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About That New Lilly Logo, and Those 12″ Heels

Hello and greetings from the Prepatorium, what a busy day it has become!

We start with a look at a logo Lilly Pulitzer fans are likely to become accustomed to:


The logo is part of the company’s ‘Lilly Loves Green’ initiative; we chatted about the campaign in this postWWD explains more in this story by Julie Naughton (subscription req’d.):

“As part of the initiative, each of the seasonal collections — beginning with resort 2009 and ending with fall 2010 — will focus on a different environmental theme, which ties into the bigger Lilly Loves Green picture. Resort 2009 is dubbed “Escape to the Water’s Edge” and comprises ocean-inspired designs…”

Which brings us to the Coral Me Crazy necklace seen below:

Courtesy Lilly Pulitzer

Courtesy Lilly Pulitzer

The necklace debuts tomorrow night at the Lilly Mother Ship; it is also the official launch of this year’s Resort collection.  The necklace will retail for $48, with 10% of proceeds benefiting coral conservation efforts at Sea Web.

Some readers may have received an invite to the bash:

UnknownIn reality, invites aren’t required for tomorrow evening’s festivities, the event is open to the public. If you are in the city, pop in and sip on a Pink Lilly!

A few lucky readers have already had a peek at the Resort line. (Did we say Muffy?) Below left, the Cameron pant (in the Coral Me Crazy print) and on the right, the Bermuda Caravan Sewn Patch short, both from the Resort line:


Also from the Resort collection, the Olie Dress70708_multiribbonsofflowersembroidery_large (L) and the Gia Print Pant (R).



In our next item, a quick glance at the upcoming Penney’s line by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Olsenboye. (Because there are not enough celebrity clothing, accessories and perfume lines.)

obLogo_txtThe new collection is targeted to teens, coming only in Junior sizes.


Courtesy JC Penney

The entire group launches in February, but 50 select Penney’s will have the line in-store for a limited period of time beginning November 6.

Courtesy JCPenney via NYmag.com

We really don’t know what a parent of teenage girls must go through with all of the limited edition and special collections constantly being created and promoted.  How does one handle a style- and peer-conscious young lady amidst such intense marketing campaigns?


Courtesy JCPenney

To be fair, the Olsens are better equipped than almost all the other celebrities undertaking this type of challenge. We are intrigued to see how this one plays out.


Finally, a word about what we won’t be wearing for New Year’s Eve.

Courtesy ThakoonThe Thakoon Mirror heels are a tad garish for us. And come next Spring, it is unlikely we’ll be skipping about the Prepatorium in the Versace polka-dots:


Or any of these from Christian Siriano, coming next Spring to a Payless near you:


Despite seeing all of these, we still had to grin at this story on the Vogue UK site:


Evidently the understanding at the office was that the Alexander McQueen shoes ‘only’ had a 10-inch heel. When discussion arose about the veracity of such a claim, it was time for the tape:


As far as how they look on actual feet?


There you have it.


EDITOR’S NOTE: This post has been amended to correct an egregious error on our part, we originally referred to the shoes as being from Alexander Wang, when anyone with an ounce of sense knows they are the other Alexander, as in McQueen. We thank the always fabulous Wendy Brandes for her kind correction, and apologize for the error.



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The Times Tackles Harvard’s Preppy Clothing Line


Are we recovered from the long weekend, or perhaps dragging just a little bit? We’re not ashamed to say that here at the Prepatorium we are more of the latter, remaining in denial about the seasonal transition.

Today’s topic involves something we first posted about back in early August: “Harvard’s New Clothing Line. Seriously.” The news was about the line of clothing the University has officially licensed, dubbed Harvard Yard.

Photos: Robert MItra/WWD via Boston.com

Photos: Robert Mitra/WWD via Boston.com

Since that occasion there has been a multitude of coverage in all manner of publications, including the follow-up story published here, “About That Harvard Clothing Line…” That post looked at general reaction to word the school is selling its name, as with this story in The Globe:

“… last week, the news took on a life of its own, dividing the blogosphere into those who either love or hate the slim-cut preppy collection inspired by a New England collegiate look circa 1962.”:

Now the Old Gray Lady has weighed in, setting off a new round of salvos and slings.  The Times story “Crimson and Green” ran on Friday, heading into the holiday weekend.

