Tiffany Makes the Princess Pout

Hello and happy Thursday!

Today we are doing the post in two parts, so that those not interested in listening to our tale of trauma can scoot over here and read all about sales of a Preptastic sort and gaze upon the loveliness of pink and green shoes you may actually want to wear!

Today we are being completely self-centered, wallowing in self-pity. We will also advise readers up front we are more than a little peeved at one of our formerly-favorite retailers, Tiffany. (Please note emphasis on “formerly”.) Why?



That would be a photo of Tiffany Blue Band china, and we are violating our self-imposed policy of not boring readers with tedious details about our more-than-pedestrian lives in order to share something we would never have revealed previously because we are just. So. Boring.  Who cares what dinnerware is used here at the Prepatorium for more formal occasions..? Perzactly.

Those who follow us on Twitter already know the news: we learned yesterday our pattern has been discontinued. Under normal circumstances we might be a tad despondent about this, but would move quickly to decision-making mode and go on to the next step.  But then, this would hinge on one’s definition of “normal” when dealing with Tiffany these days. For us “normal” meant the company keeping its word regarding policies on customer notification in the unlikely event of a pattern’s discontinuance.

You see, when registering with the company shortly after our engagement, we were assured multiple times that we would receive “proper notice” should this happen. Naturally we were advised of this in the borderline-arrogant tones Tiffany is accused of employing at times with customers, the supercilious “Ah, do you not know with whom you are dealing? This is Tiffany, dear, and we rarely retire patterns. Frankly, we are a little surprised you feel the need to question us about such an unlikely occurrence. But I assure you, of course you will be notified if such a thing is to happen.” (For full impact, insert salesperson’s nose-in-air sniff here.)

Suffice it to say no such notification occurred, nor is there any sign such efforts were made by the retailer. We only discovered the Blue Band’s fate when looking for something entirely unrelated at the website.  After completing our initial task we scooted over to the china department to look at possible additions to our set. Not seeing the pattern online, we thought it best to call the company, laughing internally at our alarmist reaction.

Imagine our dismay at being advised the pattern has been discontinued. After regaining motor skills that allowed us to speak, we made the standard inquiries: when was it discontinued, how can I buy pieces, what-do-you-mean-there-are-no-pieces-anywhere-in-any-warehouse-or-secret-hiding-place?

A darling young lady at the call center did her best, saying “We are emailing customers to let them know.” When we  explained, “But you don’t have my email, there is now way you could ….hello?” she resorted to the dreaded hold function. All we can say is the conversation did not improve. At any point.

There you have it. And yes, we are fully cognizant the world is awash in problems of a vastly more serious nature. We comprehend all this but are still going to pout for at least another day, as it really isn’t about the china pattern at all. Of course not.

It is about losing yet another relic of a more refined and genteel time, when service was provided as a matter of personal pride, a time when we respected ourselves and others more than we seem to now. And it is about the years we have defended Tiffany’s customer service when many consider that phrase an oxymoron. And it is about letting go of the delusion that certain establishments and institutions are the same special places of our youth; they are not, nor will they be.

In an interesting twist, today’s Journal has an outstanding story from the Cranky Consumer (one of our favorite columns), The Dish on Replacing Chipped China.

In today’s vernacular, the Princess needs to get over it.  We’re working on it.

End of whine-a-thon. We apologize for the self-indulgence and extend our gratitude to those kind readers with enough fortitude to continue reading.


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  1. There are several websites available that cater to discontinued china. I have an antique set of Noritake china and I was able to replace a tea cup and platter without much trouble. Hopefully, you will be able to find replacements when you need them (because you will!). It is such a bummer that Tiffany is being such a bi-atch. The nerve!

  2. I understand your being upset. And I also understand what this is really about – the rude behavior in today’s society that is becoming the norm. Funny how many, many times when I deal with a sales associate or customer service associate or the person on the other end of a call to order this or that, I come away saying to myself, “this person hates his/her job.”

  3. ha-ha I now see why you follow my sister’s blog (piece of coconut) and why she follows yours…in fact I have a slight suspicion that you may be one in the same….which may further prove my theory that I am SO adopted! hahahaaaa, except that I am crazy about pink & green.

