Sneak Peek at Anna Sui Gossip Girl for Target, Lacoste Red Goes Retro

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Those following us on Twitter already know this morning’s sad news: a symbol of classic apparel and accessories for Children is no more.  In an awful SOTT (Sign Of The Times) Best & Company has filed bankruptcy, and it’s not Chapter 11, allowing an entity to get its act together; unfortunately it is a Chapter 7 filing, meaning liquidation.

Remember the retailer’s sketches of possible Inauguration attire for Sasha and Malia Obama?

Courtesy Best & Co.

Courtesy Best & Co.

What a shame. Sniff.


We are fortunate enough to have stumbled onto a few blog posts sharing an early look at the upcoming Anna Sui for Target collection.  Only obsessive readers Frequent blog visitors may recall this post explaining that Ms. Sui’s Target designs would be based on, or inspired by, the hit television show Gossip Girl.

Below, the Blair, Serena, Jenny and Vanessa looks from the Collection, due in stores September 13 through October 17. (Our thanks to Nitrolicious for the nicely done collage.)

Collage via

Collage via

Without becoming entirely tedious going into too much detail, here is a portion of that original post on this back in May:

Industry trade publication WWD broke the story yesterday; in an intriguing twist, Ms. Sui is using the four main characters from TV’s Gossip Girl to guide her designs.

While much-too-cool for TP, we look forward to seeing them in stores. Those hoping for designs true to Miss Sui’s runway creations will be pleased by what Nylon magazine has noted:



As Nylon writes in this post:

“Target says their new Go! International collection, with youthquake designer Anna Sui, was inspired by Gossip Girl.

And while we definitely see hints of Vanessa, Blair, Serena, and Little J in the recently-leaked look book, we’ve got our own idea about where the clothes came from:

Anna Sui’s most beloved past runways!”

To view the entire collection look-by-look, click here.


Speak of the devil… trade publication Ad Age has an interesting review looking at a couple of this summer’s reality shows.

“NYC Prep,” easily pitched and packaged as “the real ‘Gossip Girl,'” explores the luxe lives of six New York City teens. In doing so, the show actively prods viewers to rage — rage against the careless lives the protagonists lead. It wants us to bemoan their vanishing youth, their premature descent into jadedness. It wants us to demonize the parents who empower them.

Don’t take the bait. This is merely a show about sniveling, graceless little s—s,….The six bon vivants are neither smart nor charming, and they possess all the self-awareness of a twig. At least “Gossip Girl” dishes out its blithe urban bitchery with a wink and a smirk; the entire point of “NYC Prep,” as with each of Bravo’s “Housewives” offerings, is to hold its subjects up to ridicule.”

It seems ‘scathing’ might be a better term to describe writer Larry Dobrow’s reaction to NYC Prep. (Airing tonight, BTW.)


We have long loved Lacoste for their classic understatement and timeless lines. (Notwithstanding a few pieces over the years triggering a raging case of Logophobia.) The company’s younger, hipper Red Collection debuted this spring with a slimmer silhouette and lower pricepoints, aimed at the 18-25 year olds.

Courtesy Lacoste

Courtesy Lacoste

WWD reported yesterday that the sporty retailer has teamed with ever-so-chic Jeffrey New York for a small collection launching in October. The group has a definite retro appeal as seen in the sleeveless tipped cotton piqué polo dress.

Courtesy Photo via

Courtesy Photo via

We are calling the long-sleeve cashmere cardigan below our Pretty in Pink for the day. It is somewhat more vibrant than the hues one might see us sporting here at the Palace, very bright indeed. (How about neon? Does that seem more apropos?)

Courtesy Photo via

Courtesy Photo via

BTW, there are two Jeffrey New York stores, one in the Meatpacking district and the other in Atlanta. As in Georgia.

It would be almost sinful to be chatting up Lacoste and neglect a reminder of  the rather significant Lacoste Summer Sale now underway online and in stores.




