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Best Hanukkah Cookies Ever & Nautically Inclined Gifts

Hello and Happy Hanukkah to those celebrating, we are going to be sharing some last-minute gift ideas this week, but first I have to share my favorite seasonal cookies this year. We’ve all heard about the ugly Christmas sweater, there are parties, pictures, all manner of fun associated with these. But what about the Ugly Hanukkah sweater?

Whipped Bake Shop etsy

Whipped Bake Shop etsy

Zoe Lukas of the Whipped Baked Shop in Philadelphia has this one covered, her Ugly Hanukkah Sweater Cookies are available via her etsy shop, $22.95 for the three shown above, or $87.95 for a Deluxe Set of 12, 2 each of the designs seen below.

Whipped Bake Shop esty

Whipped Bake Shop esty

On to our primary topic, gifts with a nautical inclination. One of my favorite things about blogging has been the truly swell people you get to meet along the way.  One such person we have enjoyed chatting with (in a cyber sort of way) and getting to know is the one and only Nautical by Nature. Miss NbN is an *amazing* resource when it comes to all things nautical, and has shared wonderful ideas this year, as she always has. We have borrowed just a few.

One fun set of cards: the 12 Days of Christmas from a nautical perspective, found in these cards by Shirley Bell Designs.

Shirley Bell Designs Etsy

Shirley Bell Designs Etsy

The Ahoy Rings via Five Knots, $30.

Ahoy Rings

Ahoy Rings

Urban Outfitters offers this Leather Anchor Key Ring ($18).

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters

Ralph Lauren’s Cosmetic Bag in Newbury Nautical at Bloomie’s for $35.

Ralph Lauren 'Newbury Nautical'

Ralph Lauren ‘Newbury Nautical’

A 3 Piece Kitchen Set offering 2 towels and a potholder, $28.99 at Linens & Things.

Linens & Things

Linens & Things

The Nautical Guest Towel at Lemon Daisy Designs on etsy.



Another Nautical Anchor Makeup Bag, this version via etsy vendor SSKDesigns, it runs $21.


SSKDesigns etsy

We also offer quite a few possibilities at the Preppy Princess.



Here are the goodies shown up above, in quasi-clockwise order:

Until next time, may all of your sails be full!


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The Consort On Bulldogs, Bracelets & Bags

Hello-hello, all.  The Consort gliding effortlessly mikeside to dazzle and baffle you while my lovely and talented bride tends to other obligations.  She’s throwing herself into a tizzy regarding Fashion Week and I’ve learned to keep a low profile during these… spells.  We have much to discuss today so let’s jump right in!

trunk o'bulls from Buddies Thru Bulldogs

You know our fondness for bulldogs here at the Prepatorium.  Tilly is a great joy and sometimes a challenge.  I can’t imagine what the good people at the “Buddies Thru Bulldogs” rescue group in south Florida must deal with on a daily basis.  The photo above was taken after an adoption event and it is one of my favorite bulldog shots ever.  Love those faces!

One of the challenges the group faces is vet care for the dogs.  As you can imagine, the bulls that end up at the shelter are often in pretty rugged shape.  Like Dozier.

Meet Dozier

Dozier had developed a growth on his left rear paw.  Surgery was needed.

Prepping For Surgery

Despite the great work by the surgical team the paw could not be saved.  The decision was made to take Dozier’s left hind leg to his hip.  Within hours after the surgery Dozier was standing on his own.

Dozier & The Doc

The recovery continued and a couple of days later Dozier ventured unaided outside.

Dozier On The Loose

This is a happy story.  Not all the stories end with smiles.  But through the laughter and the tears the good folks at “Buddies Thru Bulldogs” do the best they can to provide excellent care, good homes and tons of love to bulldogs who have been battered, surrendered or abandoned.  I have no affiliation with them at all other than I respect the work they, and all the pet rescue people, do every day.  Please support your local rescue groups; I’m certain they will appreciate your help.


