Michelle Obama Inaugural Dress Update

Hello again everybody … we thought we should share this promptly as the rumors surrounding possible designers for Michelle Obama’s Inaugural gown are such a hot topic.

In brief, it is *not* designer Cassandra Bromfield as many have reported. To help clear up any confusion, Ms. Bromfield addressed the issue in her blog today, in a post titled Separating Fact from Fiction:

“On Wednesday, I got a call “Congratulations, are in order, I understand you will be making Michelle Obama’s Inaugural gown.” What in the world is she talking about. I just shrugged it off as a wishful thinking. Then I check my emails and there are a few more congrats, what in the world is going on. So I did a bit of research and found that it is listed on a few blogs (as of Wednesday). “Cassandra Bromfield is tapped to create Michelle Obama’s Inaugural Gown.” As the week goes on there are a few more phone calls and emails. Now, some media is calling and I feel I must separate fact from fiction.”
Fiction: Mrs.O has contacted Cassandra Bromfield
Fact: I would love to hear from Mrs. Obama, but I have not spoken to her directly
Fiction: I am sworn to any secrecy
Fact: There is no secret
One need only stop at Ms. Bromfield’s website to know she would design a stunning gown for the Future First Lady.
Courtesy Cassandra Bromfield

Courtesy Cassandra Bromfield

We want to publicly thank our tipster for the email alerting us to Ms. Bromfield’s update; we very much appreciate the assistance. Regular readers know we were concerned about the lack of a firm confirmation, with us tiptoeing around the issue as best we could. Below, a snippet from our post on Nov.6th discussing the Sasha and Malia Obama election night dresses:

“Ms. Bromfield also writes a popular wedding blog.  We will await confirmation of the news on the gown’s designer and share it with you as soon as we know the information.”

And in this Tuesday’s post on the Maria Pinto dress Ms. Obama wore for her visit to the White House:

“We still have no confirmation on the Cassandra Bromfield rumor…”

This is not intended to pat ourselves on the back, merely to demonstrate our efforts to maintain accuracy here at the Princess Blog. This may be one of the few areas where it is helpful to have spent all those years in journalism, as it has made TP just a tad neurotic. (A tad?!)

We shall continue to keep an eye on the Inaugural gown story and alert you as soon as we learn anything that merits reporting.


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8 responses to “Michelle Obama Inaugural Dress Update

  1. Spot-on investigative journalism as always, TP. On the Mrs. Obama note, I thought you might enjoy this Salon article I just came across: http://www.salon.com/mwt/feature/2008/11/12/michelle_obama/

    I don’t happen to agree with a number of assertions in this article, but it definitely makes some thought-provoking points about the current Mrs. Obama coverage. I’m personally happy to keep things lighter than that journalist is, but she does make some intriguing assertions.

    Oh, and I adore that vibrant yellow in the Bromfield dress!

  2. Victoria

    OMG that photograph completely eradicated all of this dismal rain we are ignoring in Boston; that color is breathtaking. I have been just starving for gold in November! You have an amazing eye for all things fabulous. I have just developed new neural pathways in my brain thanks to you!

  3. Preppy 101

    If she is not using her, she should! Stunning dress!!

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the yellow dress in the picture…

  5. See, neurosis can be good!!! Love that you are becoming the go to blog on Obama fashion.

  6. well done, TP. I am coming here for all inaugural dress news, because I can’t wait to see who she choses! and i agree wholeheartedly with above comments, that yellow dress is gorgeous.

  7. enc

    Mrs. Obama could do a lot worse than to commission a gown from Bromfield, as her work is beautiful. I’ll be interested to see what happens next.

  8. That yellow dress looks very lovely on the model!

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