That Preppiest Schools List Is a Little Different This Year & Lilly Pulitzer Fabric Update

Once again, it is time to chat about HuffPo‘s (Huffington Post) annual list of “The Preppiest Schools“. Be advised however, that this year’s list is a bit different from previous compilations. From the story accompanying the list:

“Once upon a time, the prep was a variation of a traditionalist, East Coast-born, equestrian-riding, upper class WASP that attended a northeastern private university and boarding school before that. But the elusive noun is ever-changing, and nowadays members of this subculture are more defined by their attitudes than their creeds: If they play lacrosse, wear boat shoes, and bring a date to a football game, they’re preppy.”

Here is the portion that most directly explains the somewhat different makeup of this year’s schools:

“The attachment to traditional “old school” beliefs and attitudes isn’t necessarily there, just an outfit that makes ’em look like their parents own several yachts and a place on the Vineyard. We’re ringing in an age of the “New Prep.”

In other words, the parameters used to determine the schools have changed a bit. Here is a partial list from Lindsay Dittman’s story, along with selected portions of her writeups on each school (I don’t want anyone to think it is my writing, that is why I am underlining that):

#1) University of Virginia:  “At a school that refers to the quad as “the Lawn,” it’s no surprise that many of the frat and sorority houses are situated along “Rugby Road.”

#2) University of the South (Sewanee):  “There’s no denying that Sewanee is a school founded on tradition… According to the school’s website, “You can’t be on campus longer than a few minutes before you notice that Sewanee students are dressed up for class…””

#3) Miami University (Ohio):  “Referred to as “J. Crew U…”

#4) College of Charleston: “Name-checked in the original “Preppy Handbook,” this Charleston, South Carolina school contains a lot of pink and green and a lotof monograms. The Spring graduation tradition? Women wear white dresses and descend from the steps of Randolph Hall, the college’s oldest building, while the men wear white dinner jackets and wait in the Cistern yard.”

The College of Charleston photo via The Huffington Post

#9) Claremont McKenna: The description of this school explains ” The CEO of Abercrombie, Michael S. Jeffries, graduated from the school in 1966.” Our thought? Clearly Mr. Jeffries has a short memory, nothing Abercrombie sells could even remotely be referred to as preppy.

There are a few more surprises on the list this year (including a university picked as the “Preppiest College” in a Social Primer list), we recommend a visit to the Huffington Post to read the story in its entirety.

As you might imagine, the story has generated quite a few comments.  Many wonder about schools not on the list (i’m not sure *any* of the 2010 schools made the list), asking about Elon, Middlebury, Colgate, Vassar, etc., others talk about what is/isn’t preppy and unsurprisingly, there are a few comments about Abercrombie.


Also today, another update on the new Lilly Pulitzer for Lee Jofa fabric collection.  High Street Market has a lovely post about the collection, showcasing some of the just-released patterns.

Lilly Pulitzer for Lee Jofa via High Street Market

The Lee Jofa site now has images online, including some of the trims that go with the collection, we’ll call these today’s Pretty in Pink.

Although The Prepatorium isn’t currently slated for any kind of interior design redo, we do enjoy looking at all of the pictures.

Lilly Pulitzer for Lee Jofa

Lee Jofa has a scaled down version of the catalog available for online viewing as well.

On that vibrant note, we say goodbye until next time!


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12 responses to “That Preppiest Schools List Is a Little Different This Year & Lilly Pulitzer Fabric Update

  1. The trims are adorable.

    Sewanee isn’t all that preppy. It’s a lot more crunchy than preppy, I think. You can pretty much major in dirt there.

  2. Hmm. . . I’ll have to click over to that schools article. While the UVA & Sewanee grads I know certainly fit the bill, the revamped standards sound a bit externally based. Rather misses the point, don’t you think?

    Plus, Claremont McKenna should be disqualified both for the Abercrombie affiliation & for waitlisting me lo these many years ago. Hmmph.

  3. Aww, College of Charleston!! My fav!

  4. Love the list, but love the fabrics more!

  5. Now if only I would win the lottery for a re-do of the Powderpuff Palace……

  6. MCW

    I almost went to CofC. My best friend did and I was very jealous of their graduation duds!

  7. I can’t wait to read the entire story about the preppiest schools. UVA was no surprise but Miami sure was! I thought that was the land of tight v neck t shirts and ripped jeans. The few kids I know who go do not fit the preppy image….oh well, learn something new every day! Love the LP fabrics, went to the showroom a few weeks ago and I must say its even prettier and greater looking in person. Made me want to have a beach house right away so I could Lilly it up!

  8. I just glanced at the HuffPo article when it first came out – I’ll have to go back for a more in depth look. My daughter is looking at many of those schools!! And I just LOVE the new Lilly line as well as the new furniture collection.

  9. Bboss

    I live in Charlottesville, but I’m surprised to see UVa up there at #1. Of course a “townies” view of the school is a little different. They still have a whole lot of “tradition” at Mr. Jefferson’s university.

  10. I never thought about the preppiest colleges before, I always had my sights on anything ivy, but I did go to a preppy boarding school. Love the prints too!

  11. Claremont MeKenna?? Really? USC in my book for a SoCal school. Love the new Lilly colors and patterns and a trim that resembles paper lanterns? TDF!! I must order my new agenda soon. 🙂

  12. Good old College of Charleston…I have a wonderful photo (circa 1981) of my Hank, all handsome in his white dinner jacket, receiving his diploma.

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