Banana Republic + Milly Collaboration, Lady Mary’s Wedding Dress, And Slippers in Public

Hello-Hello, happy new week. We have a variety of little bits and bytes to share today, hopefully you will find some of them appealing.

Our first item involves two brands we like, Milly and Banana RepublicWomen’s Wear Daily reports the two have paired up for a collaborative collection due out this May.

Courtesy Image via

Courtesy Image via

The pairing makes a lot of sense. Milly’s Michelle Smith designs pieces with clean lines that are retain a pretty, feminine feel. It is the first time Ms. Smith has designed menswear, BR’s Simon Kneen offers his perspective:

“I don’t think Michelle thought her style could be translated into men’s wear. I was excited by the challenge and she was open to the idea. We’re turning the Milly brand into something interesting for our guys.” Kneen said he hopes Smith will launch men’s wear in her own business.

The collection will include jewelry and accessories, prices for the entire line will run from $24.50 to $175. I loved much of what Trina Turk created last year for her collaboration with Banana Republic, and can’t wait to see this line.  BTW, there are some fabulous bargains being offered at Milly right now, if anyone is still looking to supplement the walk-in, it is worth a little look-see.

One other note about Banana Republic’s collaborative efforts, its third Mad Men collection debuts March 1.

Courtesy Image via

Courtesy Image via

This collection is based more on Megan, Don’s wife.


Next, a story about what we hope isn’t really a “mini-trend,” the wearing of fuzzy slippers on public, as noted in this NY Times story:

Saggers, slip dresses, lingerie worn as outerwear, pajamas on the street, bed head, Crocs and the dreaded Adidas shower shoes are all examples of the ways a once sharp division between how we dress at home and present ourselves on the street has blurred, probably forever. The days of a hat and gloves for town are gone with the dodo.

This is certainly suited for either (or both) our You Can’t Make This Stuff Up and It’s Just Not Done. (It makes me want to start a Just Say No category as well.)

Photo Montage via the New York Times

Photo Montage via the New York Times

 Back to the piece by Guy Trebay.

So it should not be surprising that a mini-trend previously confined to students at private girls’ schools, the tendency to wear fuzzy bedroom slippers out on the street, has suddenly and unexpectedly crossed over to the adult population.

Perhaps we need to bring back Albert Einstein.

Via Imgur

Via Imgur

At least he had the good manners to confine his use to his home and porch. (To the best of my knowledge, limited though it may be.)


Our final item of note looks at last night’s Downton Abbey première.  One of the series’ main characters was married, I am curious how everyone liked Lady Mary’s wedding gown…?

Masterpiece Theatre

ITV/Masterpiece Theatre

As described by Real Style Network:

Lady Mary wears an ivory column dress with a satin sash below the waist and sheer long sleeves, which was at the height of fashion for the time. She tops off her look with a long white veil and a headpiece made to look like a crown of gold leaves and dainty flowers.



It seemed very much in keeping with the era and with the character’s personal style as seen on the show.

That’s it for today, until next time may the sun shine on your days and the stars on your nights!


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12 responses to “Banana Republic + Milly Collaboration, Lady Mary’s Wedding Dress, And Slippers in Public

  1. I did not like her dress but then if it was the height of fashion…who am I to judge?

    Oh someone please say no to the slippers…aren’t pajama pants in public enough!?

  2. Don’t watch, I know!! Gasp!! I have to starts
    its just Sunday night we always have our family dinner and somehow it never seems to work:) I can totally tell I will become addicted though like everyone else!
    NO NO NO to the fuzzy slippers. Aren’t Uggs bad enough (and ugly to boot)! Geez..what pjs to work?
    Last loving the idea of Milly one of my favorites and BR another great stop for affordable basics collaboration…I am sure its going to be a winner!
    Hope you have a great week!

  3. mona

    Big Bird slippers! LoL I’m sorry, but IMO peeps really shouldn’t wear their pjs and slippers in public as a fashion statement. Have some self respect folks. And if you won’t respect yourself, please have a little respect for others.

    Downton Abbey’s Lady Mary looked stunning as she descended the staircase! Her wedding gown was spot on for the time period. We have both of my husband’s grandmother’s wedding photos from that time in history, and their dresses were both very similar in style.

    With regards to last night’s show, I must say, I was slightly disappointed they didn’t show more of the wedding, or the reception.

  4. I think Lady Mary’s dress was elegant, understated, and fitting for 1920. The veil was superb. It reminded me of what the Queen Mother wore in the 20s.

  5. I finally got some uggs, and won’t wear them out of the house. but right after i bought them, i saw a woman walk by me in the store wearing footie pajamas. it was horrifying.

  6. Lisa M

    Re: the fuzzy slippers. All I can say is “Where are we going, and WHY am I in this hand-basket?”

  7. Well. since you asked…absolutely HATED Lady Mary’s wedding gown. It actually made me angry! Yes, I realize it’s authentic — there’s no getting around that point. But I wanted her to look more beautiful than normal, not merely beautiful in spite of that awful dress.

  8. Milly and BR are a great pairing. Think of the frocks!


    I was guilty of wearing slippers outside of the house this past weekend. I have massive ruptured blisters on my heels (poor choice of socks when going for a long walk), and they were the only winter-esque shoes I had that were backless. It was either them or flip-flops. It help tremendously with healing, but I don’t make a habit of wearing pajamas and/or slippers outside of the house, and I now know I need to buy some clogs at some point in the future.

    As for Lady Mary’s wedding dress, I prefer another Downton wedding dress over Lady Mary’s (and that’s all I gonna say for now). But I do covet her tiara, which is real by the way.

  10. Amy

    What the. Those slipper pictures are just bad. I saw those Celene shoes in a mag a few weeks ago. Yikes.

    I’m excited about the BR & Milly collaboration, sounds like it’ll be a winner!


  11. Anonymous

    Lady Mary’s wedding dress looked like a shroud. My grandmothers were also married during the 1920s, and their dresses leave poor Mary’s behind in the dust! Thousands of British pounds do not a thing of beauty make.

  12. I loved Lady Mary’s dress. I went to a pre-screening of the show put on by PBS, and they said it was the most expensive costume that has ever been created for the show. It was $6,000. It reflected the styles of the time perfectly. I also was disappointed that they didn’t show more of the wedding.

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