J. Crew Bridal Spring 2011, Preppy Pet Styles

Hello-hello, welcome to an almost weekend here at the Prepatorium.

We have all manner of goodies today, beginning with something we do love to look at, wedding gowns. At last month’s Bridal Market J. Crew revealed styles for next spring.

We love the clutch with its oversized bow, above left.

More styles.

If determined to go strapless and short, the short dress above left is pretty.

As did most of the full-length gowns.

Our thanks to AisleDash for the photos.


For those who do not receive the Lilly Pulitzer Holiday Gift Book, we also have a few shots to share from this year’s offerings.

Fab photographer Trevor Dixon has posted some of his stellar photos for the catalog on his blog; click here to see more.


Next, a topic that has captivated Times readers:

Patrik Giardino/Getty Images via NY TImes

An essay asking “Why Can’t Middle-Aged Women Have Long Hair?” has generated hundreds (1256 as of today) of comments from readers.  Here is a bit of Dominique Browning’s original story:

“MY mother hates it. My sister worries about it. My agent thinks I’m hiding behind it. A concerned friend suggests that it undermines my professional credibility. But in the middle of my life, I’m happy with it. Which is saying a lot about anything happening to my 55-year-old body.”

The volume of comments was so high the paper devoted a special segment to the topic on its website; below, a sampling. From “Kate in London”:

“Mothers and hair, the eternal battle. After a great haircut in my 40s, what was my mother’s comment? “Darling, you look like a middle-age hippie.” Last summer, my sister, now in her 50s, was going out the door, and what were our mother’s parting words? “Brush that hair.” While we used to get upset about it, as middle-aged women, we’re just happy to have our mom around so she can tell us how bad our hair looks. Long may it last!”

Via Prevention.com

But then “RBenstein” in New York wrote:

“Weeellll…. truth be told, I really don’t think long gray hair does anything for any woman of a ‘certain’ age. It’s like women (or men) who dress younger than they are … in the end, it only ages them.”

A professional in the industry, “Skip Gue, Miami” notes:

“This is great! As a hairdresser for over 25 yrs (and a man). I get this all the time about women cutting their locks at a certain age.I ask them why? who made this rule?”

We ask our treasured readers – what do  you think? Is longer gray hair acceptable? Or should it simply be kept short after a “certain age”?


Although not generally a fan of dressing one’s furry family members, we do want to share a few goofy images that we hope will put smiles on your faces heading into the weekend.  The first is what we’ll refer to as the preppy-styled cat:

United Bamboo via Racked

That is just one of the images in next year’s United Bamboo Cat Calendar, the 2011 calendar starts shipping Nov. 15.

The second shot showcases a rather stylish pooch in his shirt and madras tie.

Via Rover Dog

The snappy duds are from Rover Dog, a wonderful etsy shop featuring items in two of our favorite fabrics, seersucker and madras, among other styles.  We must admit to being tipped off to the shop by an image on Facebook or Twitter, but cannot remember who the eagle-eyed shopper was; if you know, do tell, so we might properly give credit to the appropriate party.

On that frivolous note, goodbye and happy weekend!


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11 responses to “J. Crew Bridal Spring 2011, Preppy Pet Styles

  1. Really love this all together, especially the Lilly Pulitzer.

  2. It was me with Rover– haha! OBSESSED with their wares! I, too, don’t know about dressing my dog– but with choices like these, I may have to!!!!

  3. Love the preppy pooch outfits! My maltese is currently lounging in a houndstooth sweater, & I just love finding new, ridiculously cute clothes to outfit her in, no matter how obnoxious some may find me. =)

    I’m pretty sure that as long as my hair remains in thick, healthy condition, I’ll continue to wear it no shorter than shoulder-length, even into middle age. As I look back through photos, I am always happier with myself when I have blonder, longer hair. I think as long as one continues to take the time to properly condition, maintain, & style her hair, she should feel free to wear it as long as she likes, no matter her age!

  4. In L-O-V-E with some of those wedding dresses, now if we could only get that boyfriend of mine to propose….

  5. MCW

    I love long hair on any age. I will never cut mine. I guess I will probably die it rather then be gray. If not I would still rather have long gray hair then short gray hair!!!

  6. Well, I think cutting hair into those Mamaw styles ages one more than leaving it longer personally. 🙂

    Love the J. Crew wedding gowns. Wow!!! Thanks for the wonderful post Miss Princess!! xoxo

  7. preppyinnewengland

    Those wedding dresses are just lovely and simple.

  8. ACH

    I love some of those J. Crew wedding dresses! Although, as always, I wish they had some more non-strapless styles.

    Re: Long hair in middle age: I’m dying for a cropped haircut, and my finance keeps saying (only semi-jokingly) “Not till you’re 50!”. I’m looking forward to a cute bob or pixie cut (but only because I WANT to, not because I have to!).

  9. I never thought cats were preppy. It seems I was wrong. That is one True Prepp cat. Love it!
    I am in my 40’s and my hair is the longest it has ever been and I have no plans to cut it anytime soon.

  10. i think if you have gorgeous gray locks and also possess a timeless classic style, then it is completely doable. if it is crazy looking and you are wearing floral capri sets, then perhaps it’s better to stick to a bob or shorter.

    just my humble opinion. emmylou harris, for example, looks amazing.

  11. Bboss

    You know, my mother for years, said any woman over 40 should keep her hair short. I’m 49 and have been tempted to grow it out just one more time. I have thick hair and it’s not completely gray. She would have a cow. But something in me says “Do it!”.

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