“So more than a few brainy Cambridge brows began to furrow last month after word trickled out that Harvard had entered into a 10-year licensing agreement for a line of preppy clothing…(a) New England patchwork of tartan, seersucker and old-school plaids, the collection is to arrive in national department stores beginning in February, under the name Harvard Yard.”

PHOTO: DerrickGomez.com via NY Times

PHOTO: DerrickGomez.com via NY Times

The primary criticism leveled in the story centers on the perception of Harvard as elitist, an image the University has been trying to shed. A 2005 graduate, Peter M. Conti-Brown, worked on efforts to “broaden Harvard’s appeal to students from poorer backgrounds” and he is quoted in the story:

““Every move to paste the Harvard name on symbols of prosperity, wealth, privilege and class erects a subtle, insidious ‘Members Only’ sign at the university admissions office,””

““We were going up against 400 years of history,” he said. “Without a doubt, licensing preppy clothes with the Harvard brand is a move in the opposite direction.””

In addition to offering more reactions to the planned apparel line, the story looks at today’s on-campus styles:

“A ramble through Harvard Yard this week, as students returned for a new academic year, revealed more bow ties, polo shirts and Lacoste crocodiles than one might find on the average college campus. But for the most part, today’s Harvard students dress however they like. The usual hoodies, jeans and flip-flops are common.”

PHOTO: Jodi Hilton for The NY Times

PHOTO: Jodi Hilton for The NY Times

To read more of the Times’ story, click here.


PHOTO: DerrickGomez.com via NY Times

Perhaps one of the more fascinating stories on the issue can be found in the Crimson, “Harvard Licenses Brand for Preppy Clothing Line“.

“The clothing deal has amused many bloggers since it was first reported by the trade publication Women’s Wear Daily. Celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton asked: “why???” The IvyGate blog quipped: “You know Harvard’s broke when they start competing with Hollister.””

“Even the Chronicle of Higher Education couldn’t resist, and published a blog post called: “My Khakis Went to Harvard.””

The paper’s best coverage comes in the reaction from students, including a young man from the Class of ’11, J.P. Stilz:

“…a member of Harvard’s men’s polo team, and is playing the sport this summer in his home state of Kentucky. He said that he sees two sides to the clothing deal, some of which mirror challenges the polo team has faced. “I think it’s going to be bad for Harvard’s image,” he said. “We already have an image that all of our students are aristocratic, preppy bastards, frankly. So as an undergraduate student I’m kind of taken aback a little bit that that’s going to be happening, and I almost want to laugh at it.””

Again, click here for the Crimson’s story in all of its pithy glory.

Amazingly, NY Fashion Week kicks off this Thursday! We close with a few looks at last-minute preps, shown in this story from Women’s Wear Daily. Below, Carolina Herrera in her studio:

PHOTO: Thomas Iannaccone/WWD

PHOTO: Thomas Iannaccone/WWD

Next, looks from the Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2010 line to be unveiled at the Hilfiger show September 17.

PHOTO: Thomas Iannaccone/WWD

PHOTO: Thomas Iannaccone/WWD

We’re guessing the navy and white dress is meant to conjure images of nautical flags… ?

One of First Lady Michelle Obama’s favorites, Thakoon Panichgul:

PHOTO: Kyle Ericksen/WWD

PHOTO: Kyle Ericksen/WWD

And one of the masters, Oscar de la Renta with a model in one of next Spring’s confections.


PHOTO: Thomas Iannaccone/WWD

With this we say G’Bye until next time!


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Tory Burch & Lilly Pulitzer: “Go Ahead – Walk All Over Us”

Hello-Hello, and welcome to a Monday.

We have a number of little items that are really all over the map, we’ll start with last Thursday’s benefit at the Lilly Pulitzer Mother Ship in Manhattan, a fundraiser for Operation Smile.  Below we see Jamie Korey and Hayley Bloomingdale in their Lilly garb.

PHOTO: Ben Hider

PHOTO: Ben Hider

Many readers may already be familiar with the organization; they work all over the world providing surgery and other assistance to children with facial deformities.


Next, the story of several fashion designers helping another charitable group,”Fashion Targets Breast Cancer, through rug designs, how is that for a different twist on fashion fundraising? Below we share a design by Tory Burch:

Courtesy FTBC via So Haute!

Courtesy FTBC via So Haute!

Next, Lilly Pulitzer “cuts a rug”. (That was really, really bad. Yep.)

Courtesy FTBC via So Haute!

Courtesy FTBC via So Haute!

