Peace In Our Time (Slight Exaggeration) & Another Lilly Sale

Happy New Year! Hopefully everyone enjoyed a bit of a break, perhaps even finding time for a little rest and rejuvenation….maybe?

We begin with news that there is peace in our time. Kinda’ sorta’. (Nope, we’re not referring to those yahoos in Washington.) We’re talking about that nasty little fight spat between Tory Burch and her ex-husband, Christopher Burch. An agreement was reached in the escalating argument and lawsuits between the two.

As some may recall, there were allegations Mr. Burch was pilfering ideas and designs from Tory Burch for use in his growing C. Wonder stores.   More from a November On The Runway post:

At the heart of the dispute is whether Mr. Burch, in creating his own store concept, called C. Wonder, veered too far into the retail territory of the wildly successful Tory Burch business, which the Burches founded in 2003, by copying some of her signature preppy looks and the interior designs of her stores. (They divorced in 2007.)

There were some similarities. Below we show C. Wonder’s Saffiano Wallet and a Tory Burch Coin Purse.


But as Vanity Fair noted, it isn’t like some of the Tory Burch ideas weren’t also derivative of other products and brands.


Vanity Fair

More on the issue of originality from Mr. Burch’s lawyer, via Women’s Wear Daily:

Chris Burch’s lawyer, Andrew Rossman, said both brands’ products reflected “timeless styles that other people invented.”

“I don’t think Tory Burch invented the cardigan, the gold button or the ballet flat,” he offered.

Things really took on a bizarre tone when Delaware Judge Leo Strine to let loose with his own opinions about all manner of things quasi-related to the case.

““Are the Burches WASPs? Do we know?.…I think you’re going to have to have interrogatories about who’s a WASP….

Real WASPs actually don’t go and pay full Polo price. They don’t pay full Polo price at Macy’s. No way. They actually will find a bargain. That’s how they got to be, you know, WASPs.’

As WWD noted, the settlement “….enables both sides to avoid a nasty courtroom battle.”  Legal beagles might get a kick out of reading the actual counterclaim Tory Burch filed against Christopher Burch, it includes things likes comparison photos allegedly showing how C. Wonder copied the Tory Burch brand.

Screen Shot 2013-01-02 at 2.44.39 PM++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

One other note about the Tory Burch, this one involving the designer’s merchandise at a deep discounter Tuesday Morning.

On the left we show the Tory Burch Logo Tote in cream and blue selling for $199.99 (“compare to $295”), on the right, the Multicolored Handle Logo Tote, it is $269.99 (“compare to $365”).  There are other bags shown, like these Bird Logo Totes.

The Tuesday Morning price is $249.99, “compared to $335”. Oddly, when doing a search for these, almost all of those I found were eBay listings… color me confused.


Finally today, one more retail-related tidbit. Lilly Pulitzer is gearing up for another significant sale. (Disregard the time shown on the digital clock in the graphic.)

Lilly Pulitzer

Lilly Pulitzer

The online-only event begins “8amish” tomorrow morning. If like similar online events the discounts will be worth one’s while, with ground shipping free for all orders, regardless of amount. Those who experienced the site meltdown during the last sale are praying for smooth sailing this go-round, I’m sure Lilly will have everything under control, more than anyone they don’t want a repeat of the system collapse.

Happy hunting to those shopping!


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8 responses to “Peace In Our Time (Slight Exaggeration) & Another Lilly Sale

  1. MCW

    Oh no. I am scared of the Lilly sale. People get very upset at this time of year! Ha.

    And I am over Tory. Logo overkill and her flats aren’t even comfortable!

  2. Amy Wikman

    What a great post Susan! Thank you.

    You can still detect the “investigative reporter” in this one!

    Happy New Year!


    A m y W i k m a n 404.350.8133


  3. I am so interested in this whole Burch spat! Very interesting! I didn’t even realize C. Wonder was by Chris Burch until recently! Craziness. Thanks for breaking it down! Just found your blog!

  4. The Burch drama is getting old to me. NO Tory did not invent the cardigan, bow blouses or flats with emblems, time to move on. To me, MANY brands these days resemble each other….ditto for cars, take the sign off and they literally all look alike. There are bigger problems in our world and the Burch’s need to continue to move forward……all the way to the bank:)
    Wishing you all of lifes best in the year ahead Susan…cheers!

  5. Justice Stine, I must point out, one doesn’t get to be a WASP by doing anything other than getting born…

  6. Kathy Derengowski

    No really, the first time I entered a C.Wonder store I knew right away that it was the illegitimate child of Kate Spade and Anthropologie. 🙂

  7. I like Tory Burch and from what I see on the website, I also like C Wonder. Even though they look similar, neither has a monopoly on classic design.

  8. Hi !! I really enjoyed reading about all your preppy fashion posts! I’m nominating you for a Liebster Award. Check out my post with the details and let me know if you have any questions! It’s all about new bloggers getting to know each other!

    (your newest follower!)

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