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More Designer Olympic Uniforms: Stella McCartney, Giorgio Armani & Prada

Hello-Hello, welcome to a new week, we apologize for being so tardy posting, the weekend’s activities somehow left us running behind.

We share just a few Bits & Bytes today, beginning with an update on what some teams are wearing for the upcoming  Summer Olympics as the games draw closer. While we have previously shown the Team USA uniforms from Polo Ralph Lauren (below, the closing ceremony styles, more in this post), designer duds for several other teams have also been created.

Courtesy Images

Giorgio Armani’s designs for Team Italy were unveiled yesterday.

Associated Press via Yahoo

The collection has actually been created as part of the company’s collaborative line with Reebok, EA7. More on yesterday’s unveiling from WWD’s story:

For the occasion, 15 Italian athletes from different disciplines joined the designer to show the Olympic kit consisting of white and midnight blue pieces, including a tracksuit with an asymmetric closure, a nylon jacket, shorts, T-shirts, sweatshirts, running shoes and suitcases.

Below we see a jacket and topic in the deep navy.

Courtesy Photos

One of the more interesting elements of the Armani styles involves the lyrics for Italy’s national anthem, back to the Women’s Wear Daily piece:

To celebrate Italy, the national anthem is written in gold inside jackets and sweatshirts, and its first verse appears on a blue band under the collar of polo shirts, while a national-flag-inspired polo features one sleeve in red and the other in green.

Associated press via Washington Post

Not all Italian athletes are wearing Armani for the Games, Prada is outfitting the Olympic and Paralympic Sailing Teams, below we see sketches of those uniforms.

Courtesy Prada via StyleSight

Australia is wearing Adidas for competition.

Courtesy Photo via London 2012

Here Australian athletes model the more formal look we will see at the Opening Ceremonies.

London 2012

Team Great Britain’s uniforms are by Stella McCartney, who has worked with Adidas for years now.

Courtesy Photo

The styles were not positively received by everyone in the UK, a snippet from this Daily Mail story explains:

Stella McCartney has defended her choice to feature a blue Union flag on the official Team GB kit for the 2012 Olympics after it was met with public outrage.

Produced by Stella McCartney for Adidas, the range, modelled by various athletes including Jessica Ennis, has been themed around a blue and white flag – effectively eliminating the St George and St Patrick crosses from the design.

More looks.

Courtesy Images

Some pieces from the Team GB collection are available online.

Our final tidbit in this topic, Vogue is doing something unusual with its June issue.


Those are Olympic hopefuls Hope Solo (soccer), Ryan Lochte (swimming) and Serena Williams (tennis). The image is unusual because Vogue rarely puts men on its cover, let alone those not fully clothed.  There are stunning images in the pictorial shot by Annie Leibovitz, below we see model Karlie Kloss with gymnast Jonathan Horton.

Annie Leibovitz for Vogue

Click here to see Vogue’s online slide show.


Our other item today comes courtesy of the lovely Condiments on a City Life, who was kind enough to bestow upon me the Versatile Blogger award. Below we share the rules affiliated with the honor.

1. Link back to the blog that gave them the award (this one was quite easy)
2. List seven things about themselves (a little more challenging, but seven’s not that big a number)
3. Give the award to five others

So now it is time to come up with 7 things, hmmmm. Here we go:

1. I am a closet Jello-O mold making freak. There are more Jello-O cookbooks recipe books (because one really doesn’t cook the unknown substance, we do not call them cookbooks) on hand than you can shake a stick at.

2. I spend more time doing this than I care to admit.


3. To compound things, I recently started playing this with TQM. She wins 90% of the time.

Words with Friends via App Reviews

4. My favorite volunteer obligation right now is manning the gift shop at a local nursing home every other week.

5. The book I am finishing right now is overdue at the library.

Open Library

6. As of a month ago we gave up on the local daily, this is now the only paper delivered to the Prepatorium.

Wall Street Journal

7. This will be the 1023rd Princess blog post.

It has been years since I have done one of these, once again, many thanks to Hayley at Condiments on a City Life for including us in her list. We’ll share this with the Pink and Green Prep, Preppy Girl Meets World, The Preppy Postgrad, and two of the very first blogs I ever followed (these go way, way back!), Pink Cupcakes and TaB, and the Preppy Pink Crocodile. (Recognizing many of us have done these quite a few times, no one should feel obligated to complete this one, I merely want you to know how much I love reading you!)

