Preppy J. Crew Takes Another 30% Off… if their site is up.

Hello-Hello and happy back-to-reality-day!


Double blah-blah. There.  We said it. (This is just so unPrincesslike… could it be the evil twin is out and about today? Oh my!)

We apologize. This is clearly the result of some overindulgence on our part.  A bit too much gnoshing and not enough walking/running. But it is today’s harsh, cold reality here in the corner condo at the Preppy Princess InterGactic HQ.  Harrumph. Well, enough about us. How about you? Is anyone else experiencing a bit of a slump today?

One of our favorite retailers is most definitely experiencing more than a slump; it looks like an all-out crash at the J. Crew website. Here is what TP saw when checking the site throughout the day, and currently as of 5:30pm EST:

J. Crew 12/1/08

J. Crew 12/1/08

This has been the case since this morning, with the exception of one occasion when we saw the welcome screen. But that screen did carry an enticing offer:


The offer is good through December 3rd, applicable only to Sale merchandise. We offer a humble “Thank You” to the fabulous Miss LBR, one of the first to let us know about her unsuccessful efforts to place an order on the site.

This represents something of an apocalyptic event for the retailer.  We were surprised when the additional 30% off promotion popped up in the lower left corner of the screen. While it is likely a planned promotion as the company continues cutting inventory, we did have a momentary thought it could be in response to the online debacle.

We clicked multiple times on the Additional 30% Off link, all to no avail. And then suddenly, we made it to this page:

J. Crew 12.1.08

J. Crew 12.1.08

And that page allowed us to then stumble upon this utterly divine jacket. We thought, oh-my-goodness, how-darling, how-very-Princess, we-simply-must-have-it! Now! We’ll take a chance this will work! We will order the Herringbone école jacket in Mediterranean blue.

J. Crew Herringbone école jacket

J. Crew Herringbone école jacket

We did not order the jacket. The. Site. Stopped. Working.


It is unlikely consumers or Wall St. pooh-bahs will respond kindly to the latest technical struggles. Keep in mind that J. Crew has already spent more than $1,000,000 on customers who experienced difficulties with their site, including many friends of the Princess (henceforth known as FOPs).  J. Crew CFO James Scully told stock analysts last week about some of those expenses:

“… approximately $1 million in customer accommodations related to the direct system initiatives in the form of free and upgraded shipping and other customer appeasements…”

We don’t know about you, but we would prefer being referred to as “accommodated” rather than being “appeased.” The latter makes us sound like some sort of whiny, perpetually unhappy individual who had to be placated.  What do you think?

Now we are wondering if this is one of the next things we’ll see…

J. Crew July, 2008

J. Crew July, 2008

However, we speculate the Call Center is working at 800-562-0258. Call us crazy, but we can’t imagine the preppy retailer hasn’t fixed this part of the operation.

While frustrated we are superstitious enough to not say anything hyper-negative about J. Crew’s ongoing difficulties. Why? Because we are so incredibly paranoid have a little karma concern and do not want to arouse the wrath of the cybergods. Negatory. Nope. Not us.


You know how much the Princess loves her preppy dishes: Boatman Geller’s plates…along with the the platters and trays and the preppy plates from Preppy Plates…


TP is sends a big “congratulations” to Preppy Plate CEO Molly Hamilton, for this stellar story in Sunday’s Washington Post; it included a cute shot of Molly and her children.

Keith Barraclough

PHOTO: Keith Barraclough


For today’s Pretty in Pink we offer the following for your perusal:

This is at Target, and only available online. The outrageous Sceptre Komodo 23″ 720p LCD HDTV is $298.

And on that cheerier note, we say adieu; we shall return with a shopping update!


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16 responses to “Preppy J. Crew Takes Another 30% Off… if their site is up.

  1. I love the dishes. Are so cute!!!!

  2. I got on again and added to my cart. WOW there are deals to be had. I am stocking up on Merino sweaters once I can get on there again!!

  3. Mr. Newlywed also reported that he had some issues with the J. Crew site while trying to place an order for a certain Mrs. Newlywed’s Christmas gift.

  4. I did my Jcrew order Friday–luckily (haha) I went over the amount needed for the 30% off–yay 🙂

  5. I’ll see your harrumph and raise you a self-pitying boo-hoo, TP. It has indeed been One Of Those Days.

    Thanks for the J Crew alert – think I’ll wait a day or two and check back in. Would you believe I ordered that very Ecole blazer (in heather gray) during some other 200% off recent promotion; it is absolutely worth the hassle & prayer to interweb deities if the site starts working again.

    Wishing you a happier Tuesday & online shopping success!

  6. Well, it’s about time J Crew put something on sale.

    Pardon me…I think I am grouchy too after a weekend of over-indulgence.

  7. enc

    I’ve been to twice today and saw the site was down. It was even announced on the news today! What a drag for them.

  8. The anchor platter is the next thing on my list!

  9. I keep checking it in an OCD like manner. I must get my order!!!!!!!!!!! Jcrew FIX YOUR WEBSITE!!!!!!

  10. Oh Miss LBR, we have pulled down our prayer shawl, faced east and paid humble homage to all the internet poohbahs that your order goes through!

    Mrs. Newlywed, we can only say that not only is this egregious on their part, but clearly actionable. You simply must have your legal team jump on it soonest!

    Miss Lipstick, perhaps by the time you see this we’ll be all cheery and bright, right? Oh. Never mind. (Heh-heh-heh.)

    Miss LegallyBlonde, we see your self-pitying boo-hoo, and raise it a ‘woe is me’ whine.

    And Miss Lisa, we can only guess that you are indeed, clairvoyant, as we say to Miss enc, goodness, you must have a very hip news team!

    Miss Kate: con mucho gracias, tp

  11. oh, noes! i kind of feel for JCrew, what a disaster! But I’m a softy, I’m currently feeling AWFUL for Plaxico Burress, and I hate guns and am a Jets fan. But back to your post, thanks, am clicking on site too, you do need that jacket, and “customer appeasements” should be removed from everyone’s vocabulary.

  12. TCP

    Ah, the blahs must be contagious around the Great Lakes…I was in the same boat yesterday, hence my lack of posting!

  13. The Crew must be freaking out about the website. I know when something goes wrong with mine, I’m in a panic, and it’s not like I’m doing the business they’re doing!

  14. J. Crew Site has been awful lately! I still have to place in an order for slippers! Ahhh!!! Oh the Natical Flag dishes are fabulous! I am having a blah day too!!

  15. The blue jacket is so pretty. I hope they still had it in your size when the website started working again. I can’t believe all the problems J Crew has had this year.

  16. ben

    The website is down again! It’s terrible. J. Crew must lose a lot of business. Does anyone know why the site is down so often?

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