The ‘Preppy Look is Back’. Again.

Happy New Week everyone, did you enjoy your Saturday and Sunday? We hope so, even as we start our Monday here at the Prepatorium with snow swirling outside, and more on the way.  Ickums as we are wont to say, major ickums.

We had to smile this weekend at seeing more headlines proclaiming “The preppy look is back this spring,” according to the Buffalo News.

“Preppy plaids, stripes, polka dots, vibrant colors and, yes, even those motif belts (whales, anyone?) are comfortably at home among the boho chic and other popular looks of the season.”

“Preppy is back. You can bet your Bermudas on it.”

To be fair, Susan Martin, the story’s writer, qualifies the declaration made in the headline:

“Not that those popular preppy staples ever went out of style.”


One of the stores mentioned in the story is O’Connell’s Clothing, a Buffalo institution. (TP believes anything older than she is now qualifies as an institution.) O’Connell’s carries one of our favorite lines, the fine needlepoint pieces from Smathers & Branson.

Smathers & Branson at O'Connell's
Smathers & Branson at O’Connell’s

The article includes needlepoint belts and madras ties on its list of fashionable items this season. We are also taken with the Blue Madras tie at O’Connell’s.


The story cites television’s Mad Men and Gossip Girl shows as contributors to the style’s growing popularity.  We would suggest that the bright colors and fun nature of ‘prep style’ add to its positive perception, particularly at a time when much of the day’s news deals with realities both dreary and difficult for many.

Lilly Pulitzer at
Lilly Pulitzer at

After all, if what we wear can’t contribute to enjoying a brighter day, why bother putting it on? Above, the Lilly Pulitzer Girls’ Cherry Taffeta Dress at Zappos. Below, the Nancy Argyle Sweater at Lilly Pulitzer in both pink and true navy.


TP also believes the tailored lines and classic looks that define the style enhance its favorable perception among fashion mavens and adherents. And we would point out that not everything is as garishly technicolor as described in some quarters.

"Cutie from Bermud-y"2015

Above left is Lilly Pulitzer’s “Cutie from Bermud-y” look, center is “Prep it Up” and right is “Short and Sweet.” All pieces from these looks are available at

Not to belabor issues surrounding the economy’s impact on what are generally considered discretionary purchases, but many a prep has long appreciated the durability and high quality delivered by most ‘preppy retailers’ to be a significant factor in their favor.  (Below left, the J. Press Cotton Chambray Sport Coat TP’s father wore forever, and on the right, the Cotton Madras Sport Coat, also from J. Press.)


Of course, we haven’t even mentioned the positive consequence resulting from the superb customer service practiced at most retailers in this category.  As most of our cherished readers are aware, this high level of service only makes us more loyal to such emporiums.  We *do* adore many national and regional retailers, but the independent clothiers whose establishments we have been fortunate enough to frequent over the years have been outstanding.  Many are struggling as this is written; far too many have already disappeared.  We have a fervent hope they survive, and then thrive once again.


For today’s Pretty in Pink we have a couple of treasures, starting with the Kameryn Pink Brogue at Topshop.

Kameryn Brogue at Topshop
Kameryn Brogue at Topshop

Now there we share some serious pink! We must tell you however, we deserve no credit whatsoever for discovering these.  That goes to the delightful Kate Loss in her blog post “Wanting What You Can’t Have,” an excellent read!

Our other item is really a ‘Pretty in Pink and Green,” featuring our very own Silly Tilly in her stylish new harness.

Silly Tilly
Silly Tilly

Among Tilly’s many ailments is a collapsed trachea, so a harness is ever-so-much-better for her than a standard collar.  This is one from our new line of ‘Design Your Own Collars, Harnesses, & Leashes‘ at the store.

Design Your Own! at Preppy Princess
Design Your Own! at Preppy Princess

Tilly was adamant about having the ribbon with the little paw prints, and in this specific color combination. Who are we to deny her? (Heh-heh-heh.)

On this perky note we’ll say G’bye until next time!


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20 responses to “The ‘Preppy Look is Back’. Again.

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the little girl Lilly dress! sooo want to have daughters, but I just know I’m going to end up having four boys and denim slip-covered furniture to hide their mess!

    did the snow melt at least for you? the TC woke up to 2 inches yesterday AM but was gone in time for an afternoon snooze!

    happy Monday (and QBS b-day week)- you need to entery my b-day give away btw 🙂


  2. I totally agree that the prepster style will always be, in and has never gone out of, fashion. I think that now more than ever quality counts and it is important to stick by the staple pieces (and a few fun ones!) from quality brands that you know you can count on (and will not fall apart in the wash). I have been a long time follower of Lilly Pulitzer, J.Crew and Ralph Lauren, and I know I can count on them to give me stylish well-made clothing 🙂 As for boutiques, I hope to see them thrive, they are important and provide us with something unusual (read not found in the typical mall) to smile over.

  3. I just think it’s all de-lish=) I’ve been eyeing the purple seersucker strapless from LP for awhile. Would be perfect for summer!

  4. Tilly looks absolutely beautiful!

  5. LOVE that needlepoint belt with the pink elephants! How darling!!! Oh, how I love Lilly. It does make an otherwise dreary day more tolerable, doesn’t it?? 😉

  6. preppy player

    Great post! We know preppy never left 🙂

  7. Look at that adorable Tilly! Love her in the new harness.

    Speaking of, I keep forgetting to ask you – are those harness measurements (listed on the store page measurements) for the dog’s chest? I’ve been meaning to order one for HRH Pug.

  8. Hello Miss Legally Blonde! In answer to your query, yes, the measurement you see is the chest measurement (or the girth) for the harnesses seen on the site!

  9. I absolutely love the Kameryn Pink Brogue. Too adorable an yes probably something I can’t have right now:)
    I, too, am hoping the on line boutiques can catch a break and stick round. So many offer the cute items not found in brick and mortar shops. It would be a shame to lose them all.

  10. Bulldogs should always wear pink. So chic!

  11. Love the little girl’s dress, the tie, and Tilly’s harness and leash! Oh, and I love the cutey Bermuda look as well!

  12. I am mad for Tily’s new leash and harness. LOVE!!!!!!

  13. LOVE… LOVE… LOVE… THE elephant belt.

  14. Tilly looks dashing! xoox

  15. Amelia

    Back!?! I never stopped! Oh well… guess I will be ready to go! As for Tilly… she is looking adorable! Love that pink and green 😛

  16. So many pretty things! I wish they gave courses on how to dress in school. Maybe you could be the teacher? I mean, have you seen some of the stuff teenagers wear nowadays? If you thought the grunge look was bad, it’s even worse out there now!

  17. The “Preppy” Style is about as endearing as a local McDonalds for a terribly unhealthy but delicious order of fries. It’s an American staple of style. It will never die.

    Love the Lilly outfits. 😀

  18. Tilly looks very pretty in her new harness 🙂

  19. I adore all three- “Cutie from Bermud-y”, “Prep it Up”, “Short and Sweet”!

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