Next Target Home Designer (Fab!), Another Gossip Girl Cover

Happy Thursday everyone, we hope today is going swimmingly for you!

We are still aglow about the Lilly Pulitzer Stationery & Gift line we announced we will be carrying in just about two weeks, but other news abounds on the Preppy Planet that we simply must share with you! (Just take a glance at our first and/or second Lilly post if you missed the news yesterday.)

We start with word on Target’s next designer for their home collection: the Orla Kierly Collection for Target will land at your local Tarszay beginning February 1.

Courtesy Racked

TP predicts this collection will be as popular as last year’s Cynthia Rowley group at the Boutique, possibly more so.  It may not resonate as much with those favoring a strictly preppy aesthetic; the colors are more muted than the brights we adore, and the designs do not carry motifs associated with a ‘prep style.’ On the other hand, the lines are very clean; one won’t see a lot of ‘frou frou’ or fussiness with this designer.

The fabulous folks at the Decor8 blog have loads of great images of the Kiely Collection for Target in this post.  For those not as familiar with the company, we share a few looks from their apparel offerings. Below, the Sparkle Cashmere Sweater:

Orly Kiely

Orly Kiely

Some may recognize the more well-known ‘stem’ prints on their bags, totes and other items. Below, the Small Stem Large Tote:


Believe it or not, another Gossip Girl star has landed the cover of fashion magazine. In this case it is a big deal for one Blake Lively, as she is the February cover for Vogue.

Mario Testino for Vogue

Mario Testino for Vogue

In the accompanying feature story Ms. Lively covers all sorts of ground, including topics show-related and fashion-related.

Also in G2 news, some readers may remember our post about a Gossip Girl spinoff; word now that the new show is moving forward. The details are in this story on Us Magazine’s website:

“The new CW pilot will center on a teenage version of Lily van der Woodsen (played by Kelly Rutherford) in Los Angeles in the 1980s.”

“Used to being a ‘have,’ attending a wealthy Montecito boarding school and living the high life, Lily is now forced into being a ‘have not,’ living deep in the Valley she once made fun of, and going to public school,” a Warner Bros. statement read.”


Speaking of “cover girls,” we were delighted to open our T&C Special Issue on Wonder Women and see Diane von Furstenberg!

Town & Country

Town & Country

The special issue comes packaged with the Town & Country Weddings spring issue.  And since we are speaking of Ms. von Furstenberg, we feel compelled to advise you there is an astounding sale on some of the goodies in her online store!   (See our next item, for it also involves this designer!)


Designers who participated in the last year’s Runway to Change fundraising efforts for President-elect Obama are now offering Inaugural items.  Below, the Obama Love Inaugural Tote Bag by Diane von Furstenberg:

Obama Love by Diane von Furstenberg

Obama Love by Diane von Furstenberg

Along with this design from Tory Burch:

Tory Burch - Runway to Change

Tory Burch - Runway to Change

Not for TP, but certainly appealing for others, to be sure.


Are the fashion and retail arenas still rife with what call SOTTs? (Signs of the Times.) Yes. Indubitably. However we elected to stay more upbeat today and avoid dwelling on the Neiman Marcus layoffs, Goody’s bankruptcy filing, or the Gottschalks bankruptcy.

Instead, we’ll share a tidbit about Curtis Sittenfeld, considered one of the more ‘preppy writers’ on the American literary landscape.  The author of “Prep and “American Wife” started an online novella yesterday. As explained on the Slate site, where the novella is running:

“In anticipation of the inauguration, Slate asked Curtis Sittenfeld, whose 2008 novel American Wife chronicled the personal side of politics, to write an original inauguration novella. It will run in five parts, starting today and concluding Tuesday.”

Entitled “All Along, This Was What Was Supposed to Happen: an Inauguration Novella,” the first installment is subtitled “Yes, We Did” and the second, “Got Hope?” How very interesting.

And lest anyone think we forgot, we have nothing new to report on an Inaugural Gown or a daytime look for Michelle Obama.  We did see sketches of designs for Malia and Sasha Obama from the upscale children’s line Bonpoint in a story that ran in WWD this past Monday (the 12th), but were highly suspicious when reading it.

Among other things the story said “the White House stylist” approached the French firm. For openers, we expect the family will be in apparel from American companies. And “the White House stylist” ???  That would be an addition to the staff list we do not expect to see filled.  FYI, the story has been pulled from the Women’s Wear Daily website.

Anywho, we’re out the door. After all, it is a tropical -1 outside, but the sun is brightly shining.  And you know what we always say: “It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity.”


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15 responses to “Next Target Home Designer (Fab!), Another Gossip Girl Cover

  1. No Target up here but I’ll keep my eye out for the new collection! I love the looks of the Sparkle Cashmere sweater – that is a very nifty red!

  2. I admit to being excited about the Orla Kiely collection. Her pieces have snuck up on me, and now I find myself coveting one of those stem totes.

    What I do not covet, however, is seeing the likes of Blake Lively on a “Vogue” cover. I understand that celeb covers sell magazines nowadays, but surely they can find a more, well, mature & proven one than she? I like “GG” and all, and she’s beautiful, but . . .but . . .

    Can’t quite bring myself to check out the Sittenfeld piece. Much as I love some of her work, I tired of her stance on the election stuff.

  3. I really like the first tote bag picture!!! Have a nice Thursday you too!!!

  4. That’s a cute sweater…am I the only one who wishes to see a MODEL on the cover of Vogue?

  5. Finally got the darn catalog! Am interested in seeing her wedding invites now.

  6. Landlocked Mermaid

    Oh oh oh!! I am a huge Orla Kiely fan. I hope they do bags, I pray they do bags. I have the one you posted in yellow.. soo fun and I will be placing my Lilly order through in approx 15 days xo

  7. I’m really excited about the Orla collection…esp. for Spring. As for Blake on the cover of Vogue…eh. She looks a little goofy.

  8. Wonder if Target will carry the darling Kiely luggage/totes, etc.?? I registered my email with your online store!! You know I will be buying my LP from you 🙂 xoxo

  9. I can’t wait for the Orla collection!!

  10. 1. Love that red sweater. It will be mine.
    2. DVF does not at all seem a Town and Country kind of gal to me.
    3. Thanks for the heads up on SIttenfeld novella.

  11. TAG

    Few things…

    That’s Blake Lively?!?!? I saw it at the market from afar and thought it was Cate Blanchett. NOT!

    Love, love love DVF on T&C and the TB Obama tote. Big fan.

    But I love the Preppy Princess even more!

  12. I had to do a double take at the Blake Lively cover. Love that sweater!

  13. I really loved the T&C interview with DVF. She is my personal icon.

  14. That red sweater is adorable. Being tiny, it’s hard to find sweaters that don’t swallow me–that ones looks like it is made for the ‘little ladies’ 😉

  15. Interesting about those Obama bags. I think it’s a tad bit creepy too.

    I am looking forward to seeing the inauguration attire for Michelle Obama. She is so tall…I think the next four years of fashion will be fun.

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