Spring Goodies and ‘BritPrep’ Arrives on the Scene

Hello-Hello everybody, and Happy Weekend!

There is an old saying that those of us living in the Great Midwest enjoy two, not four, seasons: there is winter, and then there is the construction season. And while the adage isn’t entirely true, we acknowledge succumbing to a raging case of Spring Fever Friday, a syndrome most difficult to contain and almost impossible to control.

With that in mind, we are excited to share some of the new treasures here at The Princess!  We begin with our new Seaworthy Collection, its style enhanced by nautical influences. Below, the Beach House placemats in authentic madras….


We love them because they are 100% cotton, just fine in the washing machine, and they are also reversible, providing two looks for the price of one!  Of course there are matching napkins in a snappy red stripe, or the matching blue stripe.



The Sailor’s Knot Napkin Rings add a great touch.




Also new to our little shop, the One, Two, Three Lilly Pad from our Lilly Pulitzer Stationery & Gifts collection.



Here is help for those struggling with different lists, as this is actually three separate notepads under one cover. Labeled Home, Work & Play, we are more than hopeful these might help TP improve her organizational skills here at the Palace!


Next on our list, a question about an issue we have struggled with for several days. The challenge isn’t our reluctance to ask for your opinion. Rather, it is because the issue itself is the nature of the photograph that actually *is* the issue. Obviously you will understand why we find it vulgar, but even that isn’t the issue. Anyone opening a fashion magazine in the last several years is familiar with the Marc by Marc Jacobs print campaigns.



Here is our question: Is this appropriate for the hypothetical readers of Teen Vogue?  That’s all. We are merely attempting to determine the level of our fuddy-duddyness; are we over the top finding this not proper for inclusion in a magazine targeted at that particular demo? We are ever-so-appreciative-in-advance for your candid comments and insight.


Many readers know a fave read of ours is The Luxist, with a finger firmly on the pulse of all things posh.  Recently they took a look at Barbour and their efforts to expand their customer base with a collection named BritPrep.  The Luxist’s Jared Paul Stern fills us in:

“So what exactly is “Britprep”? According to Barbour, the look is not quite as clean and crisp as American Preppy. Simple, stylish, and contemporary, the collection “pays particular attention to fashion, color and tradition capturing the essence of ‘Britishness.'”

Courtesy Barbour via Luxist.com

Courtesy Barbour via Luxist.com

The new line looks as if it may offer some intriguing possibilities for one’s walk-in.  TP has always adored Barbour; for decades they adhered quietly to their own fine standards, with exquisite attention to detail, very much like the old Abercrombie & Fitch. (The current company using the A&F name bears no resemblance whatsoever to its predecessor. None.)

Another look:

Courtesy Barbour via Luxist.com

Courtesy Barbour via Luxist.com

The only fly in the ointment, so to speak? There are pieces sure to induce a serious bout of  Logophobia:

“Barbour has never really gone in for logos, but with the Britprep collection (above) they’re employing a new crest. Unlike designers who invent crests, it’s an authentic bit of heraldry deriving from the original Barbour family coat of arms originating in Galloway, Scotland.

Courtesy Barbour via Lusxist.com

Courtesy Barbour via Luxist.com


On a lighter note, we wanted to share another addition to the When Pink Goes Bad gallery:

Dr. Martens at Zappos.com

Dr. Martens at Zappos.com

Don’t be worried about missing out on these dolls, they are available in an amazing array of colors, and sizes.


In other news, word that ANTM (we have finally figured this acronym out and are feeling ever-so-hip, it is America’s Next Top Model) is also doing apparel. The tip for this comes from one of our fave daily blog reads, All the Rage at the LA Times website, and apparently the collection can be found at Wal-mart.

PHOTO: Wal-mart via All the Rage

PHOTO: Wal-mart via All the Rage

We presume you will sleep better this evening knowing this is available. (Ooooh, the Princess is a Crankenstein!)

We must fly, but hope you have a splendid spring weekend!


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12 responses to “Spring Goodies and ‘BritPrep’ Arrives on the Scene

  1. Well. I guess we are in the same boat, TP, because I find that ad COMPLETELY INNAPROPRIATE for Teen Vogue.

  2. I think I agree. The ad is provacative and will get attention… most likely what they are after. But, should be in regular Vogue.
    I think , unfortunately, that Teen Vogue is a sinking ship. Magazines are going under right and left and this may be part of a last ditch effort to stay afloat.

  3. LPC

    Oh don’t SAY that about Doc Martens:(. I love my Doc Martens. I will however grant you that they are not pink.

  4. It is not appropriate! I am much older than you so I can remember magazines from YEARS ago! I have always loved magazines! But I have seen them deteriorate into publications that are sometimes vulgar, offensive, and shocking. So Teen Vogue has really hit an all-time low. . . Ah the days of old – where are they??

  5. LOL @ “when pink goes bad.” What do you think of the singer Pink, by the way?

    I have to try to reorder my pencils again — when I did it the other day it wouldn’t go through. I think it was my messed-up connection here that did me in.

  6. I do not like the Marc Jacobs ads anyway, and I definitely do not think they belong in a TEEN magazine. Young girls are getting too sexualized as it is. On another note, I do like the new preppy Brittish line, looks cool. And for the Lilly stationary…I’m drooling. Preppy Princess, you really know your stuff!!

  7. Love those placemats, I’ll take four in the Bermuda madras!

  8. I’ve tagged you! I hope you will do the tag!

    That sailor’s knot napkin ring and the Lilly three part pad are awesome!

  9. i LOVE the sailor knot napkin rings! perhaps i need to stop by the hardware store…

  10. Hey princess! yes, I noticed that the only comment that disagreed was “anonymous”. . . and I don’t respond to anonymous comments. But if I did – – – What I want to say to anonymous is that it doesn’t matter what I do or have done – I ‘m not the president. AND I didn’t see the country getting behind President Bush. 🙂 xoxo

  11. Oh, yes, that M by MJ ad is not OK for a teen magazine. I absolutely love me some Marc, admittedly, but I wouldn’t be OK with that from a parent’s perspective.

    I don’t know what to say about the ANTM collection, which is just . . . is just . . . NO.

  12. Hi Princess,
    I recognize your pic from Etsy, I think! You made my Etsy store one of your favs… I am the owner of 2PreppyGirls.com and found you through another blog.

    Just wanted to say that I checked out your post on the Damask Rain Coat. OMG!!!!!!! I love it sooo much!!! I want both the green and the pink…. and I want to buy my daughters ( my 2 preppy girls) the Houndstooth with the green trim….AND MATHCING BOOTS??!!? That’s just crazy talk!!!!
    LOOOVE that site and I wouldn’t have known about it without you!!!!

    Thanks and I hope you’ll stop by MY site and look around too!

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