Official Royal Wedding Website Announced & “A Dress for Diana”

Hello-Hello, and happy Tuesday!

We begin with some rather fascinating news from Clarence House, released via Twitter:

Via Twitter

Yeppers, an Official Royal Wedding website has been launched.  Here is a look at the Home Page for the site:

From The Royal Wedding

The announcement itself demonstrates the way the Monarchy has embraced social media:

“The website will bring together all of the official social media around the event, including the Clarence House and Buckingham Palace Flickr account, Twitter (@Clarence House), The Royal Channel on YouTube and the British Monarchy Facebook page, providing direct easy access to all channels of communication. Subject to further planning work, the website may feature a live web stream broadcast of the wedding itself.”

There are tabs with information on the service, the procession, the reception and more.

The site has one detail that is more-than-relevant to our post today:

“…on the day itself the site will be the first place to view information such as the details of Miss Middleton’s wedding dress.

It is all very wise on the part of the monarchy, an outstanding way to dispense, and control, wedding news.

Next, a wonderful post from our very own Royal Correspondent, Queen Bee Swain.


A Dress for Kate – A Dress for Diana – David and Elizabeth Emanuel

Kate Middleton clearly won last week with her first three official (and triumphant) appearances, at the military base in Anglesey, Wales, the 600th Anniversary kick-off of St. Andrews University in Scotland and at the signing of the condolences book for the victims of the Earthquake in New Zealand in London.  With a calendar that is yet to be announced of her next appearance, we appearingly must come down to earth again until she re-emerges.  (More on those appearances here.)

Via British Monarch Flickr Page

Without new footage of her latest comings and goings, the focus is certainly due to shift back to The Dress.  At this time, the designer is still yet unknown and it is said by reliable sources that it is being made inside Buckingham Palace as to be under the tightest security before April 29th.  Meanwhile, Princess Diana’s wedding dress was recently on the Today Show, appearing after a few months in Grand Rapids, MI and on exhibit in Kansas City through April, beginning this Friday.

Via Better World Books

This might be the most perfect segue ever to the book that the Emanuels (couple David and Elizabeth were the atelier who designed and made Princess Diana’s wedding dress) book titled “A Dress for Diana.”  This book is part memoir, part operations management case study; they reflect upon the very start of their business (not too soon before Princess Diana burst onto the scene), to when they first met Diana, to the process of creating one of the most photographed dresses of all time, to the run-down on the wedding day and tie it all up with the aftermath of the Big Day.  The book was put together in 2006 from the immense amount of papers, documents, photographs and bric-a-brac the Emanuels catalogued throughout the Dress process.


The Emanuels and Princess Diana first crossed paths when British Vogue called their shop for a few items for a photoshoot.  They sent them over, not thinking much more than they had a chance of having a piece appear in the magazine.  Little did they know that Princess Diana’s older sisters worked for Vogue and were clandestinely amassing a selection for her Official Portrait as Princess in Waiting.  She spied the top, loved it and asked for the designer’s information.  From there, she rang the Emanuels to discuss the possibility of them designing The Dress.

From the get-go, you are lead through the expansive and imperative role and meaning of the creation and symbolism the Dress stood for.  Influences and inspiration were drawn from other Royal brides, portraiture of generations of family members and the Empire past, present and future.  Materials used, from the lace, to silk, to seed pearls to the flowers in the arrangements were too all be British- liaising and procuring these wares was a job in and of itself.  To top it all off were the security, protocol, media and deadline pressures and issues.


The Dress and the Blouse weren’t the only pieces Diana wore by the Emanuels.  As seen above with Prince Charles and her Sereness, Princess Grace (a few months before her own untimely death), was the dress the Emanuels designed that turned who the media had dubbed Shy Di into the English Rose of a Force that Princess Diana was in the fashion world.  Diana would continue to work with the Emanuels throughout the rest of her life to commission various pieces.

Via Wales Online

I spied this book when dropping a slew of old books off at the used book store a few years ago and continually find myself picking it up; the curatorial and operations management pieces of the creation of the Dress are ceaselessly fascinating and always draw me back to take a quiet look at how it all came to be.  Definitely worth scooping up on or requesting at your local library as we ride out the remaining fifty-some days until April 29th.

The Queen Bee, kHm

NOTE: More on the book is also available at Elizabeth Emanuel’s website.


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17 responses to “Official Royal Wedding Website Announced & “A Dress for Diana”

  1. I have seen her dress in person thanks to do the “Diana A Celebration” show in ATL and it is STUNNING, I cannot believe the detail on it!

  2. Wow – feel like I hit the Royal jackpot. And so amazing how the Monarchy is embracing social media – who would have thought!!

  3. I confess that I vote for Mrs. Beckham to design Kate’s dress. It would be so, so, modern but still elegant.

  4. Princess Freckles

    What a neat book! I’ll have to check that out at my library!

    It’s so great that the couple has a website. The world cannot get enough information on William and kate, and this is such a great resource! I’m thinking of throwing a lucheon on April 29.

  5. Again, I love “love”! Thank you for ALL of this wonderful information! My time to be a helpless romantic (a little geeky too)! Oh, I don’t mind one bit! I wear the title proudly! Even at my age, I still love stories of falling in love, marriage proposals, and weddings! Thank you again! I have high hopes for this pair!

  6. mona

    Loved this Royal post! Thank you Preppy Princess & Queen Bee.

  7. What a great and enchanting post…..such a beautiful story to follow. What a great thing they are doing for the millions of love struck girls (and us women too) who will want to follow their every move pre wedding…right up to the big day. It is like being able to experience it right alongside her…how amazing!
    Dianas dress was a dream, and was the perfect choice for such a wonderful and beautiful person. I am sure Kate will make her legacy proud and follow suit…..great post as usual:)

  8. It’s really such a happy beginning for Diana’s children. Strong, good mean and finding the lovely Kate with that breathtaking smile … Prince Harry will be a happy man.

    You’re capturing the moments that matter in a beautiful love story.

  9. Thank you for this post! We will all have to watch the wedding together in a virtual celebration! I also saw the exhibit in Atlanta that Gracie mentioned! What a great gift that book will make!! xoxo

  10. Despite the lovely craftsmanship that went into Diana’s dress, I hope that Kate’s dress isn’t as…frou-frou. Judging by what we’ve seen of her style, I’m sure she’ll choose something utterly elegant yet modern (no puffy sleeves at this wedding!)

  11. How fun! Just love this classy young twosome!

    (& love QBS, too! =))

  12. Love this post! I am so excited for this royal wedding. Kate is such a fashionista.


  13. They should have hired you to run the Official site. You would have done a Royaly brilliant job!xo


    Oh I read that book too, A Dress for Diana. I got it from my local library. Kates style seems quite different from Diana, I assume there will be NO puffy sleeves allowed. Can’t wait.

  15. This is SO exciting! Almost as much as when Lilly Pulitzer started having clothes again. eeeeeeeeeeee

  16. OOOOHHH, fluffy wedding gowns *and* HRH Grace and the new Royal Wedding site! This closet romantic will be up at 5 am watching the Abbey come April 29th.

    And again, what Lisa said – Mrs. Beckham has to be a lead contender for Kate, ahem, *Catherine*’s fluffy wedding gown. Has to, but may-haps Mrs. Bechkam is considered too LA & not Brit enough now?

  17. Get the free iPhone ‘Royal Wedding Invite’ app.

    Loads of info, history and photos of the couple and wedding.

    Not long now! Prince William and Kate Middleton #royalwedding

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