Target’s Gossip Girl Line & the Rumors, A Preppy Mish-Mash

Hello-Hello everyone, welcome to our wild Wednesday. It has been insanely busy here at the Prepatorium, so we are going to be mercifully brief today!

We begin with a rapid rundown of the big to-do that isn’t, this one involving the much-discussed Anna Sui Gossip Girl line for Target due to debut September 13.

Courtesy Target

Courtesy Target

Evidently the rumor mill was peaking in the Hysteria Zone Monday with a story that the ‘rambunctious activities’ (our phrase) of the characters on Gossip Girl were so mature and non-family-friendly that Targèt was not going to move forward with the line. Clearly that would have been lunacy with merchandise this close to being shipped to stores. Honestly.

Here are a few more looks from the line.

Courtesy Target via

Courtesy Target

In fact, a Target spokesman told StyleList:

“We are moving forward as planned with the four principal leads of ‘Gossip Girl’ as our creative muses.” And added, “Unfortunately, there was misinformation passed around and we are still very excited about the collaboration.”

Courtesy Target

Courtesy Target

It seems the retailer is more than pleased by their association with the hit television show; the StyleList story also explains Target is the official sponsor of the G2 season premiere September 14, the day after the collection launches.


Next, a peek at a few of the looks on tap from Talbots for the Holiday and Resort seasons. We start with an oversized tartan plaid on the button-front dress seen below.

Courtesy The Fashion List

Courtesy The Fashion List

Talbots will also offer a rich black trench for their Resort line.

Courtesy The Fashion List

Courtesy The Fashion List

Our thanks to the folks over at the Fashion List for their insightful post on the upcoming Talbots styles, as well as thoughts on the store’s direction:

“The Holiday 2009 collection… made the case loud & clear that Talbot’s was not choosing the typical slippery slope of reduced prices (aka reduced quality) that so many companies mistakenly follow when times get tough, but rather looking at their existing customer (50+ year olds)… embarking on a mission to attract the generation before these ladies (the 35 to 50 set) & creating offerings that would give them a reason to walk through the company’s trademark red door & walk out happily…”

What are your thoughts, can Talbots regain the under-50 shopper? We believe they can garner some, but it is going to be a tough sell shedding what has become a dowdy, frumpish image.

Whilst speaking of Talbots, a quick reminder: don’t forget their Summer Sale and Clearance continues with an additional 25% off already reduced merchandise.

Also continuing their Final Sale, J. Crew, saying they have added more merchandise to the sale.


Next, a look at a lush silk organza dress from the Milly Holiday Collection; while much too fun and young for this oldster, but we do find that oversized bow rather adorable.

PHOTO: Talaya Centeno/WWD

PHOTO: Talaya Centeno/WWD

Our thanks to Women’s Wear Daily for this image.


We have a few items for our Pretty in Pink today, our first is from  with the Kate Spade Fairmount Park Jori Dress.

One reason we wanted to showcase Kate Spade is the fact they are taking an additional 40% off already reduced Sale merchandise.  This makes the cost of the dress shown above approximately $156; the original selling price was $345.

We understand if you feel the urge to flee this site and head over there, no hurt feelings whatsoever, exigent circumstances do arise in retail, and we fully understand. (Ahem.)


Also continuing their sale (but not with such steep discounting), Brooks Brothers.

The image above references the markdowns on Brooks’ Non-Iron shirts; we can attest to the fabulosity of these, the shirts really are divine. And at these prices, the opportunity to stock up on a basic is really very tempting. Even for TP. (Sssshh.)


We close with our other Pretty in Pink item,

The Container Store

The Container Store via Pink & Green Scene

We were tipped to this treasure by the always-on-top-of-things-folks over at Pink and Green Scene, where it was mentioned in Monday’s post.

This Just In – a Quote of the Day from The Consort: “If this is ‘mercifully short’ then I’m afraid to see what painfully long would be.” Ouch. But then, he is correct. Quite so.

Until next time, may it be Prepalicious everywhere you are today!


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21 responses to “Target’s Gossip Girl Line & the Rumors, A Preppy Mish-Mash

  1. Jen

    Not sure about the new line at Target. But, I am no longer a fifteen year old girl with ambitions of climbing the high school social ladder so perhaps it is not for me. I think Talbots can regain a younger clientele if they get rid of the boxy items along with the Chico’s look a like resort wear. That just screams Palm Beach on a budget.