We just got off of the phone with one of our favorite people of all-time: Kiel James Patrick.  I’m always energized after talking with him because he’s exploding with creative ideas.  By now you’ve noticed Kiel’s bracelets featured in the new Tommy Hilfiger campaign.  Say what you will about Mr. Hilfiger, at least he has the good taste to accessorize with Kiel’s products.  We’ve been proud to carry Kiel’s bracelets, headbands and earrings at The Preppy Princess for some time now, he is good enough to design exclusive pieces for us, that is always a fun process.  Right now Kiel is in the city for Fashion Week, we can’t wait to hear what he comes up with next!


I’m also feeling good about a relationship we’re growing with the folks at Sailor Bags.  Some of you might remember when The Princess mentioned meeting them in Atlanta a couple of weeks ago.  Their bags are TDF!  All their bags are made of supple and durable new sailcloth.  The designs, ranging from REAL BIG duffel bags to lunch sacks, are practical and hardworking.  They’re guaranteed for life and,  yes, they can be personalized.  They make great gifts for the boat people in your life, memorable prizes for your next regatta or just to bang around in the back of the car.  Beach season is just around the corner (I keep telling myself that!) so you’ll want to order your Sailor Bags today!

Enough of my wandering about… it’s time to strike fear into the hearts of the poor souls in the Shipping Department.  The Princess will be back tomorrow with more on NYFW and other goodies.  I’ll leave you with the reminder to take care of your waitperson because they’re working hard for you today.  Oh, one more thing… Let The Day Begin!


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Market Meandering, Michelle’s Party Frock & KJP’s News


We are so happy to be back at The Prepatorium, we had a divine time at the Atlanta Gift Show. We actually did a post Monday showing how immense the Mart is, but had to delete it within moments because of technical issues created by someone pathetically inept at still learning how to fully maximize the iPad.

We enjoyed seeing new goodies from our fabulous vendors.

Meeting Chris from Preston Leather (his company does our amazing custom belts and key fobs) was a plus, he is hard to miss in his green Crocs.

Invariably someone is not happy when left with the housesitters.

Poor, Pitiful, Put-Upon, Pathetic Tilly

But then it seems she follows us everywhere, heh,heh,heh.

(The resin dogs have become ubiquitous at gift and accessory shows.)

We also *loved* lunching with the brains behind our Southern Wears line, and chatted about new things we are adding to The Princess.

Here Soon!

We are adding Tiny Prep treasures in argyle and madras.

There are more discoveries we shall be adding to the site, but we don’t yet have images to share with you. We did get to see the new Lilly Pulitzer and Jonathan Adler designs, the products are even better than anticipated.  This includes the much-buzzed-about Acrylic Wine Glasses.

And croakies sunglass straps.

It was loads of fun seeing friends and shopping, but we are ever-so-happy to be home.


We share a few images last night’s big do in the District, the state dinner for President Hu Jintao of China. First Lady Michelle Obama chose an Alexander McQueen gown.

Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty

The lush look in red and black silk was the creation of Sarah Burton, she was named to design the line following Mr. McQueen’s death last year.  Earlier in the day Mrs. Obama was in a navy wool ensemble by Roksanda Ilincic.

Some of the notable names at last night’s party included designer Vera Wang and fashion pooh-bah Anna Wintour.

Also attending, Barbra Streisand and her husband, James Brolin, along with Michelle Kwan, who was stunning in metallic gold.


We leave you with a look at a friend’s good news, seen in the print campaign for this spring’s Tommy Hilfiger line.

Courtesy Tommy Hilfiger via WWD

The reason for our delight may be tough to spot in these images.

Courtesy Tommy Hilfiger

Here is a better view:

Some readers will recognize our friend Kiel James Patrick’s handiwork in the men’s accessories, Kiel allowed the Hilfiger folks to include his bracelets in the photo shoot.

