Of Weekends and Wedding Gowns

Hello-Hello and welcome to an almost-here-weekend!

Today we have a lengthy commitment away from the Prepatorium of the volunteering kind, so the post is brief and focused on one topic.  As everyone is no doubt aware (how could you not be with the insane levels of media attention dedicated to the matter), there are nuptials of note this weekend; we planned (and still plan) little coverage of the event, other than what we have done with other notable weddings, a possible look at the fashions sported by guests and the bride’s gown. We do adore looking at pretty gowns and party frocks.

We *have* been surprised at the number of inquiries we are receiving about dresses worn by other high-profile brides, in particular the number of questions about Caroline Kennedy’s dress. (More about that in a moment) To answer those questions we have decided to look at styles worn by some of these more notable brides, beginning with Jacqueline Bouvier, upon the occasion of her marriage to then Senator John F. Kennedy.

Via BrideChic

The ivory silk taffeta dress took two months to make, requiring more than 50 yards of silk.

JFK Library

More on the gown from the JFK Library:

“It was the creation of Ann Lowe, an African-American dress-maker born in Grayton, Alabama, who had designed gowns for the matrons of high society families including the du Pont, Lodge, and Auchincloss families. Ms. Lowe was 54 when she designed the Bouvier wedding dress, which featured a portrait neckline and bouffant skirt decorated with interwoven bands of tucking and tiny wax flowers.”

Tricia Nixon was married while her father was president, so that event was a White House wedding. Her gown was by Priscilla of Boston, an establishment visited by yours truly when seeking a dress.

Life Magazine

Another President’s daughter wearing Priscilla?

AP Photo

Luci Johnson and Patrick Nugent are seen as they leave the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception; Luci’s sister Lynda, accompanied by the groom’s father, Gerard Nugent, holds the bridal gown train.

Style icon Grace Kelly’s wedding dress featured (among other things) exquisite lace, yards and yards of it.

The vision and designed for the gown came from MGM costume designer Helen Rose, it was actually made by the wardrobe department of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

Philadelphia Museum of Art

The dress included rose point lace over silk faille and silk tulle, with seed pearls.

Another famous actress wearing a gown by Ms. Rose? Elizabeth Taylor, for her marriage to Nicky Hilton.

Princess Diana’s gown was immense.

The train alone was 25 feet in length.

There was a lot going on with this dress: the ruffled silk taffeta and lace gown also had enormous puffed sleeves, and decorated with hand embroidery and sequins. The gown was designed by David and Elizabeth Emanuel.

The royal wedding most recently featured in this space was that of Sweden’s Princess Victoria in June.

Torsten Laursen/Getty

This gown was created by Swedish designer Pär Engsheden, and made of pearl white silk duchesse. (Click here for our “Gowns and Crowns” post with oodles of pictures.)

The next royal wedding on most fashionista’s radar? That of Monaco’s Prince Albert II to South African swimming star and style-setter Charlene Wittstock, seen below attending the Swedish royal wedding mentioned above.

Pascal le Segretain/Getty

We close with our favorite gown, that worn by Caroline Kennedy for her wedding to Edwin Schlossberg.

The gown was a Carolina Herrera design in white silk organza, with a rounded neck, short sleeves, and a twenty-five-foot train.  Note the bodice of the gown, appliqued with embroidered white shamrocks.

Why is it our favorite? Why are the shamrocks of interest?  Well, loath as we are to talk about anything personal (honestly, what could be more tedious?), we will share that someone you know (in a cyber sense of the word) wore the same dress for her marriage to the most wonderful man in the galaxy, the Consort.

As soon as we saw the dress we knew it was The One, and sliding it on confirmed our first instinct.  We had only one dilemma. You see, the gown did not originally come with shamrocks, those were created specially for Ms. Kennedy.  In our case the debate was a bit more challenging: shamrocks to honor the bride’s heritage, or tulips, in honor of the groom’s background?

Ultimately we opted for neither, going with the gown’s original floral embellishment, a daisy. And thus, “The Daisy Dress” was named, that moniker remains what we call The Dress to this day.

On that blissful note we thank you for popping in, and hope everyone’s weekend is simply delightful!


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23 responses to “Of Weekends and Wedding Gowns

  1. Andrea

    It should be noted that Jackie was not too fond of her dress. Her mother picked it out; Jackie said it looked like a lampshade…

  2. Ohhh loving Charlene Wittstock’s gown!!!

    AND my lilly agenda-xxoo
    cant wait for the rest to arrive!

  3. LPC

    I too loved Caroline’s dress. How wonderful that she understood the genius of the Princess and followed your lead:).