We want to share another fun Giveaway with goodies from the Princess shoppe, this one at The Reality of Happily Ever After, aka Newlywed Central.

No, Tilly has not slimmed down and gone brunette, nor is the pooch in pink being given away. 

But the lucky winner will receive a set of Lilly Pulitzer Dress Notecards,and one of our Cotton Canvas Boat Totes in the Personal size; the winner gets to select the tote color and personalization choice.







Also included in the contest, five of O Magazine’s recommended nail polishes, sure to please and perfectly timed for a summertime manicure or pedicure.

And they all look fun, click here to float over for a visit with Newlywed Central.

See you again soon!


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22 responses to “Sneak Peek at Anna Sui Gossip Girl for Target, Lacoste Red Goes Retro

  1. Every time I see something about Lacoste, I REALLY think Lacoste (and Polo) should have let my friend Christian go with the “Accost” Polo Dress that he made with their logos. They should have hired him to do it as a joint venture for them. Ah, well, no sense of humor in the corporate world!

  2. Anna Sui at Target!?!! Amazing. While I am not a fan of a lot of her work, I have to say those designs look very Anna Sui…unlike *some* [read: McQueen, I am talking to you] who create lines that hardly resemble their actual work.

    The news about Best & Co is sad…very sad.

  3. LPC

    Love the quote, self-awareness of a twig….

  4. TP, you know we’re grateful for you too.

    What I am not grateful for is that awful looking Anna Sui collection – really? That is inspired by “GG”? Hmmph.

    Judgmentally Yours,

  5. MCW

    I watched NYC Prep last week and the kids were so obnixous I don’t know if I will every be able to watch again.

  6. Love the Lacoste sweater they have a ton on sale right now….um!! Need to loose 10 pounds before I can even look decent on any thing they sell.

  7. I am loving those Anna Sui dresses for target! I hope they boast a good price tag too! Sometimes the designer collections for Target are not priced for Target.

  8. Thank you SO much for telling your wonderful bloggers about my giveaway! Your selection made this giveaway fabulous!

    LOVE the Lacoste sweater!

  9. Wow! That was a pretty intense review of NYC Prep. And I tend to agree with it. Have a great day Preppy Princess!! xoxo

  10. *Sniff, sniff* R.I.P. Best & Co.

    PS: Loving those snappy boat totes!

  11. LOVE that Lacoste dress and the colour is FAB!!!

  12. Princess Freckles

    Loving the GG line for Target! Not sure if I can pull it iff, but its cute!

  13. I like some of the new styles coming out for Target’s new AS line, but I’m not crazy over them like I was for the Tracy Feith line. I will still check them out, because who knows, they could be adorable in person! 🙂

  14. That little aligator evokes so many memories of growing up for me! Love those totes – off to go enter!!!!!

  15. Jen

    I love Target and have to say that I am a frequent polo and T shopper. As for Lacoste, it seems to have come full circle and made a re-entry into the world of fashion outside of par 3 golf courses.

  16. LLOVE the anna line! I will totally be all of my fav GGs this fall!

  17. sCe

    glad you enjoyed the award, I’m so excited for the GG looks @ Target!

  18. Anna Sui at Target?!?! Like I always say, it’s becoming Le Target! I love that designers sign on to do these lower priced items. Love the Lacoste dress and didn’t know there was a new line…thanks for the heads up.
    …and I love the sizzling Ad Age column!!!!!!!

  19. Sorry to see Best & Co. go…

    Lacoste, were they not cutting things slim enough? I’ve always had to size up with them!

  20. Thanks for all the updates! I am interested in checking out the Red Collection. That is exciting about Anna Sui at Target!

  21. I love Lacoste! Thanks so much for your comment for me on La Dolce Vita! xo

  22. Loving that purple Lacoste cardigan!

    I can’t wait to see the Anna Sui in person

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