  4. TP, you couldn’t be pedestrian if you tried, but I do adore your modesty.

    I was so sorry to hear about this. What a gorgeous pattern! On the other end, how upsetting to receive such terrible service. I suspect that the more companies are bought up by luxury conglomerates, the less it becomes about the service that made some of those companies stand out to begin with.

  5. I am so sorry. Even though there are always ways of filling out your set (ebay, the websites GingerSnap suggested), I would be, ahem, through the roof, if Gorham discontinued the Strasbourg silver pattern I have been collecting since I was a teenager.

  6. TCP

    You already know how I feel about the china specifically, but I must agree with you about the overall decline in service at T&Co. It just isn’t what it once was…

  7. How truly awful! I hate poor customer service. I mean, we all have bad days, but it’s their job to treat you with the most respect possible & do whatever they can to help. Right? Well, good luck to you on your journey towards a new pattern or hunting down existing sets of these! They are beautiful….

  8. Tiffany & co. can succkk itt. *haha!* Their website is frustratingly s-l-o-w. I’m confident you’ll be able to buy the pieces you need elsewhere, but completely sympathize with your rotten customer service experience. The ignorance/arrogance combo is quickly becoming the norm, yes, even among so-called ‘better’ retailers.

  9. I have a little ist for you on my blog!!

  10. PS: *gift*.
    PSS: Sorry for the mistake!!

  11. No – that is tragic. We have been there too . . . with our Denby tableware (also blue, don’t great minds think alike???). We are able to find pieces around and on ebay, but were devastated that we weren’t informed of the set being discontinued by the Canadian retailer from whom we purchased them. Yes, service is sliding so downhill lately that one day soon it will abruptly hit the bottom with a resounding THUD. It’s really disheartening.

    Tiffany could learn some wonderful customer service tips from you 🙂

  12. So sorry to read this! I was in love with a Tiffany china pattern only to find out it was being discontinued. I did not find Tiffany & Co to be very helpful when I was talking to customer service about it. When I asked about completing our pattern after the wedding I was told that “if you don’t get all the china and we have none of the pattern left you could return what you received and exchange it for a bracelet or something”. Umm, no thanks.

  13. Muffy cares about your plates. I am SOOO upset they DISCOUNTINUED your pattern! HOW TRAUMATIC for you!!!!

  14. I’m so sorry!

    Service these days… A lot to be desired. I’m always taken aback when I get good service, such a rarity it seems. And when I do, I always comment on how wonderful it is.

  15. Oh how I have been THERE. My Tiffany pattern is still intact but a Royal D pattern which was an everyday sort of affair and $25 a stem was 86’d and is now – brace yourself – $110 a stem (far outgunning the Tiffany now). I posted on this in outrage also. I feel your pain Princesses…

  16. I get why you’re upset! I do like your impression of the sales clerk though!

  17. Oh no! I’m sorry that happened!

    It’s truly a beautiful pattern!

  18. MrsH

    Hey there. It happened to us to. My husband and I went with King William silver over something by Old Newbury. La Tiff discontinued it last year. The explanation was that “the consumer is moving away from fine silver in general.”

    Then, about a month ago, my sister-in-law called with the bad news about our china patterns. We had both selected Tiff patterns with plans to add over time. Plus, we’d use it for frequent entertaining over our more special inherited china because of what we were advised was its inherent replaceability. But now, La Tiff disappoints again. She had the same pattern as you and I have been collecting Audubon as my fun and fancy set.

    My mother squeeked to her connections and was informed that Limoges is closing the factory in France that makes certain Tiff patterns. Limoges is relocating that factory to a location that La Tiff feels will not have the same level of quality control.

    It is a sh*t show of customer service (joining the ranks of MIchael C. Fina which has yet to make good on some wedding presents for us) and general brand disappointment and deflation.

    Say hello to the lowest common denominator.

  19. I am so sorry that your pattern has been discontinued. I cannot believe how it was handled by Tiffany either. What a let down. Why companies do not try to exceed our expectations, particularly in this economy, is questionable.

