An Ivy League Reality Show?

Hello-Hello, and welcome to another week of fun and frenzy here at the Prepatorium! It is so crazy-busy that we are forced to make this another one of those dreary two-day posts, with apologies.

We commence the week with news that is clearly one more Sign The Apocalypse Is Upon Us: it would seem an Ivy league reality show of some kind is in the works. From the Daily Princetonian.

“Roughly 60 students attended an open casting session at Nassau Inn on Saturday morning to audition for a new reality television show, which plans to shoot its pilot on the University’s campus this fall and document the Ivy League college lifestyle.”

If we were still doing news for a living, we would refer to this item as ‘a bit moldy,’ if you’ll disregard the rather crass description, meant to convey the fact this was reported way back in May.  The good news is the show’s producers don’t seem to be looking for the next Snooki-type-creature, according to this story from the Princetonian:

““The intention of this show is not to put a bunch of people together and create friction, like on ‘Real World’ or ‘Jersey Shore,’ ”…”

Regardless, we are pretty much convinced that Great-Uncle Arthur and Great-Aunt Mildred have already started spinning in their proverbial you-know-whats.  Perhaps Miss Privilege or Sir Bumby can assist us with additional information, certainly they are possessed of greater insight on the topic than your faithful correspondent.


We have several Bits and Bytes to pass along:

  • Discount ‘members only’ sale site RueLaLa is having another Lilly Pulitzer sale, this one beginning at 11am on Wednesday, the 4th. If in need of an invitation to join the fun, just click here. (There is also a sale of Lilly for men taking place at RueLaLa. Same Batcave, same time.)

  • Today’s Pretty in Pink comes courtesy of our friend Coco, who told us about the redecorated Eloise suite at the Plaza

Designer Betsey Johnson oversaw design for the new room, it is very pink indeed. (Not to be confused with the Eloise Shop at the hotel, seen below.)

The Plaza


We have a follow-up to Friday’s post, “Of Weekends and Wedding Gowns,” looking at the styles selected by notable brides on their big day.

Courtesy Photo Provided by de Manio Photography

It turns out Chelsea Clinton chose Vera Wang to create her wedding dress.

Photo Provided by Genevieve de Manio Photography

Women’s Wear Daily offers more insight:

“Chelsea started with the most popular bridal silhouette across all economic stratas: the full-skirted, strapless bustier.

“… in silk tulle and laser-cut organza, incorporated complicated elements Wang has perfected: the crisscross bodice draping and the skirt’s faux-random tiers and swirls

Photo Provided by de Manioon Photography

The groom, Marc Mezvinsky, wore a custom tuxedo by Burberry.

Courtesy Photo Provided by Genevieve de Manio Photography

Here is a sketch of the dress.

Photo: Steven Sipelman/WWD

Below we see the Secretary of State and President Clinton with the newlyweds; Mrs. Clinton wore a deep berry gown by a princess fave, Oscar de la Renta. .

Courtesy Photo via Reuters

The bride then changed into another Vera Wang creation for the reception, said to be an ivory silk Grecian gown.

As mentioned in Friday’s blather post, the next significant wedding appears to be that of Monaco’s Prince Albert II and Charlene Wittstock. Below, we show the couple at this weekend’s annual Red Cross Ball, Princess Stephanie is seen on the right.

Eric Gaillard/Reuters

Clearly Ms. Wittstock and Princess Stephanie have distinctively different styles. Quite.


We leave you with this image of Silly Tilly; we apologize to our FB fans who may have already seen it, but we simply couldn’t resist.

The Dog Days of Summer

Adieu until next time!


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27 responses to “An Ivy League Reality Show?

  1. Just this morning, my husband was watching “Metropolitan” and blathering about how much he missed “NYC Prep”. Maybe this new show will fill his need.
    Jennifer McIntyre

  2. Wow! love! What an amazing dress!
    xo tash

  3. Enough with reality shows ( from NJ!)
    And how would a student be able to swing studying with filming at Princeton? A lot of work.
    Princess Stephanie would be an interesting reality show, no?
    Tilly looks like I feel on this August Monday….

  4. Princess, Thank you for the shout-out. As far as I know at this time. There will not be a show. I think that they might have a better chance at Harvard. Lord knows, that they need the money, or better yet they could bottom out at Brown or dare I say it Cornell . 🙂

    Always Bumby

  5. LuvRedandWhite

    Oh, what a cute pic of Miss Tilly 🙂 I saw the pics of that Eloise room last week and DIED! SO CUTE 🙂

    I was impressed with Chelsea’s wedding dress…she and her mother don’t normally have the best taste (in my opinion), but they both looked very attractive!

    Happy Monday, TPP 🙂

  6. LPC

    My son, at Princeton, says that he got an email telling him to come to a casting. He didn’t go. Some people went. He doesn’t think that the president of Princeton would ever allow this to be filmed on campus. In his words, “It’s one of those random annoying Internet things.” We can only hope.

  7. Miss Tilly is the best! I loved Chelsea’s dress and did not know about Betsy Johnson over seeing the new Eloise room. I really must get to that shop – I love Eloise.

