Fun Finds with Madras & Nautical Influences

Hello-Hello, and happy Monday.

It has been many moons since we did some virtual window-shopping, the day’s bright sun and warmer temps make us feel downright springy. Perusing spring and summer offerings online seemed a pleasant way to while away the morning while The Consort does all of the day’s work, we thought it might be fun to share just a few of the goodies we discovered. (Fair warning: today’s post carries absolutely no minimal content of substance.)

We begin with nautically-inclined items, below, LL Bean’s Casco Bay Regatta Tote (L), and Casco Bay Sailor Girl Print totes.

The Camden Embroidered Tote is a somewhat more substantial bag, with a zippered closure, available in Blue Anchors or Yellow Sailboats, as well as a whale pattern not shown here.

The nautical theme is also seen on the Camden Embroidered Daypack.

We have long been fond of a classic sailor shirt, Bean’s French Sailor’s Shirt comes in a variety of color combinations.

Our friend AgathaMChristie mentioned the fabulosity of Olive Juice clothing for her young Master & Miss of the house, we found this nautically-inspired tee there, it also comes in a variety of colors.

Summer’s heat and humidity may seem far away, but it won’t be long before the all-cotton Oceanside Sleep Shorts and a pair of Maine Isle flip-flops are just what Mother Nature requires.

The boating theme isn’t limited to our more practical purveyors, as evidenced by Oscar de La Renta’s one-piece at Saks, and Milly’s Charm Bracelet at Neimans.

Saks also has the darling Hartstrings outfit shown below left, while Florence Eiseman’s boy’s Marine Flags shortall is at Best Dressed Child, probably the single best source for infant and childrens’ sailor suits online.

Two more quick examples from BDC, both from Carriage Boutique.

If you are like us and madras makes you a little weak in the knees, we found a few possibilities. Bean offers a variety of madras bags, starting with the Leather Handled Madras tote in different sizes.

LL Bean

Madras may also be found in other styles, including this Patchwork Madras tote, but be advised it is a wee little thing, only 7″ x 7.5″.  The bag comes in two colors, the pink seen on the left and blue with Hibiscus leaves atop the patchwork fabric, not a look we are crazy about, but then, we aren’t exactly known for being fashion forward here at The Prepatorium.

There are charming belts in lovely colors at Bean, both the womens’ Seaport Seersucker Belts (L) and Seaport Plaid Belts (R) come in different colorways.

Staying with a nautical theme, the mens’ State of Maine belt is offered in both sailing and fishing designs.

If seeking additional grosgrain motifs we offer a multitude of choices here at the PP Mother Ship.

Our custom belts are available for kids, men and women, they run just $19 for children and $23 for adults.

Lands’ End carries many nautical items for the younger set, including the kids’ Sailboat Drawing and Sailboats beach towels. (We were curious about what distinguished a “kids” towel from others, these towels measure 30″ x 64″, while adult towels are 39″ x 78″.)

Lands’ End also has some enticing madras possibilities.  We begin with something for the MOTH (Man of the House), perhaps the Mens’ Bermuda Shorts will do.

For your little Princess, Lands’ End offers the Girls’ Washed A-line skirt in many different colors and patterns.

For the young MOTH, the Boys’ Long Sleeve Madras shirt is an option, as are the Boys’ Madras Shorts.

And despite our loathing of the logos at Polo Ralph Lauren, the company does madras well. Below left, the men’s Vaughn Sneaker, on the right, the Boys’ Blake Shirt.

The girl’s Madras Bucket Hat and boy’s Kensington Shortall are also cute.

One of the more intriguing items we saw at PRL is the pink madras Sandal & Bear Set for newborns. (It comes in gift packaging, making it an ideal shower present for those not bothered by someone else’s initials on their child’s footwear.)

Ralph Lauren

On that fun image we say goodbye until next time, may your Monday be marvelous.


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9 responses to “Fun Finds with Madras & Nautical Influences

  1. Lovely (& fun!) finds! Thank you for sharing…I’m about to go look up the whale print tote…

  2. What a great post!! I never ever tire of seeing fun and classic nautical items, to me they are truly timesless, ditto with madras, I have pics of my sister and I in the cutest little madras dresses at 5 and 4 way back when….and today they STILL look great, its another timeless trend whose peak of popularity shows its face here and there…great images, love the totes and to me, EVERY one should own a boatneck nautical striped shirt……

  3. Oh my – what cute things!! My new granddaughter needs the RL pink madras shoes + teddy bear ;-). xoxo

  4. I’ll take one of each please, just to have and look at. I can’t seem to ever get enough totes in my non-ending collection. I think I need preppy intervention! 🙂 xoxo

  5. I am SO ready! Great picks – thanks.

  6. Love nautical as well. Can’t tell you how many striped tops I have but always seem to find room for more. Loved the new Milly accessories (and bags) this season. She is definitely on a roll – did I tell you I met her at fashion week? So lovely – and adorable little daughter!

  7. Jen

    Love that you updated the blog! Looks great. I need another tote like I need a hole in the head. I’m a bit addicted. Haven’t met a tote I didn’t like. The LL Bean ones are particularly cute.

  8. So, so much to love here. Sigh.

    Thanks for the Best Dressed Child info. I died a little at those nautical overalls.

    I can vouch for the durabilty and cute-ability (that Madras shortall!) of Ralph Lauren’s baby clothes; they’re admittedly pricey and run small, but Master P has been lucky enough to receive a number of their rompers as gifts, and we (I) love them. The AH jokes that I dress Master P in all the prep gear I wish the AH would wear. He might be on to something. Ahem.

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