  4. I have seen the Diana dress and it is SO impressive. The price was the MOST impressive part. It was far less than some of the junk brides pay big bucks for today. My mom is from Ecuador and the majority of her family goes the custom made gown route and they are far less expensive. I personally love Jackie’s dress.

  5. KK

    Such a fun post! What could be more fun to look at on a Friday than fabulous wedding gowns?!! Have a great weekend, Preppy Princess.

  6. A lovely post. I remember Caroline’s dress well and stayed up all night to see what Diana wore. Such beautiful weddings. And it looks like the Princess and Consort continue the happiness. 🙂 xoxo

  7. Jen

    What a great post! I love wedding dresses. I wish I could wear mine on a regular basis but now that might start to make people wonder about my mental state. I had mine created from a photo in an Italian Vogue. So very cool!
    If you need a little nonsense you may enjoy today’s post over in my neck of the woods. I think the humidity is getting to me.

  8. MCW

    What a beautiful picture 🙂
    I cannot wait to see Chelsea’s dress. The news in NY is nuts about her wedding.
    This morning one of the radio stations did a “phone tap.” They played a joke on a girl who is getting married this weekend really close to Reinbeck, NY. The radio host pretended to be the wedding party are staying and they told the bride they had to cancel all reservations because of Chelsea’s wedding and security issues. Then they said there was a nice Econo lodge with a Waffle House attached about 20 miles away. I was dying…so funny!

  9. charmfinder

    I love that you shared a little about your wedding and most especially, the sweet photo. Lovely. Speaking of which, the first Grace Kelly photo takes my breath away. Finally, on the cusp of Jenna Bush’s wedding, I wrote a piece about the Johnson girls’ weddings for the Austin American-Statesman. I had access to mile of footage of their showers, parties and the weddings, courtesy of the Johnson Library. I had the pleasure of interviewing Lynda Bird Johnson Robb, who is one of the sweetest humans on the planet, and who had her wedding at the White House. Her dress was very simple and pretty. Thanks for this post. It’s so much fun to look back at the styles of weddings and attire.

  10. charmfinder

    Thanks to the Interwebs, the piece lives! Here is a link to the version of the Johnson girls’ wedding piece the Palm Beach Post ran near the time of Jenna Bush’s wedding (if you are interested):


  11. Love this gown… I can never get enough of Jackie’s wedding gown… simply stunning… and Carline Kennedy… I had never seen that picture of her with the flowers how very charming it is… and of course princess Victoria her gown with its simple lines makes my heart sing! Thank you princess for this look back at all gowns stunning and stylish… and most certainly your own deserves the spotlight as well… I love that it is named the daisy dress 🙂

  12. Suburban Princess

    I love the Swedish Princess’ dress! She looked beyond perfect that day!

  13. MRM

    Such a fun post. I loved looking at all of the gowns. I remember wanting to be Princess Diana when she got married. What little girl didn’t? You look absolutely gorgeous and stunning in your wedding picture. You made the right choice.

  14. I so wish that the CLinton wedding was going to be televised. Yeah, I am a dork like that.
    Happy weekend, dear Princess.xoxo

  15. I love anything to do with weddings, so I loved that post. We went to a wedding last weekend and I posted about it on my blog today. The bride and groom rode away from the church on a bicycle built for two. So cute!
    Loved seeing all the pictures of the wedding dresses. My daughters and I got to see Princess Di’s wedding dress in Atlanta in April. It was gorgeous! Love & blessings from NC!

  16. Little Red

    Princess Grace’s gown still takes my breath away even after seeing pictures of it so many times.

    Jackie’s gown is so unlike her.

  17. mary anne

    Love both versions of the “Daisy Dress”. Mama Jackie’s, not so much. I heard that JFK had some input into her dress and that she didn’t like it.

  18. This was fascinating!! However, I am amazed at how much prettier the dresses are on the girls than on display!

  19. ACH

    Gorgeous! As someone in search of a wedding dress right now (or at least a “reception dress”-I’ll be wearing my mother’s gown for the ceremony), it was such a treat to see all those pictures! Thank you for sharing your own story as well! 🙂

  20. how delightful! grace kelly’s was gorgeous.

    another beautiful wedding dress – jenna bush’s. i thought it was divine!

  21. Love the daisy dress! Of course Jackie looks stunning and Diana also. Princess Grace’s dress is just gorgeous! Love this post PP!

  22. L

    Finding this thread after searching for an online photo of the dress I wore at my wedding – The Daisy Dress! Not sure if this is still live, but I wore that dress too!

  23. It is too fun to “meet” someone who wore the same dress, that is too cool! 🙂

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