Now, Now, Now… Can’t We all Play Nice? Apparently Not.

Hello-Hello, and Happy Friday!

Spat: a brief, petty quarrel or dispute

War –  noun, often attributive

b : a struggle or competition between opposing forces or for a particular end

We have updates to two previous stories today, beginning with that Martha Stewart and Macy’s spat war. Some may recall that Martha Stewart recently announced the sale of part of her company to Penney’s, despite the fact she sells her products at Macy’s, a Penney’s competitor.


Of course, part of the deal is that Penney’s will sell Martha’s merchandise, the retailer has said it will open hundreds of mini Martha Stewart boutiques inside its stores. As one might expect, Macy’s is not amused. Here’s more from Business Week:

“Macy’s sued in January to stop New York-based Martha Stewart Living from executing an agreement to sell merchandise in J.C. Penney Co. stores.

Ouch.  Then it really gets nasty, with Martha’s lawyers saying that Macy’s is “essentially holding Macy’s hostage,” alleging:

“…the retailer has stocked and priced Martha Stewart products in a manner that favors Macy’s own private-label brands.

Business Week has a good story on the dispute, including predictions this will be settled out of court.


Our other business battle is also a followup, this one is about the new C. Wonder stores.

Via Design Wire

The first store opened in Soho, since our post three more stores have opened, in Westchester, Paramus and Garden City.


The Post reports Ms. Burch isn’t happy about the new stores her husband has opened.

A source close to the situation told us, “She is demanding Chris Burch shut down C. Wonder. The famously calm ice queen has lost her cool. She is furious and claims he has directly copied her business plan.”

While no lawsuit has been filed as yet, the source adds, “They are negotiating through lawyers. While Chris set up Tory Burch, his new stuff is identical and a third of the price. She wants him off the board of her company and for C. Wonder to close.”

Below, jewelry at C. Wonder.

Deidre Schoo for The New York Times

The Critical Shopper column in The Times on the store was titled “At C. Wonder, Something Feels Familiar“:

“Now the Burch brand is facing a puzzling retail riposte from her ex-husband, J. Christopher Burch, a venture capitalist who helped found her company and is still a chairman of its board…. he is opening a series of stores named C. Wonder that mirror Tory’s preppy style: go-to-hell colors, nautical flourishes, trim but conservative cuts. It’s unclear whether this is an amicable homage or a hostile takeover.”

Here is a side-by-side look at the two logos:

Logos from Facebook via The Daily Mail

The couple was married for ten years, 1996-2006.

Wire Image via The Daily Mail

More from the Alexandra Jacobs Critical Shopper column:

Maybe it’s a sign that the former missus has arrived, since Mr. Burch is also cheerfully knocking off Chanel, Goyard and Kate Spade — and those were just the influences I clocked in the foremost right quadrant of his new flagship on Spring.

Even the Daily Mail has written about it:

The venture capitalist has chosen an emblem that some see as being almost identical to his ex-wife’s now famous mirror image T’s.

Others like PR guru Kelly Cutrone, who is working with Mr Burch on a collection, argues that a man who has helped launch nearly 50 brands is fashion savvy enough to take credit for his own look.
Hmmmm. We need your thoughts ladies… is it too close for comfort?
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LL Bean

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9 responses to “Now, Now, Now… Can’t We all Play Nice? Apparently Not.

  1. Wow – I haven’t been following this closely but have heard rumors of the disagreement. My immediately reaction when I walked into C Wonder was how “Tory” it looked. The quality of the merchandise seems below Tory’s but maybe it’s just Burch’s clever marketing that makes me think that since it’s probably all made in the same factory in China! He is also backing new girlfriend Monika Chiang whose collection is definitely different and heard he was also opening some sort of high end store in SoHo as well. Interestingly, the new Tory collection, which I just saw at fashion week is definitely a step in a slightly different direction – more sophisticated and grown up. Maybe she is trying to differentiate herself!

  2. BroncoMom

    Thank you for sharing these sites with me Princess. Have a fantastic weekend!

  3. Fascinating…seems Martha is always involved in some kind of brouhaha…no surprises there, she invites drama, talented as she might be.
    On the Tory Burch/C Wonder ordeal…I am actually really wanting to visit C Wonder and think theres room in the universe for both! I mean if you are going to go there, there are so many brands that you do this comparative analysis with, where and when does it end? Tory needs to understand if its not him, it will surely be someone else doing this!
    Time to play nice and for her to concentrate on her new, and growing ever so popular company and he on his. Theres tons of room in the sandbox for both and no doubt they will both make a killing…..Thats my view…wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  4. Belle on Heels

    If Macy’s didn’t have a non-compete stipulation in their agreement with MS, then tough cookies.

    Jury’s still out on Burch v Burch. I think she has very valid concerns, but not sure it’s enough to shut C Wonder down.

  5. Jen

    Thanks for the Martha update. I wrote a post about her a few weeks ago and how she’s dwindled in interest for me. Part of the problem is that she’s saturated the market with her brand too much. And, she keeps moving around so much it’s tough to know where to buy her stuff.

  6. I’m so impressed by the new CEO standing up against the million moms who wanted to boycott JC Penney’s for using Ellen DeGeneris. His years at Target and Apple (not too shabby, really!!!!) are making this an interesting, maybe exciting and hopeful story to unfold. I fell in love with Martha years ago, maybe when her followers were just a cult and her ideas were so fresh. Some kind of lady, having survived so much. Macy’s is rolling in money and profits, not an easy thing to do. I hope the litigation ends quickly for all.

    And to Chris Burch, yay. It’s his name and having had a former husband who threatened me, it’s just a sad story. Hoping Tory backs down, this is ugly.

  7. Interesting. I really haven’t followed the news on either Ms. Stewart or Ms. Burch. Martha Stewart at JCP??? Must see it:) I also must check out C Wonder. Can’t they all just get along?!

  8. In Canada….The Bay (dept store) carried Ralph Lauren.
    Holt Renfrew bought the exclusive rights to Ralph Lauren so now The Bay carries Lauren Ralph Lauren. I wonder why Macy’s cant do something similar? If it’s out of a customer’s price range it will sit there, unsold, until the price comes down!

  9. Erin

    what is a go to hell color?

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