Best Hanukkah Cookies Ever & Nautically Inclined Gifts

Hello and Happy Hanukkah to those celebrating, we are going to be sharing some last-minute gift ideas this week, but first I have to share my favorite seasonal cookies this year. We’ve all heard about the ugly Christmas sweater, there are parties, pictures, all manner of fun associated with these. But what about the Ugly Hanukkah sweater?

Whipped Bake Shop etsy

Whipped Bake Shop etsy

Zoe Lukas of the Whipped Baked Shop in Philadelphia has this one covered, her Ugly Hanukkah Sweater Cookies are available via her etsy shop, $22.95 for the three shown above, or $87.95 for a Deluxe Set of 12, 2 each of the designs seen below.

Whipped Bake Shop esty

Whipped Bake Shop esty

On to our primary topic, gifts with a nautical inclination. One of my favorite things about blogging has been the truly swell people you get to meet along the way.  One such person we have enjoyed chatting with (in a cyber sort of way) and getting to know is the one and only Nautical by Nature. Miss NbN is an *amazing* resource when it comes to all things nautical, and has shared wonderful ideas this year, as she always has. We have borrowed just a few.

One fun set of cards: the 12 Days of Christmas from a nautical perspective, found in these cards by Shirley Bell Designs.

Shirley Bell Designs Etsy

Shirley Bell Designs Etsy

The Ahoy Rings via Five Knots, $30.

Ahoy Rings

Ahoy Rings

Urban Outfitters offers this Leather Anchor Key Ring ($18).

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters

Ralph Lauren’s Cosmetic Bag in Newbury Nautical at Bloomie’s for $35.

Ralph Lauren 'Newbury Nautical'

Ralph Lauren ‘Newbury Nautical’

A 3 Piece Kitchen Set offering 2 towels and a potholder, $28.99 at Linens & Things.

Linens & Things

Linens & Things

The Nautical Guest Towel at Lemon Daisy Designs on etsy.



Another Nautical Anchor Makeup Bag, this version via etsy vendor SSKDesigns, it runs $21.


SSKDesigns etsy

We also offer quite a few possibilities at the Preppy Princess.

Here are the goodies shown up above, in quasi-clockwise order:

Until next time, may all of your sails be full!


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3 responses to “Best Hanukkah Cookies Ever & Nautically Inclined Gifts

  1. Love those cookies!

    I got the Jonathan Adler whale keychain from you a while ago and it always makes me smile whenever I take out my keys.

  2. Those cookies are awesome!

  3. What a cute black and white cosmetics bag. So subtle.

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