    With all that said, consider Replacements Limited when you decide to add additional pieces to your collection. They really do have wonderful customer service and are so easy to work with. I grew up not far from Replacements and have enjoyed watching it grow into the mega-company it is today.

    I hope you have had a nice weekend!

  20. Bridget

    The same thing happened to me! My favorite china pattern, Tiffany “Federal” was also discontinued. So now I have to switch my registry to something else and return what was bought at my engagement party and for Christmas. I feel your pain.

  21. Stacy

    I feel your pain. I have an incomplete palladium rim china set from Tiffany. I am not sure if I am going to return it or hope that I will be able to find missing pieces in the future. Yes, I receive the same assurance when I registered my pattern that I would be informed of any changes/ discontinuations. It really sucks and Tiffany’s is no longer one of my favorite stores

  22. Mary

    You can still find some of the china patterns mentioned above on the Tiffany Canada website.

  23. CW

    I have just had the same thing happen with my pattern, Palm. I simply cannot fathom why Tiffany would not notify customers using their registry information! Nothing for me on Replacements either– it’s very distressing. If they’d just notified me, I would have made completing my set a priority.

  24. MHS

    I feel your pain. I married 4 years ago and chose the Tiffany Blue Band china pattern as our pattern. I didn’t get all the place settings but I thought, no biggie, we can add when we want. We traveled from Ohio to the Tiffany’s on 5th Ave in NYC to register and to purchase our wedding rings. The sales assoc. NEVER told me this pattern could be discontinued. She said we could add to it over time which we intended to do! Last night I went on the website to ask for some for Christmas and couldn’t find it. I called customer service who apologized but didn’t seem as upset as I was and I burst into tears on the phone! They told me to try and there is virtually NOTHING there! Then they tried to appease me telling me I could return the china I have and get a merchandise certificate to put towards a new pattern. I looked online and the new patterns are ATROCIOUS! Toille patterns and Chinese patterns that look like my grandma! Not to mention the $500 to $1,000 price tag PER DINNER PLATE! And no thanks, I’m not going to turn in the china to get a merchandise credit for a piece of jewelry. 1) the fine guests of my wedding did not generously buy me china to eventually get jewelry and 2) every time I would look at the jewelry I would think of the horrible experience with my china pattern! I am ABSOLUTELY outraged!
    Tiffany’s used to be my favorite store where all of my jewelry came from including my engagement and wedding rings. Now I’m going to think twice before I shop there again.

  25. I just found your blog while searching for answers to the same problem with Tiffany. I now own an incomplete set of Platinum Band china and I had no idea it was being discontinued until last week. The girl on the phone said they would have sent me an email. I asked her when I would have received the email, and she said, “I wanna say…. like a year ago.” !!!! I was so upset and at the same time, thinking, this is great, who on earth can I complain to without sounding like a total spoiled princess. Do you have any ideas about where to find recently discontinued Tiffany china? Replacements doesn’t help. Thanks for listening.

  26. Sheila

    Hi Mrs. H, I have a large collection of Tiffany Limoges Audubon china for sale. Contact me if you want to know more about it all. Thanks, Sheila

    MrsH Says:

    March 22, 2009 at 4:16 pm
    Hey there. It happened to us to. My husband and I went with King William silver over something by Old Newbury. La Tiff discontinued it last year. The explanation was that “the consumer is moving away from fine silver in general.”

    Then, about a month ago, my sister-in-law called with the bad news about our china patterns. We had both selected Tiff patterns with plans to add over time. Plus, we’d use it for frequent entertaining over our more special inherited china because of what we were advised was its inherent replaceability. But now, La Tiff disappoints again. She had the same pattern as you and I have been collecting Audubon as my fun and fancy set.

    My mother squeeked to her connections and was informed that Limoges is closing the factory in France that makes certain Tiff patterns. Limoges is relocating that factory to a location that La Tiff feels will not have the same level of quality control.

    It is a sh*t show of customer service (joining the ranks of MIchael C. Fina which has yet to make good on some wedding presents for us) and general brand disappointment and deflation.

    Say hello to the lowest common denominator.

  27. Sheila

    Hi Mrs H., I have Audubon Limoges China by Tiffany, a lot, for sale. Please let me know if you are interested.