  8. You have GOT to be kidding me about the Princeton based reality show!!! Is nothing sacred anymore? Sigh.

  9. When Princess Stephanie looks like she could be a cast member on Jersey Shore, we most definitely have a problem. She is so pretty and seems to be determined to destroy that. Ms. Wittstock is so Grace-like, isn’t she? He is a handsome guy. His momma would be proud. And speaking of turning over in the proverbial grave, I’m back to Princess Stephanie.

    I did like Chelsea’s gown. Very pretty. And Hilary looked lovely. Great post! Thank you and I thank Miss Tilly for speaking for the world on Monday 😉 xoxo

  10. KK

    Love LOVE Chelsea’s dress! And the smile on her face- stunning. I thought my girl Hil look rather smashing too.

    What is the Princess wearing? Not her finest hour.

    Oy vey…another cliche reality show? Blah. Whatever happened to sitcoms?

  11. What in the world was Princess Stephanie thinking? Not a good look. Wittstock, on the other hand, looks very pretty.

  12. Chelsea looked stunning!

  13. Wow, Princess Stephanie! Helllllooooo!

  14. I am overwhelmed with emotion from this post:

    a) FRUSTRATION why was I not on a reality show back during my stint in the Ivy League? I can’t wait to watch the Princetonians in action though! The eating clubs! The Lacoste! The Investment Banking internships! The drama!

    b) NOSTALGIA I miss playing tea with my Eloise tea set. If only we could all grow up in the Plaza…

    c) AWE Chelsea looked STUNNING and Bill lost so much weight! Her dress is to die for, practically perfect in every way (to steal words from Mary Poppins because I’m still feeling a little bit of part B).

    Thanks for sharing!!!


  15. No, no, no! Not another reality tv show! Who in their right mind would show up for that casting? Haven’t ppl learned by now that you run away from the camera, not towards it.

    Love Chelsea’s dress! It is soooo beautiful!

  16. Reality show? Thumbs down.
    Eloise room? No thumbs.
    Chelsea’s wedding? Thumbs up. I’ve had the distinct pleasure to meet with Mrs. Clinton on more than one occasion, and have always thought the best of her daughter.

  17. Princess Stephanie looks TERRIBLE – what is she wearing?!?! Someone needs to give her a shawl

  18. lyss

    Listen “Bumby”, don’t trash on Brown and Cornell, they’re both on the top 20 on the forbes list, may I ask what college you came from to even diss either of them. BTW or “dare I say it” shut the **** up.

    NOTE: Edited to remove the second to last word and replace it with asterisks.

  19. LOL. Thanks lyss for the laugh, Firstly let me say, Thank you to the Princess for her edit and her bandwidth, by allowing me to respond. Frankly, I had to Google to find out what BTW stood for. Secondly… lyss, you should be ashamed for using the * word in response to a comment.
    In answer to your question, Princeton, need I say more.

    Always Bumby
    Thank you Princess.

  20. Lyss

    Bumby, no offense but the thing that is bothering me is how snobby you seem to be acting. Why is it a laugh? It genuinely isn’t nice and you shouldn’t have said it, sure princeton is a great school but there are other great schools out there and you can offend a lot of people by making comments on it, I respect that everyone has their own opinions but you just said it in a snobby manor. Like you said “need I say more”, as if you are all high and mighty. You seem like you frown on things that arn’t the preppiest of the prep, but cornell, columbia and dartmouth can be just as preppy.

  21. Lyss, I am a WASP, I come from very old stock. To use the famous words of a little sailor man… ” I am what I am. The fact still remains that as the Ancient Eight go, in regards to respect those three remain at the bottom just below Yale, that is unless you attend one of them. Lyss, I am sorry that you don’t understand a rival slam when you hear, read or see one. Take heart I am a snob LOL…. now go and deal with it 🙂


    Thanks once again Princess.

  22. Sorry, that should have two” I was distracted by Bootsie as she bit my leg in the the hopes that she will be fed soon.LOL.

    Always, Bumby

  23. Lyss

    Just out of curiosity Bumby, who/what do you classify as WASP, or just a preppy person for any matter?(ethnics etc.)

  24. Lyss

    Bumby, to leave off on a good note, I would like to apologize for swearing at you because it was really inmature of me(i’m still young!) but it didn’t give me the ascendancy to act like that towards you because we don’t know each other lol. So on my behalf for me to make assumptions about you isn’t right either, so I am sorry. Sometimes I don’t realize what I say to other people because I actually want to attend Cornell or Dartmouth, and I am preppy, so I just got offended. I am not sure what people like to classify as preppy today, I am italian I wear ralph lauren, lilly pulitzer and angela moore, so clearly i over-reacted sorry :/.

  25. Thank you Lyss, I wish you luck with your choices, once your in, you will come to understand that in our society those of us that are given a chance to attend one of the Eight carry a badge sometimes it is one of honor and sometimes your just a dousch, When you do get accepted, just remember you… you got in and some one elese has to go to a community college and just smile. This is only the begining 🙂

    Always, Bumby

  26. Anonymous

    Thank you very much (:, and please don’t stop blogging. I happened to read your last blog entry and you talk however you want because it is your blog. So don’t ponder whether you should or not, just keep blogging. We still need preppy bloggers out there!
    Best wishes,
    BTW how did you get in princeton!?

  27. Thank you for your support. I am a legacy 🙂

    Always, Bumby

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