Other designers helping out include Oscar de la Renta, Thakoon, and Calvin Klein.  For more information, this news release may be helpful.


Next, a quick look at a recent WaPo (Washington Post) story entitled The New (Prep) School, with a subhead reading Preppy Menswear Goes Subtly Subversive.  Below, a sampling from the story:

“Khakis. Button-downs. Boat shoes. All the usual suspects are here, only something’s . . . different. A strategically placed epaulet here, an acid-bright citrus hue there. These new menswear pieces are preppy, indeed, but over the past several seasons, the look has become less about blending in at boarding school and more about standing out in a sea of collared shirts and cargo shorts.”

The story is accompanied by a slide show with different menswear, including the shirt and denim tie seen below.

PHOTO: Julia Ewan/Washington Post

PHOTO: Julia Ewan/Washington Post

The story offers perspective from Kelly Muccio, owner of the popular Lost Boys menswear shop in DC.  Now anyone seeing the subtitle of the story would properly presume TP’s knee-jerk reaction would be “Preppy that is subversive? We think not!”. But when perusing the store’s online site we must acknowledge favorable reactions to many of the looks she showcases.

BTW, we are presuming the title of the story references NYC Prep, although we could easily be wrong on this.


Our next tidbit also comes courtesy of the Post, Robin Givran’s column yesterday, just one more of many adding to the media frenzy regarding President Obama’s choice in jeans.


Now, as someone who frequently creates major mountains out of microscopic molehills in this very space, we tried to wrap our tiny little brain around the notion that the President’s denim merited an entire column from someone of Ms. Givhan’s skills. Really we did, Scout’s Honor.

Sadly we failed miserably in these efforts, and continue to be amazed at the level of attention directed at the topic. In case you have been fortunate enough to have missed the genesis of all this, the backstory: fashionitas took exception to the “Mom jeans” worn by the President wore to last week’s All Star game.

PHOTO: Mike Stone/Reuters

PHOTO: Mike Stone/Reuters

Among the many sins described in the story:

  • “They were too short; one could see the tops of his sneakers and a hint of white socks when he was at a standstill”
  • “They were baggy — but lacking in old-school urban swagger or beachcomber… It wouldn’t be surprising to discover that the jeans were “relaxed fit.”
  • “Adding to the jeans’ unattractiveness: They had creases. They were light blue. Practically stonewashed.”
  • “But really, these are the jeans of middle-aged dads who have thrown in the towel and decided that when they get home from the office and take off their suit, all they care about is comfort.”

Ms. Givhan’s very well-written column makes a case that *everything* worn by POTUS is important:

“…any hint of rarefied tastes or an aesthetic sensibility that is more Barneys New York than Macy’s raises questions about whether they are fit for the job of representing all the regular folks.

When it comes to clothes, the president must appear to be as mass market and main floor as possible. So Obama cannot display the old-money, preppy informality of John F. Kennedy.”

While we basically agree with the premise, dissection of the jeans worn by Mr. Obama seems a trifle over the top, even when considered in tandem with yesterday’s column.  The last sentence of this next portion shows where Ms. Givhan lost us:

“And when he is not cutting a fine figure in board shorts — and managing to exude vim-and-vigor in that JFK way — he will need an alternative uniform. The blousy polo shirts will not do. And neither will those beloved jeans. They may be comfortable and they may be neatly pressed, but they are not in the least bit presidential.

We now bow to your fine taste and wisdom, asking this question: are we hopelessly out of touch here at the Prepatorium, thinking all the hoo-hah is more-than-a-little-silly?


We close with a look at a darling set from our former-friends, the Tiffany Tots Whale Baby Set:

Courtesy Tiffany

Courtesy Tiffany

It is cute, yes?

On that note, we are off! May your day be fantabulous!


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Those ‘Filthy Rich Teens’ & The New T Studio at Tommy Hilfiger

Hello everyone, how is everyone today?

Regular readers know we aren’t prone to public navel-gazing or introspective monologues in this space, with the exception of a few posts related to respect and remembrance of our military personnel. So we shan’t go into any long dissertations on the events of yesterday afternoon and evening, other than to say it certainly was a rather strange and bizarre turn of events.

Moving on, we have a quick glance at Gossip Girl star Blake Lively‘s latest style statement as she headed into last night’s gala opening of the new Swarovski Crystallized store in Soho.

