Inaugural Fashion Update: Jason Wu for Michelle Obama, More Malia & Sasha in J. Crew

Hello again… and aren’t we wacky this evening, with back-to-back posts on party frocks in our Nation’s Capital?!

Many readers will already know this, but for those with an interest, the gown selected by First Lady Michelle Obama for this evening’s Inaugural Balls is by Jason Wu.

Rick Wilking/Reuters

PHOTO: Rick Wilking/Reuters

The 26-year-old designer created a lush one-shouldered gown that was a mastery of draping.

Brian Snyder/Reuters

PHOTO: Brian Snyder/Reuters

A close-up provides a better look at the intricate detailing Mr. Wu is known for; the dress is covered in Swarovski crystals.

Jason Reed/Reuters

PHOTO: Jason Reed/Reuters

The Taiwanese-born designer is no stranger to celebrities; one fan is Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester, seen in September at Wu’s runway show.

Patrick McMullen

PHOTO: Patrick McMullan

Earlier this year Mrs. Obama wore the designer for an interview with Barbara Walters:

George Burns/ABC News/AP

PHOTO: George Burns/ABC News/AP

Below, the dress as seen on the runway for the Spring 2009 collection.  The raw silk print dress retails for approximately $3150, according to Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan at one of our favorite blogs, the WSJ’s Heard on the Runway.


PHOTO: Imaxtree

And we have a second look at Ms. Meester in a Jason Wu creation:



And that dress on the runway:

Don Ashby

PHOTO: Don Ashby

Another celebrity fan of Mr. Wu is 30 Rock star Katrina Bowden, seen below in a photo with the designer in Teen Vogue.

PHOTO: Teen Vogue

Let us not forget the dashing figure cut by the President:

Gary Hershorn/Reuters

PHOTO: Gary Hershorn/Reuters

As we first reported in this post last year, the President donned a single-button notch-lapel tuxedo by Hart Schaffner Marx. The Gold Trumpeter Tuxedo retails for $950.

Hart Schaffner Marx

Hart Schaffner Marx

As described on the company’s website:

Gold Trumpeter elevates the luxury of the Hart Schaffner Marx brand. World class piece goods are used exclusively in all Gold Trumpeter garments. Trim details such as wing facing in the coat and a gripper waistband are the hallmarks of the Gold Trumpeter garment. The Gold Trumpeter garment is available in both the Classic and Collection fit.”

At Nordstrom it is called the Capital Collection Gold Trumpeter Tuxedo, retailing at $895.

We are still seeking information to bring you on the gown worn by Vice-President Biden’s wife, Dr. Jill Biden.

Gary Hershorn/Reuters

PHOTO: Gary Hershorn/Reuters

And we have a little more on the J. Crew ensembles worn by Malia and Sasha Obama earlier today, courtesy of the media mavens at that preppy retailer. All of the details one are available in this snooze news release.

“The Obamas continued to show their support for J.Crew at this morning’s Swearing-In, where the girls wore full looks from crewcuts by J.Crew and the new First Lady accessorized her outfit with classic olive green leather gloves from J.Crew. Malia featured a deep periwinkle blue coat, while her equally chic sister wore a deep coral dress under her sweet guava coat, vivid orange scarf and glove set, each tied with a velvet ribbon belt around the waist.”

Click on the link above for the entire text of the release; it does include details on additional items from J. Crew and Crewcuts worn by the First Family over the celebratory weekend.  That includes the Herbie Coats Sasha and Malia wore to the We are One concert on Sunday. The subhead on the release?


Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty

PHOTO: Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty

The release also advises us that:

“… the girls kept warm in crewcuts by J.Crew wool pique Herbie coats, detailed with grosgrain piping and charmeuse linings. Sasha wore an ivory style with hammered brass buttons, while Malia wore a dove grey double cloth style with horn buttons.”

Sunday’s concert was noted for A-level entertainers like Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Wonder and U2.