G’bye until next time!

Thank you


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The Consort Gets A Mannerly Rap On The Knuckles

Hello-hello, all.  The Consort strolling casually mikeside to share a moment while The (lovely and talented) Princess recovers from a migraine.  I hope I’m not being rude and you’ll excuse my interrupting your day.  And that’s my point today: Manners.

While browsing the Wall Street Journal today I noticed an obit for Elizabeth Post.  Does the name ring a bell?  Perhaps her husband’s grandmother might be more familiar.  Emily Post wrote “Etiquette: The Blue Book of Social Usage”, the 1922 book that has never been out of print.

Courtesy: Etsy

Elizabeth Post updated the classic book and was a gentle guide through the turbulent 1960s, 1970s and until she retired in 1995.  Her advice was grounded in the reality of the times in which we lived.   But now I wonder what has become of our manners?

Many of you readers are parents.  Do you pass on to your children the same etiquette lessons you learned?  I had an interesting experience the other day while having a conversation with a teenager.  While we were talking her cellphone rang.  She stopped our talk, turned sideways to me and began a phone conversation.  Perhaps I’m being overly sensitive but I couldn’t help but feel a bit put off.  I was also amused by the situation of being put on “live hold” in a face-to-face convo (as the kids nowadays like to say).

One of the things we enjoy most about sending out packages from The Preppy Princess is including a handwritten note in each box.  The Princess is much better at this because she is the more gifted writer in our family.  Isn’t sending a note a polite thing to do?  The power of the handwritten note cannot be ignored.  I know I get a special feeling when I open up a note from someone who took the time to take out a notecard, pick up a pen, write down their thoughts and mail the card to me.  Personalized notecards do not have to be budget-busters.  We found some wonderful personalized cards that are great for fiscally responsible men or women.

I remember when I was just a Young Consort I was looking forward to my first “big” dinner-dance.  It was to be a semi-formal event and I was escorting a delightful young woman.  A week before the big night my parents took me to the restaurant where I would be taking my date for dinner.  They wanted to make sure I was prepared to deal with ordering from a menu and how I conducted myself with our server.  They reminded me to be polite, use names and not “Hey, you” and how to figure a generous tip.  When I reflect on that night I realize how important that “test flight” was for me.

But enough of me.  What are some of the etiquette lessons you’ve learned?  Do they still apply today?  Let’s share with the group.

Look at the time!  I have to go check on my lovely bride so I will leave you with my usual advice:  Take care of your waitperson tonight because they’re working hard for you.  I’ll leave you with three gentlemen who know their way around a fretboard or two.  Good night, everyone!


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Tiffany Makes the Princess Pout

Hello and happy Thursday!

Today we are doing the post in two parts, so that those not interested in listening to our tale of trauma can scoot over here and read all about sales of a Preptastic sort and gaze upon the loveliness of pink and green shoes you may actually want to wear!

Today we are being completely self-centered, wallowing in self-pity. We will also advise readers up front we are more than a little peeved at one of our formerly-favorite retailers, Tiffany. (Please note emphasis on “formerly”.) Why?



That would be a photo of Tiffany Blue Band china, and we are violating our self-imposed policy of not boring readers with tedious details about our more-than-pedestrian lives in order to share something we would never have revealed previously because we are just. So. Boring.  Who cares what dinnerware is used here at the Prepatorium for more formal occasions..? Perzactly.

Those who follow us on Twitter already know the news: we learned yesterday our pattern has been discontinued. Under normal circumstances we might be a tad despondent about this, but would move quickly to decision-making mode and go on to the next step.  But then, this would hinge on one’s definition of “normal” when dealing with Tiffany these days. For us “normal” meant the company keeping its word regarding policies on customer notification in the unlikely event of a pattern’s discontinuance.

You see, when registering with the company shortly after our engagement, we were assured multiple times that we would receive “proper notice” should this happen. Naturally we were advised of this in the borderline-arrogant tones Tiffany is accused of employing at times with customers, the supercilious “Ah, do you not know with whom you are dealing? This is Tiffany, dear, and we rarely retire patterns. Frankly, we are a little surprised you feel the need to question us about such an unlikely occurrence. But I assure you, of course you will be notified if such a thing is to happen.” (For full impact, insert salesperson’s nose-in-air sniff here.)

