Those ‘Filthy Rich Teens’ & The New T Studio at Tommy Hilfiger

Hello everyone, how is everyone today?

Regular readers know we aren’t prone to public navel-gazing or introspective monologues in this space, with the exception of a few posts related to respect and remembrance of our military personnel. So we shan’t go into any long dissertations on the events of yesterday afternoon and evening, other than to say it certainly was a rather strange and bizarre turn of events.

Moving on, we have a quick glance at Gossip Girl star Blake Lively‘s latest style statement as she headed into last night’s gala opening of the new Swarovski Crystallized store in Soho.

PHOTO: Andrew H. Walker/Getty

PHOTO: Andrew H. Walker/Getty

Much of the conversation among guests centered on yesterday’s west coast events, especially as it was only Wednesday that Swarovksi announced they were doing the costumes for Michael Jackson’s upcoming concerts.

Also out and about in the city last evening, Ms. Lively’s co-star Leighton Meester, seen in Thakoon as she heads over to MTV for a taping.

PHOTO: Janet Mayer/Splash News Online

PHOTO: Janet Mayer/Splash News Online

We seem to have spent an inordinately large amount of time discussing  Gossip Girl this week, including this post on sales of actor Chace Crawford’s People magazine cover issue vs. a Kate Gosselin cover on another magazine. (The numbers favored Ms. Gosselin.) Now it seems People is heading down the same path as that other magazine; behold their July 6th issue:

Courtesy People Magazine

Courtesy People Magazine

As we have already spent too much time on G2, it seems only appropriate to spend even more time on the topic, sharing this link to a very funny WaPo (Washington Post) story comparing Gossip Girl with NYC Prep.  Here is the paper’s synopsis:

After watching the first episode of Bravo’s new “Gossip Girl”-as-reality-series show “NYC Prep” (it debuted last night), WaPoTeamTV’s “Gossip Girl” correspondent Emily Yahr decided she much prefers watching the filthy rich Made-for-TV Teens of the CW soap to the filthy rich Actual Teens featured on “Prep.”


A few speedy more updates for you this afternoon, particularly a reminder the rather significant Sales & Savings opportunities continue at almost any establishment where preps might shop.  Not only are Brooks Brothers, J. Crew and Talbots all doing substantial markdowns and discounts, the major department stores are as well.

Neiman Marcus is promoting “An Additional 25% Already Reduced Prices” along with complimentary shipping regardless of how much one spends.

The promo code to receive no-cost shipping at Neimans is NMSUMMER.

Barneys is doing the additional discount, without the complimentary shipping:

Completing the trifecta is Saks, also offering no-charge shipping at any purchase amount, use promo code SAKSSHIP9.


In other retail notes, on the heels of a successful opening for their new Tommy Hilfiger store in the Hamptons, there is word the retailer has plans to generate buzz for that location in another way, with the launch of ‘T Studio.’

PHOTO: Courtesy Tommy HIlfiger via

PHOTO: Courtesy Tommy Hilfiger via

Starting next Saturday (July 4th), the first 50 folks visiting the new Studio at the East Hampton store receive a silk-screened tee made to their specs. There will only be 50 made each week, so these are being dubbed “limited editions,” a very interesting maneuver on the part of the Hilfiger marketing machine.

It will be fun to watch this one play out and see if the concept is launched in other locations. This is only the company’s 10th free-standing store, an excellent location to test-drive the idea.


As discussed in this post, the Coach Poppy line is officially on sale today, and there are some wonderful, fun, whimsical pieces.

This of course circles back to that whole ‘new definition of luxury’ and ‘changing pricepoint’ issue we keep reading and posting about. As this story from AP notes:

“The Poppy collection follows through with Coach’s previously announced plan to lower prices 10 percent to 15 percent … The strategy includes offering half of its handbags – about 70 different types – for $200 to $300.”

Do let us know if you end up acquiring any treasures from the Collection, sharing is caring!


Finally, how many readers would recognize this as a Target store?

