Help Me Understand, Lilly Pulitzer Calling Cards & Address Labels

Hello-Hello everyone! How are we all doing now that we’re approaching midweek?

Today we really aren’t covering much of anything one might consider preppy. Not really. Not unless one considers our first topic borderline preppish, only because the subject is affiliated with a certain faux-prep school television show we continually natter on about.

Okay now.  Not to sound like a crankenstein (translation: stand by for complaints peaking the Crank-o-Meter in the red zone, honestly, what a whiner), but upon seeing photos of Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester in this… ah, wearing this… well, we are clearly lacking nouns by which one could refer to such a… umm, such a garment. How’s that?

Before seeing the photos most relevant to our decision that this episode be officially classified as a “Help Me Understand,” we want to share a few other images to make the point that we find the actress to be absolutely beautiful.  And we thought Ms. Leighton looked stunning.

PHOTO: Reuters

From the neck up.

PHOTO: Kevin Winter/Getty
PHOTO: Kevin Winter/Getty

And perhaps even from the side… kind of, sort of, maybe.

PHOTO: Matt Sayles/AP
PHOTO: Matt Sayles/AP

However, these first photos don’t actually reveal the depth and breadth lacking in said garment.

WARNING: The following photos are NSFW.

PHOTO: Jason Merritt/Getty
PHOTO: Jason Merritt/Getty


PHOTO: Jason Merritt/Getty
PHOTO: Jason Merritt/Getty

The Garment was worn to Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards; the photos prompted PTDD (Post Taumatic Dress Disorder) flashbacks, eerily reminiscent of the Blake Lively Romper Episode.

We recognize we’re not exactly the demo sought by the MTV pooh-bahs. Nor are we anything remotely resembling hip or slick or cool or stylish, but we didn’t think we had gone over to the dark side, you know, the dreaded old fuddy-duddy part of the planet.

Is it us, dolls? Our upbringing? Our age? We implore you: help us understand.

On a side note, we are ever-so-excited this morning because we finally learned what NSFW means! The Spousal Unit explained it once he collected himself after hearing TP trying to sort it out solo. A few guesses we actually thought were possibilities before crumbling and asking for assistance:

  • Not Safe for Women
  • No Situations for Work
  • No Sly Favors Wanted
  • National Sillies from Women (?)

Please don’t laugh until we’ve left the room, we already feel utterly uncool and clueless. Sigh.


In other fashion news, word today from Wal-Mart they will be carrying a new line just in time for back to school shopping. It will be created by…

PHOTO: Courtesy Wal-Mart/PRNewsFoto
PHOTO: Courtesy Wal-Mart/PRNewsFoto

teen superstar Miley Cyrus and Max Azria, perhaps best known for his BCBG line.  This news comes on the heels of yesterday’s announcement by the Disney Channel that Hannah Montana returns for Season 4 this fall.  In the photo above Ms. Cyrus is wearing pieces from the new collection.  From the Walmart snooze release news release:

“The line will arrive in all Walmart stores and on in early August, and includes tops, pants, graphic tees, shoes and accessories, all priced less than $20.”


A quick couple of Sales & Savings to pass along:

Garnet Hill is offering loads of markdowns in their Childrens’ department, and eLuxury is promoting an Extra 40% Off and complimentary shipping for orders totaling more than $100, but the eLuxury promotion ends tonight at midnight.

Brooks Brothers is pushing deeper discounts at their online only clearance; J. Crew is touting the addition of more merchandise to their sale section.

Additionally, Lands’ End is offering “Save 20% to 40% Off Dresses, Pants, Skirts, & Shorts,” while competitor LL Bean is promoting “Savings up to 60%” on their site.


In honor of today’s kickoff at the Lilly Pulitzer Warehouse Sale we’ll share one of this week’s best additions to the Princess Shoppe, the Lilly Labels and Calling Cards!

Lilly Labels/Stickers in Patchtastic

The calling cards are printed on thick card stock, very posh IOHO. There are so many fabulous designs it is impossible to select just one favorite!  We adore the navy blue and hot pink used in Cloud Nine, so much so we will dub it today’s Pretty in Pink.


