Best Wishes For A Prepalacious 2009! Now Let’s Dish…

© Stefan Rajewski -

© Stefan Rajewski -

The Preppy Princess and The Princess Consort extend their very best wishes to all our friends as we begin a new year.  We’ll all agree that 2008 was a challenge in so many ways for so many people.  Let’s resolve to fill 2009 with compassion, laughter and love.

Now we’d like to ask you to submit your nominations for Preppiest Person of 2008.  Since a coin has two sides we’d also like your nominations for Anti-Prep Person of 2008.  This is in good fun, people.  The prizes will be the unbridled respect and admiration of the entire staff here at the Prepatorium.  Let the nominations begin!


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15 responses to “Best Wishes For A Prepalacious 2009! Now Let’s Dish…

  1. Have a Happy and Preppy New Year.

  2. Hmmm…

    Anti-Prep? Lindsay Lohan for sure.
    Prep? This one is tougher, but I am going to go with Cynthia Rowley. I think she did a stellar job with her Target line, and while her fall line was somewhat questionable. She is consistently on top of preppy fashion.

    I am sure there are more, but I wanted to pick someone unique…not one of the Gossip Girls…especially since I don’t know their names.

  3. Anti-prep = Paris Hilton

    Preppiest = {This is very hard} – Ralph Lauren

    [others that I thought about – Anderson Cooper and Caroline Kennedy :-)]

    Happy 2009 to you and yours!!!!

  4. Blair Waldorf, from GG
    Samantha (Lindsays GF)

    ITRW- My BFF Kimberley, and antiprep probably my little brother Andrew

  5. Wishing you a happy New Year 🙂

    I’ll say the Jonas Brothers are the preppiest people of 2008–they look like they stepped off the J Crew (or maybe Crewcuts?!) runway 🙂

    Anti-prep–Paris H. Because I am still mad about the pink Bentley!

  6. Anti Prep goes to Paris. She is SIMPLY horrid.

    Preppiest? Golly. I will mull this over and get back to you!

    Hope your NYE was fabulous! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

  7. Happy preppies…can we say Ellen Degeneres? She has some nice sweaters. And Chace Crawford! yum!

    Anti-prep…Amy Winehouse? Oh wait, that would actually be “trainwreck” *haha!* I know…Pete Wentz is king emo anti-prep!
    & happy new year, princess!
    * : )

  8. Preppiest…honestly….well I think Elizabeth Hasselback. You might not like her show or her politics (or you might like one or the other or perhaps both) but one must admit that both on-air and off she is awfully preppy. I think her style is rather adorable & she’s always appropriately clothed. And 2nd place goes to Suri Cruise. She is just always in her darling little dress, bob & patent leather shoes. Divine!

    Anti-prep? Can we have a tie between Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, and, ugh, Brad Pitt with the mustache? (Perhaps it isn’t anti-prep but it is fairly horrid.)

  9. Blair Waldorf (if we can vote for fictional characters!)

  10. Happy New Year, TPP!

    I’ll have to agree with everyone on the anti-prep. Paris Hilton. yikes.

    For preppiest…I just don’t know. I do love Anderson Cooper. Can’t wait to see who is picked. Fun.

    Have a great day!

  11. I agree with the Elizabeth Hasslebeck comment. Or Aerin Lauder.

    We all know Paris is not preppy. Maybe Kate Moss? She has really taken a turn for the worse.

  12. I agree on the Anti-Prep fave: Paris Hilton. What a nasty creature.

    As for Preppiest…Tinsley Mortimer! Hello, she is the preppiest of all socialites, which, in my opinion, stands for something!

  13. Preppiest- Tory Burch, maybe Anderson Cooper

    Anti Prep- Paris Hilton for sure!!

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