The accessory selection by the Hilfiger creative minds syncs with the continued reinvention of the Hilfiger brand, something we have followed with interest; the company is making progress in retrieving the brand from the land of logos on steroids and “pants on the floor”.  Last spring’s styles shown at Fashion Week were just this side of flawless (who’d a thunk??), it will be intriguing to see what the company shows next month at Fashion Week.

Also making us smile, seeing that Muffy Aldrich, prep blogger extraordinaire, penned a lovely post about her own KJP bracelet.

Courtesy "The Daily Prep" Muffy Aldrich

10 Things I love about my Kiel James Patrick” was a delight to read, we have offered Kiel’s bracelets, earrings and headbands at the Princess almost since our inception, and couldn’t be happier to see Kiel and Sarah receiving recognition following thier years of hard work.

G’bye until next time!


  • Jonathan Ernst/Getty Images
  • Mark Wilson/Getty Images


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The Consort Goes Christmas Shopping…

Hello-hello, all.  The Consort striding mikeside to dazzle and baffle you while The (lovely and talented) Princess motivates the troops in the shipping department.  Let me paint a mental picture for you: George C. Scott as Patton speaking in front of a gigantic flag.  Yeah, it’s like that except she is speaking in front of a gigantic pink bow.  Quite frankly I’m a bit choked up.  But I will compose myself and move on.

Let’s move forward into some of The Consort’s favorite things for the holidays.  The list is short because I have everything I need in The Princess and our fun, healthy families.  But these are some of the things that I want…

Courtesy: Orvis

Our good friend Kiel James Patrick tipped us off to this beauty.  This Upland Ventile Hunting Jacket is beyond great.  It has classic styling, fantastic waterproofing and, best of all, it’s on sale now.  Run, do not walk, to Orvis and get one for everybody on your shopping list.  Make sure to add one for The Consort and I will thank you every single time I wear this beauty.   Full disclosure:  The extent of my hunting is searching for my car keys.  But if I were wearing this jacket I would look good while also looking befuddled.  I can pull that off, too.

Obeddagget Docks Bracelet

While we’re tangentially on the subject of Kiel James Patrick I have to add this beautiful braided Obeddagget Docks bracelet to my wish list.  I already own several of these handmade classics in different color combinations.  The colors are vibrant but age beautifully after being exposed to the sun and water.  We’re proud to carry them at The Preppy Princess and love hearing comments from satisfied customers after they’ve worn their KJP bracelets, headbands or ear knots.

Courtesy: A. Tierney

I’ve always been a fan of a nice grosgrain watchband.  I’ve been known to spend as much as $25 for a watch so I want a nice band to complete the look.  Our good friends at A. Tierney have a great selection of bands in brilliant colors.  The price is fantastic and I think you would agree that a few would make nice stocking stuffers for The Consort.  This is no time to be shy about buying me gifts.

Courtesy: bobbleheads.com

No one has ever accused me of being modest and retreating.  That’s why my own custom bobblehead has a certain attraction.  You can get one of these beauties for yourself, your spouse, your kids, your coach, well, you get the idea.  There are loads of different styles and customization options.  Doesn’t everyone need their own Mini-me?  You’ll thank me later.

Courtesy: Archie McPhee

Nothing says “Holiday” like inedible fruitcake.  Now you can give the classic gift with no fear that anyone is actually going to eat the fruitcake.  This inflatable mock-delicacy from those zany kids at Archie McPhee is a work of genius.  Buy a bunch for all your friends!  Start a game of “Toss The Fruitcake” during your family gatherings!  It’s fun for all ages and Mom likes it too because there are no messy spills!

Enough playing on the computer.  By the sounds of the whip cracking it seems The Princess is bringing her motivation session to a close.  It’s time to run but she’ll be back with more next time.  Remember to take care of your waitperson today because they’re working hard for you.  I’ll leave you with a musical number that is especially poignant today – 30 years pass so quickly.  Good night, everybody!


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Collaborations of a Preppy Kind (Ahem) & “New Prep”

If this isn’t a glorious fall day, we’re not sure what is; we hope yours is equally bright and beautiful.

