Prep World Paris, Black Fleece Bargains, Itty-Bitty Kate Middleton Dresses

Hello-Hello, and welcome to a Monday.

Things are a little frenzied this week, we’re pedaling as fast as we can here at The Prepatorium.

We begin with a look at the first Prep World pop-up store.

Via StyleRumor

The Tommy Hilfiger/Lisa Birnbach endeavor debuted last week in Paris.

Via Tommy Hilfiger Facebook page

The launch party was right in front of the store, modeled to look like a Hamptons cottage.

It looked like a beautiful day at Pompidou Centre.

Via PaperBlog.Fr

It is a special treat to see our friend Kiel’s work showcased, don’t his bracelets look wonderful?!

Courtesy Prep World

It is always fun to see the reactions to Mr. Hilfiger’s styles, this story in Paper Blog (France) is replete with references to Gossip Girl characters Serena (Blake Lively) and Blair (Leighton Meester).

“Preppy. The decor is slick and hostesses are welcoming. During a moment you feel like Serena or Blair, you invent a fishing trip and you fantasize about the sweaters and knitted pastel polo shirts.”

For a more comprehensive look at the shop, Style Rumor has a lengthy post with loads of photos.

If in need of more comprehensive background on the Prep World line and concept, click here.  To see more photos, the Hilfiger Facebook page has a number of photos, including this one.

Tommy Hilfiger



We have a few quick Sales & Savings opportunities to pass along, but be advised two of them are time-sensitive:

  • The other mention involves another flash sale, this one titled Gossip Girl Boutique at ‘invitation only’ sale site The sale begins tonight at 9pm EDT, here is more from Gilt’s description:

“We’ve teamed up with Gossip Girl stylist Eric Daman, the man behind some of television’s most fiercely dressed characters, to replicate some of the show’s best looks. Whether you crave Serena’s sexy spin on boho-chic, Lily’s flawless elegance, or Blair’s ladylike polish, you’ll find plenty to choose from. And we haven’t forgotten the guys: choose from pieces for him that range from Brooklyn casual to classic Upper East Side cool.”

  • J. Crew is doing an additional 30% off sale items in its Final Sale promotion, use promo code OURTREAT at checkout for the savings.


For those like us with a mild interest in royal weddings (cough-cough), we share a headline from across the pond about the “William and Kate” movie now being shown in the UK.

Via The Daily Mail

The descriptions and reactions to the film had us both laughing.

Rupert Thorpe via The Daily Mail

From the Daily Mail’s story:

“…the Evening Standard’s Richard Godwin concurred, adding: ‘Critics in America have panned this movie as a cheesy chick-flick, but there are positives.’  It is recognisably a film, in that it takes place on a screen.”

One item related to the upcoming nuptials that is adorable, the tiny collection of Kate Middleton dresses.

Images via The Telegraph

The set was done for Harumika, The Telegraph has photos of all the styles.

Apparently they will be sold at Toys ‘R Us. (Moms, aunts, grandmothers…TP needs your help, is this a popular brand?)

Our fave itty-bitty style:

Via The Telegraph

Although we are pretty sure Miss Middleton’s shoulders will be covered, we do love the tiny wedding gown created for the line.

On that darling image we say g’bye until next time!


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9 responses to “Prep World Paris, Black Fleece Bargains, Itty-Bitty Kate Middleton Dresses

  1. I am disappointed in my Black Fleece purchases from last week. Bought two shirts on clearance in their version of a size 8, which I expected to be too tight in the bosom and instead, they’re enormous. They close perfectly (many button-down shirts gape open at the neck, but these both fitted perfectly that way), but they were enormous and LONG.

    The vanity upsizing frustrates me.

    Sending back.

  2. Love the Ralph Lauren plaid men’s shirt. stumbled across your blog. enjoying your posts. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Last week I made a small order from your website for a few Easter basket stuffers and I just had to thank you for the wonderful delivery! My order was small, yet the presentation was as thought I had placed the big order of the day! Your branding is impeccable, and I was giddy as I untied each ribbon and opened each piece of tissue to reveal my goodies. And the hand written note, it was just a fun experience opening the box! So thank you again! I will certainly be back soon for more treasures!

  4. TK

    Ok I am woman enough to admit I was channel surfing and ended up watching the Will & Kate movie. It was fabulously cheesy, as one would expect from anything on Lifetime. Perfect home sick on the couch programming!

  5. I too have indulged in the Lifetime movie on William & Kate. Agreed that it was indeed cheesy but it really doesn’t matter much to me. Anything royal at this point is entertaining.

  6. Whoa.. see how oblivious I can be, I didn’t know you had a shop?

  7. I kicked off the Royal Wedding Week with the fabulously cheesy Lifetime movie… so bad it was good.
    I can’t wait for Prep World to come to NYC, want me to pick up a scarf for you? hehe!
    Have a fab week and look forward to your royal coverage!

  8. I too have indulged in the Lifetime movie on William & Kate. Agreed that it was indeed cheesy but it really doesn’t matter much to me. Anything royal at this point is entertaining.

  9. This line is just too much – “It is recognisably a film, in that it takes place on a screen.” It’s possible that said “film” resides on my DVR. Ahem.

    I find it delightful that what apparently started as something of a gag, from what I understand about “The Official Preppy Handbook” origins, now includes the preppification (if we’re calling Tommy Hilfiger prep, sniff) of Paris, of all places!

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