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A New Heel Height? We’re In. (Version 2.0)

Hello-Hello, welcome to a Wednesday. There is white matter falling from the sky and yours truly is perilously close to becoming Little Miss CrankyPants about the weather.  Harrumph.

We soldier on with a post we are completely flummoxed about, one that is shown as being in draft mode. Yet apparently it has been published at some point, somehow, as a dear friend has discussed it with The Consort, so confusion reigns here at the Prepatorium.  Please forgive the tedium if you have already seen this, my addled brain is beyond baffled at this point. (But if you do remember seeing the not-ready-for-primetime-post in all its ghastly horror of rampant typos, misspellings and other signs pointing to an illiterate Princess, don’t be shy about letting us know, it would be appreciated to the nth degree!)

Moving on.

Today we share news that made us smile when first reading it a few weekends back: according to an article in the Journal, we may be seeing the return of more sensible heel heights.

The age of the relatively sensible heel—about 3½ inches and under—is upon us. “After so many seasons of aggressive platform shoes, these new single-sole, lower-heel silhouettes are a palate cleanser,” said Anamaria Pimentel, accessories director for Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman.

The piece, titled “Sweet and Low-Down Heels,” is written by Meenal Mistry, gives one hope we might finally be able to bid adieu to styles like these.

Refinery 29

Refinery 29

More from the story:

Even without punky hardware, low heels—despite their associations with more staid looks—have developed a cool cachet, simply by zigging while other shoes zag.

Obviously there’s many a flat we’re fond of, these are just a few from Tory Burch.



But the new trend isn’t limited to flats, far from it. There are kitten heels and chunky heels, like these from Stuart Weitzman, as seen at Zappos.

Stuart Weitzman

Nor does it mean goodbye to all platforms, below we show Stuart Weitzman’s Platswoon, a 3-1/2″ heel on a 1/2″ platform, making these more than manageable.

Stuart Weitzman Platswoon

The story does have some good reminders about switching to the lower height.

Switching to a lower heel partly requires a perception shift: The eye has to become accustomed to a different proportion. More concretely, the adjustment can mean hemming your trousers so they don’t drag, or opting for slimmer silhouettes that are still flattering without the boost of an extra 3 or 4 inches.

There are some darling little kitten heels this spring, like Manolo Blahnik’s Lisane Bow, as well as cute Manolo sandals, below right we see the Carolyne.

Manolo Blahnik at Neiman Marcus

Manolo Blahnik at Neiman Marcus

Not that we don’t love the venerable “Reva” by Tory Burch in a variety of finishes.



Or the vast array of Belgians available.

Belgians #1

Belgian Shoes

It’s just that it is nice to have options that fit between these:



And these, as seen on Eva Longoria.

Just Jared

Just Jared

More like these from Kate Spade. On the left we show the Paloma (heel height 3.5″) and the Karolina (heel is also 3.5″).

Kate Spade Paloma & Karolina

Kate Spade Paloma & Karolina

Or these from Gianvito Rossi and Valentino.

Gianvito Rossi & Valentino shoes via the Wall Street Journal

Gianvito Rossi & Valentino shoes via the Wall Street Journal

Or these by Jimmy Choo; on the left we see the Baxen Peeptoe Wedge, on the right, the Nova Glittered Platform Slingback.

Jimmy Choo at Neiman Marcus

Jimmy Choo at Neiman Marcus

I’m happy to see what I call “silly shoes” fading in popularity; I’ve long thought that when someone is struggling to walk in ridiculously high heels it detracts from the clothing and the person wearing the clothing. But then, I’ve been known to embrace my inner frump (heh-heh-heh), so clearly I’m not one to dispense style advice. 🙂

You can read the story in its entirety here.

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The Consort Is All Over This Fashion Thing

Hello-Hello, all.  The Consort skipping merrily mikeside to entertain you while The Lovely and Talented Princess gives back to the community.  Now that the Olympic Games are behind us we, as citizens of these United States, can go back to doing what we’ve done for years:  ignoring hockey.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love the game.  Any sport that sends élite athletes into a “time out” box when they’ve misbehaved must have something going for it.  But until hockey is televised in the USA on something other than a minor cable channel it is going to be an uphill struggle to build an audience.  I must add that the gold medal game between Canada and the USA was packed with sixty of the most heart stopping minutes I’ve enjoyed in sports in years.  But now we turn our attention to other matters of importance.  Like Fashion Week in Milan.