We have all manner of collaborative partnerships to share, almost all with a prep slant. We begin with one involving a longtime Princess fave, J. Press, and Urban Outfitters.

NY Magazine

NY Magazine has more:

“J. Press, the preppy menswear label beloved by every Ivy Leaguer with Wall Street ambitions, has partnered with Urban Outfitters to make a line of sweaters, ribbon belts, ties, vests, and shirts. The collection features a tie in Princeton orange, a scarf in Dartmouth green, and a belt in Cornell red, among other collegiate-inspired items that are perfect for frolicking around the quad and spilling beer.”

Womenswear inclusion in a future J. Press collaboration would make us a very happy camper indeed.


Next, a partnership we have previously mentioned, and one that has had us more than a tad nervous.

Fred Perry

Yes, it is the Amy Winehouse Fred Perry collection, definitely in the You Can’t Make this Stuff Up category.


While the talented performer’s troubled history would make it easy to mock the line, the reality is that there are many appealing pieces, especially for those of us hopelessly lost in the fifties.

It is unlikely we shall acquire anything from the line, for as much as we like many of the items, we also recognize our limitations, knowing we would forever associate pieces with Ms. Winehouse and the frequently unfortunate circumstances she frequently finds herself in, despite her amazing talents.  However, it *is* an extremely fun group to graze, click here to do just that.


Our next collection has received oodles of coverage, and we are more than a little late to the party on this one. (“Late to the party” being a teevee snooze news term referencing ‘old news’ ((yes, an oxymoron, we understand that)), perilously akin to ‘moldy oldie,’ news coverage that should not be allowed to float out over the airwaves.) Of course we are talking about the Lanvin H&M collection.

There are some amazing party frocks, among other goodies.

The Guardian has more, referencing Lanvin design genius Alber Elbaz.

“The collection, entitled Lanvin Hearts H&M, includes party clothes and accessories for women and men and, unmistakably, carries the Elbaz design signature.”

The line approaches “we’ll take one of each” levels. Unfortunately, the Prepatorium is not located near an H&M, and the company does not sell online in the US.

The word ‘droolworthy’ comes to mind.

How popular does H&M expect the collection to be? We go back to the Guardian for that answer.

“A spokesman for the brand said at the preview: “We expect it to sell out that day.” H&M will limit shoppers to two versions of the same dress in an attempt to prevent the growing practice of eBay flipping, but the spokesman admitted that it was impossible to control.”

We can see why.

After all, as we are wont to say here at Princess InterGalactic HQ, “Life is better with a bow.”

The collection launches November 23, to see all of the goodies, pop over to Vogue UK for the lookbook.  Sigh.


Our final collaborative endeavor involves a perennial favorite, The Gap, and an unlikely partner, Valentino.

Via High Snobette

It is a very small line, only seven pieces, launching in late November, but only available at Gap stores in London and new Milan shop, as well as online at the super-hip Colette.


We want to do what we believe is called a ‘shout out’ to friend and fab designer Kiel James Patrick.

Providence Journal

His hometown paper has done quite the spread on his growing company, describing his creations as “New Prep,” perhaps a surprise to Kiel, certainly an old school prep if ever we met one.  We love that the story points that it was Sarah Vickers, Kiel’s longtime partner and collaborator, who suggested he actually start the company.  (Go Sarah!)  We are proud to carry many of Kiel and Sarah’s designs here at the Princess, including KJP headbands and earrings.

It’s always nice to see good things happen to good people, especially these two.

The Providence Journal/Kris Craig


We leave you with a quick Sales & Savings alert:

Polo Ralph Lauren

Polo Ralph Lauren is doing its “Private Sale” (don’t get us started on the ‘privacy’ of said sale), offering up to 40% off regular prices, as well as an additional 15% off the 40% off. Use promo code NOV0410 to receive the additional discount.  Also offering discounted goods, Bergdorf Goodman.

The retailer’s fall sale kicked off today.

Until next time, grins and giggles!



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