  2. mary anne

    I’m not trying to be too snarky here, but when I saw your tidbits on G2, then Talbot’s, this came to mind: from the ridiculous to the sublime. (he he)

    They do need to take a lesson from Bean (who sold out of many of their new items) and put in some, new, youthful fun fabrics and styles. Also, Land’s End another sometime stodgy company has introduced new fit into thier line-up. Even (gasp) some below the waist jeans.

  3. I am SO not a talbots person but I must have that tartan dress!

  4. LPC

    Love that oversized tartan. Hmm. Plaid. Hmm. I’ve been coveting a Pendleton jacket for fall. How many of you had kilts you were as little girls? With those silver kilt pins? *Raises hand*

  5. I like those coats from Talbots. They have been up and down lately…hopefully this winter season is an up!

  6. I have found a few pieces here and there at Talbots. I really love the paisley sundress and might buy it now that it is on sale!

  7. First off, I am not that excited about the GG line for Target. It just seems to “costume-y” to be frank. I much preferred the Tracy Feith line and several others that have come before it. It just looks too young.

    As for Talbots (the exact opposite…it always looks too old)…I am happy to hear that they will be trying to entice a younger crowd. That tartan dress featured already has my attention and maybe if they keep rolling out more youthful designs they will get what they are asking for. I have no problem shopping at Talbots if they were to offer something than old-lady-coordinates. I’d be in. So bring it on!

  8. Oh that Milly dress is chic, isn’t it? Love the bow, too 😉 It will be a miracle if Talbot’s can appeal to the younger girls. I guess they need to have a J. Crew catalogue in hand as they design their fashions 😉 They do have some cute flats though! Great post as always Miss Princess!! xoxo

  9. If you really like those Brooks Brother’s no iron blouse, I think I’ll get one.

  10. Mr. Consort is being very saucy! I’m a little meh on what I’ve seen of the Target GG collection so far, but like the more classic Anna Sui prints. And I think Talbots could totally appeal to a bit of a younger crowd, that tartan is a good start (although many would hack a few inches off!).

  11. KK

    Is it me or do the GG Target pieces look less preppy and more goth? Maybe they will be better in person.

    Love the plaid Talbots dress though.

    I do believe the above sentiments reveal a lot about my age and personality! Haha.

  12. Anonymous

    I’m a fan of Target but the GG line does look a little far-out to this simple girl. Hope it does well though.
    Hope you’re having a wonderful week!

    (By the way, I forgot to mention this earlier. In response to your comment on my post about catfishing in June. I’m impressed that you wormed your own hooks and SCALED the fish! I only throw the worm on after I’ve whined about it for no less than 10 minutes and my boyfriend Matt forces me to be a “big girl” and do it myself! Here’s to real women that know how to catch a fish or two!)

  13. I do love Target, but I think the GG line looks a little far-out and ridiculous. The orange hued clothes at the end of the post look a little Halloween-y to me.

    ( I forgot to mention your comment on my catfishing post from June. I’m impressed that wormed your own hook and SCALED the fish! Usually I can bring myself to throwing the worm on my hook only after I’ve whined about it for no less than 10 minutes and my boyfriend Matt convinces me to be a “big girl” and do it myself 🙂 Here’s to real women who know how to catch a fish or two! ) Hope you have a wonderful week !

  14. I’m amazed by my attraction to the tartan dress.

  15. The Anna Sui line could be promising, but I’ll have to see it in person to believe it (I also may not be the target demographic for this line).

  16. I was a Talbots Kids girl when I was little. That’s great they’re going to try to appeal to a younger crowd. I’m not sure about this G2 collection. Love those Milly and Kate Spade dresses!

  17. VictoriaM

    Shhhh… don’t tell Target or anyone else but those Gossip Girl people are fictional characters. Its made up! And as for Talbots I say good for them; sailing forth, heads held high. My secret wish is that Talbots or someone else will bring back hostess skirts for the holidays. The deep green silk tartan from Orvis I don every New Years Eve to the infinite amusement of the children has finally gone aglay.

  18. If Target had claimed it was suspending the Anna Sui line because the pieces we’ve seen so far look appalling, I would have believed it. Based on the G2 show itself being too mature? In this day & age, that seems far-fetched.

    In my more stuffy lawyering days, those Brooks Brothers non-iron shirts were Heaven sent.

    I adore that Milly dress, but then again, there isn’t much from Milly’s feminine, classic sensibilities that I don’t like. Nice find!

  19. I really wish Talbots would liven it up. Try some suits that are at or above the knee! Live on the edge! I’ll buy them, I promise!

  20. Loooove the baby whales!

  21. LOVE the plaid dress from Talbot’s! If you look, they always have great finds!

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