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Fab New Childrens Line, + Preppy Pink & Green

Hello-Hello and Happy Tuesday, we hope everyone is settling into the week, reveling in the waning days of the summer. Sigh.

Does everyone remember how much we all adored the fabulous collection Cynthia Rowley did for Target last summer? We posted about it several times; the name for the line was Whim, a perfect moniker.  Below, a few photos to jog the memory.


Why are we bringing up ancient history? Because we thought readers would be delighted to know that the talented Ms. Rowley has created a children’s line of clothing! Behod :

Courtesy Babies R Us

Courtesy Babies R Us

The line is being sold exclusively at Babies “R” Us, and the pieces are sized for newborns through 4-year-olds.

Courtesy Babies 'R Us

Courtesy Babies 'R Us

The Collection is available online now, and in roughly 150 select stores. It includes everything from clothing to diaper bags, blankets and bibs, but the plan is to ultimately grow the collection to include room decor.

We like the Baby Girls Pretty in Plaid Coverall, and we shall use it as a Pretty in Pink for today.

Babies 'R Us

Babies 'R Us

At a mere $12.99 it seems like a fabulous buy, in 100% cotton flannel.  The line is hypothetically called “Hooray” but we recommend against using that as a search term online, as the results will be non-existent. The better selection for a search term seems to be “Cynthia Rowley”.

And BTW, Ms. Rowley sets an example as a good citizen that we love, as we type she is at the NY Public Library’s Childrens Center teaching basic sewing to kids, how wonderful is that?  (This tidbit courtesy of Mommy Poppins, a glorious site for all manner of fun things and resources in the city.)

Now, we were feeling quite guilty bringing up merchandise that one can no longer purchase at le Boutique (Targèt), until we decided to let our fingers do the typing, and voila!



There are still items from the Whim Collection online, like this much-too-cute Sailboat Tray and Salt/Pepper set! We’re thinking Nautical by Nature already has this in her collection, but if not, methinks the price qualifies as being more than fiscally friendly at only $12.99, yes?

However, lest our treasured readers think we are leading them astray, be advised this is one of the very few Whim pieces left, so let us not unfairly and inappropriately raise hopes.  Sniff.


We have a very quick follow-up to part of yesterday’s post, an inquiry about the designer of the dress worn by Gossip Girl actress Leighton Meester to the Teen Choice Awards. (In the photo below Ms. Meester is seen with co-star Chace Crawford, the dress is the same however as in yesterday’s post.)

PHOTO: Frank Micelotta/TCA

PHOTO: Frank Micelotta/TCA

The question involved the designer of Ms. Meester’s dress, and we had nary an idea until perusing today’s WWD, where we read this story replete with all the info one could possibly need:

“…Meester looked every inch the uptown teen she plays on “Gossip Girl” in a retro-glam, black-and-white-striped Louis Vuitton confection from the label’s cruise collection. (The polkadotted grosgrain ribbon she tied at the straps only upped the prep factor.)”

She does look lovely, doesn’t she?


We wanted to share a few more Pretty in Pink goodies, the first is from our terrific new line of Lake House Designs Magnet Boards:



(Don’t you just love the example used for personalization? Hee-hee. Silly Princess.)

These are all customizeable, you select the font, the ink color and the monogram or name you would like to see on the board. They really are fabulous, but we must query our tasteful readers and ask: by what name do you refer to these items? Magnet Board (our usage), memo board, magnetic memo board…? Other? We are feeling rather incompetent at this juncture and trust you to advise us of the appropriate appellation.

One more PIP, albeit more of a Pretty in Pink…and Green, compliments of the delightful Erin at Pink and Green Scene.

Courtesy HOme Decorating Co. via Pink & Green Scene

Home Decorating Co. via Pink & Green Scene

It is actually far more pinkish as we recall from seeing the set in person, and loads of fun for anyone looking to perk up the boudoir.