Suffice it to say no such notification occurred, nor is there any sign such efforts were made by the retailer. We only discovered the Blue Band’s fate when looking for something entirely unrelated at the website.  After completing our initial task we scooted over to the china department to look at possible additions to our set. Not seeing the pattern online, we thought it best to call the company, laughing internally at our alarmist reaction.

Imagine our dismay at being advised the pattern has been discontinued. After regaining motor skills that allowed us to speak, we made the standard inquiries: when was it discontinued, how can I buy pieces, what-do-you-mean-there-are-no-pieces-anywhere-in-any-warehouse-or-secret-hiding-place?

A darling young lady at the call center did her best, saying “We are emailing customers to let them know.” When we  explained, “But you don’t have my email, there is now way you could ….hello?” she resorted to the dreaded hold function. All we can say is the conversation did not improve. At any point.

There you have it. And yes, we are fully cognizant the world is awash in problems of a vastly more serious nature. We comprehend all this but are still going to pout for at least another day, as it really isn’t about the china pattern at all. Of course not.

It is about losing yet another relic of a more refined and genteel time, when service was provided as a matter of personal pride, a time when we respected ourselves and others more than we seem to now. And it is about the years we have defended Tiffany’s customer service when many consider that phrase an oxymoron. And it is about letting go of the delusion that certain establishments and institutions are the same special places of our youth; they are not, nor will they be.

In an interesting twist, today’s Journal has an outstanding story from the Cranky Consumer (one of our favorite columns), The Dish on Replacing Chipped China.

In today’s vernacular, the Princess needs to get over it.  We’re working on it.

End of whine-a-thon. We apologize for the self-indulgence and extend our gratitude to those kind readers with enough fortitude to continue reading.


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Gifts Men Really Want + When Good Money Goes Bad

Hello again. It’s the Princess Consort here for your dancing and dining pleasure. I had so much fun the last time we were together that my lovely bride, whom you know as The Preppy Princess, has agreed to step aside for a day. We’ll take advantage of the opportunity to share some gift ideas for that hard-to-buy-for man in your life. Then get ready to see what happens when an unlimited budget hits the high seas.

Let’s begin at the cinema. Unless you’ve been busy elsewhere you might have heard that the long-awaited film “The Dark Knight” opened to astounding box office numbers. Something along the lines of $68 million on opening day. That, my friends, is a good day at the office. Our purpose today is not to talk about the box office, stars or the film itself. No, I’m a male. I love gadgets. It’s hardwired into the male DNA code. One of the best gadgets of all is the Bat-Pod. In the film the two-wheeled beast is what Batman must ride after the Batmobile is destroyed.

Now we all know the Batman character is fictional. The gadgets are make-believe, right? Not exactly. Meet the Chrysler Tomahawk.

Do you see the similarity? Now why anyone in their right mind would pay $550,000 for a motorcycle that has an estimated top speed of 300+ mph is beyond me. This concept vehicle is not road-legal but a handful have been sold as “rolling sculptures” by Nieman-Marcus. The brute force captured in this monster is enough to make children cry, women faint and men run to get a second on the house so they can buy one. Full disclosure: I’ve ridden motorcycles for years. I would be challenged to ride this. But, oh, the temptation.

On a more realistic note we move to the one preppy accessory every gentleman should have. The trusted Swiss Army knife.

I love the way our good friends at Victorinox have updated the venerable pocketknife to include a 512mb or 1G flash drive. The price point at Amazon is exceptional. You are able to buy both the 512mb and 1G versions for just over $100 for the pair. If you’re looking for birthday gifts or getting a jump on the holidays you would be well advised to consider these very handy devices. When I was much younger my Grandfather told me that a gentleman always carries a pocketknife. He was absolutely correct.

Finally, avant-grade designers have always suffered the slings and arrows of the critics. Now they must also keep an eye out for torpedoes.

According to our good friends at the Wall Street Journal, one of the world’s biggest yachts has been launched to less than positive reviews. The 390-foot ship looks like a knife with a high-rise on top of it. Not a very traditional look for a seagoing vessel. But when Philippe Starck designs a ship for you, well, you take your chances. The 36-year old Russian billionaire owner is reportedly pleased with the final product. Who would have guessed there would have been a problem? After all, Starck does great kitchen appliances. Seems like a good fit to me.

But that’s just me.

Thanks for your time. Please remember to tip your waitperson – they’re working hard for you tonight. The Princess will be back tomorrow. Now, please, enjoy Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs. Good night.