One of the best-kept secrets of the entire gala was the presence of several A-list bloggers, including Nautical by Nature and the Landlocked Mermaid.  Sources tell us they both elected to maintain a low-key presence in efforts to discourage autograph seekers and hangers-on.  (Ssshhh – more on their perspectives in a later post.)

Back to the cute coats: we do not think you will locate the coats on the retailer’s website. And any references to them on shopping search engines have either been taken down, or carry addendum indicating the coat is “no longer available.” We did locate one image of the coat; it does not fully match the images seen in the photos:

This shot offers a better angle:

Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty

PHOTO: Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty

Lest anyone be concerned the marketing minds at Crew are not seizing the moment:

Courtesy J. Crew

Courtesy J. Crew

BTW, the marketing minds over at Barney’s wasted no time in adapting their front page as well, maximizing their connection with a now-famous designer they have supported for years, Isabel Toledo.

Courtesy Barneys

Courtesy Barneys

We’ll close with one last photo we thought was too cute…

Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty

PHOTO: Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty

We’ll be back with more, including the Princess Consort’s take on Jason Wu’s preppy aesthetic, including some pretty in pink confections from the runway. No to mention the divine finds at the Market in Chicago.


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16 responses to “Inaugural Fashion Update: Jason Wu for Michelle Obama, More Malia & Sasha in J. Crew

  1. Those little girls are just darling! They look so cute in the Crew Cuts!! So cute!!!

  2. Those girls are just adorable! I’m sooo happy to see children in the white house!

  3. The girls looks SO adorable!

    Michelle’s outfit for the ceremony was overshadowed by those hideous olive green gloves!! My husband has asked me to drop the glove issue already because I’ve gone on and on about them…but olive green leather? Kid gloves or nothing, lady!

  4. I liked her gown though it seemed to be getting stepped on here and there. Maybe she’s not used to wearing longer gowns? Plus I was hoping for a diff ‘do for the evening.

    But I’m nitpicking here – she’s great and I’m excited to have a woman in the White House who gets it, in all ways.

    *updates resume for position on First Lady’s staff*
    *fingers, toes crossed*

  5. JM

    Hmmm, I LOVED Michelle’s attire for the events. I think she might be the Jackie O. of this generation. I think it’s great considering the youth today has been growing up with Paris Hilton for too long!!!!

  6. Vicki

    Reem Akra designed Dr B’s gown, and gawd she and her husband looked stunning. We have two great looking couples in the White House and the VP’s mansion is all I can say.

  7. I adored everything she wore, but I am a little star struck by Michelle! Big, huge pluses for me are her choices of relatively unknown designers. Isabel Toledo so deserves this, esp. after getting yanked around at AK. Her tailoring is impeccable.
    And the girls just make everything so fun, I totally agree it’s great having kids in the white house.

  8. I did not care for Michelle’s ball dress. I think it probably looked great in real life and bad on TV.

  9. Leighton Meester? is she from TV? classy dress for sure

  10. Pam

    My first though when I saw the girls was… where did they get those uber cute outfits?! I loved Michelle’s ball dress, I thought it was very elegant and fit the occasion very well.

  11. 1) Loved the Jcrewcuts outfits. ADORABLE.
    2) Also, loved Michelle’s lemon grass sequined coat and dress. I LOVED the olive green gloves.
    3) Not a fan of the evening gown. It made me think of a dress made of mummy fabric.

  12. I am still debating on if I like the First Lady’s Ball Gown or not!! I want the Crewcuts Coats in my size!!

  13. Happy New Year!!!

    I’m with Mx2, the gloves really bothered me too. I thought the girls looked the best all around, IMHO.

  14. Oh TP…please shed light on this for me…I think Michelle Obama is always wearing something that looks too big or too small.

    I think since she is tall and thin and very fit that eventually her fashion will match her frame and we will just be so blown away that we just can’t stop blogging about it. Sigh…wish she’d picked Reem Acra.

  15. I am so surprised that I didn’t meet Landlocked. I mean there were only thousands of people around 😉

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