Preppy Princess Giveaway

We’re just popping in with a quick reminder about our Great Giveaway: be sure to leave a comment sharing one wish you have and you are entered!

Our drawing is scheduled for Wednesday morning, the 10th.  The prize package includes the Princess’s exclusive Have a Whale of a Holiday boxed note card set.

"Whale of a Holiday" Notecards at

"Whale of a Holiday" Notecards at

Also included in this week’s prize package, a set of our plush Classic Guest Towels in the Pink Whale motif.  These are just perfect when friends visit, or as a gift for the nautically inclined in your circle of friends.

Classic Guest Towels at

Classic Guest Towels at

Rounding out the goodies, the Black Baguette market tote from a line we love, Bungalow Scout.


Scout Tote at

Scout Tote at



This is really perfect for carrying things home from the grocery because it is *so* roomy, with more than enough space for a gallon milk to stand up at 12″ x 15″ x 12″, but also very lightweight and easily collapsed.

Here is a sampling of some of the comments we have already received:

The wonderful Winkie Houghton says:

“My wish is for every one to have a wonderful holiday with family & friends, no mater how little or a lot you give or receive this holiday season!!”

And the always-tasteful Nautical by Nature shares:

“I wish that the holidays would just get here already! I am so ready for a vacation )

We can echo that sentiment!

Just leave your wish to enter.  That’s it!  Scribble (in a cyber sort of way) a comment with one wish and you’re in!

We hope everyone enjoys a stellar Monday!


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16 responses to “Preppy Princess Giveaway

  1. My wish for the holiday is that peace and joy to come to our household this Christmas season. My mother has to deal with two college kids coming home, along with my younger sister, and things tend to get really crazy.

  2. I wish I could get through all of the holiday shopping without any more gray hairs!

  3. My personal wish already came true this year 🙂 , so my wish is that the economy is better next year. This Christmas season has been really sad and really puts your own life into perspective. I hope everyone has a happy and healthy holiday :0)

  4. My wish for this Christmas is that we have a peaceful, safe trip to Ohio (and back to Big D)!!!

  5. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!

  6. Marge Wilcox

    May the wonderful colors of preppiness brighten your holiday season!

  7. My wish is that I remember too take time to enjoy the little moments throughout the season. We get so focused on all of our “to-dos” that we forget the reason we are doing things in the first place!

  8. I wish is that everyone would be able to celebrate Christmas with those they love and be thankful for the real meaning of Christmas.

  9. Meg

    My wish is that I can find an amazing present to give my mom now that I’m finally out of college and living on a decent salary!

  10. my wish is to love and be loved as much as possible!

  11. Gosh I don’t think I have entered yet! How forgetful of me!

    I wish that my devil-in-law will manage to keep her devilness in check while we are visiting with Mr. Newlywed’s family over the holidays. If she cannot [and I assume she won’t] I wish that there is enough alcohol available to me to make the experience somewhat tolerable.

  12. hello :] i just wish that everyone has a safe and lovely holiday and i hope that you and yours has a very merry christmas and a happy new year ❤


  13. What a fun giveaway! My wish is a for relaxing, low key holiday.

  14. I’m dreaming of–and wishing for–a white Christmas that will promptly melt the day after!

  15. My wish is that all the people who have recently lost their homes (fire, foreclosure, etc) will have a nice Christmas. Times are so tough lately, even though there may not be TONS of gifts, I hope everyone can appreciate the joy of Christmas this year!!!!

  16. Wishing for the economy fairy to come and fix things!

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