Of Polo and Parties on a Royal Weekend

Hello-Hello and welcome to a Monday.

We are brief today, trying to catch up a zillion business-related projects, so we are going to do a ‘One Topic Tuesday’ on a Monday. (Gasp.)

As some readers are no doubt aware, a certain royal couple was in California this weekend.

Hans Gutknecht - Pool/Reuters

Saturday there was a little polo match, with a luncheon beforehand. As you might imagine, a number of celebrities were at the event. Below we see chef Giada de Laurentiis, who did the lunch, and actress Nicolette Sheridan (?).

Reuters/AP Photo

Actor Rob Lowe brought his son along, John Owen.

Ian Vogler-Pool/Getty Images

Actresses Rosario Dawson and Jennifer Love-Hewitt also attended the function.

AP Photo

The event was at the Santa Barbara Racquet and Polo Club, a fundraiser for the Prince William and Prince Harry’s charitable foundation.

Gus Ruelas/Reuters

Prince William’s team won quite handily.

Ian Vogler-Pool/Getty Images

Sharp-eyed readers may have noticed the players holding rather recognizable boxes in a certain color. They are precisely what you thought, Tiffany was a sponsor of the event, creating the trophy you see being hoisted in the picture above.  That robin’s egg blue could also be seen atop tables set up for lunch.

Via Kate Snow Twitter Feed

Then it was on to the big Hollywood bash, the gala BAFTA dinner (British Academy of Film and Television Arts). Prince William is the president of the organization.

Kate wore a lilac Alexander McQueen gown, accessorized with Jimmy Choo platform sandals and clutch.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images via Just Jared

Gossip Girl stars Blake Lively and Ed Westwick attended the big party.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

As well as Jennifer Lopez and wacky Jack Black.

AP Photo

Several people savvier than I have noted that Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Garner and Blake Lively were all in attendance at the dinner, Ben Affleck was not. If anyone wants to help me grasp the deeper meaning of this, any and all comments explaining things would be more-than-appreciated. 🙂

Also taking part in the festivities, Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson.

Bret Hartman/AP Photo

Here we see Prince William joking with Nicole Kidman.

Mark Large via The Daily Mail

Sunday morning brought more functions and fundraisers, below we see Reese Witherspoon greeting Kate at a private breakfast for Tusk Trust, a group working to conserve wildlife in Africa.

Chris Jackson-Pool/Reuters

Then it was on to Inner City Arts, the newlyweds painted with children in this program. (It seems William may be looking to Kate for inspiration.)

John Stillwell - Pool/Getty Images

The real stars at this event were the children who are part of the Inner City Arts program.

Kevork Djansezian - Pool/Getty Images

Throughout Kate and William’s nine day tour Kate has seemed particularly drawn to the children she meets.

Chris Jackson-Pool/Reuters

The couple wrapped up Sunday’s activities with an appearance at a Mission Serve job fair. “Hiring our Heroes” was the theme of the fair, with 1,500 veterans and military spouses meeting potential employees. William also spoke at the event.

“The idea behind Service Nation Mission Serve, an initiative strongly supported by The First Lady and Dr. Biden, is simple, but truly inspirational. To help those returning from active service to open a new chapter in their lives and find employment when they retire from the military.”

Francine Orr - Pool/Getty Images

Prince William noted this was the most important speech of the tour:

“This is because it is about men and women who—of their own freewill—choose to put their life on the line for their Country. They are the front line of a remarkable relationship between the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada, which has safe-guarded our freedoms for a century. But Mission Serve is about something more than just men and women in uniform. It is about our other halves. The half that makes the loved one’s duty and sacrifices possible and worthwhile. It is about you: families, partners and friends.”

The couple also helped pack boxes for children of military personnel, ‘care packages’ of a sort.

Mario Anzuoni-Pool/Reuters

With that the nine-day visit was over and the royal couple headed to LAX for a flight home. (They actually flew commercial.) Below we see them boarding their plane.

EPA via The Daily Mail

(For anyone interested in the fashions worn by Kate during the trip, our sister site, What Kate Wore has many posts on the topic.)

For now, goodbye until next time, may the rest of your Monday be simply splendid.


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13 responses to “Of Polo and Parties on a Royal Weekend

  1. A summery polo day and plenty of sunburns … Kate faces the camera precisely as Carine Roitfeld does, toying with it.

  2. WTH was JLove-Hewitt wearing to the polo match? Totally did not work for her and was so wrong for a beautiful summer day,

  3. Wow I am tired just seeing all the places they have been and the people they have seen and kudos to them both for smiling every minute and both looking sensational throughout it all! No surprise to see Hollywood in attendance, Jlo’s dress was ugh….very provocative whereas Blakes I found beautiful and fitting for the occasion. Kate looked like such an elegant refined lady in each and every one of her outfits. Very impressed with them both so far! Reese looks like a tiny little girl next to Kate, is she that petite?

  4. Gayloyd

    I’m so pleased to find this site (just did). I will be following it, along with What Kate Wore and look forward to interesting and delightful articles. Keep up the good work.

  5. CLM

    I read elsewhere that the woman in plum between Kate and Reese is Kristen Gore, the former Vice President’s daughter.

    Greatly enjoying your sister site!

  6. Although I love the American Spirit of classic fashion, I completely feel that our Hollywood could learn from the royal couple in regards to fashion and manners. I am in awe of the respect to classic style in both fashion and manners of the Prince/Duke and Duchess. They have given “cool appeal” to what might be considered “old fashioned”.

  7. They are such a wonderful breath of fresh air – how lucky for the Monarchy that they have such a lovely pair representing them and their nation. She nailed every single sartorial moment!!

  8. Gayloyd

    Enchanted, I totally agree with you. What was Jlo thinking? She has worn beautiful dresses on American Idol. This outfit just looks cheap and flashy, especially next to Catherine’s elegant look. Reese does look petite….and chubby next to Catherine, despite having a lovely figure. Perhaps it was the dress.

  9. Preppy 101

    And Kate is head and shoulders above everyone in style and fashion choices! Loved this post! Thanks!!! xoxo

  10. 1. Loved Kate’s lavendar dress. Absolutely beautiful on her!
    2. What is up with Rob Lowe’s hair in that picture? Half gray, half blonde- all ugly. He looks much better with his normal, darker hair.

  11. ACH

    Ms. Princess, of course I can’t resist a good Royals post (or a good Rob Lowe post, let’s be honest), but the real reason I’m commenting is to let you know that one of today’s Groupon is for Tucker Blair belts! $30 for $70 worth! (link:http://gr.pn/nMLCTx) I just thought you/your readers might enjoy that little tidbit :)!

  12. lara

    Reese is very petite, and she might look a tad “chubby” next to Kate because the dear girl needs to eat a sandwich.

  13. @AEOT – evidently Rob Lowe dyed his hair in preparation for his role in a tv movie called “Untouchable” where he will play Drew Peterson, the accused murderer. Even with the horrible dye job, he’s still too pretty for that role!

    @PreppyPrincess – love both of your blogs! As to the Ben-Jen-Jen-Blake eyebrow raising, I think his absence at an event attended by (1) his wife, (2) his ex-fiancee, and (3) the woman he allegedly had an affair with while married to (1) was the cause of the speculation.

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