in the USA, and $34.

When Tilly heard I was putting them in as today’s Friday Fun she reminded me of something that is a bit of a sore point, we promised her a replacement for this.

Silly Tilly

Her Yale sweatshirt has seen better days. (Heh, heh, heh.) Somehow I’m not seeing the seersucker on her, are you? Sadly, the words “seersucker” and “Tilly” in the same sentence bring visions of material stretched tautly, beyond its original design, buttons straining and popping off randomly, and sounds of seams ripping as fabric shreds.

With that we say goodbye until next time, may your weekend be warm and wonderful!


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2012 Preppiest Colleges (Ahem) and We’ve Gone to the Dogs

Hello-Hello, welcome to a Wednesday.

It’s that time again, the Huffington Post has announced its list of the “Preppiest Colleges in the US,” here is more from the story:

Being a preppy person isn’t all about knowing how to sail and wearing sailing clothes. Anyone in the world can be preppy, if they just want to try it!

(Is it just me, or does this conjure up images of an unruly gang of little children following a leader as he/she exhorts, “C’mon everyone, let’s all go be preppy!”…?)

Back to The List, here it is, each school name is followed by a snippet from the story:

  1. Georgetown: “Backpacks are a faux pas and socks are rarely worn, because obviously they’d look silly with your Sperry Top Siders and short shorts.”
  2. University of Virginia: “At a school that refers to the quad as “the Lawn,” it’s no surprise that many of the frat and sorority houses are situated along “Rugby Road.” The school isn’t lacking in Southern tradition (students joke that UVA’s mantra is “guys in ties, girls in pearls”).”
  3. Boston College: “Even the east coast sports-bro website, Barstool Sports, thinks Boston College is a bit too preppy.”
  4. Wheaton: “”Wheaties” commonly hang around Harvard and Brown on weekends decked out in green and pink apparel and Bermuda bags.”
  5. Cornell: It’s the school that educated Andy Bernard from the Office; ever heard of it? Blogs about Cornell will give you free SWAG if you leave “preppy comments” or tweets.
  6. Ohio State: “Even that bastion of preppiness Brooks Brothers is making a line of Ohio State clothes. (O’s on the cufflinks) Gawker has said (snarkily)that Ohio State was “infested by unbearably-preppy” kids.”
  7. Alabama: Urban Dictionary talks about the Southern Preppies in Alabama wearing Patagonia, Lacoste and Brooks Brothers — which, by the way, also has a University of Alabama line.

Here at the Prepatorium the most surprising thing about the story was in the ‘Bama description:

“For those Alabama fans feeling like they don’t look enough like a prep in their U of A gear, PreppyPrincess.com has you covered with a line of aprons, tote bags, and cloth napkins.”

Eek! Our thanks to the kind folks at HuffPo for the mention. 🙂

It would simply be easier to list name the school from the 2011 roster that were is also named this year, there is only one: Virginia. However, in the interest of providing context, here are the 2011 schools not making the 2012 list.

  1. Sewanee
  2. Miami University (of Ohio)
  3. College of Charleston
  4. Davidson
  5. St. Lawrence University
  6. Bowdoin
  7. Claremont McKenna

As always, the comments are more-than-interesting. Click here for the post in its entirety, scroll way down for comments.


Also today, another annual endeavor, our glance at the goings-on at Madison Square Garden, we’re talking about this year’s  Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

We begin with a group shot as the Beagles do their thing in the ring.

AP Photo/Craig Ruttle

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Wild Rose, right?

AP Photo/Craig Ruttle

There’s always a reminder of that old adage about dogs looking like owners…or something.

Michael Nagle/Getty Images

(That’s actually a woman named Grace Forester, from a TV show called “Doggie Moms,” she is holding two pooches at the pre-Westminster Fashion Show at Hotel Pennsylvania.)

Back to our point: it isn’t easy being beautiful. Below, Bentley’s coiffure is kept pretty while he waits his turn in the show ring.

AFP Photo/Timothy A. Clary

Ever fell like the day was a total waste of hair spray? How would you like to be a Komondorok? (In reality, this is precisely how this breed’s coat should look.)

Getty Images

The Consort: “That’s a heap of hair.”

Getty Images

Maybe life is easier if there just isn’t as much hair to worry about.

