J. Crew Website Update & A $30,000 ‘Thank You’ Ring for Michelle Obama?

Hello and Happy Tuesday!

It seems our post yesterday on the J. Crew website problems touched a nerve with many readers. The problems were also noted by the mainstream business and technical media. From Crain’s New York in their story:

“This is a terrible time to experience technical difficulties. J. Crew, which underwent a massive redesign of its Web site over the summer, has been suffering glitches ever since.”

There are also multiple reports of similar issues at several big name retailers, including Bloomingdale’s:



Bloomie’s does seem to be up and running just fine today. If considering doing some business in a cyber sort of way, don’t forget their free shipping offer for purchases more than $100. Use promo code SHIPXMAS at checkout.

Crew’s site also appears to be functioning at 100% this morning, providing another fiscally friendly shopping opportunity:

J. Crew

J. Crew

To receive the Extra 30% off sale merchandise, use promotion code EXTRA30 at checkout; this offer ends Wednesday night at midnight. And BTW, this promotional offer was planned all along by J. Crew, it was not created in response to the technical problems, as we wondered aloud yesterday.

TP remains hopeful everyone’s site remains healthy and happy for a robust holiday shopping season!


We have fun information to share regarding a little trinket Michelle Obama is hypothetically receiving as a “Thank You” gift from the President-elect, at least according to the Daily Mail on the far side of the pond.


Courtesy Giovanni Bosco

The ring is to be created by Italian jewelry design house Giovanni Bosco, from the firm’s “Harmony” collection. (The items below are merely examples of the company’s work and do not represent their Harmony Collection.)

Giovanni Bosco

Courtesy Giovanni Bosco

Our struggle with this story is that we simply don’t see the President-elect doing business with a firm that will share this kind of information about personal merchandise in such a public fashion.  The Mail’s story quotes “A spokesman at Giovanni Bosco….” in their story as saying (among other things):

“‘Our American distributor has contacted us and has asked us to provide details on the Harmony ring.

‘It is our top of the range piece and made from rhodium and encrusted with diamonds.”

Courtesy Giovanni Bosco

Courtesy Giovanni Bosco

More quotes attributed to the ‘spokesman’ include:

‘Our agent in the United States was asked by Mr Barack Obama about the ring because he wants it as a thank you gift for his wife Michelle for her support the last two years.”

“We have a select number of clients both in the United States, Europe, Russia and the Middle East and our prices as a result reflect the wealth of our customers.”

The ring is supposedly valued at approximately $30,000 (USD) and it is to be delivered in time for the inauguration in January.

Somehow this is reminiscent of the stories circulating that an outstanding Atlanta designer, Cassandra Bromfield, was selected to design Mrs. Obama’s gown for the Inaugural balls.  Here is our original post on that topic, and then Ms. Bromfield setting things straight in this post.

Of course yours truly could be way off the mark on this one; we shall let you know of any developments.


For anyone simply unable to last another day without a “Confessions of a Shopaholic” update, Bluefly has posted the movie trailer and more.

Although the film doesn’t open until Feb. 13 next year, the Bluefly microsite has some fun features.


We see more and more references to the ‘preppy look’ or ‘preppy style’ the Jonas Brothers sport most of the time they appear publicly.

Charles Sykes/AP

PHOTO: Charles Sykes/AP

The three brothers were signing copies of their new book at the Barnes & Noble on Madison Avenue last Friday.  The book, entitled “Burning Up: On Tour with the Jonas Brothers is also available at Amazon.  Actually, it seems to be everywhere; is this one of the “it gifts” for teenage girls this year?

Burning Up On Tour with the Jonas Brothers

Burning Up: On Tour with the Jonas Brothers

And how about “Honor Society,” the band that opens for the Jonas Brothers? The photograph below shows the band performing in Las Vegas Saturday night and they are also looking very preppy in their wardrobe selection.