Green has always been one of my favorite colors and this creation from Krizia is… green.  I’m fascinated by the belt and boots.  Somewhere a fetishist is riveted by the photo.  The design is almost German Beerhall hostess gone preppy dominatrix.  Now that’s a combination you don’t see often.

You can’t go wrong with pink.  However, on anyone other than a size 2 this might look like an open parachute.  I’m a guy and kind of a linear thinker.  How does one sit gracefully in this dress?  When seated does it drape gently around the legs?  I can only hope so because the alternative is too frightening to consider.  The shoes?  Excellent!  The sabre purse is to die for.  The Princess happens to have some vintage purses in that style around the Prepatorium somewhere.  Time to move on…

Oh, my.   This poor young thing forgot to put on her dress.  You would think someone would have said something before she walked out in front of everybody.  Nice necklace, though.

Just the other day I mentioned to The Princess “I sure wish someone would update the burqa look” and now my wish has been granted.

This design from Meadham-Kirchhoff is sure to make the mullahs mad.  Or is it more an homage to Cher’s “Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves” period?  Quite frankly I’m a little confused about this but the black lace is giving me kind of a funny feeling, if you get my drift.

I’ve always been a big fan of shoulder pads in fashion.  Joan Crawford could pull off that look like a champion.  What would the 80’s have been without shoulder pads?  However, I’m not sure if adding swirls of fabric to the shoulders of this LBD is working for me.  Sometimes too much is just too much.  Structurally (and here’s a guy point of view) I’m not convinced this dress is capable of holding up to sudden rotations of the torso or strong trailing winds.

Enough of the dresses.  Let’s turn our limited attention span to footwear.

A suggestion.  When someone says they are going to walk the dog I recommend against impaling the poor beast on your foot.  These are wrong for so many reasons I don’t even know where to begin.

Photo by George Chinsee/WWD

I’ve always been a fan of Jimmy Choo.  Here’s a design that will appeal to the two-year old in all of us because it lights up when you walk.  Kind of like those cool little shoes that kids wear.  I love that.

Now I’m exhausted.  Combing through all the bad fashion shown at Milan takes a toll.  So I leave you today with reassurance that my lovely bride will return tomorrow.  Don’t forget to treat your waitperson right tonight because they’re working hard for you.  I’ll leave you with a little musical number from the widow Bono.  Good night, everybody!

Photo credits:  Krizia – Mauricio Miranda/WWD, Meadham Kirchhoff – Giovanni Giannoni/WWD, Hakan – Giovanni Giannoni/WWD


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A PREPPY INAUGURATION: Malia, Sasha & Michelle Obama in J. Crew (& Jimmy Choo!)

Hello-Hello…we just flew in the door 7:55pm EST… gasp… and logged in to check on today’s Inaugural

Please accept our apologies for being TARP (no, not that TARP, it means for The Absent Roaming Princess), our time at Market in Chicago stretched beyond our plans. But you will be ever-so-pleased that it did, for we spent oodles of time gazing at the loveliness that is the Lilly Pulitzer Spring accessory line, to name just one cause of our prolonged absence.

But let us move on to a topic that matters: today’s Inaugural fashions! We were on the phone with The Queen Mother when our first photos of the Obama girls came up on the computer screen; she was subjected to a shriek, “OMG, how darling are they????!!!!!!” Really, can we talk about the bows? Everywhere? It was definitely cute overload, and we just love every inch of what they had on.

In case you wanted another glance….

Chip Somodevilla/Getty

In this next photo one can see how Sasha Obama’s pink and orange contrast beautifully with Malia’s royal blue. (Above, Sen. Hillary Clinton, and Jenna Bush.)

