Wimbledon Controversy, plus Pretty in Pink!


There are so many different clearance sales and other promotions underway in the retail world we wanted to share some of the goodies available in our favorite color. (But only those at fiscally friendly prices, of course.)

To begin our Pretty in Pink extravaganza we turn to a Princess favorite, Charles Tyrwhitt, for their splendid Prism Pink Cotton Polo. Originally priced at $110, the shirt is now $39.

While the original cost might seem extreme, we can vouch for the quality and über-soft feel of the cotton against one’s skin, worth every penny. There are several of these floating about the walk-ins for both primary residents here at the Prepatorium, they last for. ever.

Sadly, we are required to make do with the men’s version as Tyrwhitt does not yet manufacture these for women. (‘Yet’, she says optimistically.)  We are forced to do the same with the firm’s sweaters.  Also on offer at a reduced price point, the Summer Pink Cotton V-Neck.

As with the polo shirts, we can vouch for the quality, top-rate, all of the products from this establishment wear extremely well.


Boden USA is doing one of their bigger sales, with some items discounted by as much as 50%, like the Knit Ruffle Jacket:

Originally $98, the cardigan/jacket is now $49.

If seeking something a little more casual for the Young Lady of the House, Boden’s Hotchpotch Sundress is only $24.


Bergdorf Goodman is touting an additional “25% – 50% off” with their continuing Designer Sale:



Our favorite item may well be the Ralph Lauren Black Label Trench Coat.


Tory Burch is offering an additional 25% off all sale items until July 1st; use promo code SALE25. We like the Sleeveless Denueve Top:

Originally selling at $185 the top is now $83.25.


Moving to events across the pond, we head to Wimbledon for a celebrity sighting of a Gossipy sort, Chace Crawford:

PHOTO: Julian Finney/Getty

PHOTO: Julian Finney/Getty

The Gossip Girl actor was spotted taking in the weekend action; almost all of the cast was back in the city today after a two-month hiatus, shooting for the upcoming season.

PHOTO: Just Jared

PHOTO: Just Jared

Our biggest concern: the Blake Lively footwear seen above. Among those hard at work, Ed Westwick, who was seen out on the town Saturday night celebrating his 22nd birthday with flame and co-star Jessica Szohr. Below, Mr. Westwick is looking very much in character this morning.

PHOTOS: Just Jared

PHOTOS: Just Jared

There you have it.


Having mentioned Mr. Crawford’s appearance at Wimbledon, we share news that the Daily Mail has a scathing column on who plays on what court,

“Babe, set and match: Why looks count for more than talent when Wimbledon decides which girls will play on Centre Court.”

Once again, our thanks to Rich at Down the Line Tennis for the tip on this story, one likely to prompt anger among many constituencies.  One quote in the story from a BBC Official:

‘Our preference would always be a Brit or a babe as this always delivers high viewing figures.’


The Journal also has an intriguing Wimbledon story with an equally provocative headline and sub-head:

Tennis Gets Hot and Heavy

Increase in Co-Ed Events Sparks More Love Matches; Federer as ‘Eye Candy’

Really. We had no idea.  And to think how this impacts everything related to the tournament!

“The bump in romance—and the possibility of romance affecting play—has put British bookmakers on guard. “If we heard that Roger or Andy were having relationship problems, we would factor it in,” says Rupert Adams of the London-based bookmaker William Hill.”

We had not thought about this particular consequence when considering the ramifications of romance at Wimbledon. Silly Princess.


A reminder about the ever-so-wonderful Preppy 101, (aka All Things Southern & Preppy): registration for her Red, White & Blue Giveaway ends tonight at midnight. If interested in winning a set of our Tradition Placemats



And coordinating tiny Flower Napkins….



Pop over to say hello!

With that it is time to fly out the door, as is so frequently the case, we are running behind!


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13 responses to “Wimbledon Controversy, plus Pretty in Pink!

  1. Are the polos for the rectangle shaped or the square? I can’t ever find one that fits rectangles well!


  2. Chase (I like him without his usual bangs) and Ed look so cute!

    Loving that pink trench too!

  3. what???? Roger is having relationship problems????? Must google and find out more.

  4. I love pink tops! This is a fun post.

  5. Oh thank you Princess for the reminder about the giveaway! Ah, Preppy 101 remembers many years ago {in the 1970’a} on the courts a romance between Chrissy {Chris Everet} and Jimmy Connors! What a story! It seemed like the perfect Match to me, but what do I know??? 😉 xoxo

  6. Who wears Uggs in June? Oh, Miss Lively, why? Why?

    Thanks for the tip on the Boden sundress. My little one just might find that in the mailbox next week….

  7. Glad you left a comment because now I found you too. I guess I have TUWABVB to thank. Love this blog and love the pink trench 🙂 I will be checking in often.

  8. LPC

    I watched Wimbledon today. I was quite perturbed by Miss Safina. Her belly was on display, all game. Is that allowed? Help me out here….

  9. I love pink in anything! Heading over to Boden love there sales!

  10. PP,
    With you on the pink trench. As Theresa from RHONJ would say,
    “love, Love, Love it!”

    Also, at this point uggs at anytime of the year irk me to no end, but SUMMER?

    (you can tell I’m getting my “Jersey” on! LOL )

  11. So pretty in pink. And love, love, love the great deals!

  12. LOVE the pink polo. Might need to grab one since they are marked down so much!

    Okay – fashion question for you – are Westwick’s pants too short in the picture above? I have such a hard time with men’s pants lengths, but they seem just a tad on the floodish side, no?

  13. ooh love the Tory Burch top!

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