PHOTO: Andrew H. Walker/Getty

PHOTO: Andrew H. Walker/Getty

Much of the conversation among guests centered on yesterday’s west coast events, especially as it was only Wednesday that Swarovksi announced they were doing the costumes for Michael Jackson’s upcoming concerts.

Also out and about in the city last evening, Ms. Lively’s co-star Leighton Meester, seen in Thakoon as she heads over to MTV for a taping.

PHOTO: Janet Mayer/Splash News Online

PHOTO: Janet Mayer/Splash News Online

We seem to have spent an inordinately large amount of time discussing  Gossip Girl this week, including this post on sales of actor Chace Crawford’s People magazine cover issue vs. a Kate Gosselin cover on another magazine. (The numbers favored Ms. Gosselin.) Now it seems People is heading down the same path as that other magazine; behold their July 6th issue:

Courtesy People Magazine

Courtesy People Magazine

As we have already spent too much time on G2, it seems only appropriate to spend even more time on the topic, sharing this link to a very funny WaPo (Washington Post) story comparing Gossip Girl with NYC Prep.  Here is the paper’s synopsis:

After watching the first episode of Bravo’s new “Gossip Girl”-as-reality-series show “NYC Prep” (it debuted last night), WaPoTeamTV’s “Gossip Girl” correspondent Emily Yahr decided she much prefers watching the filthy rich Made-for-TV Teens of the CW soap to the filthy rich Actual Teens featured on “Prep.”


A few speedy more updates for you this afternoon, particularly a reminder the rather significant Sales & Savings opportunities continue at almost any establishment where preps might shop.  Not only are Brooks Brothers, J. Crew and Talbots all doing substantial markdowns and discounts, the major department stores are as well.

Neiman Marcus is promoting “An Additional 25% Already Reduced Prices” along with complimentary shipping regardless of how much one spends.

The promo code to receive no-cost shipping at Neimans is NMSUMMER.

Barneys is doing the additional discount, without the complimentary shipping:

Completing the trifecta is Saks, also offering no-charge shipping at any purchase amount, use promo code SAKSSHIP9.


In other retail notes, on the heels of a successful opening for their new Tommy Hilfiger store in the Hamptons, there is word the retailer has plans to generate buzz for that location in another way, with the launch of ‘T Studio.’

PHOTO: Courtesy Tommy HIlfiger via Hamptons.com

PHOTO: Courtesy Tommy Hilfiger via Hamptons.com

Starting next Saturday (July 4th), the first 50 folks visiting the new Studio at the East Hampton store receive a silk-screened tee made to their specs. There will only be 50 made each week, so these are being dubbed “limited editions,” a very interesting maneuver on the part of the Hilfiger marketing machine.

It will be fun to watch this one play out and see if the concept is launched in other locations. This is only the company’s 10th free-standing store, an excellent location to test-drive the idea.


As discussed in this post, the Coach Poppy line is officially on sale today, and there are some wonderful, fun, whimsical pieces.

This of course circles back to that whole ‘new definition of luxury’ and ‘changing pricepoint’ issue we keep reading and posting about. As this story from AP notes:

“The Poppy collection follows through with Coach’s previously announced plan to lower prices 10 percent to 15 percent … The strategy includes offering half of its handbags – about 70 different types – for $200 to $300.”

Do let us know if you end up acquiring any treasures from the Collection, sharing is caring!


Finally, how many readers would recognize this as a Target store?

PHOTO: Bruce Bisping/Star-Tribune

PHOTO: Bruce Bisping/Star-Tribune

Yes, it is the new Target concept store located in downtown Minneapolis, not far from the retailer’s headquarters. This story in the Star-Tribune explains the mini-grocery store opened in October:

“the company has since added fresh meat, chicken and produce to 14 general merchandise stores around the country. Other Twin Cities test stores are at Ridgedale and Medina. The concept will expand to 100 stores by year’s end.”

Would you purchase fresh fruit and veggies at your local Target? It is how the company plans to compete with the behemoth known as Wal-mart. Perhaps the one and only Queen Bee Swain can investigate, it is in her neck of the woods, although not in her back yard.


With that we say adieu until next time, may your weekends be splendid, full of fun and spent in the company of those you love.


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Barbie’s Fabulous 50th & Lilly Pulitzer Contest Reminder!

Hello-Hello and Happy Start of the New Week!

Timothy Clary/Getty

PHOTO: Timothy Clary/AFP

In yesterday’s post we promised more on the special Barbie Show at Fashion Week; we begin with more on those in attendance, including, a number of the social set. Below, Muffie Potter Aston and daughters, Bracie and Ashleigh Tatiana.