This story in Newsday gives more specifics on the girls’ outfits:

“Malia went for a double-breasted, deep periwinkle coat, while younger sis Sasha shone in a guava pink coat, contrasting orange scarf and gloves, with just the hint of a coral dress peeking from the below her hem. Both coats were tied with velvet ribbons, echoing the tie on Mom’s sparkly coat.”

Rick Wilking/Reuters

PHOTO: Rick Wilking/Reuters

The Obama girls were both in Crewcuts, from one of Michelle Obama’s favorite fashion outlets, J. Crew.  That same Newsday story sheds more light on how the selections were made:

“According to the company, Michelle and the girls had an opportunity to choose what they liked. “We wanted to offer a collection …that would let their own personalities show through,” said Jenna Lyons, creative director of J.Crew.”

One word of caution however: do NOT look for these pieces online or at your local J. Crew. The looks are from the Fall 2009 collection, and they are somewhat modified from what will be available to Jane and John Q. Public.  First Lady Michelle Obama did her part for J. Crew, wearing a pair of their leather gloves for the morning.

Next, the Isabel Toledo dress and matching coat:

Jim Watson/AFP/Getty

PHOTO: Jim Watson/AFP/Getty

As described on The Caucus blog at the Times,

“…the coat and dress were made of Swiss wool lace, backed with netting for warmth and lined in French silk. “I wanted to pick a very optimistic color, that had sunshine,” she said. “I wanted her to feel charmed, and in that way would charm everybody.”



As detailed in WWD’s initial story on the ensemble with reaction from the designer’s spouse:

“The soon-to-be First Lady did not tip her hand in any way. “We had no idea. We hoped she would wear something because she has bought Isabel’s clothes before. We never know what’s going to happen,” he said.

“It’s just another shock, but a great shock.”‘

Our favorite quote from the Toledos?

“We’re all grateful for this opportunity, and we don’t even have a PR person!”

Keep in mind, Ms. Toledo lost her job with Anne Klein earlier this year

And on Mrs. Obama’s feet? The Jimmy Choo Glacier pump, as seen below at DSW.

Jimmy Choo 'Glacier' Pump

Jimmy Choo 'Glacier' Pump

Readers thinking “Hhhmmm….hasn’t Mrs. Obama worn Isabel Toledo before?” get a pink and green star! As seen in this post in June of last year…


..the look was an elegant tunic and palazzo pants. The occasion was a fundraiser on behalf of her husband put on by fashion industry leaders like the Anna Wintour and Calvin Klein.  In TP’s ever-so-humble opinion, the Toledo sheath and coat were just gorgeous, simply stunning on Mrs. Obama.  To our uneducated eyes however, the look was better suited to a semi-formal evening function.

So load up those poison pens angry people; we adore the design, love the color, and think both combined for a radiant First Lady.  We merely think the look better suited to a different occasion.  We are surprised at the volume of negative comments on the shape (or lack thereof apparently) of the coat, it seemed entirely in keeping with the refined flow of the dress underneath.

BTW, today’s pieces are not the only J. Crew fashions worn by the First Family during the festivities of the last several days. More on that in our next post…we’re off to see tonight’s gown for the Inaugural Balls! (We’re hearing Jason Wu… stand by formore!)


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Nautical Goodies, Liz Sneak Peek, Jimmy Choo & Hunter Wellies are BFFs

Happy Weekend!

Today we start off with a few brief headlines, all of them SOTTs (Signs of the Times), none of them bringing a smile to the Prepatorium.

  • Say goodbye to Country Homes magazine; it is going the way of O at Home and Cottage Living. Waaaahhhhh!
Country Home magazine

Country Home magazine

  • The retail earnings data came out yesterday and it is beyond dreary. All of TP’s favorite retailers struggled, along with a not-so-favorite establishment, Macy’s.  The arrogant dolts that blew off the proud heritage of Marshall Field’s company announced they are closing eleven stores; click here for the list.
  • eLuxury.com will stop selling online within the next sixmonths, instead switching to a “magazine format” specializing in luxury goods.

But will we allow these headlines to drag us down here at Princess HQ?  Not on your life.  In fact, we are going to share a few nautical goodies that have caught our eye of late, starting with this Gold Rush Outfitters Infant Romper at Saks.