Lilly Pulitzer Cloud NIne

But then, we’ve always been a little crazy for Loco Patch too. (Ahem, it would appear that Silly Princess somehow got out today.)

Lilly Pulitzer Loco Patch

Lilly Pulitzer Loco Patch

And there are another twenty-plus divine designs on the site, there really aren’t any we don’t like. Decisions, decisions. Sigh.

Smiles dollfaces, we are way too far behind in our duties here at the Prepatarium, we must scramarama! Don’t forget to share your wisdom on The Garment issue, we have an expiring mind dying to know!


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21 responses to “Help Me Understand, Lilly Pulitzer Calling Cards & Address Labels

  1. I think Leighton’s going for a little Lady Gaga as she’s coming out with an album soon, or maybe it’s already released?!

  2. That dress is beyond awful. Seriously. I dare say unwearable. The only woman who could get away with it? Victoria Beckham.

    The calling cards are SO CUTE. Hmm…I am only a few weeks away from needing new ones. I believe I know which ones I shall order.

  3. Where’s the rest of her dress? And the calling cards are to die for!

  4. I’m glad I found ya’ll again!

  5. mary anne

    WHAT WAS SHE THINKING????????????? Let’s hope her mother didn’t see her leaving the house! Good taste never goes out of style, but bizarre outfits leave trails of a misspent youth

  6. Oh my! leighton needs more coverage!
    I have noticed that more and more women hand out personal cards with their phones numbers and email. It makes life easier and the lily p’s make life prettier!

  7. a.

    The dress is a disaster.

    LOVE the calling cards!!!

  8. It looks like her arch nemisis from Gossip Girl, Georgina, clawed her dress to death before she got out of the limo! Uh. What happened? I am NOT a fan of this look – it’s Waaaay too rock n roll / nudist camp for my taste. Hopefully she’ll redeem her fashion faux soon 🙂

  9. Calling Cards = Lilly Pulitzer receives another A+

    Leighton {whom I think is darling} = F- Flunked Out of Preppy 101’s Fashion Class

    I suspect she was making an attempt – futile as it turned out to be IMO – to be hip with the MTV crowd. Hopefully, she will soon realize that she need not “go changing” to “try to please” the crowds 😉

  10. Wow! I didn’t see the back and sides of that dress elsewhere….well, she certainly has a well-shaped bottom! We can say that for a fact.

  11. Thank you so much for stopping by!

  12. Queen Mother

    The Queen Mother would NEVER have permitted the Princes to even THINK about leaving the castle in that hideous black thing!

  13. Thank you, preppy princess!

  14. The dress is simply in very poor taste. Love your website!

  15. Love the calling cards! Oh Leighton, I do not like the dress. Not one bit.

  16. Ooh, those calling cards are darling! My friends are split on this – some think they’re old-fashioned, but I want something other than my work cards to hand out at social events. These are too cute.

    What is not up for debate is Meester’s, ahem, dress there. Apparently she has an upcoming album to promote, so my guess is she’s intentionally breaking from the UES, headband-wearing Blair look. I don’t know why baring herself in public was necessary, but you know what they say about no press being bad press or whatever . . .

  17. I am going to have to torder the calling cards for my bff who i already ordered the crown for(who, might I add, screamed when she opened it and told her mom I give the best presents ever!!)

    and leighton is trying SOOO hard ot make sure people realize she is not blair waldorf

  18. Leighton’s dress is just hideous! Who designed it? I did not see the MTV awards. I feel like it gets worse and worse each year as they try to push the envelope.

    I don’t know what NSFW stands for either. Gosh, I must be out of the loop!

    Have a great week!

  19. KK

    You’re not really going to leave me hanging like that are you? You should assume that if you don’t know what those letters stand for, I (being terribly uncool) don’t either. Seriously…what does it mean?!

    LOVE the calling cards!! Fabulous!

  20. When that Gossip Girl crowd gets it wrong, they get it REALLY wrong!

  21. Hi Princess, C&T Publishing has just released a really stylish Old Fashion Calling Card book called “Calling Cards, Connect with Style” It has 200 cards with 40 vintage designs that are ready to use. Learn more about it here:
    Would you be interested in reviewing it on your website? I could send you one.

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