When Being a Princess Goes Bad, Kate Spade Sample Sale,

Hello-Hello everyone!

Today’s post is an exercise in what we refer to as pre-blogging, written in advance of a heavy schedule; we expect we shall be winging our way to The Queen Mother’s as you read this.

Readers can probably guess our reaction to this title for a column in Friday’s Journal:

Bringing Up Princess: Turning Girls Into Narcissists

Immediately our hackles went up as we said to ourselves, “Now wait just one minute.” But upon reading Megan Basham’s column, we find ourselves in agreement with much of her perspective.

“…little to do with indulging sweet princess fantasies and everything to do with catering to over-indulged princess egos.”

Naturally, invoking an anti-prep increased our comfort level:

“Take the popular tween retailer Justice. At malls nationwide, it carries multiple “Princess” tops and accessories that look a lot more like Paris Hilton’s attire than Snow White’s.”

For more on the “trickle-down narcissism” column click here.

One request: let’s not throw the Princess out with the tiara, so to speak?


We have an update on tennis fashion just in time for Wimbledon, direct from our favorite tennis blog, Down the Line Tennis.

Scottish star Andy Murray‘s is expected to wear the ensemble shown above, all classic pieces by Fred Perry, one of Mr. Murray’s sponsors. The look is meant to emulate the styles worn by Mr. Perry in the 1930’s when he won Wimbledon.

A timeless style, and one we adore.  Some say the look is part of a greater campaign to help the sometimes-surly Murray move beyond his anti-English image.

Those interested in something for off-the-court wear may find the company’s accessories appealing, including the Tipped Webbing Belt.


Many readers may already be aware there has been significant speculation as to whether or not Rafael Nadal would play in this year’s tournament; that conversation ended yesterday when he began practicing on one of the famed grass courts.

PHOTO: Bertrand Guy/AFP/Getty

PHOTO: Bertrand Guy/AFP/Getty

We are still fond of last year’s look as seen above, the shocking pink and gray. Not that we pay any attention to that.  (Actually, we’re such an old fuddy-duddy we still think white is a good color for tennis apparel.)

It does not appear we will see Roger Federer in his famous cardigan again, the one prompting our original Preppy vs. Pirate post.


We confess we don’t yet know what Mr. Federer is sporting for a signature look this year.


A quick Sales & Savings note: fly to the Kate Spade Sample Online Sale:

Fiscally-friendly bargains abound, like the Jitney Cashmere Sweater is now $88. The original price was $295.

The sale ends the 19th.


For today’s Pretty in Pink we offer Blake Lively at Monday night’s big do, the CFDA Fashion Awards.

PHOTO: Eric Thayer/Reuters

PHOTO: Eric Thayer/Reuters

The Gossip Girl star was wearing Michael Kors.  Also in attendance, Andrew Lauren, Dylan Lauren and David Lauren.

PHOTO: Steve Eichner/WWD

PHOTO: Steve Eichner/WWD

The whole clan was on hand, including Ralph Lauren and Ricky Lauren; he took home the Most Popular vote award, the first time the award has been made.

PHOTO: Larry Busacca/Getty

PHOTO: Larry Busacca/Getty

Comedienne Tracey Ullman was the emcee/host for the evening’s festivities; she had a few tongue-in-cheek comments on Michelle Obama’s penchant for apparel from a certain retailer:

““In the short time her husband has been in office, she has already done a tremendous amount to promote the American fashion designers, especially J. Crew,” Ullman crowed. “Is J. here tonight? Mr. Crew? How about Mrs. Crew? Any of the Crew kids? Oh come on, you’d think that they’d be here tonight to show support for J.”

The Ullman quote is courtesy of this story in today’s WWD.  Another designer and retailer of a preppish nature, Tory Burch, wore her own design for the gala.

PHOTO Steve Eichner/WWD

PHOTO Steve Eichner/WWD

Lauren Santo Domingo also wore Michael Kors.