Gold Rush Outfitters Infant Romper

Gold Rush Outfitters Infant Romper

Next, and in honor of the inimitable Nautical by Nature we present the Rogues Gallery Sailing polo at one of TP’s favorite online haunts, Gargyle.


Here is a piece we absolutely adore from a line we love, the Nantucket Rainbow Fleet Collection:

We know that if another water baby, the Landlocked Mermaid, were buying the plates, she would also include the mugs. She’s just that way – if you are going to do something, then do it properly, of course. (Tee-hee!)

You can gaze at these pieces, and more, by toddling over to visit L’Ile de France, aka the French General Store.  All of their Quimper is simply gorgeous.


Many Isaac Mizrahi fans are just starting to cope with the harsh reality of his departure from their local and online Boutique Tarszhay stores. With goodies like this Melton Coat in Pink Glow at Target, how could we not be depressed by his move to Liz Claiborne?! (We’re also considering this as today’s Pretty in Pink offering.)

Isaac Mizrahi for Target®

Isaac Mizrahi for Target®

We admit to being curious about his new designs for Liz; today we share a few early looks as seen in this story in WWD earlier this week.

John Aquino

PHOTO: John Aquino

Above, a look we’re just kind of so-so on, but then we have never been big on orange, even at the beach.

John Aquino

PHOTO: John Aquino

We do find the more tailored designs more appealing than the casual pieces.

John Aquino

PHOTO: John Aquino

If going the beach route, we probably would do Lilly Pulitzer rather than the blue and white design below, despite the higher price point on the front end. TP believes the Lilly look would outlast the Claiborne dress…oui?

John Aquino

PHOTO: John Aquino

In all candor, we have not purchased Liz in we-don’t-know-how-long, so it would take a great look to coax us back to the line.  It doesn’t mean we are opposed to seeing the new designs, as we do adore Mr. Mizrahi.


Still looking for the perfect pair of wellies for stomping about the estate? If you are a Jimmy Choo fan, you are in luck. Hunter Boots is partnering with the renowned shoe designer, and Vivre Magazine shows us the result below.

Courtesy Vivre

Courtesy Vivre

They are Jimmy Choo’s first entry into rainboots. We think we’ll keep the ones we have.

But when it comes to dress boots, we think the Ninol in black patent has merit. We fell onto them (in a cyber manner of speaking) at the Jimmy Choo site – on sale at 50% off!


Knowing the trauma inflicted upon the Third Coast Preppy household as a result of their proximity to a certain person occupying a certain Gubernatorial position (well, he’s still there as of this writing), we thought it important she learn a little more about her neighbor and his hair styling prowess.  (Heh-heh-heh.)

Now this is not brand-new information, and it really shouldn’t be referred to as news, for you do know what we used to say back when doing teevee news…? “If it’s news, it’s news to us.”

So here is the inside scoop on how Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich handles that hair….

Charles Rex Arbogast/AP

PHOTO: Charles Rex Arbogast/AP

… compliments of this story in the IHT (International Herald Tribune):

“… Blagojevich, 52, rarely turns up for work at his official state office in Chicago, former employees say, is unapologetically late to almost everything… cursing and erupting in fury for failings as mundane as neglecting to have at hand at all times his preferred black Paul Mitchell hairbrush. He calls the brush ‘the football,’ an allusion to the ‘nuclear football,’ or the bomb codes never to be out of reach of a president.”

Aha – the Paul Mitchell brush! There you have it. f course it’s too soon to tell if today’s impeachment vote will impact his personal grooming habits. (Ewww…!)

And on that note Prepettes, we say adieu.


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The Ultimate Preppy Tea Sandwiches, “The Towering World of Jimmy Choo” & Saks Sales

Happy Thursday, ’tis The Princess back again from visiting the Queen and still in a dither about the Princess Consort’s revelations yesterday. Really. I thought we had agreed some things just didn’t need to be made public, lest people think less of The Princess. And then he just goes and tells everyone about his fear of swimming in the ocean, and the time he “…hired a man to swim in the ocean for me”. How embarrassing for everyone to know he hires people to do his swimming for him!

