Wedding Gowns at Costco, Uggs Launching Luxury

Hello-Hello, and happy almost-weekend.

We begin with news we initially shared on our Facebook page Wednesday night, word that Costco has jumped into the bridal business.

Via Costco

The big-box discounter has already launched the new gowns in its Reno store, here is more from WalletPop’s story about the move:

“The chain will roll out a collection of dresses from designer Kirstie Kelly. The Signature Collection is comprised of six different styles in sizes 2-24, ranging in price from $650-$1,400. And no, you won’t have to buy them in bulk or try them on next to the frozen foods or giant packages of toilet paper.”

Kirstie Kelly photo via All The Rage

The collection can be seen online at Ms. Kelly’s website, which also appears to have been launched recently, there are many “coming soon” categories.


Or one may look at the Kirstie Kelly Facebook page.

Via Kirstie Kelly

All the Rage has more:

“The Costcouture line is for the bride who wants to wear Kirstie Kelly Couture but get a phenomenal price point. We’re starting at 40% off regular retail,” said Kelly, whose gowns normally cost $2,000-$7,000.”

There is even a dress with what appear to be detachable cap sleeves.

Via Kirstie Kelly

Ms. Kelly previously designed wedding dresses for Disney.

While it may be easy to poke fun at the notion of finding a wedding gown in the same place as those pallets of peanut butter, the savings involved may allow some brides an opportunity at a prettier dress for their big day, and you won’t ever hear us laughing about that. To see a list of the Costco events, click here.


Since we are talking about weddings today and droned on endlessly did a spot of coverage on Oscar fashions this past Monday, we thought readers might be interested in knowing that Mandy Moore’s beautiful Monique Lhuillier gown is also available in white as a wedding gown.

Photo Montage via


Next, a quick look at the dinner Chanel hosted in honor of Blake Lively Wednesday.

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for CHANEL

The Gossip Girl star is the official ambassador for Chanel’s Mademoiselle handbag line.  The party at La Grenouille brought a number of notables to midtown, including designer Tory Burch and Lauren Remington Platt.

The fun wasn’t just for the ladies, actors Justin Long (L) and Vincent Piazza (R) took part in the festivities.

Below, Ms. Lively with Chanel COO John Galantic, and a tighter shot that better shows her dress, it is from the spring 2009 collection.


Our next tidbit offers news that may excite some while bringing others to the brink, it involves a line that is as polarizing as any we’ve seen: Uggs.  WWD (Women’s Wear Daily, subscription req’d.) reports Ugg Australia is launching an upscale, “rugged luxury” collection.  Below, a piece from the new group, a pony hair satchel.

Thomas Iannaccone/WWD

Here is more from the WWD story:

““A lot of our customers carry their designer handbag with the [Ugg Australia] classic boot, so we thought, Let’s give them something else that they can wear and still feel good [in],” said Leah Larson, vice president of product for Ugg Australia. “We’ve been known for quality, and we took that and put it into a couture fashion line.”

Thomas Iannaccone

The new line launches this fall, prices will run from $500 to $1200.  The Prepatorium is an Ugg-free Zone, but we do know many friends who swear by them.  One of our primary issues with the brand is that it is marketed as being from Australia, yet almost the entire line is manufactured in China.


Today’s Pretty in Pink comes to us via an old friend, Schwinn.

The Schwinn Debutante is no longer on the company’s home page, but listed at several other sites, we love the lines of this year’s model, it brings back many memories..

Until next time, happy pedaling!


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12 responses to “Wedding Gowns at Costco, Uggs Launching Luxury

  1. Love the wedding white version of Mandy Moore’s gown; & Blake Lively looks chic&stunning – I am not always a fan of her style, but that look is a definite winner!

  2. Blake Lively is a goddess (Charlie Sheen, he he) in that outfit, I hope that is a pic that surfaces a bunch whenever she is cited hereonout in her career!



  3. As always, so much here!! Don’t think I could do a Costco wedding dress, but as you say, could be great for someone looking to save for perhaps a honeymoon or even car etc. And OK, I’m going to say it – I have a little problem with Blake Lively as a Chanel ambassador – granted, it’s for the Mademoiselle bag line but they seem to be dragging her out for all sorts of Chanel associated events – just not what I imagine when I think of Chanel! Oh well!!

  4. As usual…always an abundance of useful and great information! Love coming here..always a mega treat. OK I must admit its weird and strange to think of buying a wedding gown two aisles over where I am buying my jumbo package of hamburger meat:) Sorry but there is something..uh, kind of creepy about it, just hard to imagine,BUT like everything else they have and do, I am sure it means tremendous savings and like you said for many brides, the idea of being able to buy a gorgeous dress for far less than bridal stores could be the differnce between a nice honeymoom or no honeymoon at all…and once you leave the store, doesnt’ matter where you got the dress, at the end of the day you have a beautiful wedding gown, right? So interesting….on a more decadent Blakes’ earrings…or mini glaciers might be a better word..WOW!
    Last loving those Ugg boots though I have personally boycotted the line since their debut because A. I thought they were hideous (still do sorry to anyone this might offend) and B. because I got so sick of seeing grown women poured into velour sweatsuits with Ugg boots thinking they looked “hot”…Ugh! BUT those boots up there I may consider lifting my boycott for….will have to see when they come out. Last Mandy Moore looked like such an elegant lady, like someone from days gone by…so refreshing!

  5. Two public companies … treading where, uh, they’ve never been.

    Wonderfully edited pictures as usual.

  6. Well, at least Costco created some place for women to try the gowns on. Whenever I look at that wide expanse of blue jeans they sell and think about buying a pair, I first stop and 1) know there’s no place to undress, 2) I try never to buy jeans without trying them on first because 9 times out of 10 they will not fit, and 3) there’s something a little ishy about changing clothes next to the frozen food aisle. I realize Target does it. But, this is the reason why I only buy clothing I don’t need to try on there.

  7. When I saw that header I asked my self if today is April fool’s day. Alas it is not. Can you imagine the horror of buying coffee, your wedding dress and laundry soap all at the same time? It would ruin the romance for me.

  8. I’d like to get married in Blake Lively’s dress and ride off on that bicycle:). That said, I’d buy a dress from Costco if the fabric and design were equivalent to what can be found elsewhere. I have come to appreciate substance and value over folderol:).

  9. Blake Lively looks stunning. What a beautiful young lady she is, plus she appears to be a positive role model??? Love the bike 😉 Costco. Hmmm. Okay, quality over the bridal store experience, yes. I think. 🙂 Great post as usual Miss TP. Hope you and the Consort and Till are having a great weekend! xoxo

  10. I love Blake, her dress is to die for!

  11. What Lisa said, though I’m admittedly a sucker for folderol every now & again.

    Speaking of, viva Miss Lively’s jewels! I don’t know that she’s Chanel-worthy yet, but I wouldn’t kick those earrings out of my jewelry box.

  12. Morgan

    Does anyone else see that Blake’s dress appears to be ripped in the left armhole? Happens to the chic-est of us! 🙂

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