The First Family Does Talbots & J. Crew, Our New Nantucket Collection

Hello-Hello, and apologies for the lack of a post yesterday! We can only  attribute it to loads of Princess personalization ordering and the Lilly pre-orders, yikes!
Sadly we start with something transcending a fashion faux-pas dollfaces, more like a fashion disaster In Our Most Humble of Opinions.  Sigh.  Behold actress Hayden Panettiere Monday on her way to tape the David Letterman show.
While we understand Ms. Panettiere’s need to promote her new film, is the sheer Caroline Seikaly dress even remotely appropriate for someone not yet 20 years old?  This is eerily reminscent of the dress (seen here) worn by Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester at an MTV awards show in June. Harrumph!
Speaking of television shows featuring fashions of a preppish nature, NY Magazine has an in-depth review of last night’s NYC Prep for those following that train wreck. (As many readers have referred to it.)
On a more upbeat note, the marketing minds at Talbots must have been thrilled to see First Lady Michelle Obama in their rose print dress again, worn this Sunday when boarding Air Force One on the way to Moscow.
Photo: Luis M. Alvarez/AP

Photo: Luis M. Alvarez/AP

BTW, the Talbots Clearance Sale now offers an additional 25% off already reduced prices, making the dress seen above $89.99; it was originally priced at $169.99.

Once arriving in Moscow Sasha and Malia Obama exited the plane in J. Crew.
PHOTO: Sergei Guneev/AFP/Getty

PHOTO: Sergei Guneev/AFP/Getty

Malia was wearing the Silk Taffeta Trench ($298) and Sasha wore the Girls Crushed Twill Trench (now on sale at $129.99).  Both girls also wore ballet flats from Crew; Sasha in the Printed Minna Flat (left, $98-$108) and Malia in the Womens Black Satin Flats with Contrast Trim (lower right, $98).

And a reminder that J. Crew is also doing a Clearance Sale, with an additional 20% off already reduced merchandise; use promo code EXTRA20 when checking out to receive the discount.
Remember Hadley-Pollet, the firm doing reversible ribbon belts, as well as totes? If you are a fan of the brand and in the Boston area, the company is having their first sample sale in years this Friday and Saturday.
The place to be for the bargains is 230 Newbury St.
We close with something ever-so-fun, a new collection at the Princess! Our Susan Wallace Barnes line features scenes from one of our favorite spots, Nantucket! Below we share an image from the Susan Wallace Barnes 2010 Desktop Art Calendar:
Susan Wallace Barnes at

Susan Wallace Barnes at

We love the bright, vibrant colors and seashore scenes, they just make us smile, and smiles make us happy, happy, happy. (We know, it doesn’t take a lot, does it?!)
The Note Cubes are loads of fun too, and a delightful hostess gift. (At only $14, they are also fiscally friendly.)
Nantucket Notecubs at

Nantucket Notecubes at

These come finished with a beautiful blue grosgrain ribbon bow, a really cute touch.  The Boxed Note Cards have more island scenes, including an adorable pink station wagon!
Susan Wallace Barnes at

Susan Wallace Barnes at

We’re so ga-ga over that vintage wagon with the wood panels we are takiing executive action and making it today’s Pretty in Pink.

Susan Wallace Barnes at

Susan Wallace Barnes at

We shall leave you with that cheery beach scene, hoping your afternoons are filled with summer splendor!


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17 responses to “The First Family Does Talbots & J. Crew, Our New Nantucket Collection

  1. It’s a brave soul who wears a sheer dress in bright daylight!

  2. LPC

    Oh Michelle and the girls look so beautiful! My mother had a dress like that flowered one, in the 50’s. I never thought the day would come in my lifetime when I would be sighing over First Lady style.

  3. I’ve had a note cube by susan wallace burnes for a while and i’ve LOVED it! old school woody wagon on the side of a beach scene. it graces my kitchen counter!

  4. Would also tend to agree that HP’s dress is the better part of a decade or two too old for her. Not that you can’t wear sophisticated clothes while you’re young, but this is the Letterman show, not the White House Correspondent’s Dinner- have a little fun with your outfit!

    Your Lilly pre-order reminded me that I need to place mine, NOW! DMM and I both cannot live without Lilly thermal mugs! You will have to guess which one is for whom 😉


  5. MCW

    I think Talbot’s can be a little stuffy a lot of times, but Ms. Obama wears it so well!
    Do you think J.Crew give the president a nice little discount?
    Have a fabulous Wednesday!

  6. I love the vintage wagon note cards. So cute and preppy!

    Michelle looks great in that dress from Talbot’s and I agree that Hayden was a dress don’t in that outfit.

  7. Someone should tell Hayden, (her mother), that a dress like that should only be worn at night by someone with far more sophistication, (age), than she.
    Love the Nantucket line, pretty and classic.
    Oh, and I am going to the NYC show in August- I’ll report back!

  8. I love the Susan Wallace Barnes prints. I may just have to ad one to my desk.

  9. Hi! How are you? I have messaged our winner of the red,white, and blue giveaway, but she has not sent me her address. I will forward to you as soon as I get it!!

    Love your post today – as usual! xoxo

  10. I am going to Talbot’s. That is a cute dress. I like it with the yellow. She always looks amazing. It is so great to have such a chic first lady.

  11. Thank you for sharing about the Hadley Pollet sample sale in Boston! That’s amazing and looonnnnggg overdue. I will be heading in town for the Tall Ships and will be sure to stop by!

  12. Too funny, TP – I just did a post snarking about that very sort of sheer dress Ms. Panetierre is wearing! Had I seen this first, of course I would have linked to you. In any event, I feel the need to evoke one of your “Help me to understand”s about this entire trend.

    Hope you’re having a wonderful day!

  13. I just love the stylish and classy look of our First Lady! …and clearly the pride she shows in dressing her two young girls. I do like the Talbot’s line very much and fine sizing to fit me very well.
    As for Miss Hayden….what more can we really say?
    Love the SWB prints very much!

  14. I am loving your new collection. Will definitely get some when I move to my new place (eventually 😉

  15. I bet that dress won’t last long at Talbots. I love the girls trench dresses, so classic.

  16. I just love that the Obama’s dress like the rest of us.

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