We want to close by saying “Hello” and “Thank You” to the delightful young  hostess of Legally Pink and Green, a wonderful blog where they are holding a Giveaway featuring one of our favorite Preppy Calendars.


It is the “Perfectly Preppy” 2010 Wall Calendar from Donovan Designs, and to say it is a symphony in pink and green almost feels like an understatement.

DDwallcalendarJulyClearly perfect for those fond of bright splashes color on the wall!

With this we fly out the door – have a splendid afternoon dollfaces, we hope it is simply glorious!


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Next Target Home Designer (Fab!), Another Gossip Girl Cover

Happy Thursday everyone, we hope today is going swimmingly for you!

We are still aglow about the Lilly Pulitzer Stationery & Gift line we announced we will be carrying in just about two weeks, but other news abounds on the Preppy Planet that we simply must share with you! (Just take a glance at our first and/or second Lilly post if you missed the news yesterday.)

We start with word on Target’s next designer for their home collection: the Orla Kierly Collection for Target will land at your local Tarszay beginning February 1.

Courtesy Racked

TP predicts this collection will be as popular as last year’s Cynthia Rowley group at the Boutique, possibly more so.  It may not resonate as much with those favoring a strictly preppy aesthetic; the colors are more muted than the brights we adore, and the designs do not carry motifs associated with a ‘prep style.’ On the other hand, the lines are very clean; one won’t see a lot of ‘frou frou’ or fussiness with this designer.

The fabulous folks at the Decor8 blog have loads of great images of the Kiely Collection for Target in this post.  For those not as familiar with the company, we share a few looks from their apparel offerings. Below, the Sparkle Cashmere Sweater:

Orly Kiely

Orly Kiely

Some may recognize the more well-known ‘stem’ prints on their bags, totes and other items. Below, the Small Stem Large Tote:


Believe it or not, another Gossip Girl star has landed the cover of fashion magazine. In this case it is a big deal for one Blake Lively, as she is the February cover for Vogue.

Mario Testino for Vogue

Mario Testino for Vogue

In the accompanying feature story Ms. Lively covers all sorts of ground, including topics show-related and fashion-related.

Also in G2 news, some readers may remember our post about a Gossip Girl spinoff; word now that the new show is moving forward. The details are in this story on Us Magazine’s website:

“The new CW pilot will center on a teenage version of Lily van der Woodsen (played by Kelly Rutherford) in Los Angeles in the 1980s.”

“Used to being a ‘have,’ attending a wealthy Montecito boarding school and living the high life, Lily is now forced into being a ‘have not,’ living deep in the Valley she once made fun of, and going to public school,” a Warner Bros. statement read.”


Speaking of “cover girls,” we were delighted to open our T&C Special Issue on Wonder Women and see Diane von Furstenberg!

Town & Country

Town & Country

The special issue comes packaged with the Town & Country Weddings spring issue.  And since we are speaking of Ms. von Furstenberg, we feel compelled to advise you there is an astounding sale on some of the goodies in her online store!   (See our next item, for it also involves this designer!)


Designers who participated in the last year’s Runway to Change fundraising efforts for President-elect Obama are now offering Inaugural items.  Below, the Obama Love Inaugural Tote Bag by Diane von Furstenberg:

Obama Love by Diane von Furstenberg

Obama Love by Diane von Furstenberg

Along with this design from Tory Burch:

Tory Burch - Runway to Change

Tory Burch - Runway to Change

Not for TP, but certainly appealing for others, to be sure.


Are the fashion and retail arenas still rife with what call SOTTs? (Signs of the Times.) Yes. Indubitably. However we elected to stay more upbeat today and avoid dwelling on the Neiman Marcus layoffs, Goody’s bankruptcy filing, or the Gottschalks bankruptcy.

Instead, we’ll share a tidbit about Curtis Sittenfeld, considered one of the more ‘preppy writers’ on the American literary landscape.  The author of “Prep and “American Wife” started an online novella yesterday. As explained on the Slate site, where the novella is running:

“In anticipation of the inauguration, Slate asked Curtis Sittenfeld, whose 2008 novel American Wife chronicled the personal side of politics, to write an original inauguration novella. It will run in five parts, starting today and concluding Tuesday.”