AFP Photo/Timothy A. Clary

In some cases the dog is almost as big as the handler, as with Nikki, the Old English Sheepdog seen below left. On the right we show Ian, a Dalmatian, in honor of Karky and Kermit, and Uncle Bruce.

Getty Images/Associated Press

In honor of the inimitable Muffy Martini (actually, in honor of Bitsy and Bandit) we show Cinders, a wirehaired dachshund who was the big winner in the hound group. That photo on the right isn’t nearly as bad as it might appear, the handler is actually reacting after the group judge awarded Cinders that title.

Associated Press

Sometimes it’s tough on the humans too.

AFP Photo/Timothy A. Clary

And you thought it was easy on the handlers?

AP Photo/Craig Ruttle

This year’s big winner is Malachy, a Pekingese, taking the Best in Show title.


At times it’s hard to keep your cool.

AFP Photo/Timothy A. Clary

It’s obvious what Manchester wants to know: “Where’s Tilly?”

AP Photo/Craig Ruttle

Why, she’s still waiting for her invitation, that’s where she is.

She waits, and she waits, and it never comes.



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Dylan Lauren’s Wedding Gown, “Preppy Chic”

Hello-Hello, welcome to another wacky day here at The Prepatorium, where once again business obligations force brevity.

We begin with a look at the wedding gown Ralph Lauren created for his daughter Dylan.

Sebastian Kim via Vogue Magazine

The candy store entrepreneur married hedge fund manager Paul Arrouet last month, and many have been eager to see the gown, interested in how a design by Mr. Lauren would turn out. Everyone involved in the wedding has done a remarkable job keeping photos of the dress under wraps, it is amazing in this day and age there haven’t been pictures posted online, either legitimately or ‘leaked’ by someone involved with the dress or the wedding.

This is the first photo we have seen of the silk gown, it had a mermaid style hem, including a nine-foot train. Here is a little more from The Daily Mail:

“…a handmade duchesse satin, silk tulle, georgette embroidered dress with a tiered train.  The custom-made gown, which she wears for a photoshoot celebrating her marriage in the August issue of Vogue, was kept under security guard at Ralph Lauren’s New York headquarters prior to the wedding.

There is also a story about the wedding in the magazine from Andre Leon Talley with loads of details about the big day. The photo seen above is part of Vogue’s online slide show featuring people in its annual age issue, done every August and showcasing elegance across a broad spectrum of years.


This is always a good issue, one we enjoy very much reading.


One other note about Ms. Lauren, she has designed a Maclaren baby stroller in a design tied to her Candy Bar look and logo.

Via Maclaren

The stroller is the Volo style, available online at Maclaren and other retailers for $150.


Also today, InStyle has yet another take on ‘Preppy Chic,’ showing items they deem to fall into this category.  We share just a few, including a Timex Resin ‘Camper’ Watch and Tommy Hilfiger Linen/Cotton Boyfriend Cardigan. (This is a nice blend for a summer sweater, we don’t own this particular item but have pieces in the same fabric, they breath wonderfully in the heat.)

The online feature also highlights ‘Quip Thank You’ cards by Kate Spade and a Lacoste Camellia polo shirt, today’s Pretty in Pink.

To see the rest of the slide show click here.


We wanted to share one more tidbit, what one publication is describing as “Oscar de la Renta’s preppy princess”.

Oscar de la Renta via Grazia UK

That’s how UK fashion magazine Grazia titled its early look at the fall ad campaign for the line, the ads features supermodel Karlie Kloss.

The story also links to a short video with several different looks from Oscar de la Renta’s fall collection.


Before we say goodbye, Tilly insists we say ‘Thank You’ on her behalf for your more-than-generous-support of her new role as shipping manager here at the Princess.  She is especially grateful to those understanding her need to take her 15-minute break, the pressure-cooker environment is wearing her out.

Employee of the Month? We Think Not.

Our only problem is that Tilly’s 15 minute breaks happen every 15 minutes.

Goodbye until next time!


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It Is a Prepalicious Friday

Hello-Hello….it is a Prepalicious Friday indeed.


Because Silly Tilly asked for a spa day.  And The Princess said yes.

Happy Weekend to all, we’ll be back Monday!


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