Nothing to Say

Normally this would be our Friday Fun post.

Newton Bee Twitter

Newton Bee Twitter

In light of the Sandy Hook Elementary situation, it is difficult impossible to write about fun.

Yahoo News

Yahoo News

There just aren’t words.

Yahoo News

Sandy Hook Students Outside School, via Yahoo News

Only prayers.



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5 responses to “Nothing to Say

  1. MCW

    Awful. People are sick. Prayers to all of those in CT.

  2. Laura Lewis

    Watching it now. Heart breaking.

  3. Julie

    Haven’t stopped crying. A friend lives down the street from this school. His children attended this school years ago. This is a nightmare.

  4. There are no words.
    This reminds me of the elementary school that was attacked in Russia a few years ago. The targeting of children is just evil.

  5. I simply cannot believe it. It is so shocking so unimaginable. I cannot stop thinking of those families and the pain they are in, my heart breaks for each of them. All we can do is pray for them as they attempt to get through this most difficult time. So senseless, I just cannot stop thinking about it.

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