    MrsH Says:
    March 22, 2009 at 4:16 pm
    Then, about a month ago, my sister-in-law called with the bad news about our china patterns. We had both selected Tiff patterns with plans to add over time. Plus, we’d use it for frequent entertaining over our more special inherited china because of what we were advised was its inherent replaceability. But now, La Tiff disappoints again. She had the same pattern as you and I have been collecting Audubon as my fun and fancy set.

  28. Anonymous

    I, too, never received notice on my pattern cancelation. Words can’t describe my rage, but I do want to tell you girls about a very wonderful lady at my Tiffany’s who has scraped together pieces for me where other associates have said “If it just says there’s one in the computer system it means it’s broke or probably on “hold” for someone.” Carmen, has dredged the stores and found a few pieces hear and there for me. Frankly if it wasn’t for her, I would have written Tiffany’s off as a cheap excuse for a “chain jeweler” Thank you for letting me vent!

  29. Sir Douglas

    Sheila said:
    December 31, 2009 at 7:19 pm
    Hi Mrs H., I have Audubon Limoges China by Tiffany, a lot, for sale. Please let me know if you are interested.

    Hi Sheila! I am very interested in purchasing more Audubon Limoges pieces. Please let me know what pieces you have. You can contact me via email: Thank you!

  30. ShannonN


    I am looking for the Audobon collection. Please email me at with details.

    Thanks in advance and sorry for the non-interested parties reading this!


  31. kontessa

    I found out today that my wedding china was also discontinued! It was Tiffany & Co Trellis Garden. I am in love with it, my parents couldn’t afford a 12 place setting set so they bought us 6. I just saved up to buy the rest only to find it discontinued and gone! Have been in tears all day. I had visions of handing it down to my daughter and now its gone!

  32. kontessa

    Very interested in tiffany’s trellis garden china. Please email me

  33. Heather

    I am VERY eager to purchase Audubon pieces. Please contact me with any information. Pleeeeeeeease!

    Thank you!

  34. Stacy Alyea

    I found your website after googling Tiffany platinum band china. It is a shame that T&Co has discontinued this pattern. I too am in a bind as I would like to add a few more place settings to my set. I tried and they do not have any of the T&Co in stock. If anyone has extras they are willing to sell, please contact me at


    Weare also in need of additional pieces of Tiffany&Company Platinum Band and can’t seem to find any more place settings and other extra pieces. T&C said we could send it back but they were gifts. We are on the list at T&C in the event anyone should return anything. If you have any as new place settings or extra pieces email us. It might be just what we need and just what you want to get rid of.


    Have any extra place settings or serving pieces of DESIGNED BY TIFFANY & COMPANY PLATINUM BAND, LIMOGES-FRANCE china, so we can complete our set? Please let us know what you have available. We’re interested and anxious to hear from you.

    You can email us at:

  37. Stephanie

    Hey all:

    I have a bunch of Tiffany’s platinum band china, an incomplete set, that I am looking to sell. I think I have about 10 dinner plates, salad plates, 6 or so tea cups and saucers, maybe 8 bowls, a serving platter, and a sugar bowl. Please contact me at regarding the items. Thanks!

  38. Stephanie

    Whoops! I have a bunch of Tiffany’s Palladium Platinum Rim china, which I think is different from the Platinum Band. Please email me at if you are interested. Thanks!

  39. kontessa

    I am looking desperately for tiffany trellis. Its the one with blue flowers. Pleeeeeeeeeease contact me if you have any pieces. Thank you


    Looking for the following to complete my Aunt’s DESIGNED BY TIFFANY & COMPANY PLATINUM BAND, LIMOGES-FRANCE china:


    If you have any of these items please notify me at:





  42. Heather

    Still looking for any and all AUDUBON pieces that might be out there.

    Boo hoo! Please help!

    Contact me with anything you have or anything you come across in your travels. Thanks so much!

  43. Betsy


    I am in the same camp as you all – I turned to Tiff for my bridal pattern AUDUBON and naively thought I would be able to add to my pattern at any time. That’s why you go with Tiffany, right?? Because of its long history of customer service and dependability?? Ha!!! I wasn’t informed when the pattern was discontinued either and am now desperately trying to complete the set.