Ethan Miller/Getty

PHOTO: Ethan Miller/Getty

If ever there were a prep aesthetic for a band it would appear to be these young men. If you have any doubt, take a look at the extra photos they have on their MySpace pages, including these of bassist Andrew Lee:



For today’s Pretty in Pink we offer Barbie: 50th Anniversary The Ultimate Collection book from the always fabulous Assouline publishing house.

Barnes & Noble is selling the Limited Edition Boxed Set, which has much beyond a standard hardcover book.

The boxed set is also available at Amazon.

Did TP ever share the deep and horrible tale from her youth about Barbie?  No?  Well then, to be brief: we did not have one.

Did. Not. Have. A. Barbie.  (Explains a lot, doesn’t it?)

The truth is, in an effort to instill proper values in her little Princess, TQM advised us prior to the one Christmas when we were positively begging for Barbie that we needed to choose between Barbie and the…

Ummmmm, well… it was actually a choice between Barbie… uhhhhh… er….um…….okay, fine – it was a choice between Barbie and the Beauty Parlor Doll!

The Beauty Parlor Doll. Yep. We opted for the Beauty Parlor Doll. The Beauty Parlor Doll was ‘lifesize’ and made of that dellightful aqua and pink plastic. It was *at least* as tall as TP, how is that for a mental picture?  As we are perilously close to the TMI line, we’ll cease sharing our innermost secrets. It’s just not done.

BTW, the Queen Mother rectified this tragic situation years ago, presenting us with our very own Barbie doll as a birthday gift.

May the rest of your day be splendiferous!


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11 responses to “J. Crew Website Update & A $30,000 ‘Thank You’ Ring for Michelle Obama?

  1. Amelia

    I cannot wait to see Confessions of a Shopaholic! It looks so cute 🙂

  2. Clare

    oh my gosh– the jcrew website is down again as of approximately 30 seconds ago. what is going on?!

  3. Preppy 101

    Funny story about Barbie – or lack of Barbie. Love that one! Beauty Parlor Doll…hmmm. . . 🙂

  4. Love the Barbie story! I did not have a Barbie either. I never played with dolls at all. I would only play with stuffed animals, and now my Pretty Girl only wants dolls and I don’t know how to shop for them!

  5. Jcrew crashed again today and so did Bloomies. I did not get what I had in my cart at the JC because by the time the site was back up my stuff was sold out. I am really not happy with them and I am a big Jcrew shopper. Do you hear that Jcrew?

  6. I’m expecting to see Confessions of a Shopaholic!!!!

  7. Actually the Obama spokespeople shot down the rumor about the bling ring yesterday, so your hunch turned out to be exactly right. Obama is MUCH smarter than to do business with a place that would leak the news so blatantly.

    As for the Barbie Ultimate Collection…wow! Me want, but will probably wait a few months and buy used on Ebay if I see a deal there. Barbie was my fave, I had the dolls, the dune buggy, houses, clothes.

  8. I have lost my marbles (and some change) shopping the J. Crew sale…OMG love it.

  9. Queen Mother

    The Princess speaks the truth. She did not have a Barbie doll when most of her friends had Barbie. And she actually chose the Beauty Parlor Doll. This is a family story that will probably never end!

  10. No Barbie–oh I loved my Barbies. You can still get one (happy I am posting later on this one but I must confess I Still have fun with my girls’ Barbies so it is not too late for you!)

    I can’t believe they are doing a movie about me 😉

  11. Sadly amidst all of this divine information by our beloved and glorious Princess I must introduce a bit of unpleasantness and ask you all to join me in a polite little protest. Have you have caught the latest advertising campaigns by Marshall’s that have just began airing on television? Tsk tsk. The affiliate TJ Max ad is only slightly less offensive. It is quite unseemly as well as politically incorrect in these difficult times to gloat over profiting at the expense of other people’s misfortunes. I think we must encourage the corporation to rethink their approach. Quite a few people are turned off. Including me. The media website is marshallsmediarelations@tjx.com.
    Thank You, Darlings!

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