Thakoon & Hayden-Harnett Target Updates, Another Gossip Girl Cover

Hello-Hello and Happy Tuesday Happy New Year’s Eve!

Today we are Yesterday we were pondering the fabulousness of electricity in all its many applications… it truly is a beautiful invention. And we don’t just say that because the GGPs (great-grandparents) wintered next door to Mr. Edison in Ft. Myers.  Nor because we have just returned arrived home Tuesday night from the Queen Mother’s estate, following a  few detours along the way.  At retail establishments.  Actually, this was the first time we remember taking refuge (ahem) in a store to avoid becoming the next snowman on the block.

Which brings us to this afternoon as we make every effort to keep our head from exploding.  You see, while still favorably inclined toward the benefits of functioning electricity, we must inform you that shortly after the power was restored we lost another vital service: the telephone.  Which translates into no internet access.  Rather essential here in the corner condo at Preppy Princess HQ, what with our little online boutique being… well, online.

No. Phone. And. No. Internet. Access. For almost twenty-four hours. A situation not rectified by even a Jumbo Prozac Latte. And we assure you that retail therapy would have been a total waste of hairspray.  The online site was fine, we just couldn’t get online ourselves. When the AT&T imbecile finally floated by for a visit this morning we were inclined to accost him, but The Consort said if we did that he would be unable to repair things.  We do love the T-1 line we have, it delivers the oh-so-fast-web-access as promised, but being without landbased phone service as well as the internet is really most unpleasant. Harrumph.

Rather than get our whiskers in a wad, we’ll just cease the whine-athon and get down to business.  In Sunday’s post we promised to file an update on the Thakoon for Target collection as soon as we were able to visit the Boutique in person.

Yesterday’s Monday’s agenda included a family outing to the spanking new Target near the Queen Mother’s home base, in part to allow TP & TQM to better inspect the Thakoon. (We also looked at the scant Hayden-Harnett offerings available, an entirely separate topic of conversation.) HRH, the Princely Sibling also joined us, although he did not share the same level of enthusiasm for the excusion as we.

Thakoon for Target

Thakoon for Target

Overall the line is very well merchandised. The pieces look vastly superior to the photographs we have previously shared, all of them true to Thakoon’s design aesthetic. Many of the sweaters and tees have a soft, supple feel to the touch.

Unfortunately not all of the pieces share this characteristic; many are polyester.  These do not feel at all soft or silky, but slightly slimy, forcing TQM to recoil in horror. (A little dramatic, yes, but to be fair we don’t know if she has ever worn any synthetic textiles, certainly not next to the skin.)  The Camo Print Cami shown above in Navy & Yellow is all poly, as is the Colorblock Cami seen below.

Thakoon for Target

Thakoon for Target

Reactions to the Collection that we have seen and/or heard:

  • Pieces do not run true to size, with fit is all over the map
  • The quality is very good to excellent
  • The quality is poor to shoddy
  • Quantities are running low with some stores completely out of stock on multiple items
  • Your best bet for purchasing anything is online

Well dolls, it is now your obligation opportunity to share any insight you may have on the topic.  Our best suggestion for anyone contemplating a purchase would be to read all of the reviews each customer is leaving on the Target site; they are enlightening.

BTW, Thakoon is looking smarter every day with his decision to offer ‘Thakoon Addition,’ a capsule collection with lower opening price points.  The good folks at the  Style File blog have a wonderful interview with the designer.  Our favorite quote comes when he is talking about Michelle Obama wearing one of his designs the final night of the Democratic Convention in Denver; the dress was one of his signature print:

“A print dress? On TV? There’s change you can believe in.”

We also seek your input on our next topic, the Hayden-Harnett for Target accessory line due at your local store Monday.  Below, the Canvas Hobo:

Hayden-Harnett for Target

Hayden-Harnett for Target

The new line for Target from the popular handbag designers was a tad slow in arriving at some stores; we saw only 4 different bag designs on display during Monday’s visit to the retailer.


As we mentioned in Sunday’s post about the Penn Badgley spread in January’s GQ, magazine covers continue to be peopled by Gossip Girl stars.  Now we learn of CosmoGirl Prom’s next cover, featuring….

CosmoGirl Prom

CosmoGirl Prom

Taylor Momsen.

PHOTO: Ezra Patchett

Our thanks to Just Jared Jr., for the photos of Ms. Momsen showcased in a number of… um… well, extraordinary prom dresses, how’s that sound? In all candor, one really looked very sweet.


Regular readers know TP is a fan of Vivre, not only for their fashion sense and good taste, but also for their delightful presentation and superb online publications.  The upscale site is also having an outstanding Clearance Sale, nothing to sneeze at given the current economic climate. (A reminder: it is five o’clock: do you know where your trust fund is?)

Markdowns have been taken on a plethora of merchandise at Vivre, including some much-too-fun napkin rings from Kim Seybert:

They would make the perfect gift for someone near and dear to us, and at 40% off their original price of $115 they look like a solid buy.  However, at $69 for a set of four they are not for everyone, and the recipient we have in mind might throttle us if we allocated that amount to their Birthday gift budget.

Fortunately this same person is simply gaga for the Shoreline napkin rings at the Princess, a mere $5.50 each, or just $20 for a set of four.

Shoreline Napkin Rings at

Shoreline Napkin Rings at

That’s it for this post. Until next time, we shall be awaiting your insider knowledge on the topics detailed above!

We close with a TDF classic car for our Pretty in Pink, a 1958 Continental Coupe.


We send everyone a massive “Thank You” for the wit, wisdom, and strength you shared this year as we became part of the Blogosphere.  You are all Prepalicious in our mind! Happy, Happy New Year!



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3 responses to “Thakoon & Hayden-Harnett Target Updates, Another Gossip Girl Cover

  1. They were already out of the Hayden-Harnett umbrella I’ve been dying for today at my local Target, boo! So sad.

  2. I am so glad you are now with electricity, internet, and phone. What a mess that was!

    I quickly scanned over a few pieces of the Thakoon line at Target on Monday. There wasn’t anything I couldn’t live without.

    I hope you had a Happy New Year!

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