Michael Phelps Resurfaces, Gossip Girl Spinoff & Who is President Obama Wearing to the Inauguration?


If there is anyone on your Christmas or Hanukkah list entranced by superstar Michael Phelps, you face no shortage of gift options.  The Olympic Gold Medalist has been named Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year; the magazine makes an ideal stocking stuffer.  (BTW, if you are wondering what the athlete is holding on the SI cover, it is his Armani dinner jacket.  His soaking wet, dripping, drenched dinner jacket.)

Courtesy SI

PHOTO: Courtesy SI

Below, a photo of Mr. Phelps with his swimming coach Bob Bowman, his mother Debbie and sister Hilary at the SI Sportsman of the Year dinner.

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for Sports Illustrated

PHOTO: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for Sports Illustrated

As an update, Michael’s mother continues her partnership with Chico’s; the Debbie Phelps Collection is still prominently featured on the retailer’s website, although the number of items in the collection seems diminished compared to previous levels.

The Olympic superstar’s new book “No Limits: The Will to Succeed” is out this Tuesday, an ideal gift for any Phelps Phans in your household.


PHOTO: Publishing

And Mr. Phelps is among those featured by GQ (Gentleman’s Quarterly) in their Men of the Year special issue.

GQ/Gentleman's Quarterly

PHOTO: GQ/Gentleman's Quarterly

Many preps will notice the star still wears his Lacoste Trucker hat, including this trip to visit children at New York’s Beth Israel Hospital on Tuesday.  Most will also recognize the distinctive scarf, although we don’t believe Mr. Phelps has an endorsement arrangement with Burberry as he does with Lacoste.

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for Sports Illustrated

PHOTO: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for Sports Illustrated


Also in men’s fashion news, word today which firm President Elect Obama has selected to design his formalwear for the Inauguration. Chicago-based Hart Schaffner Marx is working on his custom-made tuxedo for the Inaugural balls.  Apparently Mr. Obama has not purchased a new tuxedo in fifteen years. We doubt this will be the only addition to the formal apparel hanging in his new walk-in.

Courtesy Hart Schaffner Marx

Courtesy Hart Schaffner Marx

The President’s tuxedo will be a one-button notch-lapel style, it is being made by union employees, and the basic model retails for $895.  One can look at all the particulars here on the Hart Schaffner Marx site; it is also available at Nordstrom.  But what if extreme cold hits the nation’s Capitol?  According to a story in WWD

“Homi Patel, president, chairman and chief executive officer of parent Hartmarx Corp. said he is working with the President-elect’s staff to determine whether Obama will wear a suit with a topcoat to the inauguration ceremony.”

In the interest of full disclosure, we must acknowledge some favoritism toward the brand as the Princess Consort is quite fond of his suits from this retailer.


Two of our delightful readers share comments on their vastly differing experiences with J. Crew following their recent website meltdown.  Miss La Belette Rouge, who first alerted us to the technical problems J. Crew was experiencing, tells us:

“I went to Jcrew yesterday and they adjusted my purchases and gave me the extra 20% off of the things I bought on black friday.”

While the always-wonderful Very Busy Mom with 4 says:

“I am having shipping issues with JCrew–they still have not sent out my stuff. I called and she made the comment that I put in the order on Nov.28 and and that was a Friday and there were no shipments Saturday or Sunday. So I asked about why it was not sent Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday…. She said it would be out today–it better be ;)
Sorry I am still fuming…..”

Clearly J. Crew needs to make things right with all customers deliteriously impacted by the site malfunction.  This is likely to take a substantial cash investment.  As we shared in this post, the company has already spent more than $1,000,000 on “customer accommodations…. and appeasement” following this summer’s technical problems.


An early Christmas gift for Gossip Girl fans: Variety reports a spinoff of the über-hit series is in the works.

“…. sources say a televised “Gossip Girl” spinoff would not be “The It Girl,” nor would it focus on the character of Jenny Humphrey (the character spun off from the “Gossip Girl” books for “The It Girl”), played on TV by Taylor Momsen.

The story also notes the spinoff is likely to focus on one of nine primary characters from the show now on the air.



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13 responses to “Michael Phelps Resurfaces, Gossip Girl Spinoff & Who is President Obama Wearing to the Inauguration?

  1. The order I placed on Tuesday via the Internets was shipped on Friday. I imagine I will get it on Monday. My anger with them has been resolved by knowing I will be getting my Velvet ecole blazer for under $70.

    Thanks for all the great Jcrew coverage. Mwah-mwah!xoxoxo

  2. Appetite For Consumption

    Stephen Lovekin, you are a smart photographer, for these “Michael Phelps and schoolkids” pictures are always a winner. I can’t wait to see our man dressed as Santa Claus!

  3. Amelia

    So excited about the GG spinoff. Thanks for the heads up 🙂

  4. I have to thank you for the Phelps goodness… I was a swimmer for years and years and have been watching him swim for the past 10 years!! I’ve had a crush since I first saw him swim way back when!!

  5. enc

    Poor old J.Crew, they’re really having problems. I bet the bigwigs over there are hopping mad, because jcrew.com were shut down for two days, therefore losing tons of revenue from shoppers who couldn’t shop.

  6. Oh, my heart goes out to the poor stylist on the SI photo shoot!

  7. I sure hope the new GG spinoff is NOT Vanessa. I hate her!

  8. Lovely post!

    ^ I agree. I’m not a fan of Vanessa either.

  9. Thanx for the comment!! Don’t you love etsy??? I’m obsessed!!! I am also obsessed with Michael Phelps…However, that first picture of him, his face looks all jacked up…I’ll admit his face has something to be desired normally….but I can look past (passed?) that 🙂

  10. It’s honestly that tuxedo, and less the swimmer, that’s giving me heart palpitations here. The very picture of perfection. Swoon.

  11. I am SO glad I didn’t splurge at J Crew this season because I’m hearing bad things about their site from all over the blogosphere. My Cole Haan experience was great.

    In re: Obama wearing a suit with a topcoat to his inauguration IMO he’d better. I’m guessing even by Chicago standards, it’s going to be coooold here in DC on January 20th. A nice charcoal grey cashmere topcoat will keep that cold at bay and be something that serves him well for years and years of winters. He won’t have to shop for a new topcoat for years and years, and I understand he hates to shop more than anything.

  12. I love Phelps!!!
    And quick update on JCrew–still a mess. I was on the phone yesterday because some of my items were oddly cancelled for no reason and yes, still not shipped out.
    Guess I am on the phone again 😦

  13. Miss Denim & Pearls, how cool to learn you were a swimmer!

    Miss enc, we’re with you in presuming Mickey Drexler & company are beyond irritated. We would not be surprised to see a Tech Services head or two hit the chopping block.

    Miss Legally Blonde Mel, we are so on the same page! It is heartening to learn we are not the only one underwhelmed by Mr. Phelps’ physique.

    And Miss Vicki, we hear the same thing about his distaste of all things shopping!

    And Miss Lisa, thank you for the update. Hopefully Crew will work things out to your satisfaction. 🙂

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