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Thom Browne’s White House Eyebrow Raiser, Preppy Bobby Jones 75% Off!, J. Crew ‘Final’ Sale & Free Shipping Code

It’s no secret to most readers The Princess struggles with Black Fleece designer Thom Browne’s hemlines, in particular the high-water-line pants. Especially said pants. To help you understand our lack of understanding, below we show a look from Browne’s 2008 Black Fleece for Brooks Brothers line.

However, Brooks is pleased enough with Mr. Browne and the Black Fleece line (to which he is a major contributor) that they are expanding it and giving it a stand-alone shop. But TP isn’t the only one not in sync with the higher hemlines, as evidenced by the crowd at Monday’s White House gathering honoring American Design, hosted by First Lady Laura Bush.

Thom Browne, a two-time Fashion finalist, was honored just to be at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. “It’s always nice coming to the White House,” he said. Browne’s signature high-water pants drew more than a few curious glances, including those from several military guards.

Many have noted the trend toward shorter hemlines for men, including the Wall Street Journal. Like The Princess, The Journal is not exactly out in front of fashion trends, but they do pay attention, as shown by their recent online article by Ray A. Smith, “A Short Story: The Rise of Floods,” examining the hemline phenomenon. Fun reading for everyone that also fleshes out Mr. Browne’s philosophy, oddly not worlds apart from ours it seems.

One stop that is truly a must if you are still seeking a few pieces to fill out your summertime wardrobe is the sale event at the Bobby Jones Clubhouse Collection. At prices even The Princess found to be remarkable, this is just what the Wardrobe Doctor ordered to round out the summer selections you face every time you walk into the walk-in. Even if you simply want to scan the upscale items at bargain price points rarely encountered on this particular line, it is worth the time investment on your part.

Since we have been showcasing argyle, let’s look at the Bobby Jones Argyle Zip Front Sweater, available in this creamy colorway as well as a navy that just radiates understated elegance. This is available in a broad range of sizes, unusual for a piece that originally retailed at $265 and is now only $66.

Another basic at a price point that seems to be screaming “Buy me…buy me!” is the Solid Pique Classic Polo, shown below in ‘Reef’ but also available in ‘Calypso’ and ‘Key Lime.’ This classic is now only $26, down from $105.

The Grosgrain Trimmed Sport Cardigan is not a clearance item, so it is ‘only 50% off’ the original price and now $125, a classic embellished with our favorite ribbon.

Naturally the Preppy Plaid Skinny Pant (now $56, originally $225) would fit right in for a quick drink at the Club after a round with friends. If something fresh is needed to wear while actually playing that round of golf, the Preppy Plaid Skort at just $48 is a deal that one just can’t ignore!

Pair either with the Fleur-De-Lis 3-Button Polo in either the navy shown or red, now $23 (buy both at that price!); it appears to be available in a wide range of sizes. Now you know The Princess will be partial to the sunny Patchwork Printed Skort, and at $75 (from $150) it’s a bright and vibrant piece our walk-in wants!

And finally, the Society Cable V Neck Sweater is an item we just can’t seem to pass up, especially with the variety of colors offered! Our love of sweaters is rapidly hitting a point that could alarm The Princess Consort, always indulgent but now simply mystified by the “sweater thing.” Sigh.

When stopping by Bobby Jones, don’t forget to look at the Men‘s Sale, replete with equally remarkable prices, especially on some of their cashmere pieces.

Also, a little note in our Inbox reminded us it is time for J. Crew’s “Final sale”. At least until the Final-Final Sale… or whatnot. And remember, to receive Free Shipping on orders of $100 or more, enter the code SHOPNOW at checkout. As always, The Princess is trying to do her best for your pocketbook. 🙂

What cuter pair of shorts for your little girl than the Crittermania chino bermuda in either white or aquamarine? Originally $42, now $19.99 and just darling in our feeble-minded opinion.

Of course, she knows there’s one thing she must do: accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. That is easy to accomplish with the ever-so-classic Print Headband at $5.99, accenting her preppy Argyle Sweater just perfectly.

Of course there are pages upon pages of treats and treasures for the young man of the house, for Daddy and for Mommy, including one of TP’s alltime favorite shoes, the Jack Purcell Patchwork Sneakers (for Mom).

There’s no better note to leave things on than Jack Purcell, so we’ll just say ‘Bye until tomorrow, and happy hunting!


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