A PREPPY INAUGURATION: Malia, Sasha & Michelle Obama in J. Crew (& Jimmy Choo!)

Hello-Hello…we just flew in the door 7:55pm EST… gasp… and logged in to check on today’s Inaugural

Please accept our apologies for being TARP (no, not that TARP, it means for The Absent Roaming Princess), our time at Market in Chicago stretched beyond our plans. But you will be ever-so-pleased that it did, for we spent oodles of time gazing at the loveliness that is the Lilly Pulitzer Spring accessory line, to name just one cause of our prolonged absence.

But let us move on to a topic that matters: today’s Inaugural fashions! We were on the phone with The Queen Mother when our first photos of the Obama girls came up on the computer screen; she was subjected to a shriek, “OMG, how darling are they????!!!!!!” Really, can we talk about the bows? Everywhere? It was definitely cute overload, and we just love every inch of what they had on.

In case you wanted another glance….

Chip Somodevilla/Getty

In this next photo one can see how Sasha Obama’s pink and orange contrast beautifully with Malia’s royal blue. (Above, Sen. Hillary Clinton, and Jenna Bush.)

This story in Newsday gives more specifics on the girls’ outfits:

“Malia went for a double-breasted, deep periwinkle coat, while younger sis Sasha shone in a guava pink coat, contrasting orange scarf and gloves, with just the hint of a coral dress peeking from the below her hem. Both coats were tied with velvet ribbons, echoing the tie on Mom’s sparkly coat.”

Rick Wilking/Reuters

PHOTO: Rick Wilking/Reuters

The Obama girls were both in Crewcuts, from one of Michelle Obama’s favorite fashion outlets, J. Crew.  That same Newsday story sheds more light on how the selections were made:

“According to the company, Michelle and the girls had an opportunity to choose what they liked. “We wanted to offer a collection …that would let their own personalities show through,” said Jenna Lyons, creative director of J.Crew.”

One word of caution however: do NOT look for these pieces online or at your local J. Crew. The looks are from the Fall 2009 collection, and they are somewhat modified from what will be available to Jane and John Q. Public.  First Lady Michelle Obama did her part for J. Crew, wearing a pair of their leather gloves for the morning.

Next, the Isabel Toledo dress and matching coat:

Jim Watson/AFP/Getty

PHOTO: Jim Watson/AFP/Getty

As described on The Caucus blog at the Times,

“…the coat and dress were made of Swiss wool lace, backed with netting for warmth and lined in French silk. “I wanted to pick a very optimistic color, that had sunshine,” she said. “I wanted her to feel charmed, and in that way would charm everybody.”



As detailed in WWD’s initial story on the ensemble with reaction from the designer’s spouse:

“The soon-to-be First Lady did not tip her hand in any way. “We had no idea. We hoped she would wear something because she has bought Isabel’s clothes before. We never know what’s going to happen,” he said.

“It’s just another shock, but a great shock.”‘

Our favorite quote from the Toledos?

“We’re all grateful for this opportunity, and we don’t even have a PR person!”

Keep in mind, Ms. Toledo lost her job with Anne Klein earlier this year

And on Mrs. Obama’s feet? The Jimmy Choo Glacier pump, as seen below at DSW.

Jimmy Choo 'Glacier' Pump

Jimmy Choo 'Glacier' Pump

Readers thinking “Hhhmmm….hasn’t Mrs. Obama worn Isabel Toledo before?” get a pink and green star! As seen in this post in June of last year…


..the look was an elegant tunic and palazzo pants. The occasion was a fundraiser on behalf of her husband put on by fashion industry leaders like the Anna Wintour and Calvin Klein.  In TP’s ever-so-humble opinion, the Toledo sheath and coat were just gorgeous, simply stunning on Mrs. Obama.  To our uneducated eyes however, the look was better suited to a semi-formal evening function.

So load up those poison pens angry people; we adore the design, love the color, and think both combined for a radiant First Lady.  We merely think the look better suited to a different occasion.  We are surprised at the volume of negative comments on the shape (or lack thereof apparently) of the coat, it seemed entirely in keeping with the refined flow of the dress underneath.

BTW, today’s pieces are not the only J. Crew fashions worn by the First Family during the festivities of the last several days. More on that in our next post…we’re off to see tonight’s gown for the Inaugural Balls! (We’re hearing Jason Wu… stand by formore!)


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13 responses to “A PREPPY INAUGURATION: Malia, Sasha & Michelle Obama in J. Crew (& Jimmy Choo!)

  1. I could not agree with you more about the First Lady’s daytime ensemble. Lovely, but just too sparkly for midday. Especially with the neck adornment…was it a necklace or part of the sheath? Either way – just too much.
    The girls on the other hand were darling and styled within an inch of perfection!

  2. Thank you for breaking it all down!

  3. The new First Lady seems to have a good sense of style

  4. The First Lady was a bit sparkly but I loved the choice of color – original and flattering.

    The girls and the color combos were adorable. Love.

  5. Dawn

    Initially, I thought that First Lady Obama’s dress, though gorgeous, was a bit much for daytime too. However, my mind quickly went to Sunday church services in the Black church where sparkle and great adornment in ladies clothing are the norm. Then, I simply appreciated the fact that she looked lovely in the outfit and, morevoer, on the occasion of the inauguration of her husband as the first African American president of the United States, she could have worn WHATEVER made her feel pretty!

  6. I love Michele Obama style. The little girls are so cuuute. Love all their outfits!!! Mom and doughters!!

  7. Linda

    I have not been impressed with any of the outfits on Michelle Obama or her children. I know the clothes are probably all very expensive though and that must be why she chooses them in the first place. I’m not impressed with Michelle’s hairstyle which is meant to imitate Jackie O’s style and basically looks stringy and unkempt most of the time. She doesn’t have the same texture of hair that Jackie Kennedy had and therefore will never be able to imitate it.

    NOTE: edited by blog owners

  8. Those little Obama girls are so beautiful! I love the Crewcuts coats, scarves, and ribbons!

  9. I so want that pink coat!

  10. The Obama family certainly exudes style. I also bought Jimmy Choo Glacier … love them so much.

    I wish everyone could look as good as them.

  11. l. elizabeth

    I think Malia and Sasha look just darling 100% of the time. Also, Michelle did look very classy and beautiful as she always does.

  12. I love Michelle’s beautiful shade of sea green! It compliments her skin tone nicely! Well done, Michelle! Of course, I’m a professional designer, but hey, we all enjoy some light colors sometimes, right? Malia and Sasha look as cute as ever, and their colors clash perfectly! Well, I have to go! See you!

  13. eboni

    can ANYONE tell me how to tie a scarf like sasha obamas orange one? Ive been trying to figure it out but mine doesnt look as polished…and the ends dont lay flat over one another like hers.

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