Polo Ralph Lauren Wimbledon Collection, New J. Crew Accessories Shop

Hello-Hello everyone!

Did you know it is Milan Fashion Week? As in menswear and accessories for Spring/Summer 2010. While the temptation is to generally flip the ‘ignore’ switch, there are times we stumble upon fascinating newsbites and/or styles emanating from the event.

Guess who showed up for the Giorgio Armani show?

PHOTO: Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty

PHOTO: Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty

Yes, one of the Gossip Guys, Chace Crawford.  (This probably means he wasn’t watching NYC Prep.)

Gossip Girl fans awaiting the release of the show’s second season on DVD now have a date: August 18.

Suggested retail for Gossip Girl: The Complete Second Season is $59.98, but it may be pre-ordered now at Amazon for $38.99.

Speaking of idle gossip that serves no purpose whatsoever Mr. Crawford, WWD has an interesting story on what magazine covers are selling the best, more specifically the People Hottest Bachelor cover discussed in this space yesterday…

Courtesy People

Courtesy People

Or this issue of In Touch Weekly

Courtesy In Touch Weekly

Courtesy In Touch Weekly

…featuring Kate Gosselin of that hideous the Jon & Kate Plus 8 show; we admit ignorance here as neither TP or The Consort have viewed so much as one frame of video from this show.  (We do have a major ‘Help us Understand‘ question related to Ms. Gosselin’s hair style…? Is there some fundamental fact or background story we have missed on this topic?)

It may come as a surprise to learn this is not a pulication with which we are familiar; we are told one may see copies of the magazine when in line at the market.  Indeed.

To get to the point, apparently Mr. Crawford isn’t exactly the hottest-selling cover for People, especially when contrasted with the misfortunes of the Gosselin family.

“Editors at competing celebrity magazines questioned whether the 23-year-old television star was recognizable enough for People’s audience, or if they should have gone with a bigger name. Past “Bachelors” include Matthew McConaughey in 2007 and “American Idol” winner Taylor Hicks in 2006. Both issues sold 1.6 million copies each.”



We’ll quickly share an item that is what we generally refer to as ‘a little stale,’ meaning it is recent, but not anything of the “this just in” ilk.  (Although how frequently do we really encounter ‘breaking preppy news,” really, who are we kidding?)

At any rate, preppy retailer J. Crew has just opened their first accessories store in SoHo.

PHOTO: Thomas Iannaccone/WWD
PHOTO: Thomas Iannaccone/WWD

Described as a standalone shop, the store actually leads right into the J. Crew women’s store. Crew CEO Mickey Drexler describes the new store’s customers to Women’s Wear Daily in this story:

“It’s the same customers shopping the designer stores.” They’re looking to spend less for products with style and of similar quality, he added.


Those spending time in the Hamptons will be pleased to know the retailer’s plans include an accessories shop-within-a-shop for its East Hampton store.


We have been chatting about Wimbledon fashions as recently as this post yesterday, and almost forgot the Polo Ralph Lauren involvement with this event!

Wimbledon by Polo Ralph Lauren

Wimbledon by Polo Ralph Lauren

For the exclusive Polo items available only from the Wimbledon folks, click here.

To shop the Polo Ralph Lauren tennis looks, click here to find items like this Silk-Tie Trimmed Blazer.

While not an ‘official Wimbledon item,’ the Limited Edition Fred Perry polo is now 20% off at Gargyle.



Use the discount code limited100 when asked for the promo code at checkout.


One of the alltime fun summer happenings is this weekend:

If you’re anywhere near Litchfield (Conn.), we *highly* recommend it.


We close with a note about All Things Southern & Preppy, a daily read that is always top-notch.  This fabulous blog is doing a 4th of July giveaway! The lucky winner will receive a set of our popular Traditions Placemats



And the matching Tiny Flowers napkins.  All of these are 100% Cotton, machine washable, and reversible, as well as being made right here in the USA.



Toddle on over to visit ATS&P (aka Preppy 101) to enter her Giveaway!  And to see who won this from another favorite, Whale Flip Flops in NYC, just click here. (These are all too fun, we love doing this!)

And we’ll do something we generally avoid, mentioning tomorrow’s topic: pictures of the new Lilly Pulitzer Fall/Holiday 2009 Collection!

Enjoy the afternoon!


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14 responses to “Polo Ralph Lauren Wimbledon Collection, New J. Crew Accessories Shop

  1. That’s rather amusing about Kate’s hairstyle. The other day at work we were talking about her and concluded that she has a reverse mullet. Party in the front, and it’s all business in the back=)

  2. VictoriaM

    Fascinating as usual; I look forward to your blog more than anything on the web.

  3. I haven’t watched Jon and Kate + 8 either, but I am so sick of the drama! Their poor kids. I’m not a fan of Kate’s hair style. How fun that a J. Crew accessories store opened up. I would love to visit it. I went to J. Crew at the Beach on my vacation, but didn’t find it that different than the regular.

  4. Great post!!

    Chace Crawford wasn’t watching NYC Prep, but Preppy 101 was. Oopsie! What am I doing to my brain. I know watching such trash tv sucks IQ points from brain, but still I do! Somebody stop me 😉 haha xoxo

  5. MCW

    The J.Crew Soho is my “home” store…I went in the other day, walked around the entire store looking for a necklace before I realized the new addition. It is attached and it is where the CrewCuts used to be. They moved mens out of the store completely and the CrewCuts downstairs. I wanted every piece of jewlery in the place! Everything was displayed so lovely…

  6. A whole store of moderately overpriced accessories? Ah, J.Crew, you never cease to amaze me.

    In other news, I am not too surprised Kate is outselling Chase. She is more universal unfortunately. Oh, and her hair? Unfortunate indeed.

  7. Jen

    I have to say that I find your blog quite entertaining. As I am one of those people who purchased People magazine this week, I was interested in what you had to say. I had no idea who the guy on the cover was. As I am 40 and probably over the hill at this point, my lack of recognition for this boy toy seems reasonable. I did draw the line at picking up US Magazine. The whole John and Kate saga makes no sense to me.
    Love the Wimbeldon Polo gear, not only because I adore all things Ralph Lauren but also because I lived in London for many years.

  8. I’ll have to check out the J Crew accessories store on my next New York trip!

    p.s. thanks for your nice comments on my blog 🙂

  9. Is Chase wearing silk pajamas in that first photo? He’s awfully shiny & new for my taste, both there and on any magazine cover. Sniff.

    I’m curious whether J Crew’s gamble will pay off; I actually wouldn’t think the people shopping the designer boutiques would cross over much with the typical J Crew customer (raising hand), but I assume they know more about the market than I do . . .

  10. Wonder how that accessories-only store will do — is there that much demand?

  11. I go to Chase Crawford’s dad’s dermatologist’s practice. Yes, his dad is a dermatologist and he’s not my regular one, but I had to see him one time when mine wasn’t available that day. He’s darling, as is his son. Recently BigGirl had an appt and we went in and in the waiting room they were playing music and a Carrie Underwood song came on, which we thought was so funny since he use to date her.

    By the way, I’m LOVING those new Stewart tartan flip flops you have on your site….I may have to feature those on my blog…..those are darling. : )

  12. Princess Freckles

    Yes, Kate’s hair is very odd. I don’t like it one bit! I do like Chase Crawford though!

  13. Great post! I love everyhting about it! I love watching Wimbledon and seeing what everyone is wearing and the GG DVDs have been preordered!

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