PHOTO: Getty

Also in attendance? The one-and-only Fashion Herald; we almost emitted a most-unbecoming shriek when we read her Tweets about it!

Next, the little ones gather backstage.

Patrick McMullan

PHOTO: Patrick McMullan

For those unfamiliar with all the hoopla, in honor of Barbie’s 50th Anniversary this year, fifty designers created actual looks for the show. Below, Rachel Roy’s sketch…

Courtesy Rachel Roy

Courtesy Rachel Roy

And the real deal, designed to honor the very first Barbie outfit.

Lucas Jackson/Reuters

Lucas Jackson/Reuters

Yesterday’s post really had a better shot of the special Christian Louboutins worn by every model walking the show; here is another look. (Not a terribly flattering shot, is it?!)

Stephen Chernin/AP

PHOTO: Stephen Chernin/AP

We retract a portion of the previous: not every model was wearing the Louboutin heels:

Stephen Chernin/AP

PHOTO: Stephen Chernin/AP

Those look like your basic Chuck Taylors to us, too cute! Now, we are guessing this next dress is the Diane von Furstenberg creation:


PHOTO: Imaxtree

It looks like the basic wrap dress… yes? And below, we are also guessing on the designer. The style seems very Tory Burch to us.


PHOTO: Imaxtree

Here is the Tommy Hilfiger sketch for his beaded white mini-dress, very “groovy,” don’t you think?!

And the real deal:


PHOTO: Imaxtree

Here is TP’s favorite unidentified look:


PHOTO: Imaxtree

Another unknown design:

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for IMG

PHOTO: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for IMG

Other designers we are fond of who participated in the show were Calvin Klein, Trina Turk and Bob Mackie.  Here is a closing shot of the models and their young escorts…

Thomas Iannaccone

PHOTO: Thomas Iannaccone

A few notes on things related to all of the above:

Courtesy Photo via the Telegraph (UK)

Courtesy Photo via the Telegraph (UK)


We will share more from Fashion Week as appropriate and when time permits. Tomorrow’s dance card includes the Brooks Brothers Collection Preview (not a runway show, but at the Madison Avenue store), Carolina Herrera, and one of First Lady Michelle Obama’s favorites, Thakoon.

Before we dash, a quick reminder on entering our Lilly Pulitzer Stationery Giveaway:

Lilly Pulitzer Mix & Match Stationery

Lilly Pulitzer Mix & Match Stationery

To win the Mix ‘n Match stationery set, just leave a comment on this post, or any other. To learn how to be entered more than once, click here. We will use Random.org to pick the winner tomorrow (Monday, 2.16), before noon!


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Ralph Lauren…at the White House? Gossip Girl Reality Show in the Works

Hello and Happy Friday!  It seems the week has either flown by at a furious pace or been painfuly slow, no in-betweens for our friends and business associates. What about you? Frenzied crazy-fast? Or painfully slow-as-molasses?

Speaking of a frenzy, Fashion Week is officially underway. We will do our best to share relevant updates, photos and info as we can.  In fact, we’ll start with a little gossip via the always-on-top-of-things staff at NY Mag.  The GQ fashion week party was Wednesday night, and apparently the conversation turned to the Obama family and their sartorial selections.  Several attendees considered ‘preppy purveyors’ talked about the President’s selection of neckties.

“… designer Tommy Hilfiger said that while his company had not formally approached the Obamas about wearing his designs, “I know Barack wears some of my ties, I’ve seen them.” David Lauren, clad in Rugby and wearing a foot cast after a run-in with a cracked Soho sidewalk, added that the Obamas “have great style … and if they choose to wear us, we’d love it.”

The “He likes me better!” “No he doesn’t, he likes me best!” one-upsmanship apparently continued:

“But even if Sasha and Malia Obama eschew outsized Polo ponies this season, rest assured that the Ralph Lauren brand has already made its mark on the White House. “I believe that [the Obama girls’] rooms have been painted with Ralph Lauren paints,” said Lauren.”

We expect everyone shall enjoy much more restful sleep this evening being in possession of this information.

BTW, the online Tommy store does have *all* kids merchandise 30% off, according to the website:

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger


On a quasi-related note, one of our original Anti-Preps, Kim Kardashian, is evidently attending some shows at Fashion Week.  Seriously.  Ms.Kardashian claims the idea to attend some of the shows was actually the brainchild (?) of “Reggie.” (Apologies, but we do not know Reggie, although we presume he is a romantic interest for Ms. Kardashian.)