PHOTO Steve Eichner/WWD

PHOTO Steve Eichner/WWD


Tomorrow’s post will feature loads of looks from this year’s Royal Ascot. Below, the Queen and Prince Philip on their way to the event yesterday.

Getty Images

Getty Images

Until next time, enjoy your day dollfaces!


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16 responses to “When Being a Princess Goes Bad, Kate Spade Sample Sale,

  1. I’m going to have one of my SmacEnroe tennis racquet pendants for sale soon! Maybe next week.

  2. It is about time tennis stars start dressing appropriately for Wimbledon! Please do not get my started on what the Williams sisters find appropriate to wear.

  3. There are faux princesses who have no appreciation of nobles oblige. Royalty cannot be bought. Real royalty gives and contributes and makes the world a little better place. You are a real Preppy Princess.xo

  4. I love Lauren Santo Domingo.

  5. I’d say that “Let’s not throw the Princess out with the tiara” should be made into a t-shirt, except that those of us on this side of the scepter would never do that. I’ll just happily applaud the thought instead.

    That isn’t a great shot of Blake Lively in that dress, but I’ve seen others elsewhere & have to admit – she looked spectacular. It’s probably the Southern Californian in me, but I think she’s perfectly working the bright pink / blonde / tan thing here. Big turnaround from her recent misfires.

    Did I just spend a paragraph parsing a teenager’s wardrobe? Sigh.

  6. 1st- thank you for the reminder on Ascot- loved QEII and P Anne’s ensembles yesterday. Great color and just so fun!

    2nd- does AM have a wife? Swoon. Tennis sweaters on preppy guys will do it every time.

    3rd- I know that if Rafa plays at Wimbledon and RF wins, it’s much more legit, but I just don’t want the risk element that comes with Rafa. At least he’d still be recently on-the-mend. My man RF just might be the embodiment of Wimbledon, which is the sporting event of sporting events to symbolize everything great about sport!

    Thank you for the fab post 🙂


  7. I absolutely love the traditional tennis attire! At Wimbledon, at least, they must wear white. Thank you to The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club.

  8. I’m with you – white tennis apparel is fabulous!

  9. Tis’ true, Tis’ true, Princess. Not crying over old, old, old, spilled milk over here in the lovely, sweltering heat of the South. Just glad to have my LC, and well, I must admit what an adrenaline rush filled with hurt, anger, and fury I felt when tossing those belongings over the balcony. It was as if I was tossing it for every for every girl who had been cheated on or wronged by some stupid guy. Or, maybe I was possessed by the character in Carrie Underwood’s song, “Before He Cheats”. Who knows?!?!?! LOL.

    On another note, speaking of tennis star, Mr. Andy Murray, said spilled milk was somewhat of a good, little tennis player himself and was once coached by Brad Gilbert, former coach of Andre Agassi and Andy Murray. This Belle had the luxury of playing shuffleboard with Mr. Gilbert and Mr. Murray one night. Just thought I’d throw that bit of self-promotion in for what it’s worth.

    Hope you have a lovely day TPP,

  10. mary anne

    Um, gee, I always thought white was the ONLY appropriate color for tennis “whites”. Yeah, I’m old and stuffy.

  11. Denim & Pearls

    New SOTT — Eddie Bauer officially filed bankruptcy. From Foxnews.com or CNN.com, read it at work earlier.

  12. VictoriaM

    I note that the author of the anti- princess rant is also listed as being the the author of “Beside Every Successful Man: Getting the Life You Want by Helping Your Husband Get Ahead.” Hello?

  13. Anonymous

    First.. I love the Lauren Family they are just so smashing.
    Second.. I got a Tarrytown Quinn in Pink..you would so know..are they really retiring the Quinn?
    Third.. can you believe RueLALA crashed with the Tory Burch boutique?
    Have a fabulous evening!!!
    xxx me

  14. Next up: the return of wooden racquets for Wimby only.

    *dreams of retro Wimby 2010*

  15. I love the fred perry belt,
    totally feeling you on that.!

  16. I love the fred perry belt, totally feeling you on that.

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