Lilly Pulitzer ‘Colorful Cause’ Celebrity Dresses Now Available

Hello-Hello everyone, may the Happy Day Fairy stop and sprinkle some pixie dust upon you at some point today, bringing a smile your way!

We start with news that the Lilly Pulitzer Celebrity Dress Collection is now available at Saks online. As part of Lilly’s 50th Jubilee nine celebrities were selected to design limited edition items for the collection; proceeds benefit “A Colorful Cause,” a charity for children suffering with a rare skin disease, Epidermolysis Bullosa.

The Gwyneth Paltrow Bikini is garnering some nice press in the glossies, including People magazine.

Gwyneth Paltrow Bikini for Lilly Pulitzer

Gwyneth Paltrow Bikini for Lilly Pulitzer

Of course, there is also a Gwyneth Paltrow Bikini for Toddler & Little Girls, as well as a tunic. Actress Brooke Shields also did a Mommy-and-me bikini and tunic set, hers is in a rich seashell print.

Toddler & Little Girl's Brooke Shields Tunic

Toddler & Little Girl's Brooke Shields Tunic

Another shift dress comes from Angie Harmon

Angie Harmon Designs for Lilly Pulitzer

Angie Harmon Designs for Lilly Pulitzer

Marcia Cross also created a look for the Collection.


Marcia Cross Design for Lilly Pulitzer

All of the celebrity designs carry classic Lilly lines and motifs; they look to be loads of fun for a good cause!


A quick Lilly-related note from TP: Personalized Lilly Note Cards and Flat Cards are now availble at the Preppy Princess shop!

Animal Crackers

Animal Crackers

Lilly fans will recognize many of their favorite patterns, like Animal Crackers, or Crazy Caravan Blue.

Crazy Caravan

Crazy Caravan

We shall also be offering these in blank stock in the not too distant future!




We close with our very (extremely very) favorite bag in at least a day….okay, a little longer. Behold the Beach Bag with Sailboat Print from Stella McCartney.

Stella McCartney

This treasure is available online at Browns. We have shared a number of nautically inclined designs by Ms. McCartney of late, but this tote is tops. (Yes, we really are all that ga-ga over it.)


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24 responses to “Lilly Pulitzer ‘Colorful Cause’ Celebrity Dresses Now Available

  1. This entire post is THRILLING!!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new Lilly, those cards are MAGNIFICIENT and that BOAT BAG is PURE HEAVEN!!!!! BRAVO, your highness, BRAVO!!!!!!!

  2. I love the new line of Lilly. If I had a baby I would totally do a “mommy and me” swim suit…how cute! I also have to say that I am loving the prints (as always).

  3. Love the Brooke Shields tunic! I love Angie Harmon – she should have modeled the dress herself!

  4. SM did clothing in the same print. DYING for it.

  5. The Stella tote is tops! But sadly, I don’t think I’ll be dropping $600 on it any time soon. I love the bikini too–thanks for these awesome finds!

    I also adore the Crazy Caravan notes! Once I use up my current stash, I will definitely be ordering some of those!

  6. I need the Marcia Cross tunic top & the Stella handbag!!!!

  7. I love those prints–so soft and summery 🙂
    If only I could wear that bikini 😦

  8. I love the intro to your post! I hope some fairy dust smiles came your way today as well. The seashell print is too cute for summer! It looks like the one they showed on Martha with the info on how they make their prints. Love those notecards!

  9. I’m ga-ga over that Stella tote too! Adorable.
    And I’ve been remiss in reading my sports section these days, but you know my heart breaks a little to see Plax going! I know, he doesn’t deserve it…

  10. My, that tote sure is purty…hmmmm.

  11. Well done, Marcia Cross and Angie Harmon! So, so cute.
    What great news about Saks online securing the line. I’ve heard that the New York flagship store is a ghost town except for the occasional Russian. So sad!
    Thanks for sharing, TP. Once again – stellar info.

  12. I just found your blog…it’s great! Love the Lilly dresses, and I do love that sailboat tote!

  13. KK

    Love love the Brooke tunic!! Did I mention love?? Because I want to be clear…I love it!

  14. You know how much I love Lilly….oh if I had a girl or was having one!!

  15. Paltrow´s design is so summer!
    Love it so much!


  16. Everything is so very pretty! 🙂 Can spring/summer get here already? I am not even motivated to shop with this dreadful weather! But I’m happy I got a new BLOG LOOK! Come check it out! 🙂

  17. Tilly would look gorgeous in a Lilly swimsuit. Oui?

  18. Oh MY BLOG! I need to hurry up and trim down ma fat ass, I sooooooooooooo need that bikini, but have no desire to torture others by wearing it in my current condition.

    I start pilates tomorrow….we’ll see how long that lasts…

  19. I had a chance to see many of the Colorful Cause pieces a couple of weeks ago. Angie Harmon’s were my favorite!

  20. LOVE that nautical Stella bag!

    The elephant foldover notes are so cute

  21. Fun stuff! I really like the Angie Harmon shift dress…very cute. I must say though, do we think they really had much to do with designing these items, haha?! It’s still a great idea nonetheless, and I love it all!

  22. Those bikinis???? To die for. And the Angie Harmon shift dress? GORGEOUS. She is such a classy celebrity, no wonder her namesake dress is the same. The personalized note cards look fantastic!!

  23. I do rather like the collection!

    Awesome bag!

  24. I am in Australia and an online friend forwarded me some of the links after reading your catalogue. As a Mum of someone with EB I just wanted to say thank you to you and to all the amazing people who have given time and effort for such a wonderful cause.


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