At any rate, apparently the two are planning on being at the Adidas Y-3 show. Below we show a Y-3 look:

Courtesy Ruby Hornet

Courtesy Ruby Hornet


Big news for Gossip Girl fans: Bravo is launching a reality show based on Gossip Girl! Broadcasting & Cable reports a new show is planned by the producer who does Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style.

The story on the magazine’s website says:

“The docudrama is being described by insiders as the real-life Gossip Girl, although the show will not feature any of Manhattan’s exclusive schools specifically.

This is not the first time a reality show based on the G2 theme has been attempted:

‘CBS also looked into a reality series about students at the Manhattan private school York Prep, but the school was said to be skittish about the attention such a project would bring.”

The story says the show will air later this year.


We share a few SOTTs (Signs of the Times) our readers may deem to be of note:

  • Both the The Inter-Con Montelucita & W resort hotels in Scottsdale are facing foreclosure. (Both remain 0pen.)
  • The Knickerbocker Yacht Club is closing, according to this Newsday story.  Not a club we have ever visited, the article’s online photos show the charm of the Port Washington Club.  Apparently members even looked at merging with Manhasset Bay Yacht Club YC, but that is not an option. The Club has been in operation for 135 years.
  • Ana P. Gutierrez/Newsday

    PHOTO: Ana P. Gutierrez/Newsday

Our thanks to Luxist for both of these tips.


Hello Kitty now has some hip apparel designs to accompany her MAC Cosmetics collection. MAC asked multiple designers to create looks for the doll; below we show two sketches, starting with Emanuel Ungaro:

Courtesy Vogue UK

Courtesy Vogue UK/Ungaro

If that isn’t the cutest pink bow, we don’t know what is. Of course, here at the Prepatorium we believe “Life is Better with a Bow,” so we are favorably predisposed to bows. Especially if they are pink.  This creation by Elie Saab also features a pink bow, although not quite as prominently.

Courtesy Vogue UK/Elie Saab

Courtesy Vogue UK/Elie Saab

Other designers include Herve Leger by Max Azria, Zac Posen and Charlotte Ronson.  Each of the eight designs was then made into an actual garment; they are now being auctioned on eBay as a fundraiser for the FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) in New York. It is worth a nanosecond or two to see how the sketches translated into reality, very fun!


Okay, it is time for some Pretty in Pink to perk up the gray day outside.  How about these darlings for your little darling? The Kenneth Cole Bow Glitz ‘n Bow Flats are sized for Infants & Toddlers; they are on sale for about $19 at 6pm.

A reminder that 6pm is actually Zappo’s site for sale and clearance merchandise – bargains abound! And speaking of fiscally friendly shopping, Target has the entire Thakoon Collection marked down, with discounts that look substantial.

On that happy note, don’t forget to enter our Lilly Pulitzer Stationery Giveaway, and Happy-Happy weekend!


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Thakoon & Hayden-Harnett Target Updates, Another Gossip Girl Cover

Hello-Hello and Happy Tuesday Happy New Year’s Eve!

Today we are Yesterday we were pondering the fabulousness of electricity in all its many applications… it truly is a beautiful invention. And we don’t just say that because the GGPs (great-grandparents) wintered next door to Mr. Edison in Ft. Myers.  Nor because we have just returned arrived home Tuesday night from the Queen Mother’s estate, following a  few detours along the way.  At retail establishments.  Actually, this was the first time we remember taking refuge (ahem) in a store to avoid becoming the next snowman on the block.

Which brings us to this afternoon as we make every effort to keep our head from exploding.  You see, while still favorably inclined toward the benefits of functioning electricity, we must inform you that shortly after the power was restored we lost another vital service: the telephone.  Which translates into no internet access.  Rather essential here in the corner condo at Preppy Princess HQ, what with our little online boutique being… well, online.

No. Phone. And. No. Internet. Access. For almost twenty-four hours. A situation not rectified by even a Jumbo Prozac Latte. And we assure you that retail therapy would have been a total waste of hairspray.  The online site was fine, we just couldn’t get online ourselves. When the AT&T imbecile finally floated by for a visit this morning we were inclined to accost him, but The Consort said if we did that he would be unable to repair things.  We do love the T-1 line we have, it delivers the oh-so-fast-web-access as promised, but being without landbased phone service as well as the internet is really most unpleasant. Harrumph.

Rather than get our whiskers in a wad, we’ll just cease the whine-athon and get down to business.  In Sunday’s post we promised to file an update on the Thakoon for Target collection as soon as we were able to visit the Boutique in person.

Yesterday’s Monday’s agenda included a family outing to the spanking new Target near the Queen Mother’s home base, in part to allow TP & TQM to better inspect the Thakoon. (We also looked at the scant Hayden-Harnett offerings available, an entirely separate topic of conversation.) HRH, the Princely Sibling also joined us, although he did not share the same level of enthusiasm for the excusion as we.

Thakoon for Target

Thakoon for Target

Overall the line is very well merchandised. The pieces look vastly superior to the photographs we have previously shared, all of them true to Thakoon’s design aesthetic. Many of the sweaters and tees have a soft, supple feel to the touch.

Unfortunately not all of the pieces share this characteristic; many are polyester.  These do not feel at all soft or silky, but slightly slimy, forcing TQM to recoil in horror. (A little dramatic, yes, but to be fair we don’t know if she has ever worn any synthetic textiles, certainly not next to the skin.)  The Camo Print Cami shown above in Navy & Yellow is all poly, as is the Colorblock Cami seen below.

Thakoon for Target

Thakoon for Target

Reactions to the Collection that we have seen and/or heard:

  • Pieces do not run true to size, with fit is all over the map
  • The quality is very good to excellent
  • The quality is poor to shoddy
  • Quantities are running low with some stores completely out of stock on multiple items
  • Your best bet for purchasing anything is online

Well dolls, it is now your obligation opportunity to share any insight you may have on the topic.  Our best suggestion for anyone contemplating a purchase would be to read all of the reviews each customer is leaving on the Target site; they are enlightening.

BTW, Thakoon is looking smarter every day with his decision to offer ‘Thakoon Addition,’ a capsule collection with lower opening price points.  The good folks at the  Style File blog have a wonderful interview with the designer.  Our favorite quote comes when he is talking about Michelle Obama wearing one of his designs the final night of the Democratic Convention in Denver; the dress was one of his signature print:

“A print dress? On TV? There’s change you can believe in.”

We also seek your input on our next topic, the Hayden-Harnett for Target accessory line due at your local store Monday.  Below, the Canvas Hobo:

Hayden-Harnett for Target

Hayden-Harnett for Target

The new line for Target from the popular handbag designers was a tad slow in arriving at some stores; we saw only 4 different bag designs on display during Monday’s visit to the retailer.


As we mentioned in Sunday’s post about the Penn Badgley spread in January’s GQ, magazine covers continue to be peopled by Gossip Girl stars.  Now we learn of CosmoGirl Prom’s next cover, featuring….

CosmoGirl Prom

CosmoGirl Prom

Taylor Momsen.


PHOTO: Ezra Patchett

Our thanks to Just Jared Jr., for the photos of Ms. Momsen showcased in a number of… um… well, extraordinary prom dresses, how’s that sound? In all candor, one really looked very sweet.


Regular readers know TP is a fan of Vivre, not only for their fashion sense and good taste, but also for their delightful presentation and superb online publications.  The upscale site is also having an outstanding Clearance Sale, nothing to sneeze at given the current economic climate. (A reminder: it is five o’clock: do you know where your trust fund is?)

Markdowns have been taken on a plethora of merchandise at Vivre, including some much-too-fun napkin rings from Kim Seybert:



They would make the perfect gift for someone near and dear to us, and at 40% off their original price of $115 they look like a solid buy.  However, at $69 for a set of four they are not for everyone, and the recipient we have in mind might throttle us if we allocated that amount to their Birthday gift budget.

Fortunately this same person is simply gaga for the Shoreline napkin rings at the Princess, a mere $5.50 each, or just $20 for a set of four.

Shoreline Napkin Rings at PreppyPrincess.com

Shoreline Napkin Rings at PreppyPrincess.com

That’s it for this post. Until next time, we shall be awaiting your insider knowledge on the topics detailed above!

We close with a TDF classic car for our Pretty in Pink, a 1958 Continental Coupe.


We send everyone a massive “Thank You” for the wit, wisdom, and strength you shared this year as we became part of the Blogosphere.  You are all Prepalicious in our mind! Happy, Happy New Year!



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