PHOTO: Bruce Bisping/Star-Tribune

PHOTO: Bruce Bisping/Star-Tribune

Yes, it is the new Target concept store located in downtown Minneapolis, not far from the retailer’s headquarters. This story in the Star-Tribune explains the mini-grocery store opened in October:

“the company has since added fresh meat, chicken and produce to 14 general merchandise stores around the country. Other Twin Cities test stores are at Ridgedale and Medina. The concept will expand to 100 stores by year’s end.”

Would you purchase fresh fruit and veggies at your local Target? It is how the company plans to compete with the behemoth known as Wal-mart. Perhaps the one and only Queen Bee Swain can investigate, it is in her neck of the woods, although not in her back yard.


With that we say adieu until next time, may your weekends be splendid, full of fun and spent in the company of those you love.


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19 responses to “Those ‘Filthy Rich Teens’ & The New T Studio at Tommy Hilfiger

  1. Oh yes. There is a Target in Dunwoody [kind of in ATL] that has a full grocery. It is AMAZING. I absolutely love taking trips out there to check out the goodies.

  2. Wonderful Post!! Have a great weekend! xoxo

  3. I have the new Prep show TiVoed but I haven’t had time to watch it. I figured that I would try it since my beloved GG is in hiatus right now. We’ll see how it is. I’m sure nothing and no one can compare to Ms. Blair!

  4. LPC

    Is that black inset on Ms. Lively’s dress, um, see-through?

  5. Thanks again for all of your wisedom, kind words and great fashion updates. You never let us down TPP. We all adore you! I’ve tagged you on my blog, so if you’d like to stray from your fashion informative self to a little more personal tidbits, I’d love for you to play. Have a great weekend!

    Much love,

  6. We have a super target that is a combo full grocery store/Target. You can get anything there 😉
    I like the Coach purses–fun!

  7. Those new Tar-jays are looking snazzy! The Ridgedale store was right in my old neighborhood. I’ll have to check them out when I go back to visit!

  8. KK

    Yes please, Target!! Tarjay peeps if you are reading this- Cap Region Upstate NY pretty pretty please!

    And I agree with WaPo. I thought I would love NYC Prep but I honestly found it sort of sad in an odd way. GG wins by leaps and bounds.

  9. Our Super Target in SLC Utah I bought some groceries, including fruit and veggies. It always struck me odd to have shoes, DVD’s and plant mixed with an Issac Mizarati (sp?) shirt on the conveyor belt. But I really miss my Target. And even know I’m without real TV I’m so sick of the Jon & Kate media hype…those poor kids! Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. The newest target in my town has the mini grocery and I absolutely love it. There isn’t a huge selections but the products are very well picked. I would never buy produce or other fresh items at the local Wal-mart because I feel like they aren’t the best quality. So far everything I have purchased from Target has been great! Its also really helpful that they have many items in individual portions, great for picking up lunch and getting some essentials during the hectic work day.

  11. We have a big Target in Tulsa with the works. I love it! They certainly outshine Walmart with unusual and gourmet foods. I love the Archer Farms brand because they have so much variety and it’s at a pretty good price. I would definitely switch to Target if they built one in my hometown.

    Thanks for the NYC Prep info. I Tivo’d it but haven’t watched it yet, sounds like it may be a waste of time.

    Have a lovely weekend! 🙂

  12. I would love more groceries added to our general-merchandise Target since it looks as if we’re never getting a Super Target in our little Alabama town. As always, thanks for keeping us in the loop!

  13. I can’t stop browsing the department store sales, dammit.

  14. We, too, have a SuperTarget in Memphis. I buy produce and meat from there, and it has all been fine. It’s not as busy as Walmart which is what I really like.

  15. Clare Brown

    Ahhh I am sooo excited about the Coach Poppy line!!
    Beautiful post!

  16. was at that Target just last week- a 15 min walk from my office!


  17. Good lawd – that NYC Prep show is miserable. Ugh. What a foul group of over-indulged brats. Not to mention, one would think that the reality cast would be slightly more attractive. Ouch. Yes, I went there…

    My cousin works at Target corporate and says that the fresh food offerings are doing very well. (I’m not convinced.)

    Oh, and is having their annual 50% off sale – while supplies last.

    Hope your week is off to a good start, TP!

  18. sCe

    I left an award for you at my blog! Thanks for sharing all of those sales, it was a great post. The Target sounds really neat, I hope they try it out in my city!

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