In Honor of the Big Event (Please Don’t Say You Forgot.)



Isn’t Wasn’t it an exciting day?

Ummm… are you saying you didn’t know? How is that possible? Honestly, priorities are so misplaced these days.  Well, there’s no point in wallowing in your shame alone, none of the Palace residents knew about the big event either.

But take heart – it isn’t too late to recover your dignity. In honor of the Day we are declaring it Lobster Stimulus Day, hoping that if we shared relevant items of a retail nature we might all feel better about overlooking the occasion.

We start with the LobsterLine collection from David Wood, an outstanding men’s shop in Portland, Maine.

Lobsterline Courtesy David Wood Clothiers

Lobsterline Courtesy David Wood Clothiers

There are several items in the group.


Everything is fabulous, especially the pink pants. For men. Sniff.

If seeking decor for the cottage, the Lobster Lamp at Newport Nautical is… well, it could be called… whimsical. How’s that?

Newport Nautical

Newport Nautical

(You did note our use of the word cottage?)

Another possible option for one of your contributions to Our National Economy, the personalized Lobster Platter from Preppy Princess. (we must inquire: Did you see that acronym? ONE? Our National Economy? Doesn’t it make you all warm and fuzzy inside?!)

If this doesn’t tickle your taste buds, how about the Lobster Rug at Nautical Rooster?

Those seeking personal accessories featuring the crustacean may favor the Kate Spade Lobster bag from her 2007 Cape Cod Collection, still available at some online storefronts.

The cost at the places we saw it was about one-third less than the bag’s original selling price, in light of its past-season status.

Seeking a smaller investment? A set of two Boatman Geller Lobster Pads is only $38, and that includes personalization.

Our next item features a lobster larger than we generally like, but the Men’s Lobster Pants from Bermuda Styles are still cute.

One can find Nantucket Reds sporting the lobster in either seersucker or poplin. (The Reds seen below show a whale; the photo is offered as a means of providing context only.)

LL Bean offers the pink and green Lobster Flip-flops:

LL Bean

LL Bean

One mustn’t forget our best friends when on a quest for proper duds to mark the special day.

The Custom Dog Collars, Harnesses and Leashes are all available at our little shop, and they are *very* reasonable, trust TP on this.  The pink and blue colorway is also available for these items.

pinklobsterAnd we also offer cute key fobs. At only $5. And you pick the ribbon, and the backing!

There is one lobster item we discovered that can’t be purchased

We hope everyone enjoys celebrating the big day!

On a separate note, we hope everyone is able to pop over and send good wishes to Mrs. Newlywed as she undergoes a major medical procedure.

Adieu until next time.


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20 responses to “In Honor of the Big Event (Please Don’t Say You Forgot.)

  1. Oh, I LOOOOOOVE this post. My Skipp is a redhead and I LOVE to refer to him as “my lobster!” HAHA. I’m totally obsessed. As an aside, I cannot WAIT to get my new ribbon tote! WHEEEE!!!!!

    All our prayers go out to Mrs. Newlywed! She is being SO STRONG!!!! I’m so proud of her. An inspiration to us all, really.

  2. LPC

    As one of your followers on the less preppy side of the spectrum, I’m with you except for the pants. Lobsters are by nature comical. Except. I never have understood the men wearing pants with little critters or sporting goods on them. And I think it’s too late in life for me to learn. But no matter. Everyone else, carry on.

  3. I love everything you posted! I don’t eat lobsters, but they sure are cute!

  4. I will have to IMMEDIATELY change into my Lobster Flops (J. Crew Lobster Critter Flip Flops) when I get home!!!

    Phew! Thanks for the reminder! 🙂

    Love. It.


  5. I wish I had remembered I would have sported my lobster belt, too cold for my lobster shorts!

  6. I am obsessed with anything lobster!!

  7. Jen

    Very cute but if I am going to be wearing animals on my clothing, I’d rather it be dogs or horses. Not too many men could pull off the pants but they would be fun for an upscale picnic by the beach.

  8. Oh, love all your Lobster finds!! How cute is that last picture??!!??

  9. What? How is that not celebrated in Lobster Land New England? We celebrate every other holiday up here, why not that one???? Am I hearing B 52’s Rock Lobster in the background?!?!!?
    Love the lobster featured items!

  10. omg i had no idea!! i adore lobsters! i won a TON of money this weekend on the Live Lobsters slot machine!

  11. Oh dear, this is dreadful. The Consort wanted me to put a link to the B52 video at the end of the post. I protested, saying no one is old enough to remember that song but him! I am so busted! 🙂

  12. LPC

    That’s OK, we were all too busy dancing at the Love Shack to notice:).

  13. Not sure how I’ve missed you! Your stuff is adorable and NO, I didn’t know it was Lobster Day 🙂

    LOVE the monogrammed tray and the Kate Spade bag!

    You’ve got a new follower ;0)

  14. I did not know it was Lobster day! I am truly bummed. I would have had Lobster Tails for dinner.
    Love the Lobster pics. They really are a great preppy icon, and so cute on everything.

  15. Sadly, I am allergic to shellfish.

    But if you like, I’ll tell you the story of Booger the Lobster.

  16. I have been celebrating Lobster Day. All. Day. Long. and boy, am I worn out.

  17. VictoriaM

    This blog is a jewel, I absolutely can\’t wait to see what awaits me with each update! Do let\’s make Lobster Stimulus Day an annual event. Thanks to our Princess\’s fabulous fashion forward foresight I snapped up one of LL Bean\’s colorful little lobster totes last summer so I was prepared to sashay-yo. Wild applause! Oh and those LL bean flip flops are indispensable!
    So is our Princess!

  18. I’ve heard of canned lobster but never pictured it like in the last photo. Who is that darling little crustacean?

  19. TCP

    How on *earth* did I miss this momentus occasion??? I am horrified. Must add it to the google calendar for next year so I don’t make the same mistake twice!

  20. This day definitely slipped by me. I just love all your “lobster stuff.”

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