On a side note, all Wall Street reporting aside, one would not know from the number of cars in the Nordstrom parking lot they hadn’t been enjoying a completely stellar year; they were quite busy yesterday. But then again, their sale section seemed really very large, especially when one considers this was not their Anniversary Sale section, but a “regular sale area,” an oxymoron at Nordstrom, for until recently (this year we believe) the only sales were the Anniversary Sale and the Shoe Sale.

We couldn’t resist putting up this image of pink and green sandwiches, the shot was simply too good not to post! It is from flickr, posted almost three years ago. The description follows:

pink and green tea sandwiches: egg with capers and smoked pimentón, turkey with a cranberry-pecan-orange zest cream cheese, smoked salmon with cucumber and an herby cream cheese.

The fillings sound yummy although TP isn’t sure how she would do with the bright and vibrantly-hued bread! Now the next item on our hit parade,

isn’t available until March of next year, but we couldn’t resist at least alerting you to its impending arrival. The Towering World of Jimmy Choo: A Glamorous Story of Power, Profits and Pursuit of the Perfect Shoe comes to us via Bloomsbury Publishing, and is written by Laura Goldstein Crowe, the former (and fab) Fashion Inc. blogger at Conde Nast’s Portfolio magazine, and Sagra Maceira de Rosen, an executive specializing in Luxury and Retail investments for Reig Capital.

One of our favorite websites, the Business of Fashion, managed to get an early and exclusive look at the book. As they put it, “The book is sure to cause a frenzy when published…” and we couldn’t agree more. This one sounds like it has all the makings of an outstanding non-fiction book so filled with inside stories it’s better than many a fiction book. Or, as you frequently hear from TP: “…I couldn’t make this stuff up…” on some of the more unbelievable posts.

Continuing with the Jimmy Choo track, Saks has several pair on sale at markdowns that are significant if these are your style. The Elm Water Snake Sandals start us off, with what TP is tempted to describe as “only a 4.5″ heel,” the way things are shaping up. (And up…and up!) These have “…Glamorous water snake metallic wraps at the cut-out ankle.” Indeed. Originally $920, these are now just $367.90.

Additionally Saks offers the Aeon Lizard Sandals, also originally $920, now $551.90.

A few more sale samplings at Saks, including the Burberry Infant’s Stripe Skirted Onesie at $62.90 from $95; it has snaps at the shoulders, tough to see in the photos, we know.

Also available if you’re looking for something a bit subdued for yourself, the Carmen Marc Valvo Polka Dot Dress is light and foofy, originally $330 and now $197.90.

Because we don’t want to show specific items that have limited quantities, here are just a few overview page links to designers at Saks we know you love, so you can just scan all of their sale items rather than seeing one specific item here that has long since sold out.

Their was a fair amount of Lilly Pulitzer left, some Shoshanna bathing suits and cover-ups, a smattering of Tory Burch goodies definitely worth looking at, a good amount of Hugo Boss for him, and a substantial amount of Juicy Couture. There is simply oddles more, this is just after The Princess did a quick graze to satisfy her concerns that these merit your time and attention.

We close with a few image of the plans for what is expected to be the ‘world’s largest fountain,” set to be built in Dubai. Situated next to the Burj Dubai, the world’s tallest structure as of July 4th, with an observation deck slated for the 124th Floor when the building is completed sometime in 2009.

As the company’s news release explains:

The fountain on Burj Dubai Lake is more than a visual spectacle that adds to the aesthetics of Downtown Burj Dubai. It is an engineering marvel and will further contribute to Dubai’s rich array of tourist attractions.

The Tower will have one of the first Giorgio Armani hotels in the world, the “Dubai Armani Hotel.” A visit to the Burj Dubai website is an eyeopener; you can also enter a contest to actually name the enormous fountains.

As TP is truly something of a geek inside, she can’t resist sharing this image of “3 Upcoming Architectural Wonders in the UAE,” courtesy of the Hotel Club Travel Blog.


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