Entitled “All Along, This Was What Was Supposed to Happen: an Inauguration Novella,” the first installment is subtitled “Yes, We Did” and the second, “Got Hope?” How very interesting.

And lest anyone think we forgot, we have nothing new to report on an Inaugural Gown or a daytime look for Michelle Obama.  We did see sketches of designs for Malia and Sasha Obama from the upscale children’s line Bonpoint in a story that ran in WWD this past Monday (the 12th), but were highly suspicious when reading it.

Among other things the story said “the White House stylist” approached the French firm. For openers, we expect the family will be in apparel from American companies. And “the White House stylist” ???  That would be an addition to the staff list we do not expect to see filled.  FYI, the story has been pulled from the Women’s Wear Daily website.

Anywho, we’re out the door. After all, it is a tropical -1 outside, but the sun is brightly shining.  And you know what we always say: “It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity.”


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Target Announces Next Fashion Designer & Update on Whim Line by Cynthia Rowley

Isaac Mizrahi for Target Seersucker DressIsaac Mizrahi for Target Sheath Dress

Despite Target’s protestations that they wouldn’t need any new designers to replicate Isaac Mizrahi’s success, news came yesterday the discount retailer has indeed signed a new designer. Target announced they have signed Jonathan Saunders for their next GO Collection line. The British designer is not well know in the States, or in most of the world for that matter, having shown his first collection at Fashion Week just this February.

Jonathan Saunders Dress Jonathan Saunders Fall Line 08/09 Dress

Mizrahi’s design philosophy seems quite the opposite of Saunders, whose work is seen above. Mizrahi describes his aesthetic by saying: “I love great color, and clean simple lines.” In contrast, when looking at the Saunders work we are reminded of the famous advertising slogan: “How do we do it? Volume, volume, volume!” This of course refers to the sheer volume of material and number of design elements visible in Saunders Fall/Winter 08/09 Collection.

JOnathan Saunders Spring 2008 Dress Jonathan Saunders

The Princess also viewed some of this Spring’s line from Saunders; some of his work is simply fabulous. The Princess can actually visualize herself in a few of the gowns. However the majority of his pieces are simply too fussy-fussy and frou-frou for us. Sigh. Seeing how the Saunders’ work sells for Target will be most intriguing. We close this topic with two more looks at Saunders’ fall line before moving on to our much-loved Whim Collection from Cynthia Rowley.

Jonathan Saunders Coat Dress Jonathan Saunders Dress

Now for our next topic: regular readers know The Princess has been absolutely gaga over the Cynthia Rowley Whim line at Target; frankly, we believe most of the line qualifies as Prepalicious! The bright and bouncy collection that includes everything from pink madras buckets, brightly striped coolers, sailing motif picture frames. We’ve been a tad worried the retailer might run out of some of the more critical items before the Memorial Day buying begins, as it seems things have just been flying off the shelves!

Whim Pink Madras Plaid Bucket Target Cynthia Rowley Whim Line Cynthia Rowley Whim Target Cooler

The Princess learned today from a *very good source* inside the company that more merchandise continues to be shipped in almost daily. Those big Target semi-trucks you see on the highway are delivering loads of merchandise and workers are getting it out on the shelves as quickly as possible. Nothing is being kept back; it is all going out to make it easier for those of us a little bit in love with the line to snag those pieces we’re still looking for! Whew… that is good news. You can never have too many acrylic glasses for summer parties, right? The Princess had been somewhat concerned the situation was more of a “this is all there is folks” circumstance. We leave you for the time being with a few more photos of our very favorite line. BTW, Cynthia Rowley fans might want to peek at her website for a good look at her current and upcoming Iines; you can even shop at her online store!

Cynthia Rowley for Target Whim Dinnerware Whim by Cynthia Rowley Acrylic Glasses


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