    If anyone has Audubon china to sell please contact me at

    Thanks so much.

  44. Lance


    Looking for Tiffany & Company PLATINUM BAND china soup bowls. Please email me if you have any or know anyone that has any to sell. Thanks.

  45. AUTUMN





  46. Pamela

    If anyone has any more Tiffany Audubon for sale, please would you contact me? I’ve just realized that my pattern was discontinued and found my way to this thread.

  47. Piper Engels

    I have spent the day in a depressed state trying to find TIFFANY FEDERAL to finish our registry from 9 years ago. Reading all the comments above….I’m now crying. I spoke with all the people you’ve mentioned including customer service and a personal shopper at the Fifth Avenue store. I also received the optimistic suggestion to check There is nothing there.

    Here is my desperate plea, if anyone out there wants to sell TIFFANY FEDERAL pieces, please contact me.

  48. LegallyBrunette

    All! I feel your pain! My husband I registered for PLATINUM BAND (with dots on edge) 10 years ago when Marshall Fields was still in business and carrying Tiffany China. Celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary last year, I thought it would be wonderful to complete our set with all of the “extra” pieces. When browsing the website last year, I noticed that the pattern was removed from the website. Also in a panic, I called CS, and they were able to find some pieces in NY for me. Completely desperate after investing so much in my pattern (and loving it, no less), I called the Canada store b/c I noticed that they had some pieces left on their site. Since I learned the patterned had been discontinued (I, too, did not receive notification), I called Canada and purchased just about every piece I could get my hands on (and took a few months to pay for it!). Although the saleswoman was hesitant to export to the US, I think she spoke with her manager (I was almost in tears), and they agreed to send me the pieces they could find. Point being … if you are still looking, try calling the NY store. If they cannot help you, try Vancouver! If your order is big enough, perhaps they will ship to you, as well. In the alternative, if anyone is looking to sell random pieces, please post back to this blog, and I would certainly be willing to purchase them from you. I know it is heartbreaking to think there is no solution–I feel the same as all of you. If you need item numbers for any of the items, I found our registry that has the Tiffany Item Nos. for all of the pieces. I know has nothing right now. Every time they do get something in, it is snatched up immediately. Good luck. Please let me know if you find it necessary to part with the pieces you have.

  49. AUTUMN

    To Legally Brunette:
    I got so excited when I saw the words “PLATINUM BAND”. Have you been checking Ebay for Tiffany & Co Platinum Band (with the dots)? Just this past week some pieces were sold “cheap”, i.e. sugar & creamer (for under $50.00 I think), charger plate (buffet serving plate), and several other basic pieces, although there are no pieces on there right now. I could use the item numbers for the rim soup bowls and the cream soup bowls with saucers. Could you tell me where I can get the item numbers? It might be helpful to have them. I am still looking for 5 rim and 5 cream soup bowls and would like to be notified by email if anyone has any they are willing to part with. You said you called CS to try to find some pieces. HELP. What is CS? Are you now speaking of Tiffany & Co. in Canada? When I called NY I was told they had NOTHING…not one single piece at any store. Not anywhere. Not even a floor sample. I think I am on their “do not answer her call list”. They offered to let us return the china for a “credit” but we are not interested in doing that. What we are interested in is completing the set. Just soup bowls…all we need is soup bowls. Here we have a nice Platinum Band soup tureen and not enough soup bowls. Once again, email us if you have any soup bowls you are willing to part with. Please contact us at:

  50. Margaret

    I have 4 unused sets of Tiffany Trellis China, 2 unused chargers, and the cream and sugar set (also unused). Does anyone have any interest?

  51. AUTUMN


  52. LegallyBrunette

    I will certainly be contacting Tiffany & Co. in writing with this specific request–this should have been a courtesy extended for all discontinued patterns. With all of the interest, perhaps we could begin a letter-writing campaign and barrage them with the request. Anyone else want to join the ranks??

  53. Kontessa

    Margaret, I would be very interested In purchasing Tiffany trellis. Please email me @ Thanks!

  54. Nataliya

    We were given a tea/coffee service set for 6 of the Tiffany Blue Band. Have never used it, still in its original wrapping. Anyone interested?
    There’s 6 cups/saucers, coffee pot, tea pot and sugar bowl

  55. Nataliya

    My email is if anyone is interested. Forgot to mention in the previous one!
    We were given a tea/coffee service set for 6 of the Tiffany Blue Band. Have never used it, still in its original wrapping. Anyone interested?
    There’s 6 cups/saucers, coffee pot, tea pot and sugar bowl

  56. Mrs C

    I’m after an audobon tea or coffee pot and two more cups and saucers.
    If anyone can help me out please email at univ2791 at

  57. Margaretanne

    I am very interested in purchasing the Tiffany Blue Band cups/saucers, coffee pot, and sugar bowl. Please email me at You’ve made me very happy! 🙂


  58. Jenny

    Dear Margaret or anyone else,

    I just moved and one of my Tiff Trellis tea cups broke. I remember running to Tiffany’s the day before my wedding because I was told the pattern was being discontinued. I was late to my own rehearsal dinner so I could get my hands on the Trellis gravy boat.

    Any help in replacing my cup would be appreciated.

  59. Margaret

    Hi Jenny,

    I still have the trellis sets available. Please email at if you are interested!


  60. Autumn

    Still looking for TIFFANY PLATINUM BAND soup bowls…Both rim soup bowls and cream soup bowls. If anyone has any extra ones please email me. You would make my day!!! Please email me at

  61. Andrew


    I have been looking everywhere for any pieces from the Tiffany Federal collection and I am willing to pay far above retail pricing. You can contact me at the email address below. Thanks so much!!

  62. Elma

    I’m looking for TIFFANY PLATINUM BAND rimmed soup bowls (3) and cream soup bowls (5). Maybe you don’t use yours for formal dinners, etc. and they’re just there collecting dust. If you don’t use them I would be interested in buying them from you. Christmas is coming up. Maybe you can use the extra money!!!

    You can email me at


  63. Amy

    Hi, I have an incomplete set of the discontinued Tiffany Trellis China. I’m debating on whether I should acquire the missing pieces or sell off what I have on ebay. If anyone is interested in buying Trellis China, please email me at Or if anyone has experience in selling their incomplete Tiffany China pieces, and want to share their experience, I’d be very appreciative in hearing from you. If I end up selling on ebay, I’m not sure whether to sell the pieces individually or as a package. Hmm, probably as a package so I wouldn’t have to ship to various addresses.

  64. Greetings –

    I have Tiffany Platinum Band to sell. It is new and has been stored for over 10 years. Because my set is incomplete, I’m choosing to sell all but dinner plates. Here’s what I have:

    Coffee pot
    Bread & butter plates
    Salad plates

    Please get in touch and I’ll be happy to send pictures. Thanks!

  65. Pamela

    I’m still desperately seeking Audubon. Sheila or anyone else, if you still have any, will you please email me?

  66. Pam

    I am looking for 2 service settings of Palladium platinum band china – dinner plate, dessert plate, bread/butter plate, cup/saucer, and bowl. I just found out a few days ago that it was discontinued some time ago.

  67. Elma


    I’m still looking for some TIFFANY PLATINUM BAND pieces of china to complete my set:


    Got the soup tureen, just don’t have enough TIFFANY PLATINUM BAND china soup bowls. If anyone has any they are willing to sell please email me. Thanks.

  68. Heather Kramer

    Checking in again about AUDUBON china. I very happily found a good number of dinner plates, so I don’t need those anymore. At this time, I’m looking for anything and everything (cups, bowls, service pieces, anything!!). Perhaps someone is willing to trade?

    PLEASE contact me:

    Thanks and good luck!

  69. slp

    Hi – I have three place settings of Tiffany Platinum Band china (Limoges) to sell. I am so disappointed they discontinued the pattern, but I have nowhere near enough to try and complete my set. Please contact me if you have any interest in purchasing these place settings. They are in perfect condition and have never been used.


  70. Tiffany has also discontinued the Bamboo flatware pattern for its silver flatware. It was also available in vermeil when the pattern was first offered in the 1960s. Subsequently the vermeil was discontinued, I believe.

    Anyway, Bamboo won an AID award in 1965 and was designed by Van Day Truex, Tiffany’s very famous design director.

    It is disgusting these days to go into Tiffany because what they are selling now is handbags in what used to be the China/Flatware area, at least in Tiffany’s SF!! The handbags are nice, but still, handbags in a jewelry store! I suppose the store is right that people are not interested in table items anymore…….so sad.

    Selling handbags is a reflection of our exhibitionist-tabloid culture….people want to spend a lot of money and be able to walk around and have everyone know they spent a lot. Good forbid one should own silver and china and have it at home and have no one realize one’s ownership of it.

  71. Ashley Bennett

    Hi Everyone,

    I have some Tiffany Blue Band China that I would like to sell. I have 6 full place settings (dinner, salad, bread and butter and cup and saucer), a gravy boat and 4 espresso cups and saucers.

    If you are interested in purchasing any of them, please email me at

  72. Susan

    The following is what we have available :

    Tiffany platinum band china

    Tea pot with lid
    Sugar bowl with lid & creamer
    5 – 5 piece place settings ( dinner plate, salad plate, soup bowl, tea cup and saucer )

    If interested please contact us at –

  73. Courtney

    I have the following Tiffany Palladium pieces that I would like to sell. Email me at if you are interested.

    Gold and Platinum Stripe
    2 creamer
    1 sugar bowl
    1 teapot
    4 bread/butter plate
    10 dinner plate
    1 oval platter

    Platinum band
    7 cup/saucer
    1 bread/butter plate
    6 salad plate

  74. Lance

    Got left behind when TIFFANY & CO discontinued their PLATINUM BAND CHINA pattern before I was able to complete my set. I still need
    If you have either of these available please contact me. MAKE MY DAY!

  75. I am selling some Tiffany & Co Audubon pieces. They were purchased after our wedding in 2008 and have been used just once. They are in perfect condition with no cracks or chips.

    The items are: 2 x cup and saucer, creamer, and sugar bowl.

    Click here:

  76. Anonymous

    If anyone has any Tiffany FEDERAL pieces especially the platter, please contact me:

  77. Stephanie Bolton

    I have Tiffany Palladium. I am interested in either selling or acquiring additional pieces. Please contact me at if you have any to sell or are interested in selling.

    Thank you,

  78. Elma Pearn

    I only need (5) TIFFANY & CO PLATINUM BAND CHINA CREAM SOUP BOWLS WITH SAUCERS. If you have any you are interested in selling please contact me at

    Thank you.


  79. Elissa S.

    Hello, I am new to this blog, however I am desperately seeking pieces of Tiffany’s Audubon pattern. If anyone has **any pieces** for sale please contact me, I am very eager to purchase. I have searched everywhere and can find none. Thank you 🙂
    Elissa S.

  80. Elissa S.

    Regarding the above post you can contact me via the following e-mail:

    Seeking: Tiffany Audubon China **any collection pieces**

  81. Elma Pearn

    I may be interested in purchasing TIFFANY & CO PLATINUM BAND TEA POT and COFFEE POT if the price is right. They are pieces I will probably never use, but they would compliment our set of china. If you have either of these pieces, the price is right and you are interested in selling, please give me a call at 248-879-6599 (Michigan) or contact me at

    Thank you.

  82. Jacquelyn

    Hello to all interested in The Tiffany Platinum Band China. I have 6 place settings, 6 rim soup bowls, creamer and sugar w/ lid all new and available for sale. You may email me at
    Thank you!

  83. Krissy

    Hello to anyone interested in the Tiffany Blue Band China. I have had mine stored for years (first marriage) and am ready to sell all of it. I can be reached at I will have to go through it to see what all I have, but several place settings, teacups and saucers, and I believe I also have the tea set. I also have several Tiffany American Garden tea cups and saucers and, either bread or salad plates.

  84. Anonymous

    Does anyone have any Tiffany Nature pieces? I am always looking to complete my set after being screwed over when the pattern was discounted 2 months after my wedding! Please contact me if you have any you are willing to part with at

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