Lilly Pulitzer Furniture, Kate Middleton in Burberry

Hello-Hello, welcome to a wet and rainy Wednesday, truly a beautiful thing. (When contrasted to the other form of precipitation recently seen here in The Great Midwest, of the white, flaky variety.)

We begin with a note of appreciation to our treasured readers, we thank you for your gracious patience as we undergo a little redesign of our space here on Planet Blog, it really was quite unexpected and not something we intended to do at this particular point in time. Unfortunately, your trusty scribe struggled mightily in comprehending the distinction between the “Preview” and “Activate” buttons when wasting time casually surfing intently studying design options for the blog. You can imagine the conversation here at The Prepatorium once yours truly realized that “Activate” meant precisely that.

TP: Ummm, do you have a sec? There might be a little hiccup with the blog.

TC: Define hiccup.

TP: Ahh, well… the layout looks kind of different.

TC: What is ‘kind of different’? Do you want me to go look at it or something?

TP: Ummm…both? Please?

Following The Consort’s time researching and fixing what could be fixed glancing at the blog and making a few changes, a conversation ensued.  There was some discussion that included questions about just how a certain someone with a hypothetically high IQ moderately distinguished educational record and decades of successful business performance a little background in the business world might confuse the “Activate” and “Preview” words. Indeed.

So please bear with us as we get the “new look” sorted out and integrated into the blog. (In reality, it must be noted The Consort deserves sainthood or similar recognition for his gallantry and patience in coping with what could have been a truly disastrous situation.)


Next, an update on the Lilly Pulitzer Furniture Collection launching this spring.

HFI Brands Facebook Page

With apologies to our Facebook fans for any repetition in content, we thought it appropriate to let those interested in the topic know that the company making the collection, HFI Brands, has launched its Facebook page.

HFI Brands Facebook Page

HFI has posted an album with images of the new line, there is much to see.

HFI Brands Facebook Page

Lilly fans will appreciate the brightly colored interiors of pieces like the Ocean TV Cabinet in white and blue, as well as the Mirasol Jewlery Armoire with that bright pink inside.

The collection includes more than 200 pieces, with something for everyone.  Upholstery pieces featuring the new Lee Jofa Lilly fabrics, case goods, accent and occasional pieces, mirrors and more.

HFI Brands

For those not on Facebook, hopefully HFI or Lilly will share photos on its website at some point.

One more quick note on Lilly, the company is profiled in Rent the Runway’s Behind the Seams column. For those not aware of the company and how it works, the website says that customers rent upscale dress and accessory brands online for 10% of an item’s retail price. While not familiar with the service, it certainly seems to offer a novel approach for frugal fashionistas.

At any rate, there is a nice little story with Janie Schoenborn in the company’s blog, done in a Q&A format.  Here is a sample:

How do you celebrate finishing a collection?

When we have decided on the prints we celebrate by naming them. We pride ourselves on the funny names we give the print…sometimes a little naughty. The team all gets a coffee (meaning cocktail) and we sit together and name…laughing all the way!


Frequent readers know we occasionally share the ways other countries and cultures define preppy. In today’s offering, “A Guide to Preppy” from UK retailer YogoEgo.


From the montage, “This means preppy school girl classics with a twist of sophistication.”  Geared to the younger set, to be sure.


Finally today, Kate Middleton sported Burberry yesterday on a surprise visit to Belfast with Prince William yesterday.

PHOTOS: Reuters (L) & AP (R)

Miss Middleton was applauded by the media for showcasing a British fashion house, the wool cashmere coat retails for roughly $1050 at today’s exchange rates.  Also yesterday, Clarence House released private Middleton family photos of the future Queen on the official Royal Wedding website, including this one of the couple the day they graduated from St. Andrews.

Via Royal Wedding Website

On that note, goodbye until next time!


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20 responses to “Lilly Pulitzer Furniture, Kate Middleton in Burberry

  1. Adore the new Lilly furniture, I hope it holds up as well as it is precious to look at with all those fabulous colors! As for the blog, I hope you and TC get everything worked out!

  2. Hats and Kate!

    Seriously, watch this video:

    It’s so funny. Good on you Kate.

  3. Your little musing on the website was hysterical and on some level everyone can relate to the frustraton. The LP furniture line is really fun and fresh….really more for a tropical/coastal type home in my opinion with the fresh and lively colors..if I ever get my beach house! Loved Kates coat, Burberry is looking better than ever and wore it beautifully!

  4. These colors are superbly exceptional, it looks as though spring has come early this year! Just stumbled across your scribings, well done!

  5. I am dying over those Lilly pieces. Absolutely can’t get enough. So bright and cheerful!! You could be on permanent vacation 😉


  6. Princess Freckles

    I’m falling more and more in love with Kate and William!

    And that furniture is divine! If only…

  7. Love the Lilly, of course! I also like that a few accessories can give the Lilly look without breaking the bank! Kate is gorgie. Just gorgie. Thanks TP!! xoxo

  8. Amy

    I, too, have experienced the confusion of Activate & Preview! Le sigh. 🙂

  9. I ❤ the Lilly furniture!!! My favorite piece is still the ottoman that you posted awhile back.

  10. Shelly Gregory

    No matter if there’s a hiccup or not, I love reading your blog! I love your style choices, of course! I love your Kate and William content, too. I just love it all! Fun fun fun! Thank you!

  11. Can’t wait for the LP furniture line to arrive! I want everything, LOL!

    ~ PLD

  12. Hello hello, TP! It has been far too long since I’ve visited your storied (and new, even if accidentally!) pages.

    I adore those touches of color inside the Lilly furniture; looking forward to your review. Speaking of, I’m actually testing out Rent the Runway for a gala this month; it’s good to know they now have Lilly (assuming I like the service).

    Also – I don’t ask for a prince, nor even a sapphire engagement ring the size of the sun. All I want is that glorious Kate, ahem, *Catherine* Middleton mane. The Burberry wouldn’t hurt either, but that hair!?!

  13. LOVE that coat! I’m sure B will pick it up for me for Mother’s Day (ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!). If a cottage “up north” ever is a part of our future, you can bet that I’d put some of that Lilly furniture in there (or at least buy some fabric to make coverlets for the beds)!

  14. MCW

    If only I had the house and bank account for that Lilly…Love it.

  15. Jen

    Love the Lilly pieces…wish I would win the lottery…or that business would take off like CRAZY 🙂 Thanks for sharing, it’s fun to dream!!


  16. I think your new look is actually very attractive! I think it can only look better! GREAT info on the Lilly and I’m always pleased to hear new Middleton news!

  17. drooooooooooooooooolling over the armoires!



  18. Karen Klopp from did a great write up on her Burberry coat, and similar ones on sale now that are perfect for spring:

  19. Anonymous

    ive seen the furniture already……long before you posted it on your blog, which i dont think is that great its kind of boring. ive seen it in stores and i already have some of the furniture. Sorry to be a downer to your blog but that is my honest opinion. take it or leave it.

  20. Anonymous

    I am the preppiest person you will ever meet. So to me this website and blog are average. im close to the creators of lilly pulitzer so i see everything in advance and i get things with hige discounts before they are even released. I know your probably all jealous of me. But dont be, too many other people are for you people to be. hahahaha ewll im off to the carribean! have fun having